Increase Website Conversion Rate

Having a good website conversation rate will determine your sales volume.

Instead of worrying about how you will get more visitors to your site, why not double the sales of those that you already have?

But one thing most bloggers face is poor conversion rate, and without conversions, your blog is as good as useless.

As a blogger, you look for more, more traffic, more conversion, more signups, more sales, more everything, let’s be honest, you are even looking for more time to spend on your blog.

How to increase website conversion rate

If you want to succeed in online marketing, it’s worth knowing that you should create content that speaks to every reader individually, speaking to everyone will just work against your efforts.So doing proper keyword research is where you start in every article you write. Just because you`re going to write about running shoes does not mean it’s a good enough keyword.You might spend time marketing your product, but if your site is not optimized nothing will work, it’s as simple as thatMake your website easily navigable

This is simply making your website easy to use. The key is to ensure accessibility to anyone who wants to buy from the website.

Visitors need not necessarily be registered on your site to get access to your products.

Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for easily and if they are satisfied, they will definitely make a purchase.

Be straightforward

It becomes annoying when a customer reads all about a product adds it to a cart and starts the checkout process only to find out that the product isn’t available!

To increase your blog conversion rate, be open. This way, your customers will want to come back for more because they can trust you.

Build trust

An important way on how to increase website conversion rates is to make every customer know that they can do the purchase online without the fear of being duped.

An address is a good start. A phone number with people on the other end of the line picking up is helpful.

Show a privacy policy and explain the shipping process in clear terms.

Design and content also play a good role in cementing trust. A poor design portrays unprofessionalism and badly written content puts off a potential customer.

Have a clear Returns policyHow to increase conversion rates on your blog

If you are selling your own products, giving your customers an option to return goods that did not impress them is a good way on building trust.

You can have the people call when they want to make a return and explain the problem to customer service.

Free return shipping is usually a good option. It becomes rather annoying for a customer to pay to return a product, especially if the mistake was from you.

You also have to make sure that you state the conditions in which you accept good to be returned so that cunning customers don’t return goods they have spoilt themselves.

Return policy might be hard on digital goods, but even here you can find a way to accept refunds.

This program which is a digital product, for example, offers a 7-day free trial membership, this way, anyone looking to join the program knows what they are getting for their investment.

Keep the customer informed

People are impatient. Keeping them up to date is how to increase website conversion rates.

Before a customer buys a product online, give them an estimated delivery date during the checkout process.

Emailing them when their product has been dispatched is great. After delivery, inquire if they are satisfied.

This kind of attention is what makes a customer happy and they recommend this service to their friends. They are more likely to buy from you again.

Offer different payment options

Various people have preferences for the means by which to pay for their products.

Have many forms of payment on your website because customers do not want to be limited.

There are other forms of payment you may be using but then are not allowed in other countries thus you will lock out many potential customers.

Improve the value of visitors

When a customer adds a product to the shopping cart, show them other products that are similar to the ones they have bought.

There are some customers who are never decided on what they want so if you present them with numerous products and their specifications, then they can be able to make better choices and would definitely want to come back or recommend it to their friends

Make your site memorable

Be that site that makes an impression on the customer even before they decide whether they want to buy a product.

Before a customer buys anything, the first research about it. Make sure that yours is the site that the customer remembers later and comes back to the shop.

Know your USP

Your Unique Selling Point is what sets you apart from other sites offering the same service as you. Why would a customer decide to buy from you particularly?

Great customer service, products only you can avail, support, satisfactory delivery services, low prices among others is among the ways on how to increase your website conversion rate.

Have a clear call to action

Have you been to a website, wanted to purchase a product but failed to find a buy it button? or have you read a blog post, thought you’d like to get email notifications but didn`t know how to sign up?

Have a clear call to action so your readers will know what to do. The importance of CTA explained here in detail if you missed it.

Simple CTAs like, click to view, send me an email, view customer rating, will increase your website conversion rate.

Promote the right product to the right audience

The biggest mistake you can make as an online marketer is trying to appeal to everyone. You cannot meet everyone’s needs so don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Instead, define your target audience and their needs then see if there is a product that will help them.

Knowing your niche audience is the beginning of very successful marketing(A niche explained in detail here if you missed it). This is the quickest way to succeed online.

Conclusion on Increasing Conversion Rates

There are many more ways on how to increase website conversion rates for your business. There are some that will work well for you while others may not.

Whatever you do to increase your website conversion rate, it has to leave your customers satisfied.

Finding ways to increase your click-through is a never-ending task, keep experimenting.

Find what works and what does not leave it because, in internet marketing, there is no one size that fits all, and what worked last year might not be working now.

I’m always open to discussion and would like to know how you increase conversion on your site.

Leave me a message below and will get back to you. If you have any questions or would like more info again leave me a message below l will get back to you.

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9 thoughts on “Increase Website Conversion Rate”

  1. I loved the pointers you made here on increasing website conversion rate. We really have to make our visitors the main point of our website. I see a lot of people stuffing their website advertisements all over the place which really takes away from your online business.

    Also, a lot of people don’t realise how important a privacy policy or even an affiliate disclaimer page is.

    • Hi

      Increasing website conversion and making more sales is not exactly science, what most people fail to realize is that untargeted traffic is very hard to convert into sales.

  2. Interesting article. I started a book a couple of months ago, which is almost finished. It still needs to be edited once it’s done, but I’ve been thinking about ways to get the book into the hands of relevant readers. What you say about making sure your website is set up so it’s easy for readers to find a product or service make sense. Being transparent is equally as important. People want to know what they’re getting into before the commit.

    • Hi Reneè
      thanks for stopping by,once your book is out there,you need to send targeted traffic to make sales,just any traffic is not good enough and you will be like wasting time.
      Wish you success with your ebook

    • Thanks Renee
      Increasing website traffic should not be a big problem and if you work at it,it`s a win win getting targeted website traffic

  3. Hello Roamy You have nine great points here and I think for me the one that stood out the most was “People are impatient” (number 5 – Keep the customer informed) This sums up the other points and keeping this in mind as you develop your website really ensures that you focus on giving your readers and visitors a good experience. Thanks for bring this to our attention 🙂

    • Thanks Peter,
      l think most people fail at online because of many factors but the most important is that many do not have targeted traffic, what will it help if l have traggic that`s looking to travel cheap on my luxury travel site?
      We need to learn more about targeted traffic to increase conversion rate

  4. There were some really good pointers in there. We need to remember that we are dealing with people on our sites. i know I don’t like it if I look up something I need online, read a review telling me they have it, and then finding out they don’t .At that point it is just hit the back button. Being open is a neccessity in this business. People buy from other people they trust. Good post. Keep writing

  5. Some excellent pointers here!
    You are so right; there are so many people that are so pre-occupied with getting traffic to their site, they forget the reason they wanted the traffic in the first place. We are just wasting resources if they are just driving through. you mentioned at one point to provide a number they can reach a person, would you suggest using a call service? If so I have no idea how that works, do you have any pointers? I like the tip to make your site memorable, so people remember to come back, do you think using social media or getting them to complete a subscription to a newsletter would help, or would that be more of an annoyance?
    Great Stuff here! Keep up the terrific service.


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