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Free Traffic Exchange Sites Are They Worth Your Time?

Free traffic exchange sites are meant to bring you more traffic to your site, but do they really bring results? using free traffic exchange, there are a few facts that will make your time worth it. The first thing to do is to learn how to track this traffic from all traffic exchanges sites you are using to see if it`s worth your time.

After you have learned to track the traffic and the number of visitors to your site, you should also be able to look for conversions that come from your free traffic exchange sites.

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How Free  Traffic Exchange Sites Work

Just as the name says these sites are free( at least free to join) after joining you submit your link to a website which you want other members to visit. Before other members can visit your site, you have to visit other sites too to earn credits, these credits are then paid to other members so they can view your site.

There is a timer from 10 seconds to 30 seconds for every member to view a site before the credits can be rewarded,so if you do not view a site for that amount of time, you do not earn the said credits.

Let`s  look at some advantages and disadvantages of Free Traffic Exchange how to get free website traffic


  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to get traffic to your site,
  • Free to join,
  • You can surf many sites at a time.
  • easy to earn many credits.


  • The traffic is of very low quality.
  • People who view your site are not interested  in your site or your product.
  • Most people do not make any sales using traffic exchange.

As mentioned above the people who use traffic exchange are not interested to see what you have to offer,most traffic exchange users have about 5-10 browsers open at one go, so your site might receive 100 visitors but out of that 100 maybe only 5 get to see your website.

Who is Free Traffic Exchange for?

Free traffic exchange sites are for people looking for quick unlimited traffic to their sites.If you are struggling to record any traffic or not seeing any traffic at all, then you can start with free traffic exchanges, they will not cost you a cent.

But if you are looking for quality hits to your site, I will advise you to avoid Traffic exchange,they do not add value or bring anything to your site,these people who come to your site can’t wait to leave and move on to the next site to earn credits.

Free Traffic Exchange Sites

How Best To Use Traffic Exchange Sites

Some people do find that traffic exchange work for them and you could be one of them, the best way to use traffic exchange is to have a splash page  this way, visitors to your site will be tempted to look and you may capture their attention. The trick here is to keep experimenting and see which splash page captures your audience attention.

You can do this by having different splash pages at different traffic exchanges and see which converts the most, then using it on the other traffic exchange sites you are using and see if it works.

Just because a particular one works does not mean you have to stop there, most traffic exchange users are more intrigued with new splash pages than the ones they are used to seeing, and they may give it a second look or click the new page to see what it offers.

So keep experimenting with splash pages if you want to see conversions for your site.

Want to find if traffic exchange is for you?go ahead and look for splash pages to join.

l use a  better way to get quality traffic to my website traffic that converts, after all, traffic is useless if they do not want to be on your site.

Hope you found this post helpful, instead of using traffic exchange for traffic, writing high-quality content targeting low hanging fruit will bring you better quality traffic, check an earlier post on writing website content that converts into sales.

If you have any questions do leave me a message below and I will get back to you,..

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Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

It`s easy  writing review online for a product you have tried and get paid for it. l have been paid several times from writing reviews for products l have tried.lm going to explain the process in this article so you will understand and be able to do the same.

But before we get to writing review online and being paid to do so, let`s look at how it works.Imagine if every time a friend asked you where you bought the nice shoes and directed them you got paid, when someone asked where to eat and you directed them to your favourite restaurant they paid you.

This is how writing review online work, you review a product, send traffic to your review and when someone buys, you get paid a small amount of the money.

Want More Money? Get Writing Review Online Like a pro

But why would people look for product reviews before the buy? let’s look at some of the reasons people go online to look for reviews and we will understand why this opportunity exists.

  • People check for reviews to make sure they are a product that does exactly what it says.
  • People want to see what experience others have had with the product.
  • People want to check similar products and compare prices.
  • And most importantly, people want to weigh the pros and cons of the product

Many products do not deliver, do not work as they promise they will and people want to know before hand if they should purchase or not.

So How Do You Get Paid for Your Reviews

The easiest way to get paid for writing reviews online is to join with the company that sells the product. In some cases this might be a third party website.

This is known as affiliate marketing and most products online have affiliate programs that pay you  commissions for every buyer that you refer through your affiliate link.

All you have to do is join an affiliate program for the product you’re going to write a review about and sign up to promote it. You’ll get a link which will track your sales whenever someone buys something.

Sites like Amazon has a large number of products, from little toys to cosmetics, camping items or gardening books. People  who have bought anything online know and trust Amazon and you can make money reviewing products and referring people. Click here to join Amazon Affiliate program.

Other affiliate sites include Shareasale and Linkshare just to name a few I happen to think of off head right now. There are also independent affiliate programs where the goods are sold from their own website and they have their own  affiliate program.

