What You Need To Become Freelance Writer Today

Have you wanted to become a freelance writer but unsure where to start? The thing that do hold most of us back is fear, who will hire me, am I good enough, what will I write about…..Push through your fears. choose a writing niche and always aim to be very good at it.
If you`ve been wondering how you can become a freelance writer then this post is for you, it explains different kinds of freelancing jobs and what you should look out for and things to know.
Freelance writing is merely viewed as a self-employment method. You may also be under impression that the person is at liberty to write content as and when he or she feels like writing.
Therefore, to become a freelance writer seems interesting indeed, because of such flexibility in timing. But there is more to being a freelance content writer than this. If you always wanted to know what is a freelance writer but did not know where to get the information, you are on the right page.

Freelance writers have been around for quite a while. Traditionally, most freelance writers were experts on subjects such as tax planning, law, or even science subjects they chose to write on. Writer, Writing, Paper, Letter, Author,Freelance Writer

The trend continues but now what a freelance writer is, is a tad different from what was a freelance writer of the past.
Today’s freelance writer is an important part of the marketing world.and there are sure enough freelance writing jobs for beginners as there are for experienced writers.
Marketing imports writing for publicity and copywriting.
It is not as if these jobs were not there in the past. But today, such jobs have multiplied several times over because there are numerous websites looking for content writers.
Today’s freelance writer, therefore, is more versatile than the freelance writer of the past, capable of developing content on diverse topics.

How The Internet Has Changed Things

The way the world sells goods and services has changed dramatically from the way it did in the era when there was no Internet. While the Internet has made it easy to reach out to markets across the world, and identify potential customers, it also offers solutions on how to capture the attention of such a target market.
This means, the market exists for the product or service, but the customers may not be able to reach the supplier because they would need to sift through several millions of websites to find exactly what they are looking for.
To overcome this impasse new techniques such as SEO techniques have evolved.
In addition, a contemporary freelance writer is adept at creating a market for the product through content writing and social media sites. And you too should learn how to become a freelance writer and get paid to do it.

Advantages Of Freelance Writing For A Freelance Writer

From the perspective of a freelance writer, advantages are

  • There is the greater flexibility of time.
  • There is more potential to earn from different sites
  • Less traveling is involved so it is less tiring and freelance writer also has more time on his or her hand apart from saving that money on travel;
  • Since there is no physical supervision, there is less stress and fewer office politics to deal with as well;
  • A freelancer can decide whether or not the price is right for the work unlike in regular job;
  • As a freelance writer you do not require major equipment or skill sets for starting the job;
  • Freelance jobs can be got easily though rates differ so you get to pick and choose the jobs you like if the price is right.

Negatives of freelance writing jobs are  Freelance Writer

  •  Reliability of employer is difficult to determine. It takes a while to develop a set of clients who will offer regular jobs;
  • There has to be some inherent discipline as it is easy to lose the clients too;
  • When managing multiple clients, it can prove to be quite challenging. A freelance writer should ensure that invoices are not raised on wrong parties, and specifications of each party are adhered to.
  • Since there are no firm rates, rates can be beaten down by clients. Though there are many websites, content writing for them is not a regular requirement. Consequently, rates may be lower at times. This leads to unsteady income.
  • You do not get credit for your work, the website owner do not have to mention you so your work belongs to someone else when published.

Home Based Service vs. Freelance Writer

Home-based service can mean many things, including content writing, virtual office management, and website development. Usually, such businesses are carried out under a name that reflects what they have to offer.
Usually, such businesses are carried out under a name that reflects what they have a website about. Read an earlier post on more jobs you can do as a freelancer.
Starting Blues
Here are some simple steps that you could consider to get started as a freelance writer with no experience.
  • Develop a profile of what type of writing jobs you are capable of. Some people are good in writing for medical journals, while others excel in general writing. If you do specialize in any area, it would be nice to highlight as it might draw clients who are willing to pay higher;
  • Join sites such as Linkedin. They are universal sites. Many clients look for writers from there.
  • Join sites like Upwork.com, iWriter, fiverr.com, and Freelancer. Requesters on Upwork and freelancer tend to award contracts again to the person whose way of writing they are familiar with.
  • Create a free website here, duly mentioning your skill sets, for relevant jobs. Now do some guest blogging, and search social media sites for work. You can also browse sites and check for career requirements in them. Alternately, you can offer your services to them.
  • Learn here how to be a better writer.

There are enough freelancer jobs online and you`ll soon be writing articles so let some learning curve not stop you. We all have to start somewhere so don`t let fear stop you.

Now I know creating a website might sound scary, but believe me, it`s so easy you will have your site up and running in minutes. You will not only learn how to create a website but how to promote your business as a freelancer or whatever you choose.

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Freelance writer jobs online are here to stay. As long as the Internet will be around, these jobs will continue to be around.
Though there is uncertainty about the pay, advantages are far too many to overlook this type of job.
A freelance writer needs to improve knowledge as well as methods of presentation with different tools that are available in the market at any point in time.
In addition, you need to be the voracious reader to be able to generate accurate content unique for the site, without plagiarism. Command over the language is also important.
Are you thinking of becoming a freelance writer would like to hear from you, leave me a message below

6 thoughts on “What You Need To Become Freelance Writer Today”

  1. Hello! Great advice!

    In addition to writing my own blog, I’m a middle school writing teacher. My students have always told me that writing doesn’t mean much anymore. I’d love to get into freelance writing to show students that quality writing will always be important!

    • Hello Ryan
      Thanks for stopping by.I will have to disagree with your students, writing gives us a chance to express how we feel in a better way than communicating directly.
      Hope you would go into freelance writing too,as a middle school teacher I`m sure you`ll do very well not to mention the money you can earn as a freelance writer.

  2. Hi there,
    Excellent post, I think that nowadays and due to the internet it has greatly increased the number of independent jobs as the freelancer writer. I am discovering now when I write my post that maybe I am also improving my writing level. I also very much agree that the internet makes writers able to develop their work from home. There are platforms where you can receive payments for your jobs. Thank you Internet!

    • I agree with you, the more you write, the better you get.Freelancing and freelance sites are a good way to earn some extra money online for anyone who enjoys writing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I find this article to be very helpful. I am at the point of my life where I am considering freelancing so I’ve been reading a lot lately how to start. I’ve been in the corporate world for more than half of my life and it will be really nice to have time freedom for the remaining years of my career.
    So anyway, I just started my blog site and I enjoy writing articles. However, I’m not sure I am ready to become a freelance writer. I’m a healthcare provider and I wonder what kind of company would hire me to write articles for them. And by the way, do you suggest I enroll in some training or boot camps to learn more skills and enhance the skills that I already have?

    • Hello Alice

      Thanks for stopping by , corporate world can be tiring, office politics, traffic every morning etc, with time it takes it`s toll on you.

      What make you think you are not ready to be a freelance writer? writing for other people is similar to writing on your own website, as you mention you have your own website, you can write for clients just as you write on your site.

      Since you`re experienced in healthcare, you`ll do well freelance writing health articles especially in the beginning when you`re not yet experienced writing,this will give you time to practice and improve your writing.

      About joining writing training or bootcamp, this is your decission you should know how your writing is.

      Wish you luck with your freelancing and your website.


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