Blogging Basics 101 For Brand New Bloggers

I think it`s only fair to go through some very blogging basics 101 terms and ideas about what a blog is and how you can use it once you have it up and running to make money.

Either from promoting products or selling your own. Millions of people are doing just that these days and there is room for you too to make some money blogging!

So, you’re wondering how to get started and that’s fair enough. We weren’t born knowing much about blogging either(to be honest, I wasn’t much of a writer and youll see that as you read on).

Blogging may not be hard but there are certain things we have to look into so our visitors can find their way around as well as enjoy what they read on the blog!

In this post, I’ll going over some terms/concepts for those who aren’t familiar with them yet, plus a few great tips from my own experience which might help you kick-start your future projects in no time 🙂

Not everyone knows how to get started with blogging, but it’s actually not that complicated. I’ll break down some of the basics so you can start your blog off on the right track!

What is a blog?

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A blog is a website where people publish entries about their personal lives or interests in order to show them online for friends and family members who follow along.

-Entries are called posts that consist of content written by either yourself or another user  (like an article). Posts have comments sections underneath most frequently where other users leave feedback about what they think  about your post (which could be positive, negative, etc.)

-Blogging communities all over social media sites like Facebook & Twitter allow bloggers from around the world to share ideas regarding topics.

This post will explain a bit about some of the terms and concepts, and then I have added some suggested training that will help get you started in the right foot with this blogging business.

Rest assured you can make money with blogging, there are many that are doing this right now. Why not you too?

Blogging Basics

For those of you new to the word, a blog is an online journal or web diary. This is where many people can find and read what others publish across the globe as they share it throughout the internet.

So a blog is a website that allows visitors to comment and has links for more user interactivity. It also used to be called a weblog, but the term was shortened over time since it became very common in society today.

The input defines what exactly makes up a “blog”, or how it differs from other websites on the internet at large such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where most of your content won’t appear unless you post something new recently.

A blog often contains many different pages with varying information about their topic so users can choose which page they wish to view next rather than being forced into one type of page after another until all have been viewed completely; these types of posts are usually sorted by date, making them easier for you to choose what to read next.

Blogs are created using WordPress. This setup has the most users as it is so easy to get started with.

This post explains in simple language how to build a WordPress website totally free, you can start immediately.

So to recap some terms you will hear when it comes to blogging:

  • Blogging: The act of writing a post in a blog.Or another post here that explains how to write a blog post that peple read.
  • Blogger: A person who writes content or entries, the owner and the ones who run the blogs
  • Blogosphere: Blogs and bloggers’ online community.

History of Blogging

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