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Leadlightening review-is it a scam?

Leadlightening review,is it a scam?Let`s take a look



           Leadlightening review-is it a scam?

Leadlightening is an online marketing system  that creates targeted buyer leads for you.

According to Leadlightening:

-It’s an online system that enables you to generate daily commissions every time someone purchases it.

-When you purchase this system, you get free traffic training. (that’s what they say)

-You can build a list of buyers for the products that you are selling. (everyone that purchases the system becomes a target automatically)

– You can ‘’boost sales’’ for your business.


In order to answer that question, we need to understand what an MLM is and what an AFFILIATE PROGRAM is. Leadlightening is an online marketing system  that creates targeted buyer leads for you.

According to Leadlightening:

-It’s an online system that enables you to generate daily commissions every time someone purchases it.

-When you purchase this system, you get free traffic training. (that’s what they say)

-You can build a list of buyers for the products that you are selling. (everyone that purchases the system becomes a target automatically)

– You can ‘’boost sales’’ for your business.Leadlightening review-is it a scam?


An MLM is a marketing strategy that compensates the representative for every sale that they make and also, for every sale that their salesperson/people recruit. Unfortunately, there aren’t many direct sale companies out there that are ‘’legit’’. However, some are good.

Although there is no Federal law in pyramid schemes, some, yet most MLMs are considered illegal. They still exist because in order for an MLM to be considered a scheme, it is very difficult to prove.

Many years can go by before this happens. Even when this is proven and the company is shut down, their leaders simply end up starting another similar business.

Selling a product does not automatically mean that an MLM is LEGIT. Direct sales is a great way to work from home, but unfortunately, if you are not vigilant, this type of company can quickly put you in debt and you can find yourself with a bunch of ‘’stuff’’ in your basement that you will never use, nor sell   Click here to check my Number 1 Affiliate marketing product

  • If the company focuses more on recruiting than selling, it a sign that it’s a scheme!
  • If the training is poor and you can’t find anyone to answer your questions, chances are, it’s a scheme.
  • If there is pressure to purchase more or if you are being bombarded with upsells, you might have a dilemma on your hands.


An Affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive a commission by helping a company generate a sale. It is 100% legitimate, honest and there is absolutely NO FEE for this type of program. If a company asks you for a ‘’start-up’’ fee to help them promote their product, a bell should go on. It’s that simple.

Read my other post on affiliate marketing 

So, with all of this being said, is LEADLIGHTENING an MLM or an AFFILIATE PROGRAM?

Let’s learn more about the company before we answer that question.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • 1-Do you have to pay to sell their product?

-In the case of Leadlightening, yes you do.

  • 2-How are you going to make money with them?
  • Ask yourself how much money you have to spend before you can actually begin making money.
  • Are you going to make money by recruiting others?
  • Is it focused more on getting others to join rather than selling the end product? Is the compensation plan difficult to understand?

-Well, with Leadlightening, you do have to invest a small amount of money to ‘’get in’’. It’s only $7 but guess what? They try to upsell you in the end when you ‘’check-out’’.

Remember what I said above? The prices range from $7 per month for a regular membership to $29.97 per month for a silver membership and $53.97 for a gold membership.

-Yes, you will make money by recruiting others. You will make $6 per person that pays the $7 to ‘’get in’’. You also get commissions on every upsell that you make and even get commissioned on what your ‘’downline’’ brings in. However, in order to get access to more exciting commissions, you need to become a ‘’Diamond’ ’member for a total of $147.

To even access more commissions, you can become a ‘’Platinum’’ member for $497. This is on top of the ‘’monthly fees mentioned above. Is the compensation plan hard to understand? Yes, it is. I am not sure that I can even explain it. Click here to join my Number 1 Affiliate Programme

-Is Leadlightening focused on getting people to ‘’join’’ rather than selling the product?  Is it ‘’a great’’ product and can it really help you increase your own sales in your own business? Are the leads that they generate good?

They say that it’s a ‘’lead generator’’. In reality, the leads that you get from it are the people that you are actually selling the product to. Who says that these people are going to be willing to purchase what you have to sell?

Will they even need your product? All the system does is track the LEADLIGHTENING buyers that you ‘’bring in’’ present and future purchases.

-So, is it focused on getting others to ‘’join’’ rather than selling the product? The answer to that, in my opinion, is that they are focused on both because one doesn’t happen without the other. It’s pretty smart if you ask me. Well, is it smart or is it sneaky?

