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Can You Make Money Online Blogging?Without even thinking twice, the answer to that question is YES. There are so many superstar bloggers out that that have already made millions by blogging. In reality, they have made themselves famous as well as their blogs/websites. There are so many techniques that can be used in order to monetize by blogging. And you too can make money blogging in one of the ways l will explain as we go.Below is a list of the many strategies that superstar bloggers use every day, since day one, to bring in those big bucks to their wallets.1-Advertising bannersThis is one of the most popular methods of advertising. Bloggers love this because they know that no matter what happens, they will be getting paid. It’s pretty simple, bloggers are offered a certain amount of money to advertise certain products on their blogs/websites.2-CPM advertisingIf your website is receiving a lot of traffic, this method can be very lucrative. Announcers pay you for a number of times that their banner will appear on your website. 3-Affiliate marketingThis can also be very profitable. Becoming an affiliate to certain brands, selling their products and then receiving a commission for the product that you sold is basically a winning recipe not only for beginners but also for those super bloggers.Check the number 1 affiliate program here and learn more about affiliate marketing.4-Pay per clickGoogle AdSense will pay you per click. This is probably the easiest way to earn money by blogging. AdSense is the biggest ad network in the world and is owned by Google. In a nutshell, you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad that is on your blog/website. Again, in order for this to earn you good money, you need to have pretty good traffic. If you don’t have over 10,000 visitors per month, I wouldn’t consider this option just yet. If you have passion about your niche, you can most certainly profit from this sooner than later. 5-Writing for other blogs/sitesIf you like to write and you are good at it, you can be chosen to write for blogs/sites that have good authority. To do this, you must submit your articles to these sites and if you are chosen, can get paid anywhere from $50 per article to as much as $200 per article depending on the website.Read my post on how to write blogs that people read.6-Blogging for other bloggersBlogging, Blog, Guest, Gastieren, GästinThere are several ways that you can do this. This first is by having your own website where you offer your services as a blogger. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there that don’t have the time nor the energy to write anymore so they hire other bloggers to so for them. In order for you to be successful at this, you will need to have relatively good traffic to your website in order to actually generate orders. 7-Submitting your name to freelance services websitesMany websites like these exist. There is one that comes to mind when I think of freelancers and that is There are freelancers from all categories of business from computer programming to graphic designing to logo designing to writing. Actually, there are many more services offered on Fiverr but I would like to emphasize writing for now.Home Office, Laptop, Notebook, OfficeMany people have started their own freelance business by first offering their freelance writing services on At first, you have no choice but to offer your basic service at $5.00 but the more that you get orders, the more that you get ranked and earn special permissions that enable you to offer “extras” and tailored quotes. All of these options make it so that you have the potential of making more and more money with time. Although many have mixed emotions about, I can honestly say that it’s a really amazing website for starting a blog and for making money offering your services. They are pretty strict and do not permit any kinds of exchanging of emails or personal information. This, to me, is pretty normal as they do not want people to “steal” away their customers. The sign-up process is easy. After creating a brief profile and adding a picture, you then proceed to create your “gig”. This is the part where you describe the service that you offer. As mentioned above, the basic “gig” is offered for $5 but then, you can add extra’s and choose your fee for those. IE: Extra fast deliveryAs you can see, there are many interesting ways to make money online by blogging. However, making money takes time and patience. It’s not going to happen overnight. The superstar bloggers didn’t make it to the top overnight either. They worked hard to get to where they are today.Here are a few examples of the superstar bloggers that I am referring to if ever you would like to see what they have been up to. www.huffingtonpost.comwww.smashingmagazine.comwww.smartpassiveincome.comwww.techcrunch.comwww.perezhilton.comAll of these blogs have one thing in common. There are all on the first page of Google. Now, how did they get there? Well, that’s an entire whole article within itself but one thing that I can say for sure is that they have added quality content to their sites. They all add between 200-300 quality articles on their blogs. Are all of them from the same blogger? No. They all have guest bloggers. Basically, they are now running an online business which is bringing them in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. For some, it’s millions per year. If you are serious and want to  make money online blogging, you can do it. You just need to follow the steps. You need to be devoted to the project and have a plan set up. People have a tendency to think that blogging is easy and that anyone can make it to the top. Well, in my opinion, anyone can make it to the top. They just have to be patient and put in the constant work and effort. Hard work will pay off in the end.

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