Tidal Wave Traffic Review.Easy Money?

Product Name: Tidalwave TrafficOverall Rating: 2.5 out of 5Price: $17 + UpsellsOwners: Stefan CiancioWebsite: www.tidalwavetraffic.comIntroduction To Tidal Wave TrafficOnline marketers know the importance of traffic to their business websites. Without the traffic of visitors, there is no exposure and hence no possibility of clients. This is why targeted traffic has become one of the most important deciding factors on how much and how soon you can earn from your business online. Attracting loyal and productive traffic is not an easy task. And paying for the traffic is expensive and will not always produce the desired outcome. Human interaction to keep the visitors interested requires time and effort. Keeping people interested is not an easy task either as they can be fickle. Tidalwave Traffic was introduced into the market as a revolutionary approach to creating organic traffic to grab more leads day by day. Tidalwave provides you all the necessary training tools to achieve that. The training package of Tidalwave Traffic contains a PDF as well as a video training tool. The package introduces a Mehdi method which is based on Facebook lead ads.You don’t need any experience or any technical skill to buy and implement this product. The training helps you in building a traffic system along with your email list. Tidalwave Traffic works in all niches in the business

The product teaches you:

  • To build traffic by help boosting the conversations and leads.
  • To help scale up all business niches.
  • To save your time which you can dedicate on other important aspects of business other than marketing.
  • To help do case studies.

The Tidalwave Traffic package saves you from ineffective SEO, outdated method, and expensively paid traffic. Not everything is bad, the best thing about this product is that you need not spent any huge amount to get started. Learn how to get started online here.Pros

  • The training provided is good and comprehensive.
  • The instructions and methods are easy to follow.
  • This product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is easy to understand and follow by even a newcomer.
  • The first investment is very low.
  • It is a proven and tested product
  • It is reliable.
  • It helps with all business niches
  • The level of scalabilities is high
  • It helps with targeted traffic and has high conversion rates


  • The price per lead is not low as claimed.
  • Without high conversion offer in place, you can lose a lot of money.
  • The course could have been much more in-depth.
  • The results are seen after waiting for a couple of days.

Tidal Wave Traffic reviewWho Is Tidal Wave Traffic For?The product is for everyone who is facing problems with generating traffic and leads. They can give this method a try. Training / Tools OverviewThe training package consists of

  • A PDF
  • 4 training videos
  • An hour-long recorded webinar

The webinar is more a sales video for an overpriced additional service, spaceship, rather than a training tool.The training cost is $17 and that is without the upsells. The amount is not much. So it is affordable.  There are a few fundamental things that are missing from this training which makes it not much suitable for the beginner. The email marketing and autoresponders modules are absent which are very crucial topics in marketing. Without email sequences, all the leads that you have captured are worthless. The training method involves how to advertise your business landing pages on your Facebook to the targeted audience according to your niche. The landing pages of your business websites are designed to collect emails. The PDF is a written version of the four videos that cover the core training so it`s not much really. The first video gives you a brief overview of what you will find in the product and what to expect from the membership. The second video lays down the foundation of the course.The initial training lasts for about 14 minutes walking you through the whole process of starting a Facebook Ads Manager account. It further guides you through the process of creating a Facebook Fan Page. It also gives you some crucial tips on how to avoid getting banned by Facebook. The third video walks you through the priming For Running Ads. It also shows the Audience Insights tool located inside the Facebook ads dashboard. The fourth video walks you through the process of running the Ads and getting the traffic. All these videos are very short and very vague which leaves a beginner confused. The vendor walks you through each step too quickly for you to grasp it if you are a newbie to the online business world. This is because some of the fundamental steps are missing from the training package. Even though the content is comprehensible and newbie-friendly, it leaves a beginner with a lack of clarity.Tidalwave Traffic ReviewSupport At Tidal Wave TrafficThe help desk is available 24/7 to provide support if you need it. Final Verdict To Tidal Wave TrafficTidalwave Traffic is not a scam. It is a decent training package for generating traffic by helping you understand how to work with Facebook ads. The product makes it possible to generate and capture more leads. But it still doesn’t make it easy for you to convert it into a positive return with the money you invested. I would not recommend this product for beginners. Any paid traffic would not be recommended unless you have money to spare. It’s not easy and usually takes time. Free traffic methods would do better for newbies, and it starts with finding the right keywords with low competition.

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