MagicLinks A Must Join For Every Blogger With Less Traffic

ShareASale, Rakuten Affiliate Network, each blogger has their preferred affiliate network websites and programs which they use affiliate links to make money.

There are a few companies that are not linked to much or any networks. These ask you to sign up on their website.magiclinks

This process of going over to each new website to sign up and login over and over for use can get annoying. Remembering all these login details is also quite tedious.

Or some affiliate programs that will only accept you if you have a large number of visits to your website each month.

But new bloggers with less traffic too want to start making money right?

You do not have to wait till you have thousands of views per month to start making money with your blog.

This is where Magic Links comes into the picture and this post will guide you on how to be magic links affiliate in no time.

Magic Links is a-free and simple to a use affiliate network that enables bloggers to create affiliate links for products.

You then promote them on the internet using various online social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Think of any way you can promote an affiliate link and make money, then magic links is for you. Forget of programs that expect so much from you as a blogger to be accepted.

Magic links requirements can be met by almost anyone who knows a thing or two about making money online. But there is also a catch and we`ll look at this too.

What is Magic Links?

In simple words, Magic Links is a website made for creating affiliate links at your convenience. These links serve as the tools for electronic commerce.

Magic links works similar to ShopStyle Collective, however, the pay depends on the merchant affiliate model.

It can cost Per Action, Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Lead, or Cost Per Click. Magic Links provide free tools to help create affiliate links that can be shared on social media platforms then collect a percentage of what you make(we`ll look at that later in the post).

How Much Money Will You Earn Per Sale?

As easy as it may sound to earn with MagicLinks, making a serious or full-time income with Magiclinks is almost impossible as MagicLinks takes a percentage from every sale you make.Now any experienced affiliate marketer knows physical goods pay 15% max commission per sale. With most stores paying 7-10%. So from the let`s say  7% affiliate commission a vendor pays let`s say for selling a $40 pair of sneakers, you`ll have to surrender a part of it to MagicLinks. Now, this will seriously limit your income.It Looks like this to be exact.Magiclinks affiliate programYou get 70% , MagicLinks takes 30%Now keeping with the $40 sneaker example, you`ll end up earning less than $2 for that sale. Keeping in mind that most products at MagicLinks cost from as low as $10, you`ll have a hard time reaching the minimum $50 that you need to cash out.

Magic Links Tools

I think these are self-explanatory but do ask a question if any is not clear.

Tools like magic links link wizard are at your disposal to create multiple product links for products your audience might find interesting.


Magic Links can also be seen as a one-stop shopping retailer for affiliate programs. Sure they are not Amazon but they have enough products for you to promote.

It paves way for you to connect effortlessly with your visitors and be able to sell whichever product you choose online.

Magic Links works with big names like eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora, Nike, Adidas, or Target. Think of any merchant you`d like to join, you just check and they may already be partners with Magic links.

Instead of joining every affiliate program individually, you join Magic Links, find a product you want to promote then enter a magic link. It`s as simple as that.

The number and variety of products for which affiliate links can be built are huge.

You can choose products in accordance with your blog or website and promote them through your blog or social media.

You can blog about products, review them and provide an affiliate link for the said product to be used by the visitor so they are able to click and see the product for themselves and buy it if they choose to.

This is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to promote a product used by most affiliate marketers.

When the visitors click on the affiliate links provided by you and makes a purchase then you earn a percentage from the selling price of the product.

The percentage is predetermined which varies from store to store. As already mentioned, it can be anywhere between 2 and 50% with the average being 8-9%.

Out of this rate, 70% is yours while Magic Links keeps the remaining 30% as a payment for providing you with a convenient platform.

The payment is made to you through Magic Links as soon as a sale or a click happens where both (CPA) Cost Per Action and (PPC) Pay Per Click are calculated and you`ve reached the minimum cash-out requirement.

How Magic Links Work

Working with magic Links is the same as with any other affiliate network. After you`ve been accepted(which is quick and painless) you search retailers, create links and share them where you want.

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Who is Magic Links for?

For any blogger and if you still do not have enough traffic, this is the best program for you. They do not mind if you don`t have thousands of visitors, Any social media, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Live. It sure makes it easier to find products in one location.

Magic Links Price

The program is free to join and stay a member. It costs you nothing apart from the percentage they collect every time you make an affiliate sale.

Magic Links Training

Magic links has tutorial videos, detailing, and informing you on how to use their site and platform.

They are all easy to understand and follow, making you an expert in no time. You can tell someone here is passionate about what they do and want the best for their affiliates.

Magic Links Support magicLinks banner

The standard support is all covered from the FAQ page, chat, Help page, Tutorials page, and Email.

Pros And Cons Of Magic Links

Like all programs out there every program has its weak sides that could be improved as well as some things that are positive.As an affiliate at Magic links, I find that their positives more outweigh their weak points which to me makes sense anyway.Pros Of Magic Links

  • No sign-up cost
  • It makes the process of finding a suitable affiliate program easy and convenient. A real-time saver!
  • Useful in a great market with plenty of room for growth. Anyone can make a YouTube channel on Magic Links and put it to use to earn money.

