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Why people fail to make money online


Are you one of those people who decided that they wanted to set up their own internet business, but are now failing to make money online? If you are, you know how it can be absolutely heart wrenching.

Change, Why people fail to make money online
There are a number of things you may be feeling right now, disappointed, cheated, conned, exhausted and broke especially if you’ve invested a lot of money and/or time.
However, if you understand the reasons why you aren’t making money, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do something about it.
There are many reasons why you might be failing to make money online; some of them practical and others to do with your confidence and attitude, but the best place to start are with yourself.
Read on to find out what is holding you back from smiling all the way to the bank.

Believing in all the hype

There are usually plenty of adverts from internet marketing gurus who have made plenty of money online which is true in most cases. They make it sound very simple for you to do likewise with a moderate investment of money and time.
Of course, it often doesn’t work out that way because you may be starting out without the skills and the knowledge required and you find that it takes you an awful long time to learn them.
If anyone is offering you a quick deal, you had better think very well,do your research and if any bells ring,l advice not take it. To be successful at internet marketing, you have to be dedicated to it and be ready to spend time.

No set goalsAway, Junction, Direction,money

There are plenty of people who loathe the very idea of goal setting but if you don’t have any clear goals, there is no way you can know what direction you’re trying to travel and what will count as success for you. You need to set a variety of realistic goals and work at achieving them one at a time.

Having unrealistic expectations

When people set out on their internet marketing journey, they often make the mistake of having completely unrealistic expectations.

If you’re starting out from a low knowledge base and you have a limited amount of time to invest in a new venture, you cannot expect to be making $30,000 in your first month of operating. Set goals that are realistic in respect of the time and or money you have to invest.

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Finding it difficult to cope with failure

Let’s be realistic we all experience failure on multiple occasions throughout our lives. It’s no different running an online business. Some things will work well and others will go wrong.
You need to embrace the mistakes, learn from them and move on. Too many people start to give up when things don’t go the way they expect. See my other post here to get startedGet started

Lack of self-belief

Many have a distinct lack of self-belief and this is so damaging to them. If you want this to work, you have to have some faith in yourself and have the mental strength to overcome the different hurdles you will come across.

Insufficient support and help

Wherever your starting base is, you will need some training and help at some point. A lot of people fail to ask important questions whether it is in forums or when they are with the training providers they work with.
Don’t feel stupid,the only stupid question is the one you did not ask. If you need help, get help. If you need to pay for someone to write content because you don’t have the skills do so.If you need a logo and you know you can’t produce one,there are many

If you need a logo and you know you can’t produce one,there are many outsourcing sites online where such skills are readily available . Research what you need but don’t struggle on alone. Too much time can be lost.

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Wrong Attitude To Making Money Online

Some people fail to make money online because they have the completely wrong attitude. They think it’s easy, they don’t want to listen to other people’s advice, they’re not really committed and if something goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault.
Always look to yourself. Don’t spend time blaming others. You make the choices about what you will do to set up your online business.Have a plan and work with it,set goals and stick to them as you work your way up.

Conclusion To Why People Fail To Make Money Online

These are just but a few examples of reasons why you may not be making money online. There are obviously more. The most important thing is that you recognize the obvious problems and do something about it.

If you need training – get training. If you haven’t set goals – do so. If you recognize that you’re not entirely committed – ask yourself if it’s worth it.

You can be one of those people who run successful online businesses but you have to be prepared to work hard.

What do you think is stopping you from succeeding online? why are you not making money online?what is holding you back? l would like to hear from you.Leave me a message below and l will get back to you.

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How To Sell Products Online[Without Being Too Salesy]

Before you can start selling online there are things you need to know, how to sell products online and have people interested in your products can be a challenge, you have to get people to your products first. How do you sell a painting when there are millions of paintings online already?

You need to understand your audience, be at the right place at the right time otherwise no one will buy your very precious painting.

When is a customer ready to buy?

How to sell products online

The core of Internet marketing is about conversions. This means converting a reader into a buyer. To do this you need to understand your customer, what their needs are, what their problem is and why they are looking for an online solution.

The better you understand your customer, the easier you will find the process of converting them into a customer. One of the factors you need to know is where your customer is in the purchasing cycle at that precise moment.

Understanding where your customers is in the buying cycle

Most people make this process far harder than it needs to be! A lot of it is actually common sense. For instance, if a customer types into Google under the counter “fridges” they simply want to find out what fridges are available.

At that particular moment in time, they are looking for information and information alone. To actually convert this into a sale would take something quite monumental.

You need to have more than one contact if you want to make a sale.