To sum it all up, with Leadlightening review is it a scam? this is an MLM. Is it legit? It’s difficult to tell. However, I ‘’joined’’ a while ago to see what it was all about. I made ABOSULTELY NO MONEY. Did I get training? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

This isn’t a company for beginners nor is it a company if you wish to make money. There is a lot more investment than there is money to be made. That’s my honest opinion.If you are looking for ways to make money online, I`d advise you to get quality training  and learn step by step how to make money online.

        A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success

Want to be an experienced Affiliate Marketer and make real money online? Click any of the links above to join my Number 1 rated program where everything is shown step by step.

Liked my post? have any questions?leave me a message below and I’ll get back to you.Have a friend who wants to make money online? share this post with them


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Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

We are going to look at some easy ways to make money online.Whether you are looking to make some extra money to improve your lifestyle or tired of your 9 to 5 job and looking for something else, you should be thinking about making money online.

There are endless opportunities and you can work at your own pace as well as be choosing your own hours.Given the many ways to make money online, we will not cover everything but this will be a post where every week l will give you tips on easy ways to make money online from home or any place you choose.

Given the many ways to make money online, we will not cover everything but this will be a post where every week l will give you tips on easy ways to make money online from home or any place you choose.

Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

When you talk about making money online, most people get discouraged, things like, I’m not talented at anything, I don’t know where to start, or I’m too busy or the online market is already crowded.

The good news is that none of this is true, with the right training and sacrificing just 2 hours a day, you can build a very successful online business.

The most important tool you will need to make money online is the know how to learn how to market your talent to its full potential.Click here to check my top recommendation in training.

The word training is at times scary but believe me, if  I can make money online you too can do it so go ahead and check the training.

Now Let`s Take a Look At Some Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

Answer Questions

You are an expert at something, maybe you have just not thought of it but you are.Find what you know about and give answers and advice to people who need your expertise, do this on a paid site and you will make money.

This might sound scary, but even the common things are not common to everyone a little example, how to train a puppy, it might sound easy and basic, but there are people looking for answers how to train a puppy.

Another example, someone wants to go on vacation and they are looking for answers on your city on things to do, you can sure answer with confidence.

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

Computers are great, but there are tasks that computers can`t do, things like re-writing a sentence or differentiating between pictures and texts, this is where you come in.At Amazon Mechanical Turk, people earn money doing these simple tasks.

The pay is not great but good for someone just getting started online as it will give you a chance to earn money while working on your other online projects.

Do Data Entry

This might sound new to you, but people get paid to enter basic data about businesses and snap pictures.You can make good money doing this and it requires so little experience that anyone can do and earn money.There is an earlier post here on Data entry if you missed it.
Start a Forum on Your Website

Most forums are very popular, people go to forums to hang around meet others with the same interests.you can start your own forum on your website about things that matter to you.

You will need to promote your forum on other forums by creating posts that grab attention, posts that are controversial.Once you have a following, you can create a private area in your forum and charge a fee for people to become members to gain access.

This is underestimated, but you can make good money if you have a successful forum.

Take Surveys

Surveys are another easy way to earn money, they are easy to join and most surveys take just minutes to complete.

Before joining any survey, do a thorough check to make sure they pay, just like many programs online, there are scam site surveys out there and any survey asking you to pay money to take part is one such scam, surveys are free to join.Join my Number 1 recommendation program

Join PTC To Earn Money Online
Another easy Ways to earn money online is to join PTC sites,(Paid To Click) Ptc is where you click on ads, watch ads for a few seconds and get paid, the money goes into your account and can be withdrawn as soon as you reach a certain amount.

This is a quick way to make some money if you are just getting started online.

Before joining any PTC, check reviews to make sure they pay, there are so many scams PTC out there and the only PTC l can advise you to join is Clixsense.

Unlike most Ptc that come and go, Clixsense has been around and paying since 2008.Clixsense offers more than PTC, they have more ways to make money and you get paid for referring others 8 levels deep click here to join Clixsense 

All the above ways are quite easy to get started and to make money.But being easy does not mean everyone succeeds, you have to put in the work, learn how everything works, most people fail online because when they hear the word easy they mistakenly believe they have to do nothing.

Another reason people fail to make money online is failing to have the right tools, check out my number 1 recommendation where I learned to make money online and join me to start making real money.

