Comments On A Website And Why You Need Them.

Comments on websites are very important. They are instrumental in hearing what the visitors, the customers and the registered members of the website have to say. If you don’t know what your readers have to say, you won’t be able to solve their issues. Interacting with them is important to build a relationship which proves beneficial in the long run.Almost every blogging site or website has comments and suggestion boxes. It is a very good practice of interacting with the customer base. This shouldn’t be ignored or left out any comment negative or positive left on your site, you should answer.leaving website comment
It is not necessarily just the author of the article that will share the information you might be looking for. It often happens that visitors and customers may give you information. Sharing of such different opinions only bring about more positive results. If any blogger and business website want a connection with their audience, they must interact with all their visitors and help increase the reader engagement.How Is Commenting Valuable On Your Site?

  • The Commenting Serves As ‘Human Touch’

As awesome as the virtual world is, nothing can beat the human touch. Interaction through comments makes all the visitors feel as if there is someone real and human behind a website. This is much more appealing than interacting with a robot on the internet.If you listen to the visitors and offer suggestions, they will come back for more. From there, you can start building a relationship with them. With time, they will be more open and will trust you. The visitors will feel welcome and well attended. This will offer them a good personal experience when they visit your website. The blogger and the website owner should make sure that they allow time to answer all the questions posed by the visitors. Or at least allow someone who can actively answer and interact with the audience.  Be gracious when you receive compliments. Accept the criticism and never take them for granted. Your critics make you better and stronger.  Heed them and improve wherever possible. Make sure the experience of visiting your website is good for the visitors so that they come back. Some use templates for replying to the visitors. This seems so impersonal. Addressing the visitor by name and answering them personally bodes well for a positive result.

  • Comments Give You An Idea How To Proceed Next

The comments section can very well be a way of knowing what the visitors want. You can ask them for your new post. Their suggestions and requests can be very valuable.Make sure that you choose to address the topics that are requested most often. In this way, you will cover the majority of the people visiting your website that have requested it.  You can further expand the topics. And if you do this on the regular, the people will start expecting it and will wait for it. Heeding to their requests will delight the visitors. Check an earlier post here on how to write good website content if you missed it.

  • Comments Bring Traffic To Your Website

The comments are a free and positive way to attract traffic to your website. You can attract readers either by receiving comments on your website or by yourself commenting on another person’s website. It can be fruitful either way. Answering the questions of the visitors and solving their issues to their satisfaction will surely bring them back to you. They may even recommend you to their contacts.

If you`re still not sure, check this post from where he also shares with you where to share your post to get more traffic.

If you are commenting on another’s website then be sure to add valuable information to the comment. Generic comments such as “Thanks” and “Nice post” won’t help you any.Wealthy Affiliate site comment





To take maximum advantage of the commenting, you need to follow these simple rules:

  • Try to be the first one to comment.
  • Write a detailed and informative comment.
  • Be sure to have an image associated with your email address.
  • Leave a comment relevant to the post, you can not comment about your love of beauty products on a sports site.

This way the owner of the website will be much more likely to publish your comment with your backlink intact.Website Comments Can Help Generate Profit.It can be tough to generate a profit on the internet which is further impossible without the visitors on your website. Hence, you first need to generate traffic. After you have enough influx of traffic, you need to interact with your visitors. Interaction with your visitors is the key to generate profit. If your website is generating a lot of traffic, but you are unable to answer all the questions then you may end up losing visitors. Regardless of how good your website is, you will lose your traffic base. This isn’t good for your blog or business website. That is why it is important for you to interact with them and interact well.Want to earn cash with site commenting? check here Comments On A website earns you cash at Wealthy Affiliate

Dealing With Negative Comments On Your Website

No matter how politely you write, no matter what product you’re writing about, or how well you work at your content, you will receive negative comments.reasons you need website commentsThere is just no way to avoid it, and that’s the beauty of it all, everyone has a chance to give their opinion.

I know when my comment on a blog was rejected because “it was too long“blog comments come in all sizes,

Just don’t ignore negative comments, the worst thing you can do on your blog is to ignore negative comments. It will give a reader one more reason to dislike your writing and your blog. It will give them a reason to always leave those negative comments.Just don’t make false promises to remove the post and stuff like that, if your post was on the wrong apologize and move on accepting that not every reader will agree with your opinion.

Even big names have had to apologize when they were on the wrong so why not you. luxury brands Coach and Givenchy and Versace have also had to apologize when they were in the wrong.

Conclusion On Comments On A Website

To run a successful blog or website, commenting is a must. If you are concerned with low traffic to your website then give commenting a chance and see for yourself all the benefits of it. If you feel there is no time, find someone to do it for you, there are VA`s or freelancers you can hire cheaply to do the work.

I hope you found value reading this post and that things were explained well if there is something you need explained leave me a message below and I will get back to you.


