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Forum marketing is often treated lightly as socializing, but the results indicate that it offers richer dividends than other online traffic generating methods, and Online marketing of any business enterprise should now include forum marketing in its plans.

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How To Use Forum Marketing Effectively

Many people have read about forum marketing but do not really know how to use it . Here are a few steps on how to use forum marketing effectively for selling a product or service.

Identify forums that are directly or indirectly related to the product or service you are promoting and join them

It takes time, but traffic generation with forum marketing is also easy. What you have to watch for is to search for recent conversations.

Many forums no longer receive visitors because the members might have joined new forums, or new technology has made the product or service obsolete.

You would need about 2 or more forums. Good online forums would have achieved membership of 1000 members or so, and there would be 10,000 or so posts there indicating the activity level.

To confirm whether the forum is still active, ensure that 10 new posts are being added to it every day.

This can be done by studying the record of immediately preceding one month.

Get familiar with rules before joining the forum

Many forums are up there for promoting specific products. So what should you be watching out for?

  • Is this forum going to allow me to use links in my posts?”
  • Will I be able to contact other members of the forum for any commercial purposes?”
  • How does the site treat new members ?”
  • Is the site open to business promotion by other members, or not?”
  • Will I be allowed to insert some commercial logo or verbiage with my signature on this forum?”

Most of the members strictly follow rules and any violation of the rules can get you into their wrong books. You don’t want to be in that place.

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• Introduce yourself

This is not for marketing. It is to know your expertise and your experience.

Have a human personality

People relate better to human beings rather than any business enterprise as they expect some sales pitch sooner or later from the business enterprise.

In general, people feel business enterprises would hide the negatives about the product, so you don’t want what you say to be taken with a pinch of salt.

You should also include information as asked in profile as it makes your human personality more authentic. This means including a photograph would help though not mandatory.

Similarly, adopt a signature for the forum. Try to be brief in that signature if the site allows you to include a link and other as you do not want to appear to be pushy.

• Move with the flow

Some people are desperate to sell and that can irritate the members of the forum. Be sure to offer information about the product where needed and not hard sell the product.

Focus on sharing facts, important features, and relevant information in the forum instead of offering irrelevant data.
In general, spend a few months learning how others are interacting and follow that as the culture of the forum.

Engage in solving problems

You obviously are knowledgeable in the subject. It would benefit you to answer questions and solve problems even if the interaction on the thread does not exactly offer any opening for you to sell any of your products or services.

Such interactions make you and your opinions valuable and that rubs off on your product or service.

• Your interaction is the key

For a long time, SEO experts have been harping on content. On forums, it is important how you interact and your social skills come into play.

As a marketer, you already have them in real life. Now. you have to take them up there, interact in a polite, and entertaining way rather than somebody trying to push a product down others gullet.

The more interesting your interactions on the subjects are, greater are the chances that your link under your post will be clicked and the person arriving on your website, or blog is likely to become your customer.

Note that interesting interaction or entertaining interaction does not mean dramatic or overly humorous. Arguments are to be avoided as much as curt or rude interaction.

Any explosive conversation or topics such as religion or politics should also not be stretched even if the forum rules do not ban them, experienced forum marketers never get involved in religion discussions unless you are in a religion specific forum.

Whatever your niche is, there are forums for it out there, a simple search on google is all it takes.No matter how specific your niche is, look for different forums and find the ones you like best.


Forum marketing traffic will not be much. It will also take a while for it to start pouring in. But the quality of traffic would be high, and the efforts will have long-lasting effects.Read an earlier post where different qualities of traffic are explained.
If you master how to use forum marketing effectively, you can ensure some knowledgeable clientele becoming lifetime clients, and those who value their opinions such as their friends and relatives too would be buying your products.
Remember, not to use forum marketing as a sales tool by overdoing sales pitches. Instead, respect the members as people who know what they are talking about and offer only the information they seek.


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4 Comments on "Traffic Generation With Forum Marketing"

  1. Hi Sarganser,
    I haven’t used forum marketing before as I’m in my early days running a website but I relish the prospect of receiving an increased number of visitors however I understand this will only come through trust.

    I currently use Social Media followers to try and attract visitors but like you mention in order to accomplish increasing your traffic count it’s imperative to associate yourself with people who have similar interests and wish to read about your promotions rather than have Social Media’s high percentage of uninterested followers.

    I agree with you regarding sharing other people’s links. I currently find when people share my links on the Google+ platform, Google also shares those links on their search results page however people only reciprocate the favour if you share theirs. Powerful stuff.

    Other than the main Social Media platforms, where would you recommend finding a forum or if you only concentrate on the main Social Media forums, which platform do you find the most powerful?
    Looking forward to your reply,

    • Hello Simon

      Quora for example is a very responsive place to promote your content,but like with any promotion u have to give readers a reason to trust you, help first before you sell.

      I do not know your niche, but finding the right forum to promote your content is easy, go to google and type your niche+ forum.Example if you are in let`s see……… “dog grooming” you`ll go to google and type pets+ forum,dogs+forum etc then you`ll get to see the many forums out there you can join.

      Like you already know, sharing is not always only your content, share other people`s content and they will “help you” share yours.You can not do it alone but keep going, im sure you`ll do very well.

  2. Forum marketing is one of the techniques to generate traffic that people do not as the last years.

    The reason is that it does not have SEO benefits anymore.

    But I agree with you if make it properly you can get targeted traffic.

    To be honest I do not use that method too. Do you think that it is better to put an effort in forum marketing instead another free traffic source like social media marketing?

    • Compared to social media, I prefer forum marketing, im useless in social media.Another reason is that is social media, your post soon gets buried deep down.With forum marketing if you participate in the forums, your content is still there maybe not at the top but does not get buried too fast like in social media.

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