You Know What Affiliates To join Now what?

Now that we know how to find affiliates and why you should write reviews online to make money, we are going to look at some points to keep in mind when writing product reviews that people read and where to find traffic to your product review.

We will start with writing review and points to include when writing a review.

  • Opening :Product name and what they offer, price, size and any other relevant details and include an image is you can find any, be specific.
  • Body:Pros and cons of the product :again write your experience with the products, explaining the pros in your opinion as well as the cons, any product has negative site so write these too, some people do think that writing the negative site of a product will reduce sales, this is not the case,it`s not your work to sell the product, what you do is give your honest opinion and let the reader decide.People want to know what they are buying and if you write only the positive, ignoring the negatives, people reading your review will not believe you and you will not have helped your audience.
  • Cover the basics: how is the packaging, delivery time after purchase,ease of purchasing, product price, is it worth the price.include the link(your affiliate link)where to buy the product.
  • Be honest: If you didn’t  like the product, was it because you expected more, why did you order in the first place.Your job is not to sell the product, your job is to inform people honestly about the product.The sales
  • Conclusion:Finish up by explaining why you found the product to be positive or negative, would you buy it again, would you advise friends to buy it and if not, explain why not.

How Do People Find Your Review?

You have put together a killer review, but without anyone to read it, you will not make money, you can start a free blog using site Rubix at Wealthy Affiliate,they offer you two free websites and free hosting.Not only do they host free, you will learn much more how to make money with your website.

Want to read more on writing content that people read? something not clear?check my other post to read more about content writing.



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Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

 Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

There are various ways that you can profit on the internet. There’s your more ordinary systems like composing, articles or writing ebooks, making features, offering stock photographs, or doing web configuration related assignments, not to mention little things like being paid to click on ads.

There are those ‘get rich quick scams’ that you ought to stay away from. And after that, there are some more bizarre approaches to profit on the web. We’ll take a look at two unique ways that you can make money online.

Making Predictions

On the off chance that you have an ability for making precise expectations, this may be precisely what you require. Will you gauge race results?

It is safe to say that if you are great at anticipating the bearing gold costs will go? At that point, you may need to look at the prescient sites where you can earn cash foreseeing the rise/fall of money related resources.

You can make your buys at Binary options brokers, I’m sure there are more online brokers if you look around.But read my Binary Options Review post to make an informed decision.

Intrade is another site where expectation making happens, however with a turn. You can anticipate several things, like Academy Award champs, presidential race results, and so on.

Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

You purchase offers on the off chance that you think an occasion will happen or offer shares in the event that you think it won’t happen.

In the event that your expectation is exact you profit. On the off chance that you are incorrect, then you will lose cash.

This kind of cash making needs a somewhat “danger” identity where you aren’t excessively stressed over your winnings and the losses that can happen.

You can rapidly lose a great deal of cash. Obviously, you can rapidly win a great deal of cash as well.

Before you start trading with real money, open a demo trading account so as to practice how to trade in real time.

Take Online Surveys

There is absolutely no lack of online survey sites and you can give your thoughts and opinions and get paid to do so, what an easy and lucrative task you may say, but before you sign up to any surveys, you can read much more about surveys on my other post here.

You can find surveys by going to sites like ZoomPanel.com, survey savvy or GlobalTestMarket.com. You win cash and rewards for taking an extensive variety of opinion surveys.

INBOXDOLLARS is another site that pays you for your opinions, it`s free to join you are invited to do different surveys, products.

Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

Most Surveys pay through PayPal, Payza(read more on Payza here), and check and in most surveys, you can withdraw at a minimum of $5.

These strategies will make you some additional burning through cash, however, they won’t make you rich.

Nonetheless, not everybody that needs to profit online is prepared to stop their normal everyday employment. These are two awesome approaches to make some additional cash.

Before you register for any survey, check their TOS and also be sure your country is accepted, most surveys accept people from all over the world.

Some pay only in PayPal(PayPal is not allowed in some countries) or in points, it will be useless if you get paid in points when what you need is cash.

Do check the amount you need to reach before you can withdraw,surveys do not pay much,most pay about a dollar per survey or less, and surveys are rare if you live in some corners of the world, so it might take you a long time to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Some surveys also pay you to recruit new members who also take surveys, so if you want to profit from surveys, you have to pester your family and friends to sign up and take surveys too giving their opinions.

Click To Join Where I Make Money

As said, you will not get rich using these unusual ways to make money Online,  but you can earn some pocket change.

Make Money Online Writing

That`s right, you can make money online writing. If you search online, you will find there are many ways and many places for you to earn money working online, places like Fiverr.com, iWriter.com Elance.com .there are many programmes out there.

