How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

Selling unused domains for income is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to earn a living online. Other than the registration fees, there ARE almost no other costs associated with selling your domains this post will make you understand how to sell domain names for profit and what you need to do.

You will need to do a little work of setting up few accounts and some research; the small amount of work involved would pay off. Every day, practically millions of website domain name are ordered by individuals looking to build a website.

These people are required to not only purchase server space in order to build their website, but they also have to register a new domain which people can utilize to locate their site.

You can buy and sell these names to people looking for URL for their website and can make a significant sum of money from doing this.

The idea behind this is simple. People are looking for this valuable property. You can buy promote domain names by registering the ones that you think that folks will at some point want to buy.

If you are current and can know the types of domains that individuals will want, you can quickly get started making a good deal of money by buying and selling domain names.

How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

Different URL registration websites will enable you to do this type of business. All you need is a little capital to get started purchasing those specific URL’s that you need. You can then list these online for sales. The good news is that you can fix whatever price you want for a client to acquire your domain name.

You can then list these online for sales. The good news is that you can fix whatever price you want for a client to acquire your domain name.

Buying and selling domains is probably the best online business available on the net today. It consists of a little capital, and it’s almost risk-free. Right here are some guaranteed easy steps to help you succeed in this business:

Do your research first before registering any domain name:

Junk domains are worthless in this business. You will need a keyword analyzer. So, research for website names with high-value keywords, they attract more attention and better prices.

Make a list of domain titles and extensions because your first choice of names or extensions may have been taken by someone else. You need to select a name that can fetch a high price in the market.Read an earlier post on where to buy domain names here

Acquiring Expired Domain names:

You can obtain a website name through

  • Backorder: If the owner of a domain does not renew its subscription, it will be available for people to buy. There is a lot of competition in this industry so many times you have to back order them through Online Companies such as Godaddy and Snapnames early enough.
  • Hand Regged: Websites that are not renewed can be hand regged but you need to be quick and smart to get the best to register. Most of the time, the best names are taken through this approach.
  • Purchase Domain Name: You can also buy domains from the general public and can flip them for huge profits. Choose them wisely so that people can buy them from you and you still make your profits.
  • Auction Domains: Another way of grabbing some high-grade names is through Bidding. You buy domain names which may have some juice in them. The highest bidder will win the name.

Deciding the value of domain names


How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

You need to decide on the price of your domain, to be able to sell it. One of the ways you can assess the price is by putting up your domain name on an auction website (like and checking out how much people are ready to pay for it.

It is not compulsory you have to sell it to the top bidder. You need to check and compare the price expected from your domain name with similar labels already sold in in order to avoid being cheated or lose an opportunity to sell at a higher price.

Or perhaps, you can invest in appraisal and get your domain name evaluated by a professional. Another good thing about this is the fact that it gives you an idea on how much you should offer your domain name for.

Grow your domain:

You can also raise the market value of your domain name by growing and increasing its traffic over time and developing a site on it. This kind of way, you can sell it for a significantly higher price than selling it immediately.

As your site grows in reputation, your domain becomes more valuable. The linked site has an influence how valuable your domain name can get, you can safely sell your site name to another person to earn some extra cash.

You can set higher prices if your domain names are valuable. Individuals will go for these valuable domain names more than the free domain names because they help in making their new sites popular.

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Effectively Pricing your Domain Name:

Before deciding to put your domain name up for sale, you need to be sure of your price so you can make deals with confidence. Determining the amount will depend on the domain’s search engine ranking.

You can figure this out by searching for online tools that check site ranking or PR. The actual domain itself can control the price as well.

If the website name contains popular keywords or proper combinations of keywords, the domain has more attraction. The same thing with websites that have names that are easy to remember.

Look for some other domains online that have assessments that are similar to the domains you have evaluated their worth. You can somewhat bump up the cost if you believe your domain is better than those.

Ultimately, you have total control on just how much you want people to pay for your domain names. The decisions of others will affect you if they can get better deals elsewhere if they strike a deal for website name which is very similar to yours. So getting those domains and selling them on the market can remove this possibility.

Marketing your Domain

Promotion and marketing of domains which are for sale could be handled in different ways. Research about purchasing and selling of domain names and ask other domain name sellers about the business. Select an agent to assist you to sell your domain name for profit.

Other places to market are on social media sites or forums, just join a community filled up with webmasters who may be interested in your deal.

Many domain names focus on a particular topic and are therefore niche specific. You will get more inquiries if you reach out to people in those niches.(understanding what a niche is) You then carry on with the transfer by contacting your registrar once you get a buyer.

Thousands of domain names are registered daily. Accordingly, in order to sell a domain name with gain, you need to promote your offer in major sites with an auction, featured or prime listing. Put up a web page having a list of names you want to sell.

Be patient when you’re trying to buy domain names to sell them for profit, and you must research extensively on this particular business if you want to have an effect on the domain name industry.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Buying and selling domain is one of the safest and most legitimate online. business you can do. Domain grow in value just like real estate. You can buy the domain and build site and generate contents to get traffic to your site. One mistake people make is getting a domain and then try to sell at a higher price within one year. For you to make a good profit, the domain has to be in use for more than a year or two.

    • Well said, selling new domains will not bring in any money, the older the better.I recently tried selling my few months old site, although I got offers, they were just not enough compared to the work I had done on the site so I decided to hold on to it for now.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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