The following phases are followed in the purchase cycle:

The Research Phase

The more expensive a product is, the less likely the consumer will make an impulsive buy. If you are an Amazon buyer and you see a book you fancy for less than $10 you may well just go ahead and click the buy button.

However, some purchasing decisions affect more than one person. For instance, when buying a new television, family members have different specifications.

This is a large purchase hence, it may involve paying off in stages and it may also involve decisions from more than one person.

Therefore taking all of these factors into account someone is not really likely to buy a television on impulse unless another factor comes into play. That factor would be something that would make the offer absolutely compelling so possibly a price reduction may tick all the boxes.

Everybody needs a psychological justification to validate their purchases, especially when it is an expensive purchase.

In the past, many people would have used the reference library but today most people just Google it. The majority of those using Google to seek information are still in the research phase.

The best way you can engage them at this stage is via a mailing list. That way, you can communicate with them continuously as they journey along the path to purchase.

Decision Phase

Some people are conscious about brands. For instance, if they are buying electrical goods, they will go for the popular brands purchased by many people. Others are not that product loyal and they will want to compare several products before deciding.

It may be that one company will have a better customer service department than another. It is here that you can send an email marketing relevant products to better inform them.

During the decision phase, your customers or potential customers will be enquiring about products they want to purchase on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is where retargeting ads is very useful because they keep popping up a repeat ad where customers get to see them at all times and keep them in mind for future reference.

When presenting information at this stage a comparison of two products is quite good however never compare more than two because it gives the customer too many options and confuses them and they may not purchase.

By comparing two products it is possible to sway the potential customers mind.

Purchasing/Action Phase

sell, buy,purchase.client

The final stage is when your customer takes action by pressing the “buy now” button. It is only by converting themselves into a customer or buyer that the cycle is complete.

They are more likely to Google specific terms such as buy “the product name”, or best price “the product name” or purchase “the product name”.

So as you can imagine at this stage of the purchase cycle, the buyer is not likely to change their mind and you’re not really likely to lose them at this stage in the buying cycle.

They are at their most receptive in the decision stage. If you are using paid advertisements you definitely do not want to lose them in the research stage because you will be paying for clicks that will never convert to a sale.

 How to sell products online conclusion

Always ensure that your products and services are of high value and quality if you want to attract more customers.Before placing any product online, try to think as a potential customer

Before placing any product online, try to think as a potential customer would, what would you type in the search engines if you are looking for information on a certain product? what would you type in the search engines if you wanted

what would you type in the search engines if you wanted to buy a certain product? like if you are looking to buy an ebook online, what would you type in the search engines?

This is how to sell products online, the most important is to type the exact search word (how to find keywords)a potential client will type in when looking to buy a product, this way, you will be able to make more sales as you will have clients at the right stage of a purchase cycle.

l hope l have helped you understand how to sell products online in a way that you will be able to make sales.By thinking as a client would, you will be able to put your products at the right place when the client is at the right phase of making a purchase.


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Forever Living Products Review

Name: Forever Living
Website: www.foreverliving.com
Owner: Rex Maughan
Price: Free to Join, but you will have to buy products to sell
Overall Ranking: 3/10

Forever Living Products Review, Worth Your Time?

Where do I begin? Just the thought of it stresses me out. I have been a part of a few MLM businesses over the past 5 years and I have to tell you, I haven’t made a penny with any of them. I did, however, move up in the rankings and have been acknowledged for my hard work and my implication.

Of course, I was implicated. I wanted to make a lot of money because this is what was sold to me. I was introduced to so many people who had been successful in the business and were living “the good life”.

I wanted that too. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I worked, it didn’t put any bread on my table.

Do you know why? I am going to tell you why.

MLM’s don’t work and they don’t work because not everybody has the will to succeed to the same extent. In a “pyramid” marketing plan, the people that win are the ones at the top. Everybody knows that.Read more on MLM here

The ones at the bottom struggle, just like I did.

Forever Living is not a scam. It’s a legitimate business that has been around for many years and some people (at the top) are making a lot of money.

Forever Living Products

Their products are pretty good although, they all have one thing in common. I am not sure if that is a good thing. They all contain Aloe Vera. 

Aloe Vera is very good for skin. It has many healing and health benefits. However, too much of something isn’t good either.

I understand that having a body cream, hand cream or a hand soap that has Aloe Vera in it could be very beneficial for the skin, but I don’t think that it’ really necessary to have more than that. As a matter of fact, too much of something could have an opposite effect. Our bodies could get immune to it and not feel the benefits of it at all.

They offer:



-Skin Care products

-Weight management items

-Beauty products

-Nutritional products

-Essential oils


The Negative Aspects

-It’s all about selling with forever living products. If you don’t like to sell, MLM isn’t for you, therefore, neither is Forever Living.

