Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Are you hunting for a virtual assistant job? Working from home has become a trend in the contemporary world.

In every waking, employers are looking for skilled and experienced personnel to offer administrative services.

In this article, we are going to discuss the big 4Ws about virtual assistance. Stay tuned as we start the journey.

What Is A Virtual Assistant Job?

Just as the name says, a VA does the work virtually, you work from home or anywhere else performing different tasks and get paid.You can work for a company virtually for years without knowing who your boss is physically.Depending on your skills, interest, and experience, there are always jobs for virtual assistants especially now when we live in a virtual world. There are always businesses looking for virtual assistants to work independently.

Virtual assistants Jobs explained

Virtual assistant job or virtual assistance is offering various services, mainly administrative duties, to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location.

Typically, virtual assistants work from home office; however, they are able to access necessary planning documents from the client’s office.

So, what will you do as a virtual assistant once you get the job? There are lots of tasks that a virtual assistant can do.

If you are new to working from a home office, these are some of the things you will do as a virtual assistant.

  • Event management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Establishing, updating, and managing calendars and emailsVirtual assistant jobs you can do from home
  • Social media management
  • Preparation of reports
  • Personal errands like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Digital marketing tasks
  • Customer service
  • Content writing
  • Launching and maintaining cloud computing accounts
  • Researching content
  • Outreach
  • Researching keywords
  • Website maintenance
  • Creating surveys for customer feedback

Simply said, any job you can do in an office and more, you can perform as a virtual assistant, there really is no limit.

Where can you find virtual assistant jobs?

There are plenty of virtual assistant opportunities.

However, you can’t just wake up and go hunting for a virtual assistant job all over.

For newbies and enthusiasts alike, there are many sites where you can apply for a virtual assistant job.

Due to the growing tech and need for more virtual assistants, many people are making a U-turn from their professional career to start virtual jobs because they really pay.

Therefore, like any other job, you will be among the many thousands applying for the job.

On the other hand, you will be among the few that employers are looking for and, thus, no reason to worry.

With the assumption that you already know what it takes to become a virtual assistant, here are some freelance marketplaces where you can find nice virtual assistant jobs.


Fiverr is the best place to get started if you`re new to virtual assistance jobs. The jobs are quick, easy= easy, and quick cash. 

Anything you can think to offer, Fiverr is the place, translation, phone calls, data entry, copy and paste. There is just no limit as to what you can offer at Fiverr.

Check an earlier post explaining in detail how Fiverr works.


Being one of the largest freelance marketplaces, Upwork offers a vast set of virtual assistant jobs.

Regardless of your experience, you will find a job tailored for you on this platform.

Fancy hands:

This platform is excellent for beginners and offers smaller tasks. Typically, you will need 15-20 minutes to complete most of the tasks from this freelance marketplace.

If your experience level is considerably low, this is a great start point where a newbie can grow their skills.

Time Etc:

If you have considerable in-office administrative experience and want to cross to virtual roles, this could be your perfect place to apply for a virtual assistant job.

Newbies may not be lucky to join this platform because it requires at least five years of working experience.


It is probably one of the most famous virtual assistant jobs and requires job applicants to have five years of work experience.

If you are a beginner or guru in virtual assistant jobs, this company has something for you.

Apart from finding a job opportunity, it offers job-seekers an opportunity to learn about virtual assistance and interact with other VAs.Virtual assistant jobs online

Vicky Virtual


99 Dollar Social



Virtual Assistant Forums are also places you can find VA jobs.

Who should look for virtual assistant jobs?

With the basic skills required, anyone can work as a virtual assistant. Indeed, some theories don’t blend with exact office-needed skills.

However, it is important is to have an idea of what you should do where and when.

Apart from your gained skills, employers will look for some qualities in you. This is what most employers look for besides your skills.

Not sure if your virtual assistant skills are up to scratch? you can take quick online virtual assistant courses to improve your skills.

Working As A Virtual Assistant Must Do

Now finding a job as a VA is one thing, doing it right is another. There are some unwritten rules you`ll have to follow as a virtual assistant. These are simple things that are not written anywhere but should be common courtesy.Responsiveness:

As a virtual assistant, you must be quicker in responding to emails and other requests. Speed comes handy when you are chasing deadlines.


In your job, you will be handling vital and probably private information about the business.

You must be discreet and trustworthy enough to your employer because they chose you to be part of the staff.

At times you may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


Nobody will keep a sloppy virtual assistant. To succeed, you may pay the required attention to every detail.

When to look for a virtual assistant job?

Anytime is right for you to apply for a virtual assistant job.

However, this does not mean you apply to be a virtual assistant when you don’t have the necessary skills.

An ideal VA will have the required skill set to be considered. Apply for a virtual assistant job,

  • You are savvy with word processing
  • When you are proficient in communicating both orally and in writing
  • When Savvy with computer and internet.
  • When able to make effective decisions.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Earn

There is really not a straight answer here as there is no one size fits all. It depends on your experience, the type of job you`ll do, or even the company offering the job.A starting company with less to spend is not going to offer you the highest pay.But having said that, you should know your value, want to work for low wages because you`re getting started, you go ahead and do it until you feel comfortable enough in your field to demand more wages.Always remember that that low paying client might pay you more in the long run than a one time client.Case in point, I have a VA who’s been working with me for four years straight. I had to train her from scratch. Four years down the line, I still pay almost the same amount as in the beginning but we`re both benefiting.Not Everyone Wants To Be A VANow if VA is not for you but you still want to earn money online, I`d suggest creating a website and learning affiliate marketing. This post goes into detail on how to get started with affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is my chosen method of making money online as you do not need any money to get started. Forget about clients refusing the work you just did, forget the deadlines that come with VA jobs.In affiliate marketing, you`re truly your own boss, doing things at your own pace.You do not need any special skills to start affiliate marketing, and you can create a free website here.As a VA, you only get paid once for the job, in affiliate marketing, you can earn many times over just from one product.

Conclusion On Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

As a VA, you help other businesses grow, not fair, is it? you`ll then ask why you should help other businesses grow? It’s both sides really, we all can’t be everything. You`ll also be growing your skillset.

There are plenty of visual administrative jobs out there. All you need to do is perfect your skill set, be disciplined and self-motivated.
Visit the many companies available online and apply now.start an online business

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