What is CB Passive Income?

Product Name

: CB passive income

Product Owner: Patrick Chan

Product Price: $47                        CB Affiliate Marketing

Trial Price:$1

What is CB passive income? Some extra money in your pocket, whether part-time or full-time, especially when it is on autopilot, sounds like a good way to make money online.

Anyone would think that especially if you’re told there is minimal work to be done and all the work is handled by somebody else. All you need to do is pay a little fee.

I must admit it`s tempting to anyone who`s dreamt of making money online but is it wise to just invest your hard-earned money without reassurance?

Here I am with a review, added to the many of what is CB Passive Income reviews out there, to show you what is really inside and whether it is worth it to really invest your money and your time, in this program.

It would be unfair of me to make you read all the way down as I feel this is going to be a long review, so if you are looking for a simple answer as what is CB passive income?

Let me tell you that this is a program that I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! If you would like to know the best way to start an online business and make legit money online FOR FREE, then you should be looking at MY #1 RECOMMENDATION.

If you still would like to know the details of why CB Passive Income is not a program I recommend, then keep reading…


CB stands for “ClickBank” which is a well-known online digital products market. A seller will sign-up with ClickBank to be able to make their digital products available to online customers.

ClickBank also has an affiliate program, where you can sign-up to promote a product and each time a customer buys the product (or even another product) and initially got to ClickBank through your affiliate link, you get a commission sounds easy right?

This is the same process for any affiliate marketing business.

Therefore, you can understand that this program claims to be designed to make you a passive income through ClickBank.

However, what really strikes me as odd is that you can make money on autopilot where all the work will be done for you.

To me, that’s just plain suspicious, things just don’t work that way. So I decided to investigate and find out what is CB passive income.


Because the word AUTOPILOT is just being used in many places to lure those people who perhaps don’t know a lot about how business works online, who are maybe scared (like me when I got started)and don’t have the time to be learning.

This will be a pull for people who just want to set it up and forget about it and expect to be making money immediately.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not gonna happen, even with this system. Patrick (the owner)claims to be doing all the work for you while you sit back and relax. You’ll soon find out that you’ll still need to work and work hard, in order to make any money with this program.

CB Passive Income Training

You will learn different ways of getting traffic like

  • website commenting
  • guest blogging
  • solo ads
  • Twitter and the rest

But if you are going to make money online, you will need much more than that, you need an in-depth, step by step to create a successful online business.

Let`s Look At The Pros And ConsHow To Make Money On Clickbank


  • One-time payment where similar programs require you to pay monthly(some great savings compared to monthly payments)
  • Lessons are easy and straightforward
  • Many who try, go Premium. So the information provided seems good.
  • Great customer service
  • 60-Day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program.
  • High-quality squeeze page
  • $1 trial available


  • Very low conversion rate when it comes to the numbers – High number of visitors vs a few buyers.
  • Not really passive – You need to constantly drive traffic to the squeeze page, therefore still need to work hard at that to keep making sales.
  • No community – There is a Facebook page but it looks outdated and not a lot of interactions going on. Therefore, there does not seem to be a whole lot of support.
  • There are a lot of complaints and negative reviews on CB Passive Income – So if you’re promoting it, I don’t need to tell you how hard it would be for your squeeze page to convert.
  • Lots of upsells which will negatively affect you, should you decide not to buy them. Those emails you work so hard to get are also not yours unless you purchase the upsells.
  • The training is good. You learn to drive traffic but putting it into actual practice is barely touched.
  • The squeeze/landing page is the same for you and everybody else. Therefore, you won’t get ranked and have to rely solely on driving traffic yourself, anything other than organic traffic.
  • You cannot choose to promote anything else other than what Patrick wants you to promote.
  • $1 trial was only made available when you are actually ready exit the page. It is not something offered on the actual sign-up page. If for example, you are someone who is interested in joining to learn more, you would have to pay a membership fee and rely on 60-Day money back guarantee.


You already know now the kind of products that your audience will be exposed to and you now have a general idea about affiliate marketing and how you make money with this strategy.