Any of the methods above, you have to put in some time and this is where most people fail, most think easy mean doing nothing, well there is nothing for free, you have to do something if you want to earn.

Hope you can get started with one or more of the above Easy Ways To Earn Money Online, don`t let fear or insecurity hold you back.

Need any help or more info? leave me a message bellow and I’ll get back to you.Know a friend who can need this post with my easy ways to earn money online? go ahead and share it with them on social media.


 Want to join my Number 1 program? click here 

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Online Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do

Almost anyone can be an online virtual assistant. If you`ve had experience as a secretary, legal secretary, web developer, you can be a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you will enjoy the luxury of being self-employed and be able to work from anywhere you choose and even select your own working hours.As an online virtual assistant, you can provide technical services, administrative services or whatever you are capable of doing in a professional manner.

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

Let me explain more how online virtual assistant jobs work.

With so many online opportunities, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants and you can make a full-time income from home without the daily commute using skills that you already possess,

With so many online opportunities, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants and you can make a full-time income from home using skills that you already possess, if you can work hard, meet deadlines and meet your clients needs and demands, this should not be hard. more on Online virtual assistant jobs.

Getting Started

To get started as a virtual assistant, you`ll need to join and register with freelance websites and promote your skills.

Before you start bidding for jobs, you have to know what services you can offer, I’d suggest determining where your strengths are and specializing on these.

You will bid for jobs that suit you, remember you will be competing against other virtual assistants and it will not be easy at the beginning.Here is where most online newcomers fail, wanting to make money right away.

Sites like time etc,  Elance .com are all places you can join to get started.

Once a member, if you find a job that interest you, you bid on it depending on what is required done.

Most offers are calculated on hourly rate but there are also flat rates.Hourly rates start from $10 to $60 depending on the assignment.If you are going to charge flat rates, remember some work may require research so calculate your time well.

Sites like Fiverr.com will also charge extra should a client need work faster so be sure to offer this service to clients if you can make it should you win a bid.before you join Fiverr, read my Fiverr complaints post here if you missed it.

There are different skills required for different jobs, from posting in social media to bookkeeping, doing research, the choices are endless, look and bid for jobs that match your skill, you do not want to bid for a job that you are not comfortable with. See where I learn to make money online 

You should ask questions up front before accepting a bid so you really do understand what’s expected of you.

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

What you Need

You need to be organized and disciplined, as a VA, you have deadlines to meet, excellent communication skills.Before you start bidding for jobs, you have to know what services you can offer, I’d  suggest determining where your strengths are and specializing on these.

You may not make much in the beginning but look at the bright side, you are your own boss, no getting dressed every morning, no commute and you get to spend your time as you choose.it`s a win-win situation.

With Online Virtual Assistant Jobs, you get to choose your hours depending on the jobs you have lined up.Some clients will only require a few days work, some may require long term, spread it around to suit your life.

But if you feel online virtual assistant jobs are not for you, read my review here and see if this top rated program is for you. Free to join and get started, you will learn all you need to start a successful business online starting with what you are passionate about.

       My Number 1 Programme 



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Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon affiliate program reviewName: Amazon Associate Program

Website: amazon.com

Price: No cost

Owners: Amazon Corporation

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Amazon Associate Program, Product Overview

It’s all under one roof! This Amazon Affiliate Program Review goes over the basic tenets of this very well-known and loved marketplace.

Better, and more officially known as Amazon’s Associate Program, it is the one-stop home where a massive army of affiliates bring vendors and consumers together! It is a win-win-win situation for all three parties, bringing great value to the consumer, profit to the vendor and commission sales to the affiliate.

Please read this Amazon Affiliate Program Review for a more in-depth presentation of this opportunity.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:


    • Easy to join.
    • Instructions are very well laid-out and easy to follow.
    • Extensive lines of products.
    • A great place for affiliate beginners!
    • This is a no-cost arrangement.
    • No minimal earning threshold before referral fees are awarded.

The Bad:

  • Commission rates are rather low 4% (but does offer high-ticket offerings).
  • When State taxes step in, Amazon steps out (more below).
  • New affiliates are under pressure to make first sale.

Who is Amazon Associate Program For?

Folks new to affiliate marketing will find Amazon’s affiliate program beneficial. Amazon has a step-by-step set of tutorials which guide the newbie through and through, and is often one of the first places novices go.Check Amazon alternative with the #1 recommended program here.

