How To Search For Keywords That Rank High

In the context of SEO, a keyword is a particular word or phrase that gives a description of the contents of a web page. Keywords can make your website rank highly in search engines if you know how to write them in the right way that will match what people are looking for.

Keywords also form part of the metadata of a web page which is important in helping search engines match pages with appropriate search queries. Keywords used to play a great role in helping search engines rank sites easily if they were accurate but all that has changed.

This is because people began misusing the keyword metadata in order to be ranked higher in searches with others going as far as ranking in searches that were not related to the keyword at all.

Why Some Keywords Don’t RankHow To Use Keywords For Your Website and improve your blog rank.

Unless you know how to use keywords for your website in the right manner, you will find that some of those you use will not help your site to be ranked by search engines.

There is increased competition nowadays when it comes to the use of keywords.

Bloggers are creating content that is almost similar, so if the keyword phrase you use is not well defined, your site has very low chances of being ranked.
Another reason why keywords prove ineffective when it comes to ranking is that there are many authority sites that have been around for long or have paid their way to the top.

They are ready to do anything such as continuing paying the top dollar for their sites to stay where they are.

This may make you look like a small fish surrounded by sharks, but the good news is, you can survive if you start using a keyword tool.

How To Use Keyword Tools

Free keyword tools are numerous on the internet, but the best among them is Jaaxy which is very accurate.
This is a blogging keyword tool that is essential if you want to succeed in the blogging world. It helps in getting keyword ideas and generating new angles for an established niche.

There are some keywords that might rank your site highly but since they are not searched by many people, your site will have very few visitors.

The Jaaxy keyword tool will give you keyword ideas on the topics that have not been written about so much and thus have the potential of ranking your site high in search engines. You will be able to research keywords and know your competition. (read my Jaaxy review).
You input the particular keyword idea you have and you will be presented with a variety of trending keywords. It is advisable to choose those whose competition is under 100 since they will guarantee you that there won’t be a lot of competition.

Jaaxy keyword tool will also show you keywords matching your keyword and the competition

No matter how good you are at writing, you can not write high ranking content without doing keyword research as you will not be able to know search terms people are searching for or what competition you have out there.

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How To Use Keyword Phrases

Once you already have your particular phrase, you should create a nice flowing article free of grammatical errors and also original. Use the keyword phrase in a well-crafted title and also in the first paragraph.

There are some people who would want to jam their article with the particular keyword phrase but that is not advisable. Using it twice is enough.
The results may not be immediate, but if you continue producing high-quality content and inserting the keywords to make the entire article sound natural, you will soon find your site is ranked high in search engines and thus receiving more visitors.

If you have optimized your content but are not sure your keyword usage sounds natural, simply read your content out loud and pay attention to how it feels and sounds reading the content, and listen for any weirdness.

You’ll quickly be able to see where your content doesn’t feel natural, or where you stumble because it doesn’t easily roll off the tip of your tongue.

You’ll notice where you use a specific word too many times. You’ll find places in the content that could benefit from some editing and finessing.

Conclusion On Finding Keywords

If you are serious about writing content that ranks high in the search engines, you need to research and use keywords and a keyword tool will help you find high ranking keywords.

No point in writing content that will not be ranked in the search engines.

What Keyword tool do you use,l would like to hear your experience with different keyword tools. Please leave your questions below and l will be glad to answer.

6 thoughts on “How To Search For Keywords That Rank High”

  1. Thanks for this great article on SEO and Keywords. I couldn’t agree more. Its a learning curve that’s for sure, but once mastered, it does increase the traffic to your blog site tremendously. Thanks again.

  2. You are right about the importance of keywords and you correctly write that it is pointless to write a text if people are not able to find it. Libraries are full of nice texts that remain useless until you take the book from the shelf. But dealing with keywords is indeed painful, you never know where your text will end up. Jaaxy is a great tool but I cannot afford it.

    You suggest staying below 100 competing pages. I find this too tough, so I rarely go above 30-40. And it is still not easy to rank well.

    You rightly write about articles jammed with keywords, and some even make them in bold. So it all look unnatural. Thank you for the text.

    • Thanks Jovo.Jaaxy is the best keyword tool out there do try to use it from time to time maybe upgrade for a month, research alot of keywords then save them for later when you leave it?
      l upgraded in jaaxy for a year,thought l will discontinue then 2 days ago l got a bad surprise, they had automatically taken a new year upgrade.Was furious but what can l do? my mistake if l did not remember to cancel on time.

  3. A good keyword research project is a great way to get rankings and further more traffic. It does help if you have a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

    Of all the paid services I have acquired in the last decade, Jaaxy surpasses them all. The tool is very accurate with precise competition data and ranking monitoring features. You really can’t go wrong.

    Kind Regards



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