Offer a chance for you to earn a living writing for other people.If you have a way with words and can put it in paper, then these places are for you

There is a high demand for writing, editing, and proofreading that if you are serious about the job you will always have work on these platforms.

In these platforms, prices do vary according to to job type, you bid for an assignment posted by a client according to his needs.

Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

When a client contact you (through the site)you agree on the price(prices start at $5) the elance owner takes a small percentage of your earnings so do value the work and how long it will take you to complete.

Editing and proofreading are also available, same like content writing, you make an offer for someone who has an article and wants it proofread and corrected for grammar mistakes then wait for the vendor if they decide to choose you.

You may want to write an Ebook and marketing it through the many publishers out there, eBay, Amazon just to name a few.

If you decide to write an Ebook, choose something you enjoy talking about and, are people also interested in this?
Another point to remember is not to choose a niche that is already overcrowded, if done right, e-books can make you very good money.

You might additionally decide to blog in a niche you like, then as your audience increases, you will be able to start posting affiliate products to make extra money.

Google Adsense too is another source of income, by allowing Adsense to place an advertisement on your site, you will earn money every time someone clicks on these ads.Many people do complain about not being accepted by Google Adsense, there are Adsense alternatives like this program that are easy to join and the money just as good.

I wrote a post about Google Adsense alternatives here so you can check and see which program will work for you.

Writing can give you a chance to make a full-time income online, and you will not even have to leave the comfort of your home.

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How To Earn Extra Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing selling where a business rewards affiliates for each sale that occurs as a result of the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Check my other post on this

Image result for affiliate marketing banner

Everything that we do in life, we have to first learn how to do it at some point. Anyone can earn additional income with the number of affiliate marketing programs that are available on the internet today.

Therefore, if you are seeking to earn extra money online then affiliate marketing is an amazing way to create a second or multiple streams of income.

If you want a stable extra income, there is no way you can just do it and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.You have to start with a foundation, a website.

The Affiliate marketing industry comprises of four (4) core players:

  • Merchant (That’s the company offering a product or service)
  • The Network (These are the affiliate networks like Google, Amazon, click banks etc)
  • The Advertiser (the individual –also known as ”the Affiliate”)
  • Customer (The person who buys/consumes the product or service)

Affiliate marketing goes beyond other Internet marketing methods to a large extent due to the fact that affiliates often use regular advertising methods.

Included are organic SEO, paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing along with pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords.

Alternately, affiliates use techniques such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner on various platforms including blogs, on their website or in social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the many social sites out there.

How to earn extra money online with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for small online sellers to make extra money, and I want to reiterate that anyone can earn extra money online.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website, Does it Work?

You don’t even need a website check my other post on affiliate marketing without a website You can display affiliate products using a blog, through widely used social media networking sites such as linkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or even on your newsletter for the benefit and support of all your readers as well as followers.

You can definitely leverage the power of the internet to your advantage, if you do have a website and need to make extra money or full income online then these networks can work for you too.

Almost all affiliate networks work the same way. Firstly you join to create an account. If you are accepted in the program, you log in and look for advertisers. Most systems let you choose advertisers by category while some others are specialized.

For example, MarketHealth.com specializes in health and beauty products while IronOffers.com specializes in different brands of irons.One problem with most networks, you have to join several of them to find the right products to advertise or to find products in your category.

How To Earn Extra Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Some affiliate programs do not pay much, but the best way to earn extra income with affiliate marketing is to promote products with recurring income, this means you only have to sell the product once and you will keep earning as long as the person you referred to the program stays a member.

Another way to earn more is to promote tiered affiliate products, this way, you will keep earning indirectly.

Looking for a good program to join? Check this program here with 35% commissions.

Where To Find Affiliate Products

For starters, a solution to this is to take a look at Affiliate programs in Google. Google lists thousands of affiliate advertisers by category. By doing this, you can find the networks with the products you want to promote, before joining them.

It is very important to note that, the best advertising is that which is related to your content and focused on your readers, write good helpful content and your readers will trust and buy from you. Your site cannot be about fitness and you try to sell your readers pet accessories.

Some affiliate marketing programs offer you the opportunity to earn higher income or returns check my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see how they pay 50% commissions.

Affiliates offers for credit cards and mortgages tend to pay the highest commissions, but as said earlier, if you blog is about pet care and training; then those ads would be out of place. whereas ads for Petsmart would work very well for you.

But just like everything out there, be careful what affiliate program to join, before you sign up for an affiliate program, check their reviews, if you are happy with what you see in the review, apply to join.

Remember to always read the little prints with the FAQ to understand what is expected of you as an affiliate.There are a number of trusted sources and places where you can learn how to earn extra money online with affiliate marketing.

My choice of place to learn and earn is Wealthy Affiliate You will benefit extensively from the wealth of knowledge that awaits you, a very helpful community, live chat (you get help almost immediately) and they do not have the upsells most programs out there have. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and get started.

