Things To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing Websites

We often read about what we should be doing when it comes to affiliate marketing websites but reading about what we shouldn’t be doing is just as important.This post will point some things to avoid in affiliate marketing websites to make your efforts online a success.

There are many mistakes that affiliate marketers make that spell doom from the word go. You have to know that what works for other websites will not necessarily work for you so you have to be unique.

The affiliate marketing industry is very lucrative and as a result, many people have joined to get the most out of it. This has led to stiff competition and duplication of content.More on affiliate marketing here.

If you want to stand out, there are common mistakes you have to avoid when creating your affiliate marketing website. Read on to find out what they are and how you can avoid them.

  1. Annoying pop-ups

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An affiliate marketing website can have great content but if readers don’t have an easy time viewing it due to constant pop-ups; they will probably leave and never come back.

Pop up marketing can be effective when it is done in the right places and at the right time on your website.

If you have an email list that you would like people to join, why not include it when readers are exiting your website? This way, anyone who wants to subscribe, will do so at his or her own will.

Once readers have already seen value in your website, they won’t mind checking out the pop messages they see later( much better than it popping up even before readers have read your content).

  1. Promoting Affiliate Products That Aren’t Related To Your Niche

In a bid to make more money, affiliate marketers tend to promote any kind of products they get their hands on. You will find affiliate marketing websites filled with banners and advertisements of all kinds which at the end of the day lowers their credibility.

If you chose a particular niche, try as much as possible to promote products closely related to it.(now imagine me promoting cosmetics here, it`s just out of place)

Same case goes to the banners and advertisements on the website. They should not draw away the focus of the reader from the content.

They have to be closely related to the content on your website such that if someone clicks on them, they will want to buy whatever you are promoting. As a rule of thumb, the less distracting the banners and advertisements on affiliate marketing websites, the better.

  1. Failing To Track

Successful affiliate marketing websites are all about numbers. Newbies may not know that tracking helps to recognize profitability patterns and winning formulas which are essential in maximizing success.

Some of the key metrics you have to track include the conversion rate, commissions received, lifetime value of a customer, Click through Rate (CTR), Campaign Return Investment (CRI), Average Order Value (AOV) and Earnings per Click (EPC).

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  1. Hard to impossible commenting

Avid readers of affiliate marketing websites will want to leave their comments and or feedback at the end of the blog post. It can be very frustrating when one wants to leave a comment but they can’t because they have to go through many hoops to do that one simple thing.

Make your site easy to leave comments in a way that best suits you but also work for your site visitors is a must.

Readers may be required to fill in a captcha or an email to comment. As much as this helps to prevent spam, it can lead to a drastic decline of comments on your website due to the effort involved.

You can remove these hurdles and make it easy for people to leave their comments.

Spam is easy to get rid off by simply deleting or better still, you can use a reliable web-hosting program that can help protect your affiliate marketing website from hackers.

  1. Failing To Test Campaigns

You have to test through trial and error to find out which email, banner or message leads to the highest conversion. There are also some traffic sources that produce more sales than others. You have to test campaigns regularly and improve those that work for.

You would not want your readers to lose their trust in you just because you led them to a promotion that will bombard their inboxes with unsolicited emails.

Try to put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and imagine what would happen if they followed the wrong advice you have given.


Things to avoid in affiliate marketing website are numerous. You can’t avoid all of them at a go rather you can accomplish this by constantly trying to improve your affiliate marketing skills and your website.

Whatever you do, you always need to have your readers interests at heart because without them, your website is doomed.

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