Seven Ways To Write A Blog Post That People Read

If you are going to write a blog post that people will want to read, it will depend greatly on the audience you are writing to.

For most people, you would not want to be too technical or too detailed about a product.

However, when writing to an audience of scientists or technicians, you would want an article with the technical details about a product.

Seven Ways to Write a Blog Post that People Read

Before you start to write a blog post, you should know your audience. Here are seven ways to write a blog post that people will read.

Remember these are just blog writing examples, you can start a blog about anything you can think of and people will read it.

1 Product Review Blog Post

In this blog post, you share your experience with a particular product or service and give your opinion about its quality and value. They usually cover what the product is, what it does (or supposed to do), and has pros and cons about the product.

This blog post gives the benefits the product has for the user (or the lack thereof.) It is best for the reviewer to have first-hand experience with the product, whether it is purchased or borrowed.

If this cannot be done, the review can still be done through research – customer reviews, complaint boards, forums and other reviews, but you must be very careful NOT to be biased.

2 Write A Blog Post On Niche Report

A blog post for online marketers, the niche report is an excellent informative element in the monetized website. These reports are not necessarily monetized, but they can be. Here are 6 ways you can make money from your blog.

The main purpose of the niche reports is to give visitors an idea of what a certain niche is, what its potential is and gives them ideas on what niches to go into with their campaigns.

Niche reports add to the quality of the professional website that promotes, for example, business training platforms, products, and services.

They are an enhancement and highly useful because most novices in the online marketing industry have difficulty with niche selection.

3 Informational/Instructional Seven Ways To Write A Blog Post That People Read

In some instances, you will have a product, such as a piece of machinery, that would engage your audience if you give information about it, such as how it works and how the customer would use it.

Another way to put it is an “Instructional Blog Post.”

It gets your audience engaged by getting them to see themselves using the product.

Another type of product this works well with is produce – seeds, farm animals, and so forth.

This gives the buyer some insight on how to care for the product. In the case of machinery, this should not be confused with the Technical Blog Post, which is covered below. Check on tips on creating technical blog posts here.

4 Comparative Review

If you are familiar with the older Sears Roebuck’s catalogs, you couldn’t help but remember the “Good, Better, Best” of a particular product.

This gives the reader a choice on the quality and cost of a product and allows them to choose the one best suited for them.

Remember that you should not create a blog post with more than three choices as this would begin to confound your audience and it would have adverse effects.

This type of post is highly effective when you have a product that comes in different qualities and pricing. Here is an in-depth review of a program that taught me how to work online.

5 Technical Writing

For an audience of scientists, specialists, and technicians, what keeps their interest and more likely to respond is the blog post that features graphs and technical data, for example, computer programmers like to see programming code examples.Seven Ways to Write a Blog Post that People Read

Do not write this type of post to a general consumer audience as most would not get it and you would lose them.

When writing to a technical audience, you will need to know the material as your audience sure does!

6  Storyline Blog Post

One of the most engaging types of writing is the story. People love to hear stories as it invokes imagination and curiosity.

A blog post like this often leaves out an element that produces curiosity and mysticism in the reader and encourages clicking on the link to learn more.

This tactic is used in other forms of blog posts, but works best with a story and should not be used in reviews and most of the other types of blog posts discussed here. Use the storyline blog post sparingly as too much use will have adverse effects.When writing a book report, this type of blog post is often used!

As this name implies, this is an authoritative, quite lengthy (min 2000 words blog post) timely article requiring more in-depth research.

This type of article can be a blog post, but more recommended as a page and is often used as a static homepage writing than a blog. The purpose of this informative, expert article is to induce trust from your audience.

There are more ways to write a blog post, but these are the most common and popular formats.All of these need a website, you can create a free siteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate, it`s free to join so put your Credit card away.

Tips on Writing a Blog Post

No matter what you write a blog post about, it`s important to write about something you are passionate about, from experience, those who start blogs on things they do not care about soon realize it`s not easy and give up. Imagine writing about ………beauty products when you know nothing and have no interest. Believe it or not, you`ll soon give up.

Now imagine writing about your pet dog, it will be so easy and fun and you could be posting every third day.

Another thing many do not realize is that your readers will sense if you`re not having fun or do not possess enough knowledge about what you are writing about and this will turn them off.

Now people look for information about everything and anything online, you can start to write a blog on any niche and if you`re having fun doing it, the readers will know.

Now that you know it`s possible to write about anything why not start your own blog here? it`s free to get started and you`ll have your site up and running in minutes.Just enter the name you chose for your blog and get started, it’s as simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you are thinking of creating a blog of your own, the time to get started is now.If you want to join me where I learned everything, then click here this is a community of online people all helping each other succeed with their online business.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below, would sure love to hear from you.

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  1. I didn’t know about the Niche Report. Great idea I will check that out as soon as I’m done writing this comment!

    Very good point about knowing your audience and giving them the info they want the way they want it. Even if we’ve been writing for awhile, that’s a good point to remember and keep fresh.

    Really good stuff, I’m always looking for ways to improve and you gave me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Awesome information! Great list of different types of blog posts! I never really stopped to think about all the different kinds of blog posts you can write. I knew you could reviews and information posts, but I didn’t think beyond that.

    I love the fact that blogging gives you so many options. It makes it more fun and exciting.

    How detailed would you say a blog post should be for the non-technical audience?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Weston

      Really this will be upto you if you chose to write an in-depth post,but personally I do prefer to make those my pillar pages.


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