Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Product Name: Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Overall Ranking: 6/10

Price: $197

Founder: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


Introduction:Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review,why I find the program over priced,training for beginners and generally nothing you can not find free online.So if asked, the answer is no, I will not invest in Michelle`s Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.

Before we get to anything else the most important question will be What is making sense of affiliate marketing?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an online course that coaches bloggers and online entrepreneurs on how to make significant money from

Michelle is the founder of the course.

She makes over $50,000 per month from her own blog ( employing the techniques mentioned in the course material.

She put together a course to help bloggers that make little to no money through affiliate marketing.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course runs on a Teachable platform.

It is text-based and is available for download in PDF format which you can print for yourself.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing course modules are as follows:

Module 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?
Module 2: How to Find and Apply to Affiliate Programs?
Module 3: Follow the Rules
Module 4: How to Get Your Readers to Convert?
Module 5: Strategies and Ways to Promote Affiliate Links
Module 6: Rinse and Repeat

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

Now I don`t know why the course creator chose to see these as bonuses because to me they should be a part of any affiliate marketing course.

  • Bonus 1: How to Always Get Approved To An Affiliate Program
    Bonus 2: How To Drive Thousands of Visitors To Your Blog With Pinterest (33:02)
    Bonus 3: 9 Things You Must Do When Something Goes Viral
    Bonus 4: How To Increase Your Page Views
    Bonus 5: Worksheet – My Affiliate Products And Services
    Bonus 6: Worksheet – The Perfect Affiliate Link Checklist
    Bonus 7: How to Maximize Your Reach, Your Impact, and Your Revenue with Facebook Ads
    Bonus 8: Editing And Writing Strategies That Will Take Your Content To The Next Level

A Comprehensive Course For Beginners

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is designed in a way that makes it easily digestible.
The course material is arranged in short easy to read paragraphs,.

Use of bullet points, and comprehensive headings which split the course material to make it easy to follow and read.

Besides the basics, it also provides many valuable tips and strategies that you can use if you are new to affiliate marketing. It even covers the legal aspects of affiliate marketing.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Support System By Michelle

The main support is the exclusive Facebook group which is created for the students of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.
The group is very active and Michelle herself does a weekly thread answering questions for free.

The members of the group actively engage with the posts, frequently ask questions, and provide help. Now this can be an issue if you do not like using facebook(I know I don`t)

30-Day Refund Period(I`ll cover this later)


The course helps in identifying areas where beginners make errors in affiliate marketing.

It covers the legal aspect of affiliate marketing which is a topic hardly covered properly anywhere else.

It offers great and workable tips to help boost affiliate income.

  • It helps to understand Pinterest in the most easy-to-understand manner.

Looking for the best program online? Click here to view  recommendation

Cons Of Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course

Now this could be long, but I`ll not go into tiny details, maybe I`ll not cover then all in order but will mention some more as we continue.

    • the course is overpriced,I could get similar or even better courses elsewhere totally free yet Michelle charges $197.
    • This course is just a basic overview of affiliate marketing training. Not an advanced technique or tips.

This course is good for total beginners but is not for intermediate or advanced affiliate marketers.

  • Not many details on the social media section.
  • It has no video training material. The content is all text.
  • Worksheets need to be Printed Out

The worksheets are provided within the course but you have to download and write physically. The printing aspect can be inconvenient for those who don’t have printers. (I will get to that later)

It doesn’t teach much about choosing a niche.

The training to put it politely is very vague

Who Is Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing For:Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review

The course is basically designed for everyone but in my opinion.

It is more beneficial for those who are total beginners in the world of affiliate marketing.

But even for beginners, I find it does not offer enough for the price they demand.

This course is a good way for them to learn their way of affiliate marketing.But as already said, too many details are left out.

But believe me, you`ll find free ebooks online with better quality training.