Check Amazon alternative with the #1 recommended program here.

What makes Amazon so great is the terrific choices of hundred of thousands of different products available to help virtually any niche and interest level!

The Program is highly recommended for anyone just starting out in the exciting world of online affiliate marketing.But there are better affiliate programs out there if you`re looking for more, check a post on Amazon Alternatives here.

Click here to visit Amazon

Amazon’s Associate/Affiliate Program is for anyone who desires to promote products found in the marketplace. Some folks make a full affiliate income with Amazon alone!

Amazon Associate Program Tools & Training

It’s all there! Anything you need to know, from specific details, to entire tutorials on how to get started and follow through.

Amazon provides web pages, as well as some videos that walk you through the process. There are also applications that help you easily

Amazon Affiliate Program Support

The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it.

Amazon Affiliate Program Price

Description of the pricing, the levels of pricing, structuring, upsells, etc

My Final Opinion of Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is a great place for folks new to affiliate marketing to start. However, it’s great for anyone who wishes to start an affiliate marketing business whether seasoned or not.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Amazon has something for you and everybody wins in this marketplace! Though it is possible to get scammed through Amazon, Amazon has you covered! There is a lot of opportunities here, is a role-model for such a market and is a safe place to do business.

When you promote a product, you have customer reviews at your disposal and many other helpful features, such as Best Sellers (products that sell very well).

There is one major disadvantage about Amazon, however – the fact that state legislature must agree with the whims of Amazon’s distaste for state online sales taxation.

A common settlement for states that won’t budge, and those in which Amazon has no physical presence, is to withhold the opportunity of its affiliate/associate program to that state’s citizens.

Thus, quite a number of states are eliminated from the affiliate program.

Whilst some states have adjusted such laws to keep revenue that comes from large numbers of affiliates in their jurisdiction active, some have not, and in isolated cases, even when some states have adjusted concessions.

Amazon still refuses the opening of its affiliate program to those state’s affiliate marketers to take advantage of.

And you may say rightfully so, Amazon makes a lot of money selling products online that they can choose where to sell and where not, according to statista.com, Amazon generated over $100 billion last year alone.

This concludes the Amazon Affiliate Program Review. Below is a recount of pertinent information and my overall verdict.

    • Amazon Associate Program at a Glance…
    • Name: Amazon Associate Program
    • Website: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com
    • Price to join: No Cost
    • Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100

I hope l have helped make up your mind with this Amazon affiliate program review and you can join Amazon with confidence and start making money from your home.

Need more info on Amazon? Leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you, Think you know someone who can use Amazon Affiliate program go ahead share this post with them.


Although Amazon is legit and easy to join, there are programs out there that pay much better than Amazon and you`ll not lose your membership for failing to make a sale.

If you are looking to sell affiliate products, I`d advise you to join this program and learn how to do it properly.It`s free to join and get started so don`t wait.Inline image 1

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Home Profit System Review

 Home Profit System Review

Home Profit System Review

Name: Home Profit System

Website: http://homeprofitsystems.org/

Price: Purportedly “free,” though not – $3.97, $139.95 & $4.95 (recurring) + upsells Owners: unknown

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Home Profit System Review:

This product is so bad that I’ve ranked it “zero” out of one-hundred – and for very good reasons! This product has been around and untold thousands of folks who have fallen into its grip over the years.

The Home Profit System Review, as it stands herein, serves as a warning and advice to stay clear of this devious monstrosity! Avoid at all cost!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

There is nothing I can say about this product that has any value, therefore, except for the following point, this section is nil. –

There is a vast quantity of sharp disapproval and opposition to this scam that, for those who look for reviews on this opportunity will be, more than adequately, warned against joining.

The Bad:

Most people will fail to read the “fine print” and get ensnared by this scam. Most people will not give diligence to checking this opportunity out before purchasing.

Loaded with hype and provocative imagery that will snare the unsuspecting and unwary.

Poor response from Customer Service reported widely.

Just another Big Red Easy Button that reportedly produces no results. “Work from Home Opportunities” endorsed by five different national news organizations, however… Shown on the bottom of the website, this is extremely ambiguous!

Beware! Above “name” is not this company! Results claimed within 5 minutes. This does NOT happen in the real world! There are many, many more things that could be added to this list!

Who is Home Profit System For?
“If you understand how to surf the web with Google or ever used Facebook you are qualified.” (quote taken from the HPS website.)