Patrick tells you that the ONLY thing you have to do is, “Drive the traffic to me and let me handle the rest.” The way that you are told to do that, is to ask for their email address in return for something that they can get for free. That way, their email is in Patrick’s hands and one by one, they will be added to your email list.

What Patrick claims to do then, is frequently email them to offer them supposedly well-researched products from ClickBank.

Those offers will have your affiliate link in them and each time that they click the link and buy a product, you make the commission really Patrick, this the way affiliate marketing is done?

As a newbie to the online world, this may seem like a very good opportunity to make money. He makes driving traffic to that “squeeze page” (that’s what it’s called) sound easy peasy. But boy! are you in for a ride.

Getting traffic to a website or a page, even if you are experienced, can be very hard. It is certainly not achieved overnight. It requires a lot of hard-work and certainly requires a lot of patience.

Let me tell you that getting traffic to a certain page or website is the hardest and at the same time, most important step to making money online.

If that’s the case, why not actually just start an online business of your own? Here, Patrick has control over everything! If he decides tomorrow to close up shop because it’s not making the money he wants or for any other reason at all, you’ll lose everything!!

You need to have FULL control over your business in order to really have the success you want. If that appeals to you, then read my review of the #1 ONLINE BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM, that you can start for free.

How can you generate good traffic?

There are multiple ways to get good traffic but none of them will actually help you generate enough to make even $10 overnight.

Like I said, the fact that it is actually a lot of work to generate traffic is not included in the campaigns. Yes, there is training that can be helpful to you, but you won’t actually be able to apply it to anything else except to promote the program.

A few ways to get traffic to your squeeze page would be to;

  • create a Facebook page that links to your squeeze page
  • advertise on any other social media with the link to your squeeze page
  • verbally talking to people and send them the link to your squeeze page
  • creating a blog that will drive all your organic traffic (extra and outside charges)
  • talk about it on Youtube.
  • Promote your squeeze page on forums

These are just a few ways but they are probably the most common ways to drive traffic. NO method that you use will ever make you big bucks overnight and because you have to keep working at keeping everything updated and constantly drive traffic, you can easily see that this is not income you can make on Autopilot like Patrick claims you can.

CB Passive Income Pricing

There isn’t a whole lot of options and in my opinion, I like it that way. You should not be bombarded with too many different membership options when you are not sure of what each will give you.

Here, You either have to choose between a $47/month membership or a one-time fee of $97 to get access to the same material.

In this case, I do believe that a $97 one-time fee is a no-brainer, especially if you’re getting the money back within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

However, when I tried to exit the page the first time, to really think about how much money I was prepared to spend on this, that’s when it gave me the $1 Trial option.

That was pretty sneaky of Patrick. So if I had not known that was even an option, then I would have either spent $47 or $97 that day, when I already was not feeling right about this.

But even though $1 seems like a pretty low price to pay for a trial, I still don’t believe in charging anybody unless I have proven to them that this program is really worth it.

I mean, when you go shopping for a car, are you asked to pay a fee to test drive? Is that how little confidence Patrick has in his own system, that even for the trial he needs to make money off of us?

If the system is as good as he claims it is, then he should be confident that he will have a good conversion rate with a free trial.


CB Affiliate Marketing

In my opinion, bonuses are supposed to be free when you sign up and I’m presuming that it pretty much would mean the same thing for most of us.

However, it does not seem to mean the same thing to Patrick as you will soon see. And on top of that, some of the bonuses that he offers are random. Take a look below.

The first bonus is a software that will help you create beautiful e-book covers. Okay, so what if I’m not a writer and I don’t want to write an e-book? This offer goes down the drain because it has nothing, absolutely nil to do with what the program is actually about.

The second bonus is training you, on becoming proficient when it comes to SEO and how to get better ranking. Ah Ha! That’s more like it! Because better ranking will result in better traffic, which is what CB passive income is all about.

The third bonus again is just random. He offers you the secrets to train you on emailing your list effectively.

I understand that many wonder how he actually does this so they can “clone” him and learn the business the way he does it BUT he did say that he was gonna be doing all of that himself within the first few paragraphs.

Sure, you can learn how to do it but why would he offer it if this program was designed for HIM to be doing all the emailing?

Exclusive Bonuses (Or are they upsells?)