There are many affiliate programmes out there, just as there are many ways how to earn extra income online with affiliate marketing, no need to worry if you apply to an affiliate programme and is not accepted.

This might be for different reasons eg, your website is not suitable for their products, remember what l said up in this post? you can not blog about pets and promote toothpaste.

If your blog is about beauty, then you need to promote beauty affiliate products. Your campaigns will convert much better.

I hope this post helped you understand more how to make money on your blog be it a new blog just getting started or an old blog that you`re still struggling to monetize.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below, will sure get back to you.


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Affiliate marketing classes And What To Look For

The concept of affiliate marketing isn’t new by any means. It is an age-old form of revenue-sharing in trading and commerce. This post will explain more about affiliate marketing and why you need affiliate marketing classes.

In general, a company needing the performance of outside entities, whether it be other companies or individuals, shares part of the sales of their products through, loosely-speaking, commissions.

Revenue-sharing takes on different forms. The following are examples of business models that feature such sharing, usually in the form of percentages:

[unordered list]https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/how-to-make-money-online-the-process-explained/a_aid/1774de75

  • Retail storesThrift stores
  • Auction houses
  • Drop-shipping
  • Affiliate marketing …and more…

Affiliate marketing is about as old as the World Wide Web (WWW) and has so rapidly grown that there are large affiliate networks, such as Clickbank, and others and there are highly effective training programs offering affiliate marketing classes and courses.

Affiliate marketing is amongst the top online business opportunities where anyone with average intelligence can actually leave their regular day jobs and work from home. Check this post for an in-depth explanation of affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a highly effective, cost-effective system that replaces much of the advertising and inside sales campaigns which cost a fortune.

At a fraction of the cost, a company develops what is called an “affiliate program.” This is a set of rules, regulations, tools, training and administrative services for interested affiliate marketers who want to participate in the program.

In a win-win scenario, the company offers the affiliate program and the prospective affiliate marketer applies for the opportunity to promote for the company.

The company is responsible for all of the administration involved in the business alliance and the affiliate marketer is responsible for the advertising and the referrals of customers to the company.

The affiliate marketer does not own the customers, the company does. This is often said to be one of the major drawbacks of affiliate marketing, but nonetheless, is lucrative for both parties.

Image result for affiliate marketing

Pure affiliate marketing situations entail the company paying out a certain percentage of the profits to the affiliate.

The affiliate in return provides the content management and promotion which effectively sends prospective buyers to the company website.

The affiliate, in most cases, does not “sell” the product. The company does that on the site where the prospects are sent and it is the affiliate’s job to “pre-sell” the product. This is done through reviews and other forms of content that do not entail direct selling.

A special, unique link is issued to each affiliate in a program. This ensures every affiliate will be properly credited for their referrals who purchase once they are on the company’s website.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing works like this:

1-The company offers an affiliate program which you as an affiliate join.

2-The affiliate marketer sends referrals (customers) to the company website.

3-The referred customer goes to the company website through the affiliate’s especially-assigned affiliate link and makes a purchase.

4-The company credits the affiliate for any sales that result when referrals purchase products on the company website.

Some Precautions For The Prospective Affiliate Marketer

You should seek out and attend high quality, reputable affiliate marketing classes.

Be especially careful that the one you choose has an active community on it and not just an e-book or video course, You will be far more likely to get up-to-date training and support.

Not all offerings that look like affiliate programs are actually affiliate programs! Multi-level marketing schemes are often disguised as affiliate programs and are not!

For example, SFI, an international company claims their program as being affiliate-based, but further, inspection reveals that they are, in reality, a multi-level marketing company(MLM), so don’t be fooled!

Finally, amongst the best affiliate marketing opportunities to start out with would be Clickbank, Amazon, Walmart, Commission Junction and other well-known reputable marketplaces.

If you are going to join Amazon affiliate program, you should first read my Amazon affiliate program review here so you understand what will be expected of you as Amazon affiliate.

As a newcomer to affiliate marketing, it is recommended you start with these first. These are long-standing well known so you as an inexperienced marketer(affiliate) will find it easier to promote and sell their products.

Affiliate marketing offers the best in online business because you truly have the helm and build your business as you see fit and is suited to your interests and passions.

Do not settle for programs that offer a very limited array of products or services, even though the payouts seem very attractive. Very often, these are scams.

Finally and foremost, the most important and top priority is training. Do not try to do this on your own nor rely on 1-2-3, a-b-c simplicity often found in get-rich-quick schemes.There is no easy 1,2,3 in affiliate marketing.

You will be disappointed and most likely lose your investment. There are top-notch training platforms that offer affiliate marketing classes at affordable prices.

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