My Recommendation?:

Avoid home system income, it`s not a way to make money at home and you will loose money.Click here to see my top recommended program, free to join and get started immediately

Home Profit System Tools & Training

Widely reported as scant and spurious. Hundreds of consumer complaints about this amongst a myriad of other things. Else, unknown.

Home Profit System Support


Home Profit System Price

Purportedly free to try, however, there is a small charge for information to be sent ($3.97+shipping,) after which you will be asked to pay an additional $139.95, a one-time charge for entrance into the membership, which then comes with a recurring $4.95 to remain in the membership thereafter.

It is reported that inside this membership, you will be presented increasing amounts of up-sells, which are of undisclosed pricing.

My Final Opinion of Home Profit System


I have not joined this membership, therefore, it is unknown by me, what is actually inside. However, there are hundreds of complaints and reviews, almost all of which hinge on the same issues with this opportunity.

It follows the classical methodology used by most other online scams, including “get-rich-quick” hype, misinformation and other usual schemes commonly practiced by unscrupulous marketers.

One major complaint is the so-called guarantee not being honored, and furthermore, small print in the Terms of Service and other areas indicate that, due to circumstances that occur by cause & effect from joining, most folks will be entitled to half-to-none of a refund.

There are no reports of anyone ever having been honored any refund, so far as I have seen as yet.

The sales page should raise red flags as it stands. By the time you receive the packages that comes with the membership, you will already have been billed and therefore, according to stipulations found in the Terms of Service, too late to cancel the subscription.

The company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. However, being listed doesn’t automatically indicate a company is legitimate or not. What is found, on the other hand, are ten complaints on the BBB website alone! The complaints of issues include:

1. Problems with Product/Service (six of the complaints about this issue)

2. Billing/Collection Issues

3. Guarantee/Warranty Issues

4. Advertising/Sales Issues

5. Delivery Issues

Consumer complaints are found on all of the online complaint boards, as well as on YouTube, forums and scam alert sites.


So How does Home Income System compare to my number 1 product which is free to join and you can stay as a free member with no hidden cost.Take a look




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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy

Website: http://jaaxy.com

Price: Starter, $19, $49. There are no up-sells of any kind.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank:95 out of 100

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

This is a unique suite of tools (not just one tool here) for the serious Internet marketer! The core algorithm is unlike that of any other in that these research tools base its data on all the major search engines, not just Google!

This produces far more accurate results, not to mention the outstanding quality of the tools, which are built for speed and accuracy. For more details, please check out this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review…

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

The Good & the Bad

The Good:
  • Outstanding, layout that is very easy to use and self-explanatory Very accurate and does not show inflated data as is shown in Google’s search results pages. Excellent support systems.
  • From the owners of the famous Wealthy Affiliate online business platform!
  • Lucrative Affiliate Programme.

The Bad:

  • Happy to report that Jaaxy is not only preferred by successful affiliate marketers, but care has been taken to iron out any flaws in the system.
  • Kyle & Carson, not only teaches the importance of “paying it forward” but so demonstrates this plainly within the Jaaxy suite! Therefore anything bad about Jaaxy is so negligible, I have nothing bad to report about it.

Who is Jaaxy For?

  • This product is extremely user-friendly and very simple to use. Anyone serious about an online affiliate marketing business would greatly benefit from these tools! Therefore, this product is for anyone!

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Jaaxy is a suite of tools formulated for the serious affiliate, offering aids for keyword research, niche research, brainstorming, competitor research and offers much more!

Here you can keep track of all of your keywords in a handy history. The suite also offers in-depth vital statistics for anyone keyword in the way of performance in articles, the likelihood of success in several different lights and related keywords that automatically turn up with each search.

Finally, you will know at a glance, whether the keyword is available for domain names and links to one of the major registers where you can purchase the domain. Jaaxy is indeed, a powerhouse that more than rivals anything else available on the Web!

Jaaxy Keyword Research


The training comes to you within the application and is the same for all three versions (below.) Training is delivered via video. Jaaxy has its own blog where you can learn more and has vast resources on YouTube and Vimeo video platforms.

Check For site Rank with Jaaxy

You can search your keywords and see where they rank in search engines, and this has the advantage of you knowing where you need to improve to rank higher

It`s so easy to use, all you have to do is enter site URL and the keyword you need to check, Jaaxy site rank gives you results in no time and you can see if your site has climbed up in the rankings or lost position.

