The Importance Of Product Reviews – [And How To Write Them]

Product reviews are an essential part of online shopping and marketing. if you`ve tried to purchase anything online, I`m sure you might have found star rating for a product you wanted to buy or decided not to buy a product after reading a review.

Reviews to you as a blogger is to inform your readers honestly with a product you`ve used and share your experience with them, is it worth buying, what do other users say and why are there negative reviews when some swear the product is the must-have thing?”Write product reviews and be honest with your readers,this way, you`ll make more sales.If a product is not good say it`s not, every product has a weak side so don`t be scared to review bad products.

In this post, we`re going to learn why you as a blogger need to write reviews, the positives of writing a review and how you can find products to review.

But before we move on, check this post to understand customer purchase lifecycle to understand more how customers make a purchase online.


If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will need to become familiar with writing great product reviews. When people buy things online, they generally go through different stages before they actually purchase something.

A lot of people want to read product reviews first, whether they are positive or negative. They want to gather as much information as possible about the product they are interested in.

There is a great importance of product reviews. In fact, 97% of consumers read online reviews, according to BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2017 this is according to

And this is where you as an affiliate marketer come in. You have the power to inform and influence consumers and provide an honest opinion about a product or service, which can have a positive effect on your online business, in terms of financial rewards and trust amongst your visitors.

Why are product reviews important for your affiliate business?The Importance Of Product Reviews and how it helps you make more sales if your reviews are honestly and in-depth explaining products you`re reviewing

Affiliate marketers can build their reputation by providing honest, detailed, informative and credible product reviews. You can become an authority in your niche market by providing customers with value and information and that will ultimately lead to conversions.

Product reviews are generally researched by consumers once they are ready to buy a product. They have done some research on the product they are interested in buying, and they are further in the purchasing decision process.

In this phase they are likely searching for terms such as “product name + review”. Capturing people’s attention in this phase of their buying cycle can increase your chances of an affiliate sale.

Think about how many times you as a consumer have read product reviews before you made your decision on a certain product? When was the last time you bought something online? How did you decide which product to choose?

The majority of people go through several stages before they are finally ready to buy the product. If you put yourself in the shoes of consumers, you can better understand their behavior and habits.

There are so many similar products online that having the opportunity to read some reviews is really helping in making the right decision. People usually want to read both, negative and positive reviews before they make a decision.

Every product, however popular, will have some negative reviews and some cons too. You can read more about that a bit further in this post.

How To Write A Good Product Review?

The most important thing to keep in mind when writing a product or service review is honesty. If you are honest, you build trust and credibility amongst your visitors.

The best way to approach writing a review is to have personal experience with the product. But let’s say that you are just starting in affiliate marketing and don’t have the resources to purchase every product you are planning on reviewing. What to do in this case?

How do you approach writing a review without personal experience? this post will explain more.

The best thing you can do is to be honest with consumers and make sure you don’t claim you tried the product if you haven’t. Make sure people know that the review is written based on your research and observation. People will trust you more if they see you being straightforward with them.

You will need to do a lot of research about the product. Find out what the existing customers like about the product but also what they don’t like. Add your personal opinion but also provide screenshots or links to some of the reviews of existing customers, so your visitors can see you aren’t just writing stories.

I have also included a post from Wealthy Affiliate training, where I learned everything about affiliate marketing. This video guide you through the process of creating a review of an online service but can be easily applied to any product in any niche.

Another important thing to remember is the fact that you are helping people.

DON’T just try to sell the product. You need to inform the reader how the product can solve their problem, what are the benefits of them using the product. Like this product from Dom that I really love.

Again, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Which review will you trust more, one that screams at you “This product is the best, buy it now” or the one that provides the information, honest opinion with the positives as well as its drawbacks?

Don’t be an aggressive salesman, people don’t like to feel they are being pushed into buying something. I am sure you wouldn’t like to be treated this way, so why treat others like this?

Every Product Has Also A Weaker Side

Every product or service will have its pros and cons. Even if you absolutely love the product, there is no such thing as a perfect product like this product I mentioned here that many are praising but I found to be below par and overpriced.

But hang on, why would I want to mention the negatives of a product I am reviewing if I want people to buy it??? That doesn’t make sense, or does it?

Let’s put it into perspective, If you only concentrate on positives, it will sound more like a sales page, rather than an honest review. And as we already know, this is what we want to avoid. So you absolutely need to outline some negatives of the product as well as point out the real benefits.

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By informing consumers of both, you will look more of a credible person and will have more chances of making a sale that way. Inform people, educate them about the product, tell them what the issues might be and you will be rewarded. Here is a product I reviewed and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn all about affiliate marketing.

I hope you found this post helpful and if you want to add some comments, you are welcome to do so in the comment box below.

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