The course material is good for you if:

  • Affiliate marketing beginner and wish to monetize the website.
  • You are looking for a course that can teach you the very basics
  • Anyone who prefer text-based courses
  • You know what affiliate marketing is but don’t know how to put this knowledge into use.
  • The affiliate links you already have on your site aren’t making you any income
  • Anyone who already has an existing website.
  • You have steady traffic and want to convert visitors into buyers.
  • You want to buy in to be an affiliate and earn commission.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Overview:

The course material covers:

  • Affiliate Marketing: The Basics
  • How to choosing and promote affiliate products
  • The best affiliate program and how to process
  • Legal aspects of affiliate marketing
  • How trust and relationships are built with the visitors and customers
  • How to increase the conversions for the blog and the affiliate campaign
  • What essential pages are needed on a blog to get the maximum views and how to create those pages
  • How to repeat a successful process and enhance your affiliate marketing business and earning.

Support At Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing:

All the online course have their own exclusive Facebook groups as support for the course material.

Usually, these Facebook groups are not very active, and observe that the admin hardly posts there.

The engagement is non-existent with the posts meaning zero participation in the group.

But this course material has a private Facebook group that is very active.

The founder herself is very active and answers questions.Having said that, any active Facebook user knows how content can quickly get buried down under newer posts.

Some things I personally don`t like about making sense of affiliate marketing.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Although there are success stories, these stories are very vague with no proof. Online is filled with these kinds of stories, so show me proof.

Some of the success stories are shady, I can prove that the same people who leave very positive success stories, you`ll see similar stories on other sites, praising other products that made them succeed.

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Being Told, Not Being Shown How-To

Not everyone is good at being told how to do something, we sometimes want to see how to. I`m not a native English speaker and I sometimes need to see to understand. something lacking in MSoAM.

In many parts of MSOAF, you`re being told to do this without being shown how to do it. Or in some cases not even being told why exactly or what to do if you want a different path.

There are parts I had to skip because, honestly, I didn’t know how to and was not shown. This Course is in that part totally beginner unfriendly.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing PDFs

These  PDFs are  not the regular editable PDFs you`re used to that you can download and start typing into

Michelle decided to do things her way so you have to download the PDF, print then use pen and paper to write.WTF.

It’s a first for me, I`ve taken enough online courses, free and paid and this is the first course where I’m supposed to print a PDF.

Helooooooooo…..My printer is somewhere I’m not even sure but I’m supposed to go fish it out and print some PDF for reasons I`m not even sure of.

Now this to me is annoying and totally inconvenient, I`m working online, why would I want to print a PDF so as to write on it? what happened to google docs?

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Hidden Costs

On MsoaM sales page, you are “sold” a complete course that will help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

But once inside, you are told there are additional tools that cost money that you need to buy.Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review My Take

  • Legal templates
  • Tailwind
  • Convert kit
  • You`re also adviced to invest in Pinterest course and a facebook marketing course.

There are courses out there that will help you learn more about  how to make money with affiliate marketing.
But I feel that making sense of affiliate marketing is not one of those courses, especially if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

You`re better off looking for free info on the internet and reading free eBooks as what`s in the course is widely available out there totally free,you just have to find them.

A Much Better Alternative To Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Instead of  Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, Here’s What I Would Confidently Recommend:

Join this program for free, try things out before you commit, if you find it useful, then stay a member.

They offer everything any anything from building your own website from scratch, keyword research(free keyword tool available) to content writing, affiliate marketing, creating a blog even as a total beginner, backlink building, finding products, inserting links.

Teaching you EVERYTHING about affiliate marketing at a fraction of the price as they will only charge you less than $1 per day, cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Refund Policy

Making sense of affiliate marketing owner will refund you your money if you can show her that you followed the training and took action.

So it’s like, “you don’t like my course, you still have to complete it to decide it`s not worth $197.

If you can`t show that you followed and took action, then you will not get your money back”.

Now it`s worth mentioning I did not get my money back for two reasons:

  1. I really did not follow the training once I found that it was so generic and almost useless to me, all she taught in her course I had already done on my blog and even better.
  2. By the time I realized the refund policy had strings attached to it, it was too late so I had to just kick myself and accept I invested $197 in a course worth $50 at most. So let’s call it, refunds are not guaranteed.
  3. Let`s be honest, no one can complete a course in such a short time and know if it will produce results or not.

Final Verdict On Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing:Making sense of affiliate marketing review

As the pre-requisite of the course, you must have your own blog or a website.

You should also be decided upon your niche and have a target audience.

If you are just getting started and want to monetize your blog or website through affiliate marketing,then this course is good for you.