Now, to give credit where credit is deserved, I have to say that there are many less upsells in version 3.0 than there was in any other versions.

He offers these upsells as Bonuses and says it is for a limited time. It really makes me think if it is real. It has been about a month now since I stumbled across his sign-up page and I can tell you that it has not changed at all.

First of all, I don’t agree with upsells. I believe that should I be offering you any of my services, that I should be providing you with all the essentials.

You are not asked to pay separately for the steering wheel when buying a car, are you? What about the engine? The seats? Of course, these are all detrimental to the proper functioning of a vehicle. You should be given all the essentials to be able to run your business the same way.

Nonetheless, he makes these “bonuses” very confusing. There are a total of 3 “exclusive bonuses” worth $197, $97 and $282 respectively.

But don’t these “bonuses” struct you as being weird? Reading the first 2 Exclusive bonuses, you do get a feeling that they are bonuses for which you don’t have to pay for and that they are just WORTH at $197 and $97.

However, looking at the third one, you now are told you have to pay $47/month for 6 months. $47/month for 6 months works out to be $282, which is what the bonus is actually WORTH. Does it not make you think that you then need to pay for both the other “EXCLUSIVE BONUSES” as well?

It is very misleading to portray these “Exclusive Bonuses” as being bonuses because they are not bonuses at all. If you need to pay for them, then I would not call them “bonuses”, but maybe “Special offers”. At this point, can they really be seen as the bonuses we initially thought they were?

FINAL VERDICT – Is CB Passive Income a scam?

Based on the conversion rate, the information that Patrick gives his members seem to work and that probably mean that there is some degree of success. However, I don’t feel comfortable actually recommending this program to anybody because

  • It goes against what I believe in when it comes to upsells. You should be getting all the essentials to make your business work. Everything else should be optional, not mandatory.
  • The number of disadvantages I found with the system listed above as CON’s. What particularly concerns me is that there is no community. If there is an emergency, there would be nobody you could rely on for support, not even the other members. And another thing that I disagree with, is having the $1 trial option when you hit the exit button, and not as one of the payment options.
  • A number of things that Patrick is NOT upfront about.
  • (1) The $1 Trial being available only upon exit of the page
  • (2) The fact that this system is not as passive as he makes us think with the amount of work to be done
  • (3) The fact that he makes driving traffic to a website seems like an overnight job
  • (4) The fact that he confuses the reader about his ‘BONUSES’ being free and they appear not to be.

Additionally, as driving traffic to a website is three-quarters of the overall work needed for a successful online business, I just believe that it is best to just administer your own business.

As I mentioned, if ever Patrick wanted to just wash his hands of CB Passive Income, then all your hard work goes down the drain. All your hours, weeks or months of hard work all will vanish just because he decides it’s not worth it for HIMSELF anymore.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online Then?

I have included the comparison chart above to the best online training program, again; – Read my #1 Recommendation Review. If you missed it, you will be redirected to my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate and what my personal experience has been with them.

Really, if I just wanted to make as much money as possible off of my readers, I would just have been joining all those affiliate programs and written good reviews about them to push you to join them all.

But, this is a website that I created, dedicated to exposing bad programs and giving you information on programs that you may be thinking of joining.

I was scammed over and over again and lost thousands of dollars because I joined programs that seemed honest, only to realize after I give my credit card number, that all they wanted was the payment and there was never any of the promised done for you.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the co-founders Kyle and Carson make everything transparent. Before I joined, I did my research on Wealthy Affiliate (because I’m sure you can understand how skeptic I was at that point), I could not pinpoint any negative aspects of their program or had any feeling of being lied to or misled.

Now I realize that joining was the best thing that I could have ever done in my entire life. I’m now working my way to becoming financially free and like me, you can start for free too!

If you do read my review and join me on this journey, I will get in contact with you and help you personally, to reach your business and personal goals.

Now if you still want to join CB passive income, you can click here and you`ll be taken to the sign-up process which is straight forward.

I know it was a long review but I had to make sure I was putting in all the necessary details so you could figure out what is CB Passive Income and if it is for you or not. If you have had any experience with them or have any questions for me, just leave them below and I will reply.

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