What Is Paid Surveys At Home


Product: Paid Surveys At Home
Overall Ranking:  10/100
Price:  $68 – to $34 to $17 then to $7 when you click to leave.
Owner: ????
Website: http://www.paid-surveys-at-home.com                           

Taking paid surveys at home is a very common way for people to make an extra income from the comfort of their homes. People enjoy the freedom of it, you can complete surveys at your own time, you can do it from wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

Imagine taking surveys on your train ride or in the evenings


of the TV or making extra money on weekends.Sounds good right? I`ll explain more about paid surveys at home and at the end of this post, you`ll decide if it`s the right way of making that extra income.

Paid Surveys At Home is a platform that promises you big money, $5 – $75 per survey, promising you can make thousands a month just giving your opinions. But is this possible? can you make hundreds? find out the truth about this platform.

What is Paid Surveys At Home?What Is Paid Surveys At Home

 As the name suggests, this is a platform where you can do surveys, give your honest opinion on different things and get paid for it. There are many of these sites all over the internet, where you will be asked to give your opinion and get paid from a few cents upwards, this is a way of compensating you for your time.

 What Make Paid Surveys At Home Different?For starters, you have to pay a membership fee to be a member, basically, you are paying them to employ you.There is an explanation given that this helps them send you the right and interesting surveys while at the same time weeding out unserious people.

I beg to differ, you do not pay someone to work for them.If you are going to take free paid surveys at home jobs, there are enough paid surveys at home without investment out there(apart from investing your time of course).

Paid members supposedly get surveys from big companies who pay better. Now if you have never registered to a survey site, then you should know this now.It cost nothing to take surveys, all you have to give is your details like age, location etc.

Taking any money from you is wrong and if you register in any survey site that ask you to pay upfront to be a member, this is a scam.

From experience, no company pays even close to $10 for a survey.The only time( if you`re very lucky) you can earn more is when there is a survey in focus groups, now these are very rare indeed and takes some time to complete.

Paid surveys at home make it sound very easy to make money taking online surveys but it`s quite the opposite, otherwise, everyone will be doing surveys.

 surveys are hard to come by and if they do, some surveys fill up in minutes after being available.

Who Are Paid Surveys At Home For?

Online Paid Surveys are for people looking to make extra money on the side, if your salary is not enough or if you want to give your opinion on products and be paid for it, then paid surveys are for you. There are better ways to make money online than spending 20 minutes or more to be paid centsThe pay in surveys are so low you will struggle to make a minimum payout, people who make money taking surveys mostly have to beg family and friends to join the same surveys(as you get paid a percentage of what your referral earn).No you will not make thousands taking surveys online and to be honest, what you make is below minimum wage.


  • They have a money back guarantee.
  • Affiliate program(if you are good at referring, you can make money just from your referrals)
  • The platform is easy to use and navigate.
  • The surveys are quite easy to fill.
  • You don`t have to set a specific time, you can work when you want.
  • Easy and anyone can do it.
  • You don’t need any special skills to take surveys.


  • Making money is not guaranteed.
  • Some surveys are locations and age restricted, example if you live in third-world countries, the surveys you qualify for will be far between.
  • Customer support is sluggish
  • Membership is not free, yet if you join some other free to join survey sites like Clixsense, you earn the same amount for the same surveys.
  • Unrealistic promise of the earnings.

ConclusionProduct: Paid Surveys At HomeOverall Ranking:  10/100Price:  $68 – to $34 to $17 then to $7 when you click to leave.Owner: ????Website: http://www.paid-surveys-at-home.comAs far as legitimate work from home online goes, taking surveys is not the most profitable option. There are better options out there that can help you quit your day job and live on the income you make online.You can take surveys to make yourself be heard, but if you are doing it and for the money, I would recommend looking elsewhere at platforms that are free to join as they offer the same surveys for the same amount. There’s absolutely no value linked to the $68 membership fee you are paying here.No program is perfect but I`d like you to join my number 1 recommended program and learn how to make money online, free to join and with 1000s of successful members you will me creating a real legitimate income from home.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of paid surveys at home and decide if it`s for you.If you have any questions, please do leave me a message.Would like to know which surveys have paid you for your opinions.

4 thoughts on “What Is Paid Surveys At Home”

  1. Hi Roamy,

    Glad that I read your post, I was ready to embark on such “Paid surveys from home” type of deals. I have read that you could earn over $100 per survey from friends (but this rarely occurs). Though I learnt something new about these programs, didn’t realize you could also become an affiliate and refer family and friends to fill out the surveys as well.
    I have read a lot about how easy and good it is as an additional income source. I guess I would be thinking twice now!

    • Hello Merell

      Thanks for stopping by,Surveys might work for Pizza money if you live in the US or Canada but if like me you`re from Europe,surveys are a real waste of time.

      I`ve tried surveys,alot of time is wasted trying to qualify for the survey and if you`re lucky enough to qualify,20 minutes or more of answering a survey gets you $1 or less.Inviting family and friends to me is a no-no, just because I want to earn below minimum wage answering surveys does not mean they want it or understand how someone could spend time earning cents online.

      A better alternative will be to promote a survey of your choice,this way, you will have people join behind you who wants to join not because they are family.

  2. I am happy to have found this as I was seriously thinking about joining this program for some extra income, but since I don’t live in US, it might be a waste of money according to your graph. They have so many good reviews about it and how they pay, but maybe they are not true? What program would you recommend instead for some 100-500USD per week extra income with not too much effort?

    • Are you kidding me? $100-500 taking surveys? the sad news is such surveys do not exist.You`be much better creating a website and selling affiliate products,safe and nothing to pay to sell these products.


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