How To Write Good Website Content And Get Paid

There are sites online with great content and then there are those which have truly great Content. this post will give you tips on how to write good website content that brings readers and cash.

When you start out building your website, one of the things you have read or heard about is that Content is king and the importance of it.

The latter are the ones that attract and retain their readers because the creator has had a plan in place and used all the resources available to them.

What I’m going to cover on this page are such strategies to help you build not just a good site that will be indexed and liked by the search engines how to write good website content that will attract your readers in a way that will bring referrals and repeat business to your site.

Remember that if the content is king then traffic is queen when it comes to your website, without traffic, you can as well stop blogging. If no one is reading the content that you spent hours creating then all was for nothing.

My 5 tips for Creating High-Quality Content.

1- Know your Audience.How To Write Good Website Content And Get Paid

If you are going to provide a service then you need to know what kind of person you will be creating your content for. The content that you will be writing has to be engaging and interesting for your readers to stay on your site.

Research is key here and in particular where your niche market is concerned.

You are lucky in this respect as there is invaluable of information to use and apply your own knowledge on your particular area.

When I write for my sites I put myself in the position and perspective of my readers, think about what it is I am looking for, where did I start looking? What search engine did I use and in particular what Keywords did I use for my search(check an earlier post on writing content that people read).

Was the information useful and was I satisfied my question or search was answered?

The point I’m making here is, the better the user experience you provide the better your site will fair against all the others out there that claim to provide a good service if they do not know how to write good website content.

There is nothing wrong with looking at other sites for ideas to see how you can improve on what they offer as I’m sure they all do the same.

Having said that, do not copy any content from another site as it’s a big no-no and would only harm what you are setting out to do. Look for inspiration but do not copy.

After all, you want your site to be as unique and refreshing as you can make for the readers.

2-Vary The Length of Your Pages.

Does your page need to have thousands of words to make great content? Your readers and Google does like pages of content without a doubt but that does not mean every page has to be identical in length and also we come back to the readers’ experience on your site.How To Write Good Website Content

I aim to write between 500 to 1500 words per article but I do like to vary the size of each page, just remember you can revisit your pages at any time and review and add to what you have created and these pages can be used for fresh content.

My top tip on how to write good website content is that if the quality is great and you`re struggling to finish that 400-word post, go ahead and publish, your readers want quality, not quantity. Check this post on Quality content.

3- Plan a Strategy for your Content.

What do I mean by that? Well, you have to know what it is you are marketing and how you need to go about this.

Do not focus on conversions when setting out on creating your masterpiece, create a website that will give your traffic an experience that will encourage them to return and or share what they have read, seen or bought.

This strategy will reap its own rewards if you simply set your goals on the readers’ experience and what they will gain from taking the time to read all that you are offering.

Writing your initial website content.

Will, your content be marketed in the form of a blog site where you can put your own personal stamp on a niche market and reach out to your readers or a pure marketing information site which will deal with purely factual information for the reader?

Plan a calendar for writing new pages or posts and this is where the commitment will start and once you do this you will find that you will be able to structure site and the time you spend on it.

Making full use of Social media like Twitter, Google + and Facebook to reach out to a wider audience.

4-The Visual content you use can have an impact.

You obviously want to attract visitors to your site and of course writing informative and engaging content will do this but you need to provide a visual impact on your readers.Child, Soap Bubbles, Fun, Face, Funny

Let’s face how many times have you been browsing and seen a header that grabs your interest and clicked on the link and was bombarded with a mass of text that although was interesting it ultimately switched you off and move away from that page?

Personally, I am a visual searcher, that does not mean I ignore the text presented to me, it just means a visually pleasing image will keep my interest a lot longer than a site that looks like a sea of words.

5-Reuse Content.

As your site develops and you create pages upon pages of great content you may find that you think you have covered just about everything that you need for a successful website, and in part, you may be right.

However, if you just sit back and wait for your business to grow all by itself, what will happen is that while you have a decent amount of traffic all your efforts will end up in the great cyber dustbin.

In actual fact, the post or page you create will have a wealth of subcategories all of their own.

As an exercise I will often revisit older posts and write a list of subjects covered on a notepad and to my surprise, in the beginning, I found this to be very helpful as I thought I might struggle to maintain the level of content writing and fresh new ideas.

Check older posts and see what you can do, how you can use them to create new content.

  • Do look at other blogs to get more website content writing tips, not every content is written the same.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned how to write good website content if you know anyone that can benefit please go ahead and share with them on your favorite social media.If you have any questions, please leave me a message below.

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