Making Money Online

Are All Making Money Online Scams?

Unlike in the past where people worked hard and had to leave home for hours to work in offices to pay their bills, people today are looking to make  money in the comfort of their bedrooms. The main reason for this is that the internet has opened up so many opportunities for people to be able to sell their skills, goods, and services easily and earn money.

Making Money Online

There are many legitimate ways of making money online that people have used to rake in millions but the downside fact is that, many have lost their life savings simply because they followed the wrong path laid out for them by scammers. This brings us to the question

“are all make money online scams?”

The answer is no, there are honest programs online paying you for your services, people still make money online on a daily basis and you too can be one of them.

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How To Identify An Online Scam

Scams and scammers are getting better every day but look out and be careful with any make money online program that asks you to pay upfront.
A site where you are asked to pay money upfront is mostly not to be trusted. Such sites will ask you to pay a specified amount of money to get exclusive access to a certain feature or software that will change your life. They may promise a money-back guarantee which in most cases is false.

Once you pay and receive what you had paid for or sometimes below average service, you come to realize that it is the opposite of what you had been promised.

At this stage, there is no one you can complain to because you realize that even the communication means such as email and telephone that they had given you were not real. l know from experience, this happened to me countless times before l found Wealthy Affiliate

If you do not want to find yourself in such a predicament, never jump right into things that may be new in the market especially those that are so much hyped. Take your time to research in details and look for people’s opinions.

It is good to know about the experiences that these people had when using the product. Read online reviews and if you see that they are mostly negatives and complaints, then stay away from whichever site you want to join.

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One That Promises To Make You Rich Overnight

Scammers have spiced up their language and actions to confuse you even more. If you land on a scam site, you will see crazy figures that people are earning.

They will also show you pictures of people driving expensive cars, living in luxurious houses and going on vacations to exotic places. Whose eyes wouldn’t pop out with this kind of information? They tell you that with a minimal invest of maybe $10; you can be able to make up to $8,000 a day.

Now anyone will think $10 to make 1000s? sure if it is a scam site they will ask for more money and ride into the sunrise never to be heard from again.The internet has 3.17 billion users,what if only 1% bought a $10 scam product?The scammer will make enough! don’t be the 1%.

With the image and imagination of living a luxurious life and being able to make more than 1000%, you will sign up without even going through all the details.Scam sites know many people do not read the small print on the terms and conditions and they are taking advantage of this.

The sad truth is that there are people who are paid as low as $5 to give fake testimonials and the beautiful cars, houses and destinations you see are just photo shopped pictures and you might stumble upon them on another scam site.

If you are in your right mind, you know that it is nearly impossible to make $1000 a day leave alone $8000. With minimal work or doing nothing as some claim, making money online requires a lot of work and determination.


One that claims that it is just helping you

Scam sites usually give people the impression that they have their best interests at heart. For instance, a developer of a scam site will want to convince you that he has earned more than enough money from his creations and now it is your turn to enjoy too.

What many people fail to ask themselves is why they go through so much pain explaining to you why their brand is the best. If it were, they would have just told you the basic things you needed to know.

Why would they also ask you for money if they just wanted to help you to get started making money online? There is nothing for nothing, their way of helping you is for you to hand them over your hard earned cash.


What do they have few spots left?

Make money online scams will try to convince you that you are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime if you do not sign up right away. Most of them will tell you that they have like only 50 spots left. Many people, especially newbies never fail to fall into this trap.

The truth is, if you come back two months later, you will find that the claim of the 50 spots is still there.The only few spots left is to pressure you into signing up before losing the last spot.



“Are all make money online scams?” No. l can testify to the fact that I make money online by following the right steps. There are many ways you can use to detect scam sites including the ones mentioned above. Unless you are completely sure, never venture out into unknown waters where you will regret, making money online is possible with the right tools and people helping you along.

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5 thoughts on “Making Money Online”

  1. Nice way of breaking down the different types of scammers out there. I have encountered some myself but luckily enough I did not sign up with any of them.

    As a side note, you might want to make all the heading have the same font size. The different font sizes might confuse the reader into thinking that it is a subcategory.

  2. Hello,

    I think there are many people looking to make money online and many of them do fall for get rich quick schemes.

    People really need the tools, training and support necessary to succeed online. The program you talk about and you recommend, does it provide training? Does it provide the tools needed? Finally, does it offer enough support to people? People who are beginners would be lost without help.

    How about extra charges? Many programs make you buy lots of extra software or stuff every time you turn around. Is everything included with your program?



    • It`s easy to fall for get rich quick schemes if you have no guidence.Many newbies fall for these because they do not know what to look out for.

  3. Great site.
    Tons of awesome information. It is more than obvious you are a huge fan of WA. I am just new here and still going through some growing pains. Your site did provide me with lots of helpful information. Its a clean site and easy flow-through.
    Good job. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Robert
      You are right, im a real fan of WA,they helped me believe in myself again as far as online marketing is concerned.


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