Allows bloggers and content creators to promote the products which they like. They are provided with plenty of products to choose from.Makes it easy for your readers to find the products that you are promoting Magic Links encourages and is open to receive feedback in order to improve business services.Magic Links is constantly improving their website in accordance with the latest working model and business requirements. You can easily learn how to use and setup Magic Links properly through lots of walkthrough videos.Through Magic Links, you can connect with any retailer and get any product affiliate link. More than 1,500 retailers can be found on Magic Links to choose from and more than 100 million products are offered by those retailers.You can create multiple affiliate links just by typing or by pasting the name of the product in the Link Wizard.Chat option is available on each page of their website through which you can get help at any point in time.Magic Links claims to give higher commissions than other affiliate programs. Payment is made through PayPal.Cons Of Magic Links

  • As mentioned earlier, Magic Links takes a commission from your sales. How much? 30%. The remaining 70% is what you get paid. But it still beats joining every single affiliate program one at a time.

But having said that, any experienced affiliate marketer knows how low physical goods commissions are. Now imagine selling $5 products, getting a 7% commission, and then having to again give away a part of that commission. You do the math.

Magic Links Alternatives

Of course, there are other affiliate programs out there. But, the programs above will accept you even if you have no website traffic and do not deduct your affiliate commissions.


Conclusion On MagicLinks
If your blog is new, you can still join Magic Links. It makes it easier to find products all in one location. Hence, Magic Links, without a doubt, is a time saver and to be honest an all-around amazing website if you don`t mind losing a part of your income.
Magic Links provides a quality-based, convenient, and easy-to-use platform so that you can devote more time to creating content as the content is the king.

It is also the only platform to have a Pay Per Click (PPC) program in addition to its Pay-Per-Sale program.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new blogger or a veteran. Do check it out and sign up as magic links affiliate. It’s worth looking at.

Magic Links at a GlanceBecome magic links affiliate

Name: Magic Links


Owners: Brian Nickerson CEO and Co-Founder

Price: Free to join

Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

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52 thoughts on “MagicLinks A Must Join For Every Blogger With Less Traffic”

  1. You mentioned they also have a pay per click program. Is that a program that pays when people click a link to a particular product or to the website themselves? It sounds like a good way for people to find products all in one spot without having to shop around. Time is money when you are starting out it is hard enough to get the ball rolling. Nice to have one less thing to have to worry about. 

    • Magicklinks pays you( in some cases) when people click and visit a product, but then this is in cents so your best chance of making money is when a click is made and then a purchase.

      But as said in my post, Magiclinks takes 30% so you do the math, if you`re selling a $5 product, getting a 10% commission and then magiclinks then takes 30%……….well, then you know the end result= working more or less for nothing.

  2. Enjoyed reading the article on MagicLinks. It looks to be another great affiliate to start with when you have low traffic to your site. I am starting with Amazon only because they work with my niche. Is there a place where you can see all of the different brands MagicLinks has affiliates with to see if it lines up with my own niche?

    • Thanks Jordan

      Although Magiclinks is quite easy to join I find that their cut is on the higher side. Remember most physical products have a max 15% affiliate commission, now if you sell a $10 product and get a 10% commission then Magic links take their 30% commission, you`re left with almost nothing and you`ll need to make loads of sales to make money.

      It`s easy to join Magiclinks and all that, but for any experienced blogger, it makes sense to either join these programs directly individually than joining through magic links.

      Magic Links may sound tempting to beginners and they are very easy to join, but there are better affiliate networks out there.CJ is just one such network so do your homework well before joining Magiclinks.

  3. I’ve been a member of MagicLinks for almost two years. Today I received an email that says they terminated my account because I haven’t made any video content links. I have 100’s of affiliate links and never knew any of them had to be video.

    • I`m really sorry to hear that Magiclinks terminated your account, that`s a problem in the online world,you never know when any affiliate site will decide to pull the rug below your feet.
      Now ,this should not be a reason to worry, there are so many affiliate networks out there that are just as good.
      Have you checked this Amazon or share a sale? I`m sure there are thousands of affiliate products out there for you to promote so there is really no reason for you to be dissapointed.

  4. Thanks for the informative post! I’ve been using them on Pinterest and plan to add them to my blog as well. Love how easy the Chrome extension makes it to find links on all kinds of sites!

    • Glad you found the post useful, magiclinks is so easy to use and they do not force you to have a certain number of views before you can join their program which I find great,having 1000 views or just 100 views, if the few views are targeted traffic, you can make just as many sales.

  5. I actually signed up for MagicLinks recently but have yet to use them, I have another website that I use for links so I haven’t tried MagicLinks, still need to figure it out…maybe I will soon!!

    • You`re right unlike Amazon, MagicLinks does not have as many products as Amazon but still a very good place especially for those living in areas that can not sell on Amazon.

    • People always talk of Amazon but I do not understand why, although they have a large number of products to sell, their commissions are so low and Amazon cookie time is only 24 hours.I`m sure you will be fine even without using Amazon affiliate market place.

    • You are welcome Casey, glad you found the post useful MagicLinks is the best program for bloggers who still have no traffic unlike sites like Amazon where you must make sales within a given time to stay an affiliate, MagicLink lets you go at your pace.

    • So True Jo, blogging is hard enough so we do not have to leave money on the table, or for those with less traffic,MagikLinks is a great alternative to some high profile affiliate programs that force would be affiliated to have a certain amount of traffic per month to apply.

    • There are too many programs out there so we can not hear of all of them,but as time goes, you learn of one affiliate program or the other and MagicLinks is one you`ve not heard about.


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