Amazon Affiliate Program Review[And Alternatives]

Amazon affiliate program reviewName: Amazon Associate Program


Price: No cost

Owners: Amazon Corporation

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Amazon Associate Program, Product Overview

It’s all under one roof! This Amazon Affiliate Program Review goes over the basic tenets of this very well-known and loved marketplace.

Better, and more officially known as Amazon’s Associate Program, it is the one-stop home where a massive army of affiliates bring vendors and consumers together!

It is a win-win-win situation for all three parties, bringing great value to the consumer, profit to the vendor, and commission sales to the affiliate.

Please read this Amazon Affiliate Program Review for a more in-depth presentation of this opportunity.

The Good & the Bad

Like all programs out there, Amazon has it`s good and bad sides, you should read the positives here to decide if the program is for youAmazon Affiliate Program Review and some good alternatives if you can`t sell Amazon products as an affiliate

The Good:

  • Easy to join.
  • Instructions are very well laid-out and easy to follow.
  • Extensive lines of products.
  • A great place for affiliate beginners!
  • This is a no-cost arrangement.
  • No minimal earning threshold before referral fees are awarded.

The Bad:

  • Commission rates are rather low 4% (but does offer high-ticket offerings).
  • When State taxes step in, Amazon steps out (more below).
  • New affiliates are under pressure to make the first sale.
  • You lose your chance to promote Amazon affiliate products if you can’t make your first three sales in 180 days after joining Amazon.1% Amazon Affiliate Commission


But having said that, there are products that pay just 1% commission and that sucks big time, there is no way you`ll make serious income getting such low commissions.

You can check this post that spoke at length of Amazon’s low commissions to understand why many affiliates are leaving Amazon.

Who is Amazon Associate Program For?

Folks new to affiliate marketing will find Amazon’s affiliate program beneficial. Amazon has a step-by-step set of tutorials that guide the newbie through and through and is often one of the first places novices go.

What I Don’t Like About Amazon Market Place

Being accepted as an Amazon affiliate is quick, but it`s just as easy to lose your chance to promote Amazon products, as a new member, you get 180 days to make 3 sales, if for a reason you can`t drive 3 sales, Amazon will cancel your membership.

It`s possible to join at a later stage, but remember you`ll have to remove all your existing amazon links and this can be time-consuming and really frustrating.

This program accepts new bloggers and there is no pressure to make sales to keep your membership.

Check better Amazon alternative with the #1 recommended program here.

What makes Amazon so great is the terrific choices of hundreds of thousands of different products available to help virtually any niche and interest level!

The Program is highly recommended for anyone just starting out in the exciting world of online affiliate marketing.

But there are better affiliate programs out there if you`re looking for more, check a post on Amazon Alternatives here.

Click here to visit Amazon

Amazon’s Associate/Affiliate Program is for anyone who desires to promote products found in the marketplace. Some folks make a full affiliate income with Amazon alone!

Amazon Associate Program Tools & Training

It’s all there! Anything you need to know, from specific details to entire tutorials on how to get started and follow through.

Amazon provides web pages, as well as some videos that walk you through the process. There are also applications that help you easily

Amazon Affiliate Program Support

The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it.

Amazon Affiliate Program Price

Description of the pricing, the levels of pricing, structuring, upsells, etc

My Final Opinion of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is a great place for folks new to affiliate marketing to start. However, it’s great for anyone who wishes to start an affiliate marketing business whether seasoned or not.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Amazon has something for you and everybody wins in this marketplace!

Though it is possible to get scammed through Amazon, Amazon has you covered! There is a lot of opportunities here, is a role model for such a market and is a safe place to do business.

When you promote a product, you have customer reviews at your disposal and many other helpful features, such as Best Sellers (products that sell very well).

There is one major disadvantage about Amazon, however – the fact that state legislature must agree with the whims of Amazon’s distaste for state online sales taxation.

A common settlement for states that won’t budge, and those in which Amazon has no physical presence, is to withhold the opportunity of its affiliate/associate program to that state’s citizens.

Thus, quite a number of states are eliminated from the affiliate program.

Whilst some states have adjusted such laws to keep revenue that comes from large numbers of affiliates in their jurisdiction active, some have not, and in isolated cases, even when some states have adjusted concessions.

Amazon still refuses the opening of its affiliate program to those state’s affiliate marketers to take advantage of.

And you may say rightfully so, Amazon makes a lot of money selling products online that they can choose where to sell and where not, according to, Amazon generated over $100 billion last year alone.

This concludes the Amazon Affiliate Program Review. Below is a recount of pertinent information and my overall verdict.

Amazon Associate Program at a Glance…Amazon affiliate program alternatives

  1. Name: Amazon Associate Program
  2. Website:
  3. Price to join: No Cost
  4. Affiliate Commission:4% or less
  5. Cookie Period: 24 hours
  6. Recommended: Yes&No
  7. Who can Join: Almost Anyone
  8. Products to Sell: All niches
  9. Easy To Make Money? Yes and No
  10. Method of Payment: It Depends n your location and the payment method you choose.
  11. Safe to use?: Very safe

Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100(Amazon is NOT  a scam site, it`s very legit but commissions are very low)

I hope l have helped make up your mind with this Amazon affiliate program review and you can join Amazon with confidence and start making money from your home.

