Free Traffic Exchange Sites Are They Worth Your Time?

Free traffic exchange sites are meant to bring you more traffic to your site, but do they really bring results? using free traffic exchange, there are a few facts that will make your time worth it. The first thing to do is to learn how to track this traffic from all traffic exchanges sites you are using to see if it`s worth your time.

After you have learned to track the traffic and the number of visitors to your site, you should also be able to look for conversions that come from your free traffic exchange sites.

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How Free  Traffic Exchange Sites Work

Just as the name says these sites are free( at least free to join) after joining you submit your link to a website which you want other members to visit. Before other members can visit your site, you have to visit other sites too to earn credits, these credits are then paid to other members so they can view your site.

There is a timer from 10 seconds to 30 seconds for every member to view a site before the credits can be rewarded,so if you do not view a site for that amount of time, you do not earn the said credits.

Let`s  look at some advantages and disadvantages of Free Traffic Exchange how to get free website traffic


  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to get traffic to your site,
  • Free to join,
  • You can surf many sites at a time.
  • easy to earn many credits.


  • The traffic is of very low quality.
  • People who view your site are not interested  in your site or your product.
  • Most people do not make any sales using traffic exchange.

As mentioned above the people who use traffic exchange are not interested to see what you have to offer,most traffic exchange users have about 5-10 browsers open at one go, so your site might receive 100 visitors but out of that 100 maybe only 5 get to see your website.

Who is Free Traffic Exchange for?

Free traffic exchange sites are for people looking for quick unlimited traffic to their sites.If you are struggling to record any traffic or not seeing any traffic at all, then you can start with free traffic exchanges, they will not cost you a cent.

But if you are looking for quality hits to your site, I will advise you to avoid Traffic exchange,they do not add value or bring anything to your site,these people who come to your site can’t wait to leave and move on to the next site to earn credits.

Free Traffic Exchange Sites

How Best To Use Traffic Exchange Sites

Some people do find that traffic exchange work for them and you could be one of them, the best way to use traffic exchange is to have a splash page  this way, visitors to your site will be tempted to look and you may capture their attention. The trick here is to keep experimenting and see which splash page captures your audience attention.

You can do this by having different splash pages at different traffic exchanges and see which converts the most, then using it on the other traffic exchange sites you are using and see if it works.

Just because a particular one works does not mean you have to stop there, most traffic exchange users are more intrigued with new splash pages than the ones they are used to seeing, and they may give it a second look or click the new page to see what it offers.

So keep experimenting with splash pages if you want to see conversions for your site.

Want to find if traffic exchange is for you?go ahead and look for splash pages to join.

l use a  better way to get quality traffic to my website traffic that converts, after all, traffic is useless if they do not want to be on your site.

Hope you found this post helpful, instead of using traffic exchange for traffic, writing high-quality content targeting low hanging fruit will bring you better quality traffic, check an earlier post on writing website content that converts into sales.

If you have any questions do leave me a message below and I will get back to you,..

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10 thoughts on “Free Traffic Exchange Sites Are They Worth Your Time?”

  1. Thanks fr this article. Until now it was my intention to start looking for free traffic exchange site. But I just found out thanks to your article that it would not serve my purpose. I intend to follow your other link to find out more about your tips to finding free and easy traffic to my site.

  2. Hi Roamy, Thanks for your information how to get free traffic exchange sites. I have never heard about it and I am not sure that it is a better way to get quality traffic for my website. Do you have other traffic that it is very well and efficiency for my website?

  3. Love the look and feel of your site! I traffic exchanges are so useless, then why do they exist? Maybe the traffic quality may be low but if you can see at least some conversions and it’s really cheap, then that may be why they are used. The other issue for me would be a very high bounce rate. Your site might be seen as being lower quality if the traffic keeps dropping off on your home page.

  4. Hi,
    I’ve used free traffic exchange sites quite a bit. When I first found out about getting unlimited traffic I was hooked without even researching. Like you said the traffic you get is not of good value.

    I have gotten a referral from using free traffic exchange sites but nothing I could really work with. I have been using the traffic to see what links they are using.

    Seeing as it is real traffic, I can track how many pages they are visiting for how long. Also what links they click. I can then adjust the content accordingly. Using organic traffic to do this is of course the best, but my website is still new.

    Do you use traffic exchange sites for anything?


    • Hi Richard, I have used, but as you say, most traffic exchange traffic is poor quality, people who visit your site are forced to view your site to earn credit so they do not care about your site.

      l don’t use traffic exchange any more, i do not want to buy the traffic and l do not have time to surf sites for credit only to use it for poor quality traffic.

  5. In all honesty if your not receiving any traffic at all, your doing something wrong. People want updated content constantly and a quick story, lots of interaction and a community feel about the place – otherwise your just fighting an endless battle of gaining any traffic at all. Meaning no conversions, so no cash-flow.


  6. Hmm, to be honest I’d never really thought about traffic exchange sites, but I think you’re right- they’re definitely not a good source of traffic, especially if you’re trying to target your audience.
    I don’t really understand why you’d use them, to be honest, unless you were getting paid per visitor (for ads or something similar)?
    Thanks for the information on them. That said, I’ll be steering clear 😉


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