When you first join, they ask you to put together a list of all of your family members and friends. Then, they ask you to add to that list, everyone that you have met.

Basically, you will be “harassing” everyone in your entourage to try to get them to purchase the products that you are selling.

-The “failure” rate is very high because many people think of MLM as being a scam. They don’t have a very good reputation because of this very exact reason.

So many people have failed and have even lost money due to the fact that they, themselves have to purchase so many products in order to resell.

Forever Living compensation Plan Explained

The video presentation may make it sound easy, believe me it`s not and only the top guys will benefit from your hard work.

Tools and Training Provided by Forever Living

Training at forever living is not well organized or in depth if you are a newbie, they have videos that walk you through the products and how the products work, if you are expecting a more detailed training you`ll be disappointed.

Although the presentation does not tell you this, 95% of forever living products affiliates fail already in the first year.With such a high failure rate, most consider forever living products MLM as a scam.

-Success-oriented people will wait until the very last minute until they can’t make ends meet anymore, before they quite.

Many Forever Living members are having difficulty to make ends meet and believe that this is their road to success so much that they keep going only to get themselves into deeper debt.

-Selling is convincing and when you try to convince someone to buy something, it takes away all of the integrity of the person that is “selling” and of the business.

-Your “upline” (those are the people that introduced you to the company) will ask you to invite people to your home and have “introduction parties” where you will be showing your guests videos of excited members that have made millions and giving away free samples.

MLM review,marketing

-In order to make money, not only do you have to sell the products but you also have to convince these people that they have to sell them too if they want to make money. It makes the entire process even more difficult.is forever living products worth your friendship?

If you still want to make money online, check my #1 recommendation and learn affiliate marketing and ways to make money online from home.

The Positive Aspects

-To become a member, it’s free. This is really rare with MLM’s. Normally, they charge you a membership fee or a “franchise fee” and it’s pretty expensive.

-You can learn a lot about yourself by joining Forever Living. It can make you look deeper within yourself and enable you to discover your true being. I like to think of it as a therapy.

It’s not easy to get turned down and believe me, you will get turned down from 9 out of the 10 people that you will approach with the products. Perhaps even more. When this happens, you keep going because you have a goal and you have the attitude that no one will stop you from reaching that goal.

Forever Living products has two options when it comes to marketing the product.

  • Online based business- Forever Living products  offer some basic training  websites through the FLP360 program, but the training is so basic and outdated that you will fail if you do not look for proper training somewhere or if you are not yet a savvy online marketer
  • Offline home-based business – This consist of selling to family and friends, distributing samples, having forever living products parties, selling in offices, door to door simply said, harassing anyone who will listen

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In a nutshell, Forever Living has good products. They have quality products and many people purchase them. It’s the business model that has so much negative publicity that isn’t good. Too many people have lost money and have failed in Forever Living. Don’t be one of them.

The people/members are all good people with big hearts that all want to help their other team members make money/get rich. That’s basically why people join to begin with.

They are all dreamers and that’s ok. Some people have made it to the top and it’s possible to do so, however, it may take a lot of time, effort, energy, devotion, a lot of positive thinking and a lot of money before you can even come close to the top.

You need to be patient and have a good financial backup in order to start up in a business like this, even though there is no cost to join.

My final opinion on this forever living products review?

They may not be a scam but succeeding or making money at all will be difficult, Forever living products are much more expensive compared to other products on the market and you will have a hard time selling these, you have better chances of success doing affiliate marketing.

Have a different opinion on forever living products? I’d like to hear your opinion, leave me a message below and l will sure get back to you.

Below we look at how well my#1 recommendation compares to forever living products


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The cost? Nill it cost you nothing to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, and you are free to leave when you feel it`s not for you.



Liked my post? go ahead and share with your friends in social media.Have any question? I`d love to hear from you so leave me a message below and I`ll sure get back to you.

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Inbox blueprint review

Product Name:  Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Website: www.inboxblueprint.com
Owners: Anik Singal
My Overall Ranking: 7/10 (Pretty good, but there’s alternative)
Price: Either USD$241 in full or 3 payments USD$97 (with 2 Up sells)

Sales Page URL:  http://launch.inboxblueprint.com/go/
Inbox blueprint review

Overview of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

In summary, Inbox Blueprint is a basic email marketing course that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create your online business with your email list.


Inbox blueprint  8 learning steps are in videos and text, the steps are as followsInbox blueprint training

Step 1: Addiction Meter
Step 2: The Bait
Step 3: TYP Method
Step 4: Email Machine
Step 5: List Relationship
Step 6: Payday Secrets
Step 7: Easy Traffic
Step 8: Unlimited Success

Anil says you can have a business up and running and making sales following these 8 steps, in my opinion, pure bull, making money online is not a walk in the park and without a community of like-minded people behind you,success is almost nil.

