Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

It`s easy  writing review online for a product you have tried and get paid for it. l have been paid several times from writing reviews for products l have tried.lm going to explain the process in this article so you will understand and be able to do the same.

But before we get to writing review online and being paid to do so, let`s look at how it works.Imagine if every time a friend asked you where you bought the nice shoes and directed them you got paid, when someone asked where to eat and you directed them to your favourite restaurant they paid you.

This is how writing review online work, you review a product, send traffic to your review and when someone buys, you get paid a small amount of the money.

Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

But why would people look for product reviews before the buy? let’s look at some of the reasons people go online to look for reviews and we will understand why this opportunity exists.

  • People check for reviews to make sure they are a product that does exactly what it says.
  • People want to see what experience others have had with the product.
  • People want to check similar products and compare prices.
  • And most importantly, people want to weigh the pros and cons of the product

Many products do not deliver, do not work as they promise they will and people want to know before hand if they should purchase or not.

So How Do You Get Paid for Your Reviews

The easiest way to get paid for writing reviews online is to join with the company that sells the product. In some cases this might be a third party website.

This is known as affiliate marketing and most products online have affiliate programs that pay you  commissions for every buyer that you refer through your affiliate link.

All you have to do is join an affiliate program for the product you’re going to write a review about and sign up to promote it. You’ll get a link which will track your sales whenever someone buys something.

Sites like Amazon has a large number of products, from little toys to cosmetics, camping items or gardening books. People  who have bought anything online know and trust Amazon and you can make money reviewing products and referring people. Click here to join Amazon Affiliate program.

Other affiliate sites include Shareasale and Linkshare just to name a few I happen to think of off head right now. There are also independent affiliate programs where the goods are sold from their own website and they have their own  affiliate program.

You Know What Affiliates To join Now what?

Now that we know how to find affiliates and why you should write reviews online to make money, we are going to look at some points to keep in mind when writing product reviews that people read and where to find traffic to your product review.

We will start with writing review and points to include when writing a review.

  • Opening :Product name and what they offer, price, size and any other relevant details and include an image is you can find any, be specific.
  • Body:Pros and cons of the product :again write your experience with the products, explaining the pros in your opinion as well as the cons, any product has negative site so write these too, some people do think that writing the negative site of a product will reduce sales, this is not the case,it`s not your work to sell the product, what you do is give your honest opinion and let the reader decide.People want to know what they are buying and if you write only the positive, ignoring the negatives, people reading your review will not believe you and you will not have helped your audience.
  • Cover the basics: how is the packaging, delivery time after purchase,ease of purchasing, product price, is it worth the price.include the link(your affiliate link)where to buy the product.
  • Be honest: If you didn’t  like the product, was it because you expected more, why did you order in the first place.Your job is not to sell the product, your job is to inform people honestly about the product.The sales
  • Conclusion:Finish up by explaining why you found the product to be positive or negative, would you buy it again, would you advise friends to buy it and if not, explain why not.

How Do People Find Your Review?

You have put together a killer review, but without anyone to read it, you will not make money, you can start a free blog using site Rubix at Wealthy Affiliate,they offer you two free websites and free hosting.Not only do they host free, you will learn much more how to make money with your website.

Want to read more on writing content that people read? something not clear?check my other post to read more about content writing.



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  1. Hi, thank you for these instructions. I have been using the scheme very similar to what you write here, starting with short statement and giving the price and the place to buy. But very recently I have seen some experienced online marketer saying to push the price somewhere closer to the end because apparently this is better. So I was doing this in a few recent posts, but I must say feel confused.

    • Thanks Jovo, in my opinion, internet marketing it is to try and find out what works better for you then when you do, rinse and repeat, there is no correct or wrong way.Would like to know what works for you.

  2. Hi,
    I just start to write some reviews about some related products in my new website but I had some difficulties about that. I didn’t know exactly how to start and how to made a conclusion actually, I found your article very useful and practical. Thank you so much for the post.
    Best wishes and good luck.

  3. Way to go! Your page is amazing. Love the recommendations to join our #1 WA.. Very, very good.
    Have you had a lot of traffic with it? I hope you did. Very encouraging. I will look at your page again to see more of your reviews. Awesome, keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for this info about affiliate marketing. Do you think that anyone would be able to successfully write reviews and make money with affiliate marketing or do you think there are certain assets a person needs or experience to make this work?
    How would one learn to do this properly?

  5. Wow, your explanation of writing reviews is to the point. And really informative to those that are struggling to write a review. I had this problem in the beginning and you explain it so well. It’s easy to follow your instructions. Besides we all want to get paid, right? Great work!

  6. I have been trying to do something similar recently. You give a lot of good insight into figuring out how to make extra money online through writing reviews. As this is something I’ve been trying it was nice to get a couple of pointers form you to help me through the process.


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