Site Rank Jaaxy

What Can  Jaaxy Do?

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Accurate competition metrics

Fast Niche Research

Domain Flipping

 Click Here To Join Jaaxy

Jaaxy Support

You are able to contact Jaaxy support via email and are likely to get a response from the owners themselves, if not the Jaaxy support team. In any case, your questions or issues will be promptly and thoroughly handled!

Jaaxy Price

Free trial 

Great to give you an idea about the opportunity ahead. I always prefer to use programs that offer free trials. Use this option first and only if you like Jaaxy, choose one of the other two options available.

Pro membership – $19 a month or $199 a year

Once you create your website and are ready to build your online business, this is the best option for you. Unlimited keyword searches are necessary for your future in online business. Ideal for beginners as well as experienced Internet marketers.

Enterprise membership – $49 a month

For power users. If you are after a fast and efficient keyword tool, this is the way to go. You can search up to 5 keywords at the same time as opposed to 2 with Pro membership. Check out some of the added functionalities in the above picture. This option can definitely save you a lot of time.

Whilst Pro works just fine, the Enterprise version offers more convenience and benefits.

Other important tools of Jaaxy

Site Rank 

You can find out the rank of any individual post you publish by entering URL of your website and a keyword you targeted for that post. It will search the first 20 pages of Google search engine. This is one of my favorite features. You can instantly see how is any particular keyword performing.

Saved Lists  

Found a great keyword but don’t want to use it right away? Not a problem. You can save it for later and come back to it when you are ready. You can create as many categories as you like for your keywords so you can locate them quickly when needed.


You can also check whether a keyword you are looking at has an available domain name. If you like to use a keyword as your domain name, this is a handy little feature that can quickly show you, which extensions are available with your selected keyword.

You should try to get .com, .net, or .org. extension if you can. Others may be more difficult to get ranking and traffic. I don’t really use this feature, but it can a great help for someone who buys domain names regularly, without having to go to domain registrars.

As is (and always has been) with any product or service provided by Kyle & Carson, Jaaxy is no exception. Everything about the product is laid out in black and white.

There are no hidden costs, upsells, or any other devious practice about the product nor the promotion associated with it.

I particularly like the way Jaaxy cuts to the chase with regard to providing accurate data which is never exaggerated in any way.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

The power in this comes in the combination of information getting from all the major search engines, not just Google!

The information from Google, Yahoo! and Bing are compiled and computed to bring you the most accurate results that no other system can give.

Everything within Jaaxy is built for the professional, yet a novice can go on there and get around quickly and easily!

Best of all, Jaaxy, as with other products and services by Kyle & Carson, you are presented with a free trial so you can see what’s inside!

You will be provided 30 searches in your open-house experience! Give it a try now! There’s no cost whatsoever. See for yourself…

Jaaxy Affiliate Programme

Jaaxy Pro-If you invite a new member to Jaaxy who upgrades to Jaaxy pro, you will receive $8 monthly as long as they stay pro(recurring), this is very lucrative, imagine if you invite 200 Pro members or more, there is no limit as to how many people you can invite.

Jaaxy Enterprise– Any person who you refer that joins Jaaxy Enterprise, you earn $20 per month as long as they stay Member.

This may not look a lot, but it`s 40% commission for every member you refer to Jaaxy who upgrades, not many affiliate programs give 40% commission.

Jaaxy at a Glance…

Name: Jaaxy.

Website: http://jaaxy.com.

Owners: Kyle & Carson.

Price: starter, $19, $49. There are no up-sells of any kind.

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100.

Click here to create a Jaaxy account 100% free for the first 30 searches, there is no pressure to go pro, you don’t like it, nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Anything l did not explain, need more explanation about Jaaxy? have any questions you to answered before you can join? Leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you

Final thoughts on this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review: After trying different keyword tools out there, Jaaxy Keyword tool is the best there is, know a better keyword tool? want to suggest one l should check out? leave a message below and l will be glad to check it out.

Try it now by typing any keyword into the box below and check for yourself what Jaaxy can do for you and your blog content creation.





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Google sniper 3.0 review [What You Should know]

Google Sniper 3.0 Review The Good And The Bad


Name: Google Sniper 3.0                                                             google sniper 3.0 review

Website: http://gsniper.com

Price: $47 (Not including up/down sells)

Owners: George Brown

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Google Sniper 3.0 Review

I`m sure you`re asking what is the google sniper and does it work? will answer your question as you read on.

