What Is Jumia Online Shopping ?

Sometimes called the Amazon of Africa, Jumia online shopping is a site that sells various items such as electronic appliances, home appliances, clothes, shoes and many others through the online market.

This trade was founded in 2012 by a group of Nigerian men. It has spread its services to other parts of Africa and is now among the top online shopping sites that are trusted and thus used by most people.

Jumia online shopping has proved to be very convenient to many of its users.

This site is readily available to everyone at any time of the day and all days of the week.

Any Risks With Jumia Online Shopping?

In short, it works on a 24-hour basis. The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee.

This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with the product.

Like most of the other online shopping platforms, your product will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home. (more on that later)

Jumia also has offices in different cities and countries in Africa so you can opt to Pick up your shopping from the offices.

The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee. This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with it.

We have shopped on jumia and can confidently say it`s safe and secure to shop on the platform, some issues( which can be encountered in any online platform will be discussed below).

What Is Jumia Online Shopping AffiliateJumia online shopping

One of the good things about Jumia is its affiliate program.

If you have a blog with good traffic, you can sign up to be an affiliate at Jumia.

You will have to sign via CJ as a Publisher and once you are accepted.

You can start driving traffic to your website or blog and if you make sales, you will earn commissions.

The banners and text links that you generate at CJ.com are the ones that you will place on your blog or website.

The Jumia affiliate shopping is still in its early stages since it is barely two years old in most areas but that does not mean that it is not profitable.

Jumia Shopping With Ease


Shopping in Jumia is quite easy and products are well presented, as this is mostly an African market, some Jumia products are only given in local names like(Sukari Nguru).

But then again, this should not be an issue as every product is presented with a clear image, if you`re familiar with local products, jumia shopping should be a breeze.

Jumia Home Delivery Service

A shopper at Jumia can choose to have products delivered at home, now I`m not sure how this is exactly calculated but a $100 goods cost around $10 delivery fees.

Delivery takes anywhere from 4 working days to 7 days. Once your purchase is ready for pickup, Jumia informs you and you`re good to go.

It`s not a home delivery perse in every city, but you get to pick up your goods at Jumia offices of your choice. This is understandable to me as most places do not have clear street names.

Pick Up Times

You can follow your shopping and know when it`s ready for pickup.

Once your shopping is ready for pick up, You`ll be informed and you have 4 business days to collect your goods, otherwise, they are returned to the main office.

Jumia online shopping

Click Here To Join The Best Affiliate Program

Jumia ad banners and text links can attract customers if they are relevant to what your target audience needs and if they are visible positions on your website.

Text links should preferably be short and descriptive if you want them to attract clicks.

A good example would be, “Buy the latest Jumia Shoes here.” It is also in your best interest that you keep tabs on your performance in CJ.com.

The payout threshold is $100 which you can withdraw as soon as it accumulates.

If you do not own a website or blog, you can still be a Jumia affiliate. You can sign up to a Jumia affiliate after which you are given a unique link.

You can then post it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest among others or you can create a free website here
Discussion forums are also a good place to post your link due to its high conversion rate.

Whatever you do, always ensure to place your link where it is related to the subject being discussed otherwise you risk being marked spam.

These methods tend to be tedious you have to build a good reputation in social media or people will just ignore your links.

Pros of being a Jumia affiliate


  • • High commissions of up to 11%
    • Jumia banners have some of the latest designs. They can thus attract lots of customers to click on them and thus buy goods through your affiliate link.
    • Premium publishers in Jumia are entitled to premium commission every now and then.
    • According to Jumia, there is a highly efficient support team that is available 24/7. They solve affiliates’ issues within a short period of time. (more on that later).
    • A single product feed in Jumia can contain 50,000 products or more thus give you a wide variety to choose from.
    • Payment can be made through a local bank transfer.

Cons :

  • online shopping is relatively new in Africa so you might struggle to make sales.
  •  You can refer several customers to Jumia but if none of them makes a purchase using your affiliate link you will not be paid anything.
  • Jumia accepts cash on delivery, making it hard for an affiliate to track if a sale is made or not.
  • Getting approved to be a Jumia affiliate is not easy if your website has low traffic.
  • Support is slow for Jumia clients, it takes between 24-48 hours to get support.

Jumia Is Slow At Solving Payment Problems

Jumia shopping payment issues

Now if you happen to have payment issues, support can be very slow, this I know after my payment got rejected for no reason I can think of and it seems there`s no quick solution.

The support emails you get are the generic kind of”thanks for contacting us….. we`ll get back to you. So this can be really frustrating.

Mistaken Delivery Reports

Now, this has happened more than once that you get an email informing you to pick up your shopping from the offices days after you`ve done so.

Issues Changing Wrong Items

If by bad chance you order a product from Jumia that does not fit, exchanging the product can be a real issue, I ordered some shoes that were too small.

Getting the items back was such a problem that in the end, I decided to keep the items to try and sell on my own even at a loss.

Jumia will promise you they are comming to pick up the products but they never show up then follow you with a message that they came but could not pick up the product.What a shame, it`s not true, they never came.

So be aware, if a product was delivered wrongly,you`ll have a hard time returning it.

Alternative Affiliate Programs 

Apart from Jumia online shopping, there are other choices that are preferable and suggestions to explore.

Such sites include my #1 recommendation, Share a Sale, Amazon Olx, Vconnect, Kaymu, Konga, and Dealdey among others.

Some of these sites such as Olx allow you to sell almost anything online. They have incredible selling prices, good delivery service, and the customer services are just great.

Although jumia might be a great marketplace, as an affiliate you`ll struggle to make money.

Products are in local currency so remember your income will be converted into US$ before payment.

Conclusion Jumia Online Shopping 

There are several Jumia affiliates who are already reaping big from their links. You can also be one of them if you already have a well-established blog.

But, as already mentioned, as an affiliate, you might struggle to make money, online shopping is still in its infancy in Africa.

But for anyone in Africa or in the diaspora and wants to treat family, it`s an areal-time saver.

Will I use Jumia as a client? definitely, but will I promote Jumia products as an affiliate? Not really, it`s just not worth the hassle for me.

I`m glad to shop at jumia any day, but trying to be a jumia affiliate marketer, I think there are better programs out there for me to promote and earn an income.

But still, if you are located in Africa, you can shop for different products at competitive prices.

Now like any other online platform, you may read negative or positive Jumia reviews but from an active Jumia shopper, I`d imagine shopping anywhere else online when in Africa.

2 thoughts on “What Is Jumia Online Shopping ?”

  1. I just read your post on Jumia which I had never heard of before today. I live in the US – would I be able to sign up as an affiliate, or does Jumia sell outside of Africe? I have also never heard of a policy that lets you pay for something after you have tried it out. What a great policy! I wish all retailers did that. Due to this policy, how long does it take you to get paid as an affiliate? Considering that a customer can pay in cash, is there any way to track your commissions?

    • Hello Erin

      Shopping online is still new and very rare in Africa so what Jumia is doing(for now) is encouraging more people to shop online.

      Personally l`d not want to be Jumia affiliate because as an affiliate l want a program where lm able to track my sales,which is not that possible if a client can pay cash on delivery.


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