But only if you don`t mind spending time and money only to realize you should have spent the money somewhere else.

But they will not teach you the most things you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.

For intermediate or advanced affiliate marketing, the course is overrated and overpriced.

It offers not much value. The contents of the course can be found easily anywhere on the internet for free.

Michelle might justify that you do not have to look for all that info in different places as she`s put it all in one place, but that still does not justify making sense of affiliate marketing course price.

Yes, I bought the course but only because of the reviews I read online, I realize now the reviews are from the course affiliates as Michelle offers a 40% affiliate commission.

Would I recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course to anyone?

Absolutely Not. Making sense of affiliate marketing course is overpriced and the only good thing to me about this course is the bonus on how Pinterest works.

(I didn`t know how to use Pinterest till I checked the bonus where everything is explained how Pinterest works) .

The course might be great for total beginners but even then you need to know simple tasks like how to link products.

What`s in the course is mostly what you can easily find online and not pay a cent for.

Apart from the bonus, there are much better and much cheaper alternatives out there.

I learned Affiliate marketing for less than $1 a day and I`m still a member of the program 4 years later because of the true quality and value offered by the course creators.

Looking for better ways to learn affiliate marketing? check this program out.

Overview Of Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review At A Glance

Overall Ranking:6/10
Price: $197
Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Verdict: Legit(just not worth the price)

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience with making sense of Affiliate Marketing, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

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109 thoughts on “Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing”

    • Thanks for stopping by Amanda, honestly if you`ve been blogging for any amount of time, there are better courses out there than Michelle`s course. she justifies it by saying she`s put everything in one place so you don`t have to go around looking online but even that to me does still not justify paying $195.
      Even after taking the course, you still need more training and what she offers can be found freely online just as she says. Would I recommend this course to anyone getting started? no, they will still need to learn how to create a blog. Will I recommend this course to an experienced blogger, No, the course is for starters who`ve already created a blog.
      I find that it`s missing a lot of important stuff a blogger needs.

    • Making money online does not happen overnight, take your time,keep learning and working on your website and sure things will start improving but making sense of affiliate marketing is not the course I`ll recommend as I find it`s missing too many pieces a new blogger needs, like how to create a blog from scratch.

    • Thanks for stopping by Hannah, making sense of affiliate marketing course is expensive but the training is what you can find totally free online.Not only that, the course leaves so many things open so even after paying so much, you will still need to buy other courses to succeed.
      It`s promoted by many affiliates because as an affiliate, you get 40% commission and I feel many promote it to earn the commissions, but personally, it`s not what I`ll recommend to anyone who`s been blogging for any amount of time.
      This course offers everything in one place, you do not need to go look for other products anywhere.

  1. no one of these courses will give you the secrets .. i saw savage affiliate and making sense and they all give common thing about affiliate marketing and dont give all tips and how to do and how to optemize or give you tricks .. i see they are a stupid affiliate courses

    • Well said Zizo, Michelle teaches what anyone who has been in affiliate marketing for weeks will know, personally, I will not recommend making sense of affiliate marketing course to anyone as I did not find value using the program, the amount she is asking for is a joke, I pay almost the same amount in another course but learn XXXXX times more.

    • Hello Nadia
      There are many positive making sense of affiliate marketing reviews out there but I feel they have been written by affiliates trying to make sales. The course (in my opinion) is only for total beginners, it`s very basic that most of what Michelle teaches can be found online for free.There are better options to learn affiliate marketing like this program here that teaches A-Z in affiliate marketing and much more, did I mention they even teach you to create a website from scratch even if you are a total beginner?

  2. I appreciate this honest and detailed review. I’ve been thinking about investing in some sort of course but I always get too nervous to take the leap. Also, there’s no way I could afford spending almost $200 on a course right now!

    • I think(in my opinion) your money is better spent somewhere else. Making sense of affiliate marketing course to me is worth MAX $50, because there is nothing there I can not find in google totally free.

    • Affiliate marketing is available in all countries. Did you really check private affiliate networks? I know this program is open to international members and it`s my number # 1 recommendation to learn affiliate marketing.

