What’s A Keyword Research Tool For?

What’s a keyword research tool for? This is the first question I get when I tell new bloggers they need to use a keyword tool to look for low competition high ranking keywords.In order to write the best articles, you should have the main ideas in each writing. Having main ideas will help you gain focus and direction hence you’ll have more of your readers’ interest. Always ensure that the content of your writing has keywords so as to have a good framework for your article.How to find long tail keywordsThis can be done by conducting keyword research which helps you to find and analyze actual search terms that people enter into search engines. Content marketing has become a top priority. Therefore you always have to generate a value quality content that will help you attract a large audience of potential customers. There are different approaches you can use to re-energize your content by finding and using keywords. Keyword research using the right keyword tool will remain to be the cornerstone of any successful content strategy hence more emphasis should be placed on content quality.
When you make keyword research you’ll get to know the topics people care about and how popular those topics are among the audience. You can identify and sort your content into topics that you want to create content on. These topics will help you dictate which keywords you look for and target. 
keyword research

I will explain the image above on Video before the end of this post and how to get long-tail keywords with low competition.

You can always use the techniques below when searching for new and innovative keywords.

  1. Alphabet Keyword Technique
  2. Niche Questions
  3. Google Console Queries
  4. Free Keyword Tools

Alphabet Keyword TechniqueThis technique uses Google’s autosuggest system when looking for ideas. Just a few key topic themes introduce many keyword and content ideas. Select a broad keyword for example ‘child play’ and type in each letter of the alphabet in turn according to its appearance on the screenshot. This shows a letter a- you can either continue this exercise for all the letters of the alphabet or pick letters at random.There are other keywords tools like Jaaxy which has this function built-in and it is known as the Alphabet Soup Technique. It offers a list of all the letters and suggestions for each letter of the alphabet in one list.Both of these systems have an advantage in that they are based on the previous Google searches and exhibit the already existing results and patterns falling under the same requests. The existing competition for each term and keyword ideas that can be used to suggest headings or titles for posts can be determined using the keyword tool.

  • Alphabet soup Technique example

Let`s try gardening, so I will enter Gardening +A

Google will give me everything in gardening with As. I can continue with AB and I get things like gardening abroad, gardening Aberdeen, etc

If I entered gardening+b, it`s the same, google autocomplete gets me

So go ahead, use Google autocomplete to find your chosen keywords. Want to learn more about Google Autocomplete then click here to check this training community.

Niche Questions

This technique uses questions as the basis of a blog post. Its advantages are:

  • The audience looking for answers is ready since the questions already exist.
  • Google looks for keywords using the combination of both questions and answers.

The information you provide will always be relevant and stay focused because many of the questions asked are specific hence gives you a chance to write a detailed post using a small niche topic. When this forum is used you can link to your page as part of your answer once your own post is written.

An example below is for  face care showing other search terms users enter into search engines questions people ask on google

Google Console Query Search

Google search console formerly known as the Webmaster Tool provides you with an option where you can look at the query results for your web page and see the keywords that people use in their actual searches. 

In this case, Google will only show searches that are relevant to your site. The search engine already sees you and where the potential gap might be hence you should know how to search when your site is trying to build authority.

To meet this query that might rank better, you might get the option to write additional posts on the low hanging keywords. Google search console

Now if I check one of my websites, I`ll see that these terms get queries and this makes me know I should improve my posts with these terms or write a new post.Google Search Console queries

Want to learn more about keyword research? it`s all here

Free Keyword Tools

Some of the keywords tools are paid for while others are free. They have specific purposes, for example, Google’s keyword planner which plans and writes adverts.

Many of the free online tools can help with keyword research like Google search and autosuggest, online thesaurus and some general marketing keyword tools.

An example of such a tool is Word tracker where you can enter a keyword and see possible options. Even though it is limited, it works great in giving suggestions for further research. Many keywords tools are paid for but you can always have a trial period. 

  • Word stream provides an option of 30 free searches.
  • Jaaxy also has a trial of 30 free searches. It has a pro and enterprise version. It offers more information because it is more in-depth. Want to try Jaaxy free then check it here.

Jaaxy is so simple to use, all you have to do is enter the search query and let the tool do its magic, it will show you which keywords are worth using, and what`s not worth spending your time on.
Want to spy on your competitors, Jaaxy will do that. Want to know if a domain you`re interested in is available without spending hours? Jaaxy will check for available domains in minutes and also show you alternatives.

I did mention Jaaxy in an older post explaining in detail how to do keyword research, you can check that post here if you missed it.

Most keyword tools check the existing searches and combine findings from Google and Bing. 

When checking results for your final blog always remember the search engines too. You may be having a high rank in Bing or Yahoo before it reaches Google. 

Another keyword tool is the long tail pro, but long tail pro cost much more but you can view it here and see if it`s for you. You can visit this link to check Longtail pro but in my opinion, Jaaxy is a better tool and more affordable, remember as a blogger, there are many expenses so don`t always go for the one with a high price tag.long tail pro keyword tools

Reasons why keyword techniques work.

  1. They focus on real searchers’ language and make a good match in the results for the search. Therefore readers can have a quick sight of the relevance to their question.
  2. There is always a ready audience that has an interest in your topic. This ensures that there are search queries to match your articles. 

How to Research On Keywords.Make a list of all relevant topics based on your business.

  1. Think of all topics you want to rank for in terms of generic buckets. Come up with topic buckets that are important to your business. Fill in the topic buckets with keywords. Only identify those keywords that fall in those buckets.

Research related search terms.

  • 2If you struggle thinking of more keywords then go to Google.com and take a look at the related search terms.

Check for a mix of head terms and long-tail keywords in each bucket.

  • Head terms are keywords phrases that are short and generic while long-tail keywords are longer keyword phrases. Check at a mix of them because this will give you a keyword strategy.

See how your competitors are ranking for the keywords.

  • Never do something because your competitors do it. A keyword that is important to your competitor isn’t necessarily important to you. 
  • You can give your keywords a different evaluation from your competitors. Don’t ignore the ones your competitors don’t seem to care about.

Use the Google Ad Words Keyword Planner to cut down your keyword list.Once you get the right mix of keywords, it is important to narrow down your list using more quantitative data.Finding the right keywords that will rank high in the search engines is easy if you use the right keyword tool, a keyword may seem good but you can not be sure until you check with a keyword research tool.

Conclusion On Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is easy and simple when the above techniques are used. It widens your content creation and makes it relevant to readers hence creating a wider attraction to your readers. Building the widest content is the best and one should always hope of it. It will help you get the best of your readers’ attention and interest leading you into a motivation of doing more.

I hope this post helped explain What’s a keyword research tool for and why you should never write any content without doing keyword research. You don`t want to write a post with a keyword competing with thousands of other blogs.

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