Inbox Blueprint Elite

This is a 6-week boot camp, where you will receive 6-week live training on webinars. The 6 webinars will cover the entire main course and show you how to start the email marketing business from scratch.

This Elite Upgrade costs USD$297. 

The product creator of Inbox Blueprint, Anik Singal, has a pretty good reputation in the Internet Marketing Industry as he has created a huge success from his honest EM business.

Jeff Lenney is the head coach who will teach you during the 6-week boot camp. He is a very funny guy who knows a lot in SEO and he teaches in a humorous manner to make it more interesting.

The second up sell is called:

Inbox Inner Circle

This final up-sell includes monthly niche report done by Anik’s team (the VSSMind Media).It also includes a done-for-you opt-in page, a written free report, a research on affiliate programs in that niche and a case study from Anik.

It costs USD$77 per month.

You do not need to pay that much at my #1 recommendation click to join free

Pros & Cons of Inbox Blueprint 2.0


Inbox Blueprint is LEGITIMATE

Inbox Blueprint is definitely NOT a scam. The course does provide you with good training about email marketing.

It teaches you how to build a high-converting opt-in page, how to choose a good auto responder company, how to build list relationship with your audience via emails, and what traffic methods you can use.

Anik Singal’s team is helpful 

The VSSMind team is quite responsive; they normally reply you within 24-48 hours of emailing them your questions.

Easy to follow step-by-step course

Anyone can easily follow the 8 steps outlined in the course. There are exercises after each lesson that you should complete before moving forward.

Additional 6 Live training included

Dave Lovelace, another trainer will guide you through the course in live webinar for 6 weeks. It’s similar to Inbox Elite live training but it’s already included in the main course.

It really is a proven blueprint

The course does deliver you a proven map on email marketing. It shows you the importance of building your email list to accumulate a huge success in future.



Expensive for beginners



The cheapest you can get out of Inbox Blueprint is USD$241 if you paid in full. You have to add another USD $297 to upgrade.  If you want to join the inner circle, add another USD$77 per month. Assuming you stay for 3 months, it will cost you nearly USD$800 in total.

The right side shows the prices you have to pay for inbox dollars membership.

how much does inbox blueprint cost


Do not be mistaken into thinking it`s all done with after you pay the membership fee $97×3, even the reduced price of $241, you will need your own domain, hosting

If you follow inbox blue dollars advice, they suggest you have several domains.

Domain and hosting a can end up costing you about $90 depending on where you choose to host.
No future support after the course

One of the most important aspects of becoming good at Internet Marketing is consistent training and updates. Although this course provides fairly good training, there will be no future support once 2 months passed.

Money is in the list, but you need a SOLID FOUNDATION to build that list

Your email list is the main asset that drives your income. But how do you get people to subscribe to your list? The two common ways include PAID traffic or FREE traffic.

You can do so much, especially for newbies, to pay for traffic. So to attract free traffic, you must have a website (i.e. your SOLID FOUNDATION) that produces constant high-quality contents which attract people to come, before you start collecting visitors’ email address.

Click here to create a free website

Annoying future up-sells and affiliate promotions

The product owner is always recommending one product after another which can be confusing. They may be helpful but considering you have already invested USD$1,000+ in learning Inbox Blueprint and buying tools, it is UNWISE to keep buying stuff before you begin to see profits.

Who Is Inbox Blueprint For?

If you only want to learn the basics of email marketing, Inbox Blueprint will have a good overview for you. It will teach you why the money is in the list and why you should always be building your list, but there is a very good alternative without the price tag or upsells.

You can not succeed building a list if you do not have all the tools to creating the foundation of your website.

Who Isn’t Inbox Blueprint For?

However, if you are a total newbie who needs a good foundation for your online business, Inbox Blueprint will not give you the complete training you need because it does not teach you how to drive traffic and it does not have the tools you need to build a great website.

Additionally, Inbox Blueprint does not give you consistent access to industry experts and a vibrant community for support hence you may not get all the help you need to be successful.

Inbox blueprint reviewVerdict: LEGIT

Although legitimate, the reason for Inbox blueprint review is to inform you that  personally l will not advise anyone to join unless you have too much money to throw around Paying high dollar to inbox blueprint will not guarantee your success, there are much better programs out there that cost less than $1 a day.

lf you have any questions, leave me a message below and l will sure get back to you.

If you liked this post, go ahead and share it with your friends on social media so others can profit from it.



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