The Best Artificial Intelligence Writing software

Artificial Intelligence Writing Software

A non-native English speaker like me will understand how hard it can be to create high-quality content that drives traffic and turn the visits into sales. My go-to artificial writing assistant is Jarvis.

The world we live in has changed. Technology is at the frontline and more people are falling in love with artificial intelligence by the day.

It seems to have infiltrated every sphere of life and the evidence lays bare in voice assistants such as Alexa, the human-robot Sophia, and now a recent development in the copywriting industry- Jarvis

Jason came out the gates swinging and quickly became a popular subject of discussion in the media.

The conversation as to whether or not AI writing software is the replacement of human writers has been a heated one.

As part of the discussion, we’ll be looking at exactly what the software does, who it is meant for, but most importantly is it the future of copywriting?

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Who/what is JARVIS AI?

For those of you still lurking in the dark, the Jason technology is more or less a smart writing assistant. Think of it this way.

Just as you would outsource freelance writers or put in the work yourself to generate content for your blog, sales page, product, and so on, in this case, the software does it for you.

Being a digital product, it is faster, more accurate, and above all doesn’t get fatigued.

You can practically churn out thousands of words in minutes something not feasible where the human brain and labor are involved.

So say a long-term project projected to last weeks is pretty much slashed by half (or more) in terms of time and effort spent.

This explains all the hype around it. In a world currently driven by the internet- everything, having such as tool by your side to drive up sales, grow your audience, or even just build a catchy personal bio for your Facebook is invaluable.

Plus, given that it does the hard work and you can just sit back and await quality content is quite the edge.

How Does the Writing Software Work?

Like with any app it takes a bit of getting used to however fortunately not very long in this case.

Jarvis ai has been designed with simple, straightforward templates that anyone can understand.

Even amateurs still new to writing and content creation should have an easy time navigating the software.

To explain better, here are 3 steps to guide you after having downloaded the app.

Step 1- Choose a skill/ A Subject you want to write about

Jason AI is home to several models and frameworks from which you can select. For instance, you may be into blog business and need help with brainstorming relevant titles or captions within your niche. There’s a template for this.

On the dashboard select, “Blog Post Topic Ideas” and it will generate several proposals that engage well with readers and rank well on Google.

It might be that you need help with the intro paragraph or perhaps the body as far as creativity and word count goes. All these functions are assigned to specific templates such that you get exactly what you need.

And this is only in the blogging field, so imagine how wide it spreads even into other niches that rely on digital writing as part of sales strategy.

To bring this closer home below is an outline of the various templates you might find handy.

  • Video titles- generate click-worthy headlines/subheadings that rank well on YouTube.
  • Video script hook and introduction– create a catchy intro that will pull in viewers and keep them glued till the end.
  • Product description– great for text for a product page.
  • Feature to benefit– compels action by turning product features into benefits.
  • Sentence expander– broadens sentences for deeper understanding and better engagement with the audience.
  • Video script hook and introduction– create a catchy intro that will pull in viewers and keep them glued till the end.
  • Sales emails- better structures your marketing emails to attract a larger following.
  • Google Ad headlines and descriptions
  • Engaging questions and more.
  • Company Bio and personal Bio
  • Explain it to a child- rephrases text to a simpler level that’s easy to understand.
  • Content improver- for rewrites that are more interesting and strategic.
  • Content improver- for rewrites that are more interesting and strategic.

As you can tell, the service spectrum is quite broad. This is just a glimpse because the templates are over 50 in number.

We may not be able to list everything but hopefully, the samples above give you a good idea of what to expect.

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Step 2- Describe your business

This is where to input your product data. Why this is effective is because it helps to customize a copy that suits your business model down to the last detail.

It’s what places you a shoulder tall above your competition.

In this segment, feed specific instructions to the app. Describe what tone the text should embrace, rules like the character count/ word count, audience goals, etc.

So here we have a keyword we`ve given to Jarvis “easy online jobs with no experience”
Jarvis content writer

Then after you click generate, this is what Jarvis came up with

jarvis output

Now if you check the 3 different content created by Jarvis AI, you realize it`s as human as can be. You too can benefit with no strings attached, instead of staring at an empty screen let Jarvis AI do the work for you, try Jarvis totally free here.

Step 3- AI composes for you

In a matter of seconds, you have a block of text that you can either approve or delete in case it doesn’t match your expectations.

As you keep feeding various commands along the way ie: subheadings, the tool keeps generating content till the end.

Jarvis Rating

If youre looking for The Best Artificial Intelligence Writing software with the highest rating then Jarvis AI is for you, thousands have given the tool 4.9 out of 5, it cant get better than that

Who is the AI Meant For?

This is one of those tools for anyone who in one way or the other is in the market for creative content.

As long as you intend to sell to people via the internet (whether products, services, or simply promote your brand) the Jarvis writing assistant is for you.

Sole entrepreneurs can use it to generate high-quality content fast, marketers will find it effective in converting prospects to buying customers, and third-party agencies can use it to improve their deliverables to paying clients.

In a nutshell, the product cuts across both the domestic and commercial scene seamlessly.

How Much Does it Cost?

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The pricing varies with the number of words generated. But you can click here and try Jarvis to get 20,000 words totally free.

There are two plans to choose from, Starter and Pro. The first begins at 29$ per month for 20,000 words generated by AI. It grants access to the 50 plus copywriting skills.

An upgrade to the Pro version comes at the expense of $109 pm for unlimited words generated by Jarvis. This plan is also inclusive of one login seat.

In case you’d like to add other team members onto the plan this is available at 40$ per person, per month.

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With all the excitement around this product, the lingering question begs, can Jarvis ai truly replace the human touch? Simple answer –no.

Previous new generation assistants have come and gone and this is because digital intelligence doesn’t match the authenticity and real-life experiences that humans have.

Yes, you can use the tool as a supplementary but not entirely a replacement. Even the most polished developments have technical shortcomings.

2 thoughts on “The Best Artificial Intelligence Writing software”

  1. I remember in the 90’s when Win’95 was the revolutionary operating system, that there was already some attempt at software with AI that was used for writing, in this case you had to talk and the computer wrote for you.

    Practically, although the programs improve over the years, they still have the same shortcomings. And I practically agree with you in everything you have commented throughout the post and I understand that it should be very useful to non-native English writers, like myself.

    I will test the product in its free version to see how it goes. Thank you for your work and information.


    • Hi there Antonio

      Jarvis AI is great and a real gift for people who struggle to write, but as already mentioned in my post, it can not replace the human touch, having said that, I`m not even sure if Jarvis can cross check facts, so I use it as a content helper, but at the end, it is just that a helper, everything else has to be done manually.


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