How To Find A Freelance Writer

If you’re not a good writer, or you want to begin spending more time in other areas of your company, hiring freelance writers would be a right decision for your company. In today’s hectic lifestyles, nobody has time to do everything they want.

As a small business owner, you already have a whole lot on your plate with having to build a clientele and ensuring your business succeeds. There is more or less no time for one to do the writing needed for the firm and there’s a great deal of it.How To Find A Freelance Writer

From the copy of your brochure to the writing on your website, to press releases to get detected, to articles to submit to e-zines to improve your web traffic, to introduction and sales letters, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. This article will point you on where and how to find a freelance writer for your site.

Lack of time might be an issue, but also for many people, the writing itself is enough to cause problems. What’s SEO and how do you do it? What’s the top method to produce a buzz about your company?  Do you need a blog? What about these e-zines? What are those all about?

How can you create an interesting article that’s more than keyword phrases blasted all over the area? This is where all of the difference can be made by finding a freelance writer to your organization and you.

An experienced freelance writer has the knowledge to help you in the areas listed above, as well as to draft the copy you require. Better yet, when you pass the writing off to somebody else, you can dedicate more time to what you do best – focusing on your own business.

Therefore, in case you decide to engage the services of a writer, how will you know the individual you select has the skills to get the task done? Where does one go to find quality writers that produce exceptional content?

This article will show you a lot of sources which you can use to find a freelance writer.

Find Freelance Writers From Freelance Websites

How To Find A Freelance Writer

You will be given the opportunity to locate thousands upon thousands of freelancers searching for work by going to different freelance sites. Here, they submit bids for the jobs which you post to these websites. So to locate someone extremely affordable isn’t unusual on these websites.

One of the greatest methods for getting fresh and new online content, web development, editing or other services, is to go with freelancers. There are several paths you can go to locate freelancers to your business. Want to be a freelancer but unsure how to get started? check this free trial.

It’s necessary that you know what kind of relationship you need to have with the freelancers you hire and exactly what you expect from them. When the services you need are a short-term term, then it is better to go to a freelance site where there are general freelancers in various disciplines and genres.

One day you can get a website editor, and another day a technical support specialist. You’re able to develop a connection using a couple of men and women in different fields and get a feel of the type of service they provide on the website, and how qualified they are.

Then anytime you decide you need some new input, you’ve got a freelance writing website in which you will find freelancers for your company, and have the capability to do anything you want to be done.

Best Freelance Websites To Find Freelancers

  • Websites like UpWork,
  • UpWork,
  • Hire writers,
  • Scripted,
  • TextBroker and BlogMutt have large networks of freelancers of all kind – you can find freelancers who do everything from business card design to website development to writing.

You’ll have access to tons of writers, rated by previous customers to make finding a good writer with expertise in your business easier. It will be easy for you to “test out” different writers and move on from those whose work you don’t like.

Some platforms allow you to post your jobs and get multiple entries from various writers, meaning you’ll have the ability to see different takes on what you are asking for and decide the one you like best.

 How To Find A Freelance Writer On Craigslist

How To Find A Freelance Writer

Posting job ads in Craigslist is also an additional method to locate freelance writers from other countries.

You need to ensure that when you are running multiple job posts in Craiglist that they’re all different and unique.  If they’re not, you may see your advertising will get deleted.

This is because of their spam filters. If you are not receiving the results that you need it is because nobody sees your advertising.

Secondly, be certain the people you’re hiring use a payment gateway that protects you from fraudulent work. Moneybookers, PayPal is a fantastic method to pay these freelancers for their work.

You can open a dispute for the payment and get your hard earned money back when there is an issue with the contractor, and also the quality of work delivered.

Never send money via WU to a freelancer abroad. The possibility of you obtaining the work is slim and you regaining your lost funds, quite impossible.

Too many scammers out there or you may get poor quality work. Read my earlier post on poor quality freelance jobs here.


One more way to locate freelancers for your own business will be to use a middleman. You can find somebody or a team that has an established reputation or a large, general freelancing site or agency. They choose the applications they like and will screen your applicants, or use people they use on a regular basis.

As an example, in the event you are looking for writers, they would pick the writers and send the orders out. You may pay a little more so that your time is well utilized because they also assign, screen and edit your selected work.

Approach the writers of your favorite blog directly.

How To Find A Freelance Writer

Look at who’s writing the information on business blogs and your chosen marketing and assess which voices you prefer.

Many articles are written by freelance writers, and with social media search or an instant Google, you ought to be able to find the ones you prefer and contact them directly.

As a last note, consider that which you desire before you hire freelance writers online.Be certain that your expectations are on par with what the writer can deliver.

While a talented and seasoned freelance writer can help you promote your company through excellent articles, every other thing that has to do with the success of your business depends on you.

To put it differently, good writing might help a company get discovered — but good business is the one thing which will keep your company in business.


With the many freelance writing sites out there and freelance writers all competing for jobs, know that quality comes first to be ready to get some disappointments but if you`re not happy with the work, ask for a refund, don`t settle for less.

If you read this post to have ideas of making money from home, then this post is for you. If you are looking to start a website, but unsure how it`s done, then this program is for you, free to get started so put your credit card away.

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  1. Quite insightful for employers. As a freelance writer myself, I find it surprising when contractors tells me they don’t have enough channels to find the right kind of freelancers. This kind of article sure helps

    • Hello Kasmin
      Thanks for stopping by.I think it`s sometimes difficult to find freelancers because some people are looking to pay the cheapest price.If you`re ready to pay a fair price,there are enough freelancers out there for everyone.

  2. Journalists also make great hires for writing work. (I may be biased because I am one!) With more reporters and editors getting out of the newspaper business, you can easily find experiences writers who are skilled at meeting deadlines and writing in a way people understand.

    • Hi Tanya
      thanks for stopping by, I agree with you journalists will make very good freelancers, and as you mentioned, with newspapers getting less and less, we`ll soon see more journalists turned freelancers online.


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