Smart Blogging Tools[every blogger must have]

When blogging first came on the scene, it was very easy to get traffic since there were few bloggers in each niche. As time went by, the number of blogs skyrocketed such that nowadays you can create a blog and fail to get even a single visitor, you need different tools to market your blog and this is where smart blogging tools come in.

If your blog is promoting particular kinds of products, writing quality content is not enough. Check an earlier post on six ways you can make money from your blog if you`re wondering what you can promote in your email marketing.You have to combine it with email marketing which is an effective way to reach customers directly via email.

Email marketing differs from spam such that it only targets only those who are interested in your area of business expertise. You can not promote luxury flights to hikers but you can promote specific books to hikers.(I hope this makes sense)

Email marketing cannot be possible without the help of smart blogging tools that make it quick and efficient.

The design of these tools makes your work easier, all you have to do is feed them with the email addresses and the content you want to deliver and share with your readers and they will handle the rest of the work.

Some of the essential smart blogging tools you can use for email marketing include Aweber, get response and MailChimp.Listed below in no particular order.

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Smart Blogging Tools For Email Marketing

Mail chimp

Mailchimp is an email service provider that people and businesses around the world use to manage their email marketing campaigns.

  • It is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to grow businesses and help improve their performance and make money.
  • It also has many great functions which both beginners and advanced internet marketers will find easy to use. Its main advantage is that it allows you to set up newsletters easily.
  • It provides you with simple tools that you can use for every step beginning from the sign-up forms to the tracking of the results.

You have to create an opt-in form that will give people the incentive to sign up and from there you will be able to build an email list which will make it easier for you to send bulk emails.

Mail chimp also gives you an auto-responder which allows you to create the opt-in forms easily for signing people up, creating templates for your newsletters and emails and sending emails on schedule.

Notable features of mail chimp include customizable email templates, tracking campaigns, Facebook integration and creating customizable signup forms. There is a free plan for mail chimp while the others are paid plans.


Aweber is an email marketing service used by many businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers throughout the world. It specializes in email deliverability,

It specializes in email delivery, web opt-in forms, autoresponder capabilities and personal customer service. New customers usually have free access to full features for the first month and then after that, there are charges applied.

Its features include creation and sending of professional email newsletters, creating great looking sign up forms, managing subscribers, auto responder follow up, showing email deliverability rate, segmentation of subscribers, sending RSS to email, email marketing tracking and email marketing API.

Get response

Just as the other email marketing services discussed above, getresponse has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the key features of getresponse include a

basic landing page creator for every page, in-depth analytics report, social media sharing tools, segmentation of subscribers, predesigned templates, RSS to newsletter option, a variety of sign up forms and mobile and device responsive email designs.

  • in-depth analytics report.
  • social media sharing tools.
  • segmentation of subscribers.
  • predesigned templates.
  • RSS to newsletter option.
  • variety of sign up forms and mobile and device responsive email designs.

Aweber, getresponse and mail chimp are all very good email marketing software and will help you a lot in your email marketing campaigns. You have to do more research to find the one that will suit you best.ever

Other Smart Blogging Tools


PayPal is an online global payments system. It is available in almost all of the countries in the world with the exception of a few.

This company has been around for fifteen years and it offers very reliable services. If you have a blog where you sell goods, you will definitely need PayPal to communicate with your customers who are in other countries.

The account is not only free but also safe, easy to set up and secure. It can allow you to transact huge amounts of money at a single time, which makes it very efficient.

However, there are rules and regulations to follow otherwise you risk your account being closed or limited without warning and thus barring you from accessing important services.



Blogging is very promising both now and in the future especially for determined bloggers. You have to ensure that you stay up to date with any new technologies introduced so that you do not get thrown out of the race.

You find what works best for you and your blogging needs because honestly, I can’t say this works better than the other, there are little differences.

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l would like to know about your must have blogging tools, why are they your top choices and what will be the second best if you had to change? please share with me why they are a must have.

If you found my post useful, go ahead and share with your friends on any social media of your choice, sharing is caring. If you have any questions, please do leave me a message, will get back to you soon.

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