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    Very helpful information specifically the last phase 🙂 I maintain such info much.
    I used to be seeking this particular info for a very lengthy time.
    Thank you and best of luck.

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  4. Most resources on the Internet only say that receiving comments help you grow your website, but they never mention how fruitful it is for you to comment on other websites – both of them are just as helpful in Content Marketing. Great tips!

    • Many bloggers unknowingly do not accept comments, some think it will load their sites with spam but that`s not the case, you can always delete spam comments.
      Yes leaving and receiving comments is beneficial to a blog.

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  6. Engagement by comments between readers and the author is so important. As a writer it gives me encouragement to see people connecting with what I have written. This post was great to read and it gave a perspective on why commenting is important.

    • Thanks, Crystal I too like when my readers leave me a comment as it helps me know more what they need, what questions they have. Having said that, some people can be “passing time” and leave comments like great…good job…keep it up.I tend to just delete such comments as they do not add any value at all to my content.

  7. I think comments are very. important as they show that people are reading and interacting with your blog rather than just clicking a page. I try to comment as often as possible,.

    • True but try to comment on sites in your niche, not only that, try to leave real comments, if you leave a comment like”great, thanks” the blog owner will just delete your comment so in the end, you`d have spent time leaving comments for nothing.

  8. It was so important indeed. We can discuss our opinions with the certain blog thus we could our appreciation with the bloggers work.

  9. Great article. This is a topic I know I need to learn more about and you really helped me understand some good ways.

    • Thanks Alexandra
      Getting comments to your blog is so easy especially if you write good articles then your readers will always want to leave comments, asking more questions or just thanking you.

  10. I need to comment because there is a comment box here but the fact that it’s important to have that on your website. It is integral in your ranking on google as well.

    Thanks for sharing

    • thanks for sharing, keeping writing day after day can be hard,but if you keep getting comments on your site, it will keep things fresh in the eyes of google and increase your site rankings.

  11. Comments and answering comments are imperative to fostering and encouraging engagement. We live in a online society and it is so so important to be engaged in the community????

    • True Lana, I sometimes feel disappointed when I read a good post, go to leave a comment then find they do not even have a comments area, or worse, to see that there are so many comments left by readers but the writer did not care to respond to the comments.

  12. I think that comments are extremely important and I know anytime I read an article or a blog post. I always try to leave a comment, because I know how much work and effort the writer went into creating it. I also agree that comments are a great way to know exactly what your readers want from you.

    • You`re so right, writing a single blog post can take me several hours in a bad day and I do appreciate knowing my readers enjoyed reading what I wrote. How will I know this? by the comments they leave, positive or negative, I do like receiving comments. The only kind of comments I do not like are those 1 lines “thanks for sharing, great job, etc”
      It makes me feel like they did not even read my content and yet feel the need to leave a comment, so I do delete those comments as they`re not engaging or helpful to anyone.

  13. It’s a great advice,c an’t agree more. Do you or how do you reply to plain comments such as nice post, nice pictures…etc.. Just a thanks or do you have any interesting suggestions?

    • there are two things you can do, if your site does not have enough comments, keep them till later, but if you already have enough comments on your website, just delete the comment and move on.

    • Hi there comments really help keep a site active if you`ve not yet started accepting comments you should.But it`s not only about accepting comments, you also have to interact with those comments, answer, encourage them to ask more questions if they happen to have any, direct them to similar content.

    • Totally agree,site comments can even help you understand what your readers like reading from you, what kind of content you should produce more.
      Having said that, as a blogger, it`s also important to reply comments left on your site.

  14. Comments are very helpful, you’ll get know what other’s opinions and thoughts. Except for the awful bashers of course.

  15. I love this post because I’m still a real beginner in this blogging world. And I do love leaving a comment and reading other people’s blog post. And receiving an opinion from others is really helpful for me too. Thank you so much for the info,

    • Many people do not know it but blog commentc can give you an idea what your post should be about.I always acccept comments and my site has over 1000 quality comments.

  16. This is some fabulous advice! I’ve always known that comments are quite important, it was one of the first things I read about when starting my blog last year but i’ve since fallen off the bandwagon a bit. I’m looking forward to incorporating some of these tips into my blogging routine – thanks so much for the share!

  17. I agree. Personally, I like the human interaction aspect of comments. It’s great to know that people are interested in what you write and take the time to respond.

    • So true, if someone leaves a comment on your site, you know that they care about what you wrote.I always make an effort to reply every comment, even negative comments I reply.

  18. I just recently started thinking about the importance of comments. One of my blog posts gets a ton of comments – while most don’t see any. To be honest, I also often just read and don’t comment – but I plan to change this behaviour now!

  19. Never realized how important comments are, but I can see they are. I always read reviews before buying and I am sure there is others like me so I could definitely do more. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment Ashley, comments is a must do/receive for any good blogger, I hope you`ll start accepting comments on your site if you`ve not yet started.


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