Online Work From Home Jobs Anyone Can Do To Earn Money

One of the top questions I see asked in forums is online work from home jobs people can do and how to work online from home without being scammed or without having any experience.

When thinking about working from home, I’ve found people are generally very clear about why they want a change. They know what they want to achieve in terms of benefits.Online Work From Home Jobs

Greater flexibility in terms of working hours, zero commute time and the ability to make extra cash are the main reasons why they want to make money online.

But people don’t know how to actually go about making an income while working from their home. Some ways of making money at home they come across are legitimate. But many are scams.

There are so many options, the choice can be bewildering.

You need the best ways to make money online So, let’s make things simpler and look at different options.

My Top 15 ways of making money online

Affiliate Marketing

This is top of the list because I believe that affiliate marketing is such a good choice for anyone wanting to work online from home. You can read about how I’ve got my fingers burnt by other schemes in my story. It took me a long time to find affiliate marketing, but there’s no way that I’d change to anything else.( How affiliate marketing works)

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission by promoting other people’s products. You find a product, promote it and earn a slice of the profit for each sale made. You get a commission, the product owner gets a sale and the customer is happy because they’ve got a product they needed.

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Setting up as an affiliate is simple but does take a reasonable amount of time. It’s something which you need to be committed to working at over time. Get the right products though and you could earn a very tidy income.

What you need: A passion around which to focus your business, a website (get one free here), traffic and offers to make to your visitors.

A passion around which to focus your business, a website (get one free here), traffic and offers to make to your visitors.

Expect to earn:Online Work From Home Jobs

Less than $200 per month when you start out and a full-time income within a year or two if you work hard. Many affiliates make upwards of $5,000 in commissions a month. Some earn five and even six-figure incomes!

Getting started:

Sign up for a free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, do the initial training and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Having given you my #1 option, here are the other ways to work online from home.

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance blogging is a great way to make money online. There’s always a high demand for good quality blog posts as companies move to create more content for their websites.

What you need: It’s easier to get work as a native English speaker, but you’ll certainly need to have good written communication skills and a passion for writing. Experience of a particular niche or a specific area of expertise would be a benefit.

Expect to earn: $0.03-$0.10 per word. For the highest quality articles on bigger sites, you might get paid up to $300. It will probably take you a few days to write something like this though.

Getting Started: Check out the latest projects on offer at iWriter. If you think you’re a really good fit with one particular company, write a sample article and email it to the marketing team.

Data EntryOnline Work From Home Jobs

Another Online work from home jobs that can make you money is Data Entry.There are dozens of firms where you can join as an online data entry worker.
You’ll likely be self-employed, working as an independent contractor. If you’re up for typing paper documents into a computer, this option might be for you

Data entry jobs are frequently used as bait for work-at-home scams, so be sure to look into the detail of any data entry opportunities you might be interested in.Check an earlier post here on Data entry jobs if you missed it.

What you need: A computer, accurate typing and pace. You need to work incredibly quickly to earn a sensible hourly rate.

Expect to earn: $5-$25 per hour, depending on how fast you work and whether a specific knowledge is required.

Getting started: Craigslist is a great starting point. They have a ton of opportunities, some of which might even be local to you.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative support to clients from his home office. Engagements usually last a long time and the VA will build up a strong relationship with his clients through telephone, email and Skype communications.

Duties can be wide-ranging but often include email and calendar management, organizing trips/travel details and personal appointment setting, this is another very lucrative online work that you can do from home.

What you need: Several years experience providing administrative support in the real world.

Expect to earn: $10-$50 per hour, depending on experience.

Getting started: You’ll need to market your services quite widely. Get yourself on Craigslist and also freelancing sites.


Non-fiction writers, journalists and even some bloggers create thousands of hours of audio content and have no interest in converting these to a written text.

You receive the digital file by email, listen carefully, type it up and send the Word document back.So if you are looking for online work from home jobs and you can listen well then type, you could make money here.

What you need: Good speed and accuracy when typing. Headphones and software to control the playback of the audio file.

Expect to earn: As a newbie, you’ll likely earn $5-$10 an hour. Experienced medical transcribers can earn as much as $50,000 a year.

Getting started: You can get a regular flow of work by signing up with transcription services like rev.commed-scribe.

eBook AuthorKindle, Amazon, Ebook, Reader, E-Book

Whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction, are an experienced author or a total beginner, you can make money by writing and selling ebooks. Amazon now sells more ebooks than in printed format.

What you need: Patience to spend a long time writing your first few books. Alternatively, the cash to pay someone to do this for you.

Expect to earn: Don’t expect your first ebook to be a Top 10 Seller. It usually takes four or five attempts to write a book that sells.
Getting started: Head over to the Amazon Kindle Marketplace to get a feel for what sells and what doesn’t. Read as many book descriptions and reviews as you can. You need to start with an idea for a book.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are one of the most common Online work from home jobs.

Getting paid to complete online surveys is an easy way to earn some extra cash working a few hours a week from home. There’s no investment required and no shortage of sites wanting new people to join.

You’ll receive notifications by email when there’s a new survey to complete, and the topics for these will depend on factors like your job, location, family background. Surveys are explained here in more detail.

There are a ton of scam operators in this space, so be sure that you deal with reputable online survey companies.

What you need: A ton of time, the more you have the more surveys you can complete.

Expect to earn: $.10-$20 per survey, depending on the topic and how long it takes to complete.

Getting started: Register with the top survey companies and take the first profiling survey. Unless you do this you’ll only get requests for general surveys that don’t pay well.

Youtube VideosYoutube, Social Networks, Logo, 3D

There has never been a better time to make money from Youtube. The key, as you’d expect, is to make videos that people want to watch. You can then make money off the advertising that Youtube serves on your channel.

Before you get excited, read this post on some ways you can supposedly earn more with YouTube videos.

What you need: Some basic kit to make your videos, comfort with being watched or heard by a lot of people, a voice that’s nice to listen to.

Expect to earn: $500 per month or more once you’re up and running.

Getting started: Join the Youtube Partner Program and get some ideas for creating good youtube videos.

And Lastly Another Online Work From Home Jobs


Paid-to-click, PTC or Ad Clicking is probably the simplest and easiest online work from home jobs to make money online. Users get paid to watch then click on adverts that are displayed through the ad network’s website. The more adverts you click, the more you get paid.

The advertisers can afford to pay users to watch the adverts because they know that some will go ahead and buy the products being advertised or join the programs they are advertising as most programs advertised there are online work from home jobs.

If you’re not confident in your ability to resist temptation, paid-to-click could cost you much more than you earn.

What you need: Patience, a willingness to sit through thousands of ads, an ability to resist purchasing the products, small income expectation.

Expect to earn: $200 to $400 if you work 1-2 hours daily on legitimate PTC sites and have referrals who also click ads.

Getting started: Sign up with one or more PTC sites – such as Clixsense,  that run ads. Log in to your account every day and watch your adverts.

Conclusion On Online Work From Home Jobs

I hope you found value in this post and got some ideas on online work from home jobs that you can start earning you money. Personally like mentioned above, I prefer making money with affiliate marketing as it does not require any shipping or dealing with refunds.

If you`d like to get started with affiliate marketing or want to know how it`s done, then Click Here To Join, it`s free to get started and you get a step by step training on how making money online works.

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