All of the Google Sniper products purport to be “build it & let it run” processes wherein you follow instructions and set campaigns in motion – and they will convert for you. Read this Google Sniper 3.0 Review to get the pros & cons of this product.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Offers basic instructions on how to build and maintain a campaign. The products have been shown to work for some people. The products themselves are attractive and clean, and fairly easy to follow. Offers a 60-day guarantee which is ticketed-based and in good order.

The Bad:

During purchasing, the sales campaign is confusing and deceptive. Has a vast quantity of up/down sells – usually a sign of an inferior product or worse, a scam.Check my number 1 recommended program.

Lots and lots of consumer complaints about recurring payments being taken from their bank accounts each month. Completely dependent on Google – something that makes its name quite deceptive in itself.

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Who is Google Sniper 3.0 For?

The product line seems to be geared for the novice, inexperienced Internet marketers who have had little or no success online.

The sales videos purport that the product is for folks in Internet marketing at all levels and that success from all levels is inevitable – something that, in reality, is not the case.

Google Sniper 3.0 Tools & Training

Though there is little in the way of tools, this product is essentially an online course in Internet marketing, and more specifically, affiliate marketing. The course is composed of several videos and other media where applicable and are arranged in modules.

Google Sniper 3.0 Support

Google Sniper has a support known as the “George Brown Support Desk.” It is a website dedicated to this support system. Otherwise, much can be found in the way of support, by visiting the Warrior Forum.

Google Sniper 3.0 Price

The basic product, which includes three modules, Master Manual, Video library and the Bulletproof Module costs $47, however, special care should be taken during the purchasing process, as you will be presented with inconspicuous traps at this point.

The first of these are what generates a recurring $47 charge from your bank account – for a monthly membership that initially says “free” on the sales page.

Once past this page, you will be presented with additional OTO (One-time offers) whether upsells or down sells, that pop up after you decline from each. Several of them are upsells that will separate you from additional $97-$187 amounts.

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My Final Opinion of Google Sniper 3.0

The major problem with Google Sniper is in the way its advertising coloring the product more brightly than it really is.

1-I have not gone ahead and purchased the product since this sales experience for me raises red flags about the system and the fact that there are quite a few disgruntled and unsatisfied customers who have purchased this.

2-Most of which get snared by the recurring charges when they fail to click on the inconspicuous radio button next to the “free” coaching statement in small print just above the buy button.

3-In my experience, this product falls squarely in line with many, many others that I have reviewed that have the same type of promotional campaign attached to them. One more note here about the product itself:

4-Though Google Sniper 3.0 boasts tremendous upgrading and new additions, there are in fact, a general lengthening of some of the training materials and renovations done to the members’ area.

(The site that contains the training & Bulletproof modules, as well as links leading to other areas which must be unlocked by more purchasing.)

5-You will find a process map of the entire procedure as laid out in the instructions. This process map is essentially exactly the same as those found in earlier versions of this product, meaning for the most part that, many of the updates are more cosmetic than functional.

6-Though the product may work fine, and even exceptional, there are reports on consumer complaint boards and in various forums that this product has not worked well for them.

7-I would say that many of these are due to not following instructions or otherwise not completing the basic process of building out campaigns. However…

The tactical use of Clickbank’s features that are meant to provide convenience for buyers are in fact used against them.

8-In the case of Google Sniper, as mentioned above with regard to the inconspicuous radio button on the main sales page, and with the one-time offers, clicking through these pages carelessly will result in instant charges to your account!

Sure, you can get the basic product, but it is the desire of the creators of Google Sniper that you take in the bells and whistles found in the upsells and the supplemental training rather than just the base product.

To help prospective purchasers along, they have placed all of these extras in front of your eyes before you even get to purchase the basic product.

Though the product itself may work fine and is ethical in itself, there are better offerings out there where everything is put in front of you in black and white and no shady areas as is found here.

Google Sniper appears to honor refunds and are pretty forthright in doing so, as some folks do find that affiliate marketing isn’t for them. Refunds are handled through ClickBank. The refund window is 60 days.

Except for the first snare encountered in the sales process, I can’t really call Google Sniper a “scam,” I do NOT recommend this product and deem it to be illegitimate!

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT – Not Recommended!

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