    • you know, to be fair and honest, you don`t have to take my word for it but let`s put it this way, how much would I pay for Michelle`s making sense of affiliate marketing? I think knowing what I know now, the max I`d pay for the course is $50.Having said that, you might find it useful.It all depends on what you`ve already learned online.If you`re just getting started, the course might be useful in some ways, but if you`ve been blogging for a while, then there is really nothing there worth $197.

    • Brand new bloggers may find some quality taking making sense of affiliate marketing course, but for anyone who`s been online for some time, the course is totally overpriced,most of what is covered in the course can be found freely online.
      thanks for stopping by and glad you found something helpful in this review.

    • Many new bloggers find the course useful but if you`ve been online for some time, you`ll see that what`s in Michelle`s affiliate marketing course can befound freely online.
      Making sense of affiliate marketing is”in my opinion” for anyone who`s new to affiliate marketing but then, they`ll have to go somewhere else to find other stuff.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • glad you found the post useful, there are sure better programs out there that making sense of affiliate marketing and also more affordable.Having said that, you`re free to try Michelle`s course if you have the money to splash out.

    • In my opinion, there is no single course in affiliate marketing that has it all, you have to invest as you move on. Having said that, this course is quite affordable and has 98% of what you need to learn about affiliate marketing, not only that, they even teach you how to create a website, give you 2 websites free, hosting, SEO tutorials, affiliate marketing, you even earn 50% if you invite a member who upgrades in general, they have over 10,000 courses all for a low price of less than a cup of coffee a day.

  3. I have a friend who mention this to me before. This sounds really interesting to try! Thanks for the informative post about this.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I`m sure the friend who mentioned it is a making sense of affiliate marketing course affiliate. People promote the program quite a lot, it`s just not for me, atleast not most of it as what I found in the course I already knew.

  4. Affiliate Marketing can give you a migraine, if you don’t know what you’re doing. I use a few different sites and I find them pretty helpful.. The one is way more helpful this year than before. I work with a lot of brands, over the last few weeks. It’s pretty awesome.

    • Glad you`re enjoying being an affiliate, affiliate marketing can give you the freedom to work anywhere you choose and not worry about traffic, leaving home or office politics.

  5. I am a content writer, SM beginner and I am also interested in learning more about marketing… this information about affiliate marketing is really helpful.

    • Glad you found the review useful,if you`re a blogger, you should get started in affiliate marketing, there is no better way to earn money online than affiliate marketing. Michelle makes 5-6 figures with affiliate marketing.

    • I agree with you, $197 for a product is really a lot of money as it does not even guarantee you`ll be successful after taking the course, personally, I did not see any changes in my sales after I took the course.

  6. I am not really into affiliate marketing. But Ia always wanted to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing this. It was very helpful.

    • There are different places to learn affiliate marketing, I can`t understand what makes you think/say you`re not into affiliate marketing, who`d not want to make extra money or full-time income working from anywhere they choose to? working online selling other people`s products gives you this chance.

    • Sometimes it takes time to make an income with affiliate marketing if you`re not promoting your affiliate products to the right people but yes, it`s possible to make money with affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks Christine, there are many products out there some worth the money some not, hang on around you`ll get to see products being advertised and people saying they are top products only after you buy do you find you did not buy exactly what you expected for your money.

    • Glad you found the post useful, affiliate marketing is not as hard as most people think, it`s choosing a niche, writing content and driving traffic to your website and if anyone makes a purchase, you make affiliate income it`s (explained in simple words) as easy as that.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle`s course is out there being promoted by many affiliates but to me, someone who`s been online for some time, it`s not worth the price she`s asking for as most of what is in her course can be found online free.

    • Thanks, Emily, I know there are a lot of positive reviews about Michelle`s product out there but I have been around awhile, I know that what you get from making sense of affiliate marketing course can be found online for free if you look around.

  7. The system is very interesting but quiet expensive! $197 !!! It’s very comprehensive looking at the content though but a bit expensive!How long will it take to get back the$197? Looking at the comparison between the two of them (wealthy affiliate vs making sense of affiliate marketing); I would take wealthy affiliate a million times over and over

    • Thanks. Having used both programs(Wealthy Affiliate and Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing) the two does not even compare. Yes, there are loads of positive reviews of making sense of affiliate marketing out there but I think either the people are just getting started and not yet tried other program s out there or are affiliates trying to make sales.

