6 Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog

Weblogs, or blogs, are tools for users to share their thoughts, memories, and experiences to the world. Blogs were first designed as an online journal; diaries meant to be less intimate or secretive than their offline equivalent. Over the years, blogs turned into a means for personal online publication. Blogs are now the most popular medium due to their broad reach (you’re sharing it with the whole world) and user-friendly interface.People blog for many different reasons. Some blog just to get their point of view out there. Others keep blogs going just to communicate with a select group of like-minded people. Some people blog just because they like the sound of their fingers on the keyboard and have a lot to say.But you can write and earn money from your blog using different methods.

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Who Is Blogging For

Blogging is for anyone and everyone really, if you like sharing your cooking tips, you can start a blog, teens sharing beauty tips.It is not limited to anyone as you can blog about everything and anything.Times have changed and blogs as no longer just for sharing your thoughts, people now blog and make a full time living online from home just from their blogs.There are many ways to earn money from your blog;following are six of them. 1. Pay per click.Sign up for Google AdSense or other pay per click programs like (this one). The sign-up process is quite straightforward.When done, a code will be sent to you that you have to insert on your blog. What does it do? The code will present ads relevant to your blog entries’ subject matter. Thus, your readers will be more compelled to click on the ads.This is when the money starts coming in since every click on an ad is added to your earnings.I wrote about this in an earlier post on how you can earn money with GoogleAdsense, you can check it here if you missed it.Making money with GoogleAdsense is one of my favorites as it`s really hands-free.But should Google Adsense not accept your application, look for other programs like the one mentioned above.

2. Promote your own products.6 Ways To Earn Money From Your BlogA product of your own is something that veterans in the internet marketing biz will tell you to be the key toward success.Your product can be sold directly on your blog. You can publish entries that follow the development of this product.You can post entries about all the good things it can bring. Everything is in your control–the product, the blog, and all the rules to play.

3. Endorse your affiliate links.For some reason, if you decide not to create your product, then go about and sell others. All you need to do is sign up to affiliate programs offering products which relate to matter discussed in your blog entries. What you’ll do is add the affiliate links in your blog entries, and see the revenues flowing.There are loads of affiliate products out there for you to promote, anything you can think of has an affiliate program.This is one of the easiest ways to make money with your blog.Need to learn affiliate marketing?It`s free to get started, just click below.


4. Sell advertisement space.

If you are looking for another way on how to earn money from a blog is to sell advertisement space.When your blog starts becoming popular, you can then sell ad spaces to those interested. 

Prices of the ad space will rely on the quantity of traffic your blog can establish in a day, a week or a month.

5.  Selling Link Space To Earn From Your Blog

Some advertisers do not prefer advertisement space. Rather, they prefer to have their link anchored on some keywords appearing in your blog posts, and you can make money this way.

6. Bid for reviews.Head, Judge, Judgment, Critic, Criticize

Other advertisers would like to have their product reviews published on your blog.

It’s because they believe reviews will bring them sales. You can opt to sell your publication space and writing services to these people.

But remember this may require you making a purchase so you are familiar with the product you are reviewing.

This can turn expensive so do the math before you go this way.

Read my earlier post on writing products reviews and being paid if you missed it.

There’s no point to make money from a blog or to monetize it as it’s known without having a decent amount of traffic coming to your site in the first place.At this stage, it’s all about generating and attracting more and more visitors to your site. It’s only when you achieve this that you’ll stand some chance of being able to make money from your blog.Search, Seo, Internet, MarketingInformation is power when you are trying to push your blog, installing Google Analytics is an excellent program which will give you all the important data you’ll need regarding your visitor numbers and where they are coming from.It’s also very useful to see graphs of how things with your blog are trending. It’s very difficult to make good decisions about how to promote your blog without accurate analytics and statistics.

A popular blog with the right kinds of traffic will generate a nice amount of supplemental income each week, and it will encourage you to keep going and improve your blog even more.A blog is easy to start, with the right people supporting you, you can build a very successful online business and earn money from your blog.The best thing is that it`s free to get started and you can have your own blog up and running in less than 5 minutes by clicking here.You will learn how to set up your own domain, how to create your first website, how to get ranked on google and how to earn money with your website.I have written a long review here if you missed itThe final word is to concentrate on producing a good quality blog with daily updates, lots of article backlinks, analytics and plenty of targeted traffic.Only then is it worthwhile putting in the programs which will allow you to earn money from your blog.I hope this post has helped you understand more how to earn money from your blog either for pocket money or as a serious way of making income.If you have any questions, leave me a message below.

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