Banned? Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

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I remember when I first applied to Amazon affiliate program and my application as an affiliaate got denied, I felt lost and desperate, what and how was I going to sell Amazon affiliate products on my websites if Amazon did not want me as an affiliate?

Soon I discovered there are many more affiliate programs out there, more than I could have thought.

Amazon’s affiliate program success in online marketing is unparalleled. The company that arrived almost two decades after Microsoft exploited the potential of the Internet like no other business before it did.But I will not dwell on that,you can check more on Amazon history online.

In case your application has not been approved or if Amazon has banned you, there are countless Amazon affiliate program alternatives that you can use to make money online.

This may surprise you if you`re new to affiliate marketing but there are top paying affiliate programs out there that will pay you more for your efforts than Amazon will.

Amazon revenues

Amazon affiliate program,Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

Amazon revenues in 2015 stood at $107 billion approx. This is certainly a mammoth sized empire if you consider that Google’s revenues stood at $74.54 billion approx. and Microsoft’s were $93.58 billion approx. in the same period.

Only Apple surpassed Amazon with $233.72 billion but the credit for it goes to its hardware sales, which actually tripled in the period.According to

In other words, Amazon has been leading the pack. The company has in recent times found an unexploited niche for itself, which it is exploiting through Kindle.

Kindle, incidentally was launched for the first time in 2007 and is already changing the way people read. But there is no denying that for now, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is its bread and butter.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is, as we know, a way to sell a product that we spot and find interesting to others, and earn commission for such sale.Our contacts matter and we know what they would find interesting or would be looking for.

Basically, it is a hotchpotch of social marketing and direct marketing resulting in somewhat target marketing.Need to take classes to learn affiliate marketing? then join the best-rated program and learn affiliate marketing here it`s free to join.

It satisfies the customer because he/she did not know that such a product existed or arrived in the market. That happened a lot in the past, notwithstanding the advertisements.

It satisfies the business enterprise manufacturing the product for obvious reason; after all, it does not have to spend monies for not getting any returns.

The manufacturer would be liable for paying commission, only if sale materialized.Finally, the affiliate marketer would be happy earning monies on the product doing less work but doing it intelligently.

Why is Amazon affiliate program successful?

For starters, it transported to net a direct marketing system that was succeeding in real life, modifying it as it were to rope in many people.

In the process, it generated employment for many and improved the turnover of businesses as well.It also managed to offer enough exposure to all types of products, at minimal cost.

So far as Internet surfers are concerned, they could ask for anything, and Amazon had it for them, sourcing from different corners of the world.

Effectively, people found a way to shop with the new online marketing concept that Amazon came up with.

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Why Amazon Affiliate Program Is Successful 

A- It does not require much effort to start earning as affiliate;
B-It is free to join though there are paid options as well with additional benefits;
C- System of paying and earning commissions is transparent and there are reports on them;
D- People can rope in visitors to their blogs or websites and get them to visit the products on Amazon marketing network. There is a wide range of products to promote here, which makes it possible to include them more easily on blogs.
E-Amazon also pays for sending people to the site. In other words, it is not necessary that the visitor has to buy something that was suggested. The visitor sent by the blog or website of the affiliate marketer may surf and buy something else and you will still get the comission.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program Doesn’t  Have Everything And Has Its Drawbacks 

A- The tracking cookie deactivates within 24 hours. This means, if the visitor to an affiliate’s blog visits Amazon to look at the product and defers his or her decision to buy the product for another day, the blogger earns nothing because the link expires. Usually, people take time to decide on any expensive purchase;
B- It offers less commission to its affiliates in percentage as well as in raw value. Commission ranges from 4 percent to 15 percent, depending upon the product, in this front, amazon affiliate program commission is not the best out there, there are programs that pay much more.
C.There are reasons that can ban an affiliate from participating in the program.Such eligibility and ban can force the user to look at other alternatives to this program.

Like in traditional businesses, it is always advisable to look at Amazon associates alternatives to fall back on.Below but not limited to are some top affiliate marketing companies you should join.