      Please do not misunderstand this and think it`s all negative, there are bits and pieces you can pick at Michelle`s course but then, why pay $197 when I can get all the stuff free online?

  8. Thank you for shedding some light on this program although I never heard of this one it was great to read up on what’s out there assisting newbies to the world of Affiliate marketing. Do you know of any success stories using this program? I noticed you said it was for those who have yet to generate any income to their site. With an honest opinion do you think generating income takes time or is it a right away trait for websites to experience? 

    By this being a print program only it looks like it only appeals to the one style of learner leaving out the audio, visual, and kinesthetic learner. which is a no go for me as I need to visualize my lessons before completing a task only because jargon can often times get lost in translation. 

    Thanks for sharing this review, and I hope to read more from you in the future


    • Hello Shannon, I have to admit I “only” read the positive reviews of the program before I bought it, if I had read more, I`m not sure I`d have bought it.As said on my review, the course content can be found online for free but I guess I read reviews from affiliates promoting the program so they forgot to mention the not so good in the course.

      Like you, I sometimes need audio and visuals to understand things better.

      About your question of making income online, I was already making money blogging when I bought making sense of affiliate marketing,but when I bought it and went through the course, there was just nothing new for me to learn.

      Did I increase my income after the course? absolutely no.To me the course falls under over priced products that does not deliver much.I have been working online for a while, maybe I`d have found value with the course if I were just getting started I don`t know.

  9. Hi, there
    I am interested in this course;
    I think this is the real deal I have heard so many people talk good about this course.

    What is an Affiliate Program? I have heard about Affiliate marketing but not Affiliate Program.
    I will check this out. Thank you very much for your excellent article.
    Best regards

    • Amazon is an affiliate program for example.Affiliate program is the program you join as an affiliate to sell their products for a commission.

  10. Me as a beginner in affiliate marketing and blogging, I found this course is really good. The totally basic course and some few great bonuses are enough to get started. I don’t really mind the courses in written form because I like to read a lot. And, when I’m reading the material, I more focus into it. They have a support group in FB which sufficient enough for me to get the latest info and socialize with other members. But, there only 1 thing that turns me off which is the price! This course is for a beginner and beginner don’t have much money to get started with. So, I would find other alternatives which more suitable for me. Thanks for this article, at least I know about this course.

    • Hello Azmi

      I agree with you that making sense of affiliate marketing is quite expensive and most of what is available in this course you can find online for free.

      Ok from reading Michelle`s blog “making sense of cents” she makes over 50,000 a month blogging maybe that`s what makes her charge her course so high, if she can make so much a month blogging then the course should be worth it, but to me, that`s not the case, blogging success takes many small pieces and you have to join them to make a success.

      Thanks for your comment.

  11. I was actually kind of intrigued by this program as I was reading what it was at the top of your review – I must say it was actually the bonuses that caught my attention, not the course itself.
    I do appreciate your take on it though – thanks for the heads up that it’s not very in depth.
    In truth, what turned me off BIG TIME is the crazy price she’s asking! That’s ridiculous! There are way better deals – looking into Wealthy Affiliate seems like a MUCH smarter move.

    • Hello Marlaine

      thanks for stopping by, to be fair if I had read honest reviews about making sense of affiliate marketing, I`m not sure I`d have bought the course.Michelle may be able to make five figures a month with making sense of cents, but purchasing her course I dont think will help anyone make even that much(my opinion)

  12. It seems like a reliable source to get into affiliate marketing and it’s awesome that it also has its own community on Facebook to help you on any doubt or if you stuck but like you said most of the content is all text and I think the visual representation of some of the lessons are really important. But at least its all genuine.

    • Thanks Making sense of affiliate marketing is a great course, just not for someone like me who`s been online for a while,Michelle is sure making good money with her blog “making sense of cents@but that does not mean buying her course will help you make money online.

  13. Thank you for your review. I think the beginners need more than a course, they need a platform that will help them step by step. A community which encourage them to learn.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best option to learn and share your successes and failures. It’s a platform and road-map.

    • Thanks for stopping by,it`s true if you want to succeed online, you need help and people around you to help along the way.Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommended place for newbies to already successful members, there is always something to learn.

