Google Adsense Payment Delayed What Next?

When I joined Google Adsense, I did not expect to be making thousands, that was ok with me, Pizza money is ok. Since I joined Adsense 2 years ago, my payment is always on time, unless I did not reach the minimum requirement to be paid so I thought, well it`s not a lot but no one leaves the money on the table.

On 21st this month, I was already excited, on 22nd the money stayed in the pending balance. Asked around in social media and all had received their money, someone suggested I wait till 26th(latest when they pay) again no money came.

When I went to the support to ask I was excited to get an answerback, but the excitement was short lived when was I got was an insult from a frustrated member I guess.

Should This Be A Reason To WorryGoogle Adsense Payment Delayed

I don’t think so, Google is a giant company and our earnings are cents so I don’t see why they?ll choose not to payout.

From what I read in the forum, there are many people(mostly out of the USA who have not been paid) I understand Adsense is aware of the problem ” but I feel they should have done more to inform members.

YouTube Too Affected

The problem is not isolated to people who show ads on sites, people with Adsense in YouTube too have been affected Read from Adsense(this message is no longer available)

Now, this may not be a big deal but quite inconvenient to us using Google Adsense. Let`s hope they clear up things soon enough. As right now I`m left wondering if I should show Adsense ads on my site or use other programs that pay you to display ads. Talked about then in an earlier post if you missed then here it is, these programs pay well.

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Conclusion on Google Adsense Payment Delay

I`m sure they are working things out, but if Google is your only source of income online then you`re missing out get out there and learn better ways to make money online the correct way, learn how to make 1000s  starting here without hoping your traffic will click on Ads so you can earn some cents from Google.

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