Before you check these alternatives, check my #1 recommendation program here as I have explained in detail why it`s the best,with a 25-50% commissions you can`t ask for more and do not really need to become Amazon affiliaate.

 Four Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives To Consider:

1. eBay Affiliate Program: Ebay, Website Affiliate Program

This online marketing business was also incorporated around the same time as Amazon. So it is a fairly long-standing business.

eBay also offers several products for promoting, but affiliate marketing program that it ran in the past, was not really liked by the marketers because of various issues.

Recently, it has overhauled its programs, and systems, which makes its affiliate program worthwhile option to Amazon affiliate program.

The major drawback is again that its tracking cookie does not keep track of customers beyond 24 hours.

2. ShareASale

This online marketing business tends to focus more on the fashion industry. Therefore, it is rather restrictive in a way, even though it does have near about half a million different products that it sells.

Within the fashion industry, it offers almost everything, but in general, the niche is narrow.
In so far as cookie’s length is concerned, it varies, as does the commission rate for various products directly or indirectly related to fashion industry.

3. Clickbank

This online marketing site is rich in the choice of e-products available for sale. It, however, has had a checkered history with its affiliate marketing system.

But it is still worth a try considering that the tracking cookie it uses keeps track of the visitor looking at buying any electronic product for almost 2 months or sixty days.

This means the visitor gets time to make up his or her time about the product, and the blog or website owner can earn commission for sending the person over to the site.But this site is not as famous as eBay or Amazon.

Nevertheless, it is worth a try, especially if Amazon has denied your application or banned your site. The site pays commission that is 10 percent and above, which makes the effort worthwhile.

4. CommissionJunction

This is one of the best affiliate marketing sites that are operating today. It is professional in the way it is managed and has technology that is considerably superior to the one being used by Amazon affiliate program.

One of the reasons for its growing popularity is the cookie length. Unlike eBay and Amazon, cookie length varies as per the product and price. Likewise, commission payable also varies.

Nevertheless, this site is fairly popular among affiliates because of professional system in place.


Though there are other online marketing businesses that provide services of affiliates, Amazon affiliate program has been around longer and have that advantage in establishing their reputation.

It will certainly be a while before affiliate programs of other companies overtake their businesses. But earnings from other online marketing businesses can be considerably higher precisely for this reason.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I’d recommend a program where l not only earn 50% affiliate commissions and you will too.It`s free to join, has been online and paying affiliates since 2005 without failure.

4 Comments on "Banned? Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives"

  1. Hi Erin
    When you have a new website, it is pointless trying to become a Amazon Affiliate. But i assumed they would check out my website first, before approving me.
    After i had about 20 posts i applied, and was approved, but i did ‘stretch the truth a bit’, with questions asked.
    I can understand if you have very little traffic, why they would disapprove you. Or if your website did not look professional.
    Would they really take the time to check out your website, as they must have lots of applications?
    I would apply again, after 6 months, and keep trying.

    • thanks Greg,I think people get over excited with making money online, it`s like,”I have created a website, I must start making money” then rush to apply Amazon.

      What many do not know iss that Amazon will give you just 180 days to make your first sale which can be very difficult if you`re getting started.

      After the 180 days, Amazon will automatically cancel your account as an Affiliate, meaning you will have to re-apply to be an affiliate.The ban can be costly time wise, I know when I had to remove over 500 affiliate articles and links because I had been banned for not making a sale.

      Wish you all the best

  2. Good reporting of some of the major affiliate programs out there. For me, the appeal of Amazon is that is it Amazon. I am a Prime member and have been for years and do the majority of my shopping through Amazon. As an affiliate marketer, I know that the commissions are low, but a visitor to my site probably knows that they can purchase through Amazon with confidence. As a consumer, I know that ClickBank handles refunds well. As an affiliate marketer, I need to check out CommissionJunction based on your review.

    • Hello Erin

      You are right,most online shoppers trust amazon more than some new names.The only disadvantage for Amazon affiliates are the low commisions and their cookie period,24 hour cookie period is like saying,you come here,shop now.

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