  14. Great post and review – thanks for sharing!
    I actually checked into “Making sense of Affiliate marketing” a little over a year ago when I was doing my research. Overall it looked pretty decent but when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate my decision was made.
    You and others bring up the point about the support group being only on Facebook. That’s disappointing. I don’t remember that part.
    In my opinion the online community and the incredible support everyone gives each other on WA is the true cherry on top.
    Thanks again for this great review!
    Mat A.

    • Glad you fouund WA, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, you get everything in one place and if present members cant solve your problem,Wealthy Affiliate Support team always get back to you in minutes.I feel blessed to be a member of WA.

  15. I like your post, the only person thing I would like to see is maybe make the Wealthy Affiliate vs. Making Sense…. title on your comparison chart a little bigger if possible.

    maybe it just looks different because I’m on my PC, but i like your article and your website looks great!

  16. The main retain is the exclusive Facebook action which is created for the students of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. The group is completely alert and Michelle herself does a weekly thread answering questions for study not guilty. The members of the charity actively engage behind the posts, frequently ask questions, and have enough child maintenance gain occurring. This essentially cooperative for all affiliate marketers to forge ahead their progressing concerning products backing

    • Thanks for stopping by.I think if I`m paying almost $200 for a program, I need more support than a facebook group but then, maybe it works for some.

  17. Thanks for making this review. As a newish member of WA I like to know I have made the correct choice with WA.

    I would not like to have poor support after paying $200 for that course.

    WA is well put together. As a new member the information to learn is alot but for now I am mostly sticking to the 5 level course.

    Anyone reading this that has not signed up already to WA please give it shot, you have nothing to lose as a starter member as it costs nothing but allows you to test drive.

    Thanks for the review again!

    • Hello Jody

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you found the post helpful.Michelle`s course do have support in the name of facebook group members which to me is a laugh, there are already enough facebook groups out there, I don`t want to ask questions to members after I purchase a program but that`s the case with Making sense of affiliate marketing what I find to me personally not enough.

      Having said that, I`m sure many people do buy the course so there must be something good in it that I did not see, there are alot of MSOAM reviews online and must admit, it`s reading all the many reviews that convinced me to buy, but, I know better now.

  18. Never heard of this program before but now after looking at it I’m glad i didn’t because WA makes so much more sense! I have also encountered similar programs where you have to pay upfront and then maybe get something good in return – but my choice is WA and I’d also highly recommend this training just like you.

    kind regards


    • Thanks Simon, many programs exist online because not every program is for everyone, same applies for making sense of affiliate marketitng, but having been a member of Wealthy affiliates and knowing the value, it`s still the number 1 program I recommend for anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing or looking to improve their experience

  19. I like your layout. I agree that the cost of the course seems a bit high. I also agree with, and like your comparison of this to WealthyAffiliate. There are many free courses that teach the basics of online marketing, so paying that much for this course doesn’t seem worth it.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I`m sure there are people who find value in Michelle`s training and I did too, I just can not justify paying so much for making sense of affiliate marketing when there are loads of info out there for free.Maybe not in one place but everything in the course is more for beginners.

  20. The information in this course is something that every blogger needs to have. However, I’m just starting out and have already invested more than I planned on my blog. I would love the information but just cannot afford to invest any more at this point. This is something that I will definitely bookmark for future reference. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks for stopping by, making sense of affiliate marketing is sure a great course especially if you`re just getting started, Michelle the creator of the course makes over 50,000 a month blogging.
      You are not alone, from experience most bloggers spend quite alot of money before they start making money,buy this top course, this is a must have etc and before you know it, you`ve spent some serious money looking for that must have.
      Glad you liked the article

    • Like you, I`m Amazon affiliate, it`s the first affiliate program I joined.I like just sending traffic and earning from whatever they buy.But like most bloggers out there, I do not depend on 1 program to make money, I like trying different channels.

    • Hi Emily
      thanks for stopping by,shame you left WA but I understand, there is just so much you can learn at WA, it comes a time you feel you`ve got it and, you can always rejoin.I love Wealthy Affiliate, the program that showed me how to make money online without scamming or asking for exta payments.
      Sure I used Affilorama but I just could not justify spending the amount of money, I get much more from Wealthy Affiliate.I agree Making Sense of affiliate marketing could do with some updating, for experienced bloggers and affiliate marketers, there is just not enough info in the course. But like many affiliate marketers, we`re always looking for that next program which in my experience does not exist. Michelle makes money with affiliate marketing, but to me taking her course making sense of affiliate marketing will not change the way I work online.