Need more info on Amazon? Leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you. Think you know someone who can use the Amazon Affiliate program go ahead share this post with them.


Although Amazon is legit and easy to join, there are programs out there that pay much better than Amazon and you`ll not lose your membership for failing to make a sale.

If you are looking to sell affiliate products, I`d advise you to join this program and learn how to do it properly, and earn 50% commissions on every member you refer. It`s free to join and get started so don`t wait.

If you live in a state that does not allow to sell Amazon products as an affiliate, there are similar programs like ShareASale Viglink, flex offers  Magiclinks (check an earlier review on magic links here if you missed it). All accept new members and are also free and easy to join, just click any of the links to join and start making sales.


Amazon did restore access to some states, you can read it here. If you missed it, but some states still can`t promote Amazon products and earn affiliate commissions.


12 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program Review[And Alternatives]”

  1. Thank you for the great review I am an Amazon affiliate and I am new you are right it is very easy to join but they put pressure on you to make that first sale which in my opinion is a little unfair we all want to make money but it isn’t that easy to do all in all Amazon is legit love the review keep up the good work

    • Glad you enjoyed the Amazon review, like you, im an Amazon affiliate and struggled to make that first sale.I think when you`re getting started online, no one tells you how hard it is to make that first sale to avoid being disqualified by Amazon.

      Been there, when I first joined Amazon, I could not make that first sale,I wanted to have a real sale so asking friends or family for help was out of the question. Time went by and I got the dreaded email.I had to change all the affiliate links and products, no fun at all.

      Having said that, there are so many alternative Amazon affiliate programs out there with even higher percentage for affiliates.

  2. I have also joined amazon affiliate for the very reasons mentioned in your review.
    Have not as yet been paid any commission, but it’s early days still.
    One thing that I wasn’t sure about was whether I could join both Amazon USA and Amazon UK ? Made sense to join Amazon UK as this is where I am based.
    Thank you for a super review and good luck on your WA journey.

    • Hello Roy

      You are based in the UK but I believe your readers are international, why not use Amazon international? Anyway, I wish you success with your work going forward, affiliate marketing in my opinion is the best way to make extra income online.

  3. Sounds like there is absolutely mor good than bad with this affiliate program. Though I’m new to affiliate programs and are going through the training at WA I’m not really “there ” yet. I signed up for Amazon and have one link, but I haven’t done much more. This kind of posts are great to read at this moment.

    • Thanks for stopping by Linda,Amazon affiliate program is great and they have a large number of items to promote.In the beginning,I thought the Amazon 24-hour cookie time was too short compared to other affiliate programs that have 1 month cookie time,but Amazon is so trusted and converts very well.

      I hope you will have more Amazon affiliate links as time goes and your website grows.

  4. Hi
    Thanks for your article I have been an Amazon affiliate for a few months now and I had forgotten the training and support they offer, so thanks for there reminder.

    I think Amazon .com is an easier program to become an affiliate on than some of the other Amazon sites (I’m think particularly of Amazon UK site which seems to be a real stickler for who they allow on).

    It was interesting to read why some states don’t have Amazon, I was aware of this but not the reasons why so thanks again.

  5. I agree with all your points on this review of amazon associates. i also agree with the percentage commission being too low as you have to sell a lot of products to get an overall lump of commission. i like the way you have layed out this review as it is very helpful for readers to read the good and the bad

  6. Great review! I have been using the Amazon affiliate program for a while now and I love it! It’s very easy to use and there is virtually any product available. To me, it is the perfect place to begin affiliate marketing with. This is due to its user-friendliness and wide variety of available products. You have written a great review of them, well done!

  7. You post is very informative and it gives a thorough explanation of the affiliate program. I have been with amazons affiliate program for about 3 months now and I love being able to sell anything they have available. It is an amazing way to look at business and the possibilities are endless. Thanks for this it will help lots of people.

  8. Amazon affiliate program is still popular and there are many people who are making money with it. I think the main reason why people prefer this program over others is because everyone knows about Amazon and when it comes to making a purchase no one has a doubt its legitimacy. It’s much easier to sell a product from Amazon than from other unknown website. But commissions are unfairly low in my opinion and the pressure on new affiliates is a little annoying.

    • Thanks Rufat

      You are right, new affiliates in Amazon have a fixed time to make sales or get the boot which I find quite arrogant, but Amazon is such a large company they can afford to do this.

      Another thing l dont like about Amazon is their low commissions especially if an affiliate sells something valued at $10 or less, the affiliate almost earns nothing.

      Another negative in my opinion is the 24hour cookie, l find it too short a time for a cookie but again, so many affiliates out there.

      In my opinion,the real positive in Amazon is that it`s easier to sell Amazon product than it is easy to sell from some unknown affiliate programme.

      Cheers Roamy


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