  21. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. This sounds like a good place to start if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, but I’m not sure it would be the best fit for me!


    • Hi Lauren
      There are different places to earn affiliate marketing and we all have different needs, like mentioned in my post,making sense of affiliate marketing is a great course if you`re just getting started, but for someone who has been online a while, there are sure cheaper alternatives to learn affiliate marketing.

    • Reviews can be misleading too, I read so many reviews about making sense of affiliate marketing but when I bought the course, I could have kicked myself.The course sure has some great tips, but for someone who`s been blogging for over 2 years like myself, the only benefit I got from the course was their Pinterest guide.
      Still a great course if you`re just getting started.

  22. I had heard of both of these marketing courses (wealthy affiliate and Making Sense) but I didn’t realize how lacking Making Sense was when compared to the WA.

    To be honest, I think you’ve made my mind up for me!

    When you say that WA offers free website hosting – how many websites is this for and does it have tech support?

    • Hello Chris, this is not hard to chose, Michelle`s course like mentioned in my review consist of stuff you can easily find online for free, I`m not even being mean here, but I think you can even find better stuff free.The only advantage is that making sense of Affiliate marketing has it it one place.

      Now Michelle makes $50,000 a month blogging, but I feel she does not explain to her students how to even make a percentage of this(just my opinion but then maybe it`s because I have been online for a while)

      You asked about Wealthy Affiliate tech support, without their tech support I don`t think I`d have been able to build a website, they have a very responsive and helpful tech support and most of your questions gets answered in minutes.

      Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites and I find this to be really helpful, you can use one for practice when you`re learning stuff and use the other for your online stuff.Wealthy Affiliate has many more to offer that if I started to list them here, this may turn to a post in itself, but you can check my wealthy affiliate review, there I mention all they have to offer and why I feel they are the best place to learn affiliate marketing from scratch.

  23. This course is expensive for only providing the basics of Affiliate Marketing. It means that when beginners are done with this course, then they will need to find more courses that are advanced enough to take them forward from where the this course left them off, which can be pretty hard. And is it easy to get help? Because if this is a beginners course, how easy to get help is the number 1 thing that I look for.

    • Hello

      True if you buy this course, you will have to buy additional courses because it covers mostly the basics that can be found easily online.I know there are alot of making sense of affiliate marketing reviews online but these are from affiliates trying to promote this product as the program has a good affiliate commission.

      Having said that, there are little pieces you can pick if you purchase the course, like I learned how to use Pinterest which is a part of a bonus in this course.

  24. Thanks for writing this review!

    I DO like her blog a lot, and I’ve read it often for useful tips, but the course seems like an unnecessary purchase. You can find tons of that information just on her blog, and similar blogs.

    Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Year is priced fairly similarly, but it also gives you all of those tools in addition to the training. The keyword tool ALONE is worth the price, plus website hosting, plus WordPress training… it has a lot to offer, I agree.

    • Hi Jordan

       Thanks for stopping by, like you I love reading Michelles making sense of cents blog and that`s what made me purchase the course, but (to me) what`s in the course is what you can find freely and easily online reading other blogs.

    • Thanks for stopping by, there are better programs out there at more affordable prices and with more to offer, but then in the internet marketing world, we all need different tools are we are all at different stages of building out online empires.

  25. Seems like “Making Sense” is a bit antiquated. Most online learning programs today have videos and live webinars every week.

    The fact that they don’t have any of these, leaves one to assume they employ a “set it and forget it” approach? Has there been any new content provided since your review?

    I know Wealthy Affiliate is always adding and improving their training and has live weekly webinars.

    • Hi Annette

      I do not know when they add new content but seems more unlikely.If I`m honest this is one of those overpriced products that deliver what you can find freely online, it`s for someone totally new online but even then, most of the tutorials are not explained in detail and a beginnner will have real hard time if you only depend on making sense of affiliate marketing tutorial to get started online.


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