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Can You Still Earn With Home Based Data Entry Jobs?

There is a growing skepticism about home based data entry jobs. The fears are often justified. Many people have been scammed more than once with such job offers.

So can you earn with home based data entry jobs or not?

Of course, you can! But any amount you earn with such jobs will depend upon your skill set. In any event, it is better to keep expectations of earnings from such jobs at reasonable levels.

Contemporary Data Entry Assignments

Home Based Data Entry Jobs

There was a time much of the “data entry work” was offloaded to data entry operators, be they business or home based operators.

But over the years, nature of “data entry jobs” has changed dramatically. Traditional “data entry jobs” have nearly gone into oblivion.

The question “can you earn with home based data entry jobs” is heard most frequently only from those familiar with conventional “data entry jobs”.

This is because most of the contemporary data entry jobs require special sets of skills now and new terminologies are used.

The good news is that such jobs can also be quite rewarding.  Effectively, those who are interested in such jobs need to equip themselves with additional skills to remain employable and earn decently from this field.

Here is a list of data entry work from home that are around as of now.

  • Captcha Entry jobs

These are perhaps the lowest paying “data entry jobs”. The person needs speed and accuracy in typing.

The captchas are used to prevent computer programs from accessing the site.

Different sets of captchas are created randomly and these are tallied in sequence in accordance with which one of the members or visitors keyed it in.

One of the popular captcha sites is megatypers.com. On an average people can earn anywhere between 3 dollars to 75 dollars each month working on it.

  • Simple data entry

There are several books and manuscripts that are being transformed into digital format. Their content requires a considerable amount of accuracy and the work is time bound.

The books are first converted into PDF, JPG, or similar formats, before sending such formats across for typing.

The required skill set for this job is again confined to typing with great speed and accuracy, i.e., the typing speed higher than 30 words per minute.

The payment in this type of “data entry job” varies as per the complexity of the content. Therefore, textbooks that contain complex data and require more effort in superscripts and subscripts may actually fetch more.

But this type of data also needs to be fed in a specific format and is, therefore, entered in a proprietary software.

This is also where the scope for scamming people comes in as the requestor implies that the software program installation costs are being collected.

Since earnings are often reasonable from this type of “data entry”, people seem more willing to invest for getting longer term returns.

Some of these sites, however, are genuine, even if they seek investment, deposit, or fees initially.

.Macbook, Mac, Apple, Ipad, Iphone

In many cases though, people lack accuracy or are unable to complete the assigned job work. People are not allowed to offload. Such contracts seem perfectly designed to make the person give up working.

Data Entry Through Freelance Sites

There are, however, a few contractors who offer such jobs on reliable sites such as Upwork.com, Elance, Fiverr, mturk, and Freelancer.  These sites collect money upfront from a client and keep them in Escrow accounts.

Only when the content is approved, the amount is released to the worker.  Such an arrangement gives the person working also a chance to ask for a review of his or her work if it is being unfairly turned down.

Therefore, it is always better to go through data entry from home jobs sites and bid for the work rather than pay money as investments, registration, etc., and be duped.

  • Forms     

This requires practice and earnings only increase over time. Basically, the requester installs a proprietary package or software in which there would be some forms.

The person entering the data would be given the required information in a different file, and the data would have to be filled in correctly.

Sometimes the work is copy paste assignment as well, in which the person would be copying and pasting the data from a data file into the appropriate blank fields in the form generated by the proprietary software.

The skill set required for this job is slightly more advanced because here, the person has to read, analyze, and type or paste the information correctly.

As mentioned above, there are reliable sites such as Freelancer and Upwork.com from where such jobs can be taken up.

Accounts Data Entry

Luckily for “data entry operators” such jobs are around since accounts statements are not necessarily in agreement with what the bank has in its records.

The bank can err, and so can the accountant. Therefore, these jobs will be around for a long time.

Most organizations maintain records of checks being issued every day without recording them in accounts. Similarly, there is the need for invoices to be recorded or receipts being recorded.

This is again a bookkeeping job so some knowledge of bookkeeping becomes necessary.

The data is usually entered in software tools specified by the client, and the client forwards the bank register, or invoice register for necessary posting into accounts.

The pay is more, but these jobs are not easily given to just anyone because of privacy concerns.

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  • Correcting or Reformatting Content

This type of data entry assignment includes different types of assignments such as

  • correcting English,
  • reformatting the content to make it easy to understand or present it sequentially,
  • formatting content to fit in specified space be it page or box, etc.

The skill set required includes knowledge of English and/or the package or software tool for with the content needs to be tailor-made.

The payment is definitely reasonable, but jobs may require the person to undergo a few tests relevant to required set of skills.

  • Transcriptions

This forms a major chunk of “data entry jobs”. Transcription may be of movies or television content. The most common transcription format is the medical transcription.

Basically, it requires the person to hear, and type. Accuracy is important as is command over English and ability to type.

It is one of the highest paying home based data entry jobs but requires special equipment at the end of data entry operator, i.e., headphones.

Business Woman, Phone, Case, Finance

  • Captions

Many of the sites and blogs use pictures on the Internet and these require captions. Such jobs are also needed for movies, or video recordings.

A good command over English is needed apart from knowledge of the software package in which such caption is to be entered.

The payment matches the skill set as at times captions may be related to professional content such as those used in medical journals.

What To Watch Out For When Taking Home Based Data Entry Jobs

Be careful when:

  • You are asked to pay a substantial amount of deposit or registration fees for accessing the job. If the person wants you to do the job, there is no reason why he or she cannot offer the tool free of cost.

At the most, the investment from your end should not be more than half month’s income promised by the job.

  • You see something too good to be true. Nobody is going to pay you a substantial amount for ordinary typing these days. So if somebody is offering even $3 for typing a page, it means you need to check with others who are already doing the job whether they are getting as much from this client.
  • You are not confident about the workload. There is no reason for the requester to offload more workload than is normal.


There is a definite expansion of the field with new activities such as transcriptions and captchas becoming very common.  Simple data entry is on its way out, but the quantum of captions work has increased in the meanwhile because of growing number of websites and video content.

It is obvious that knowing merely typing and being able to perform data entry work from home will not be sufficient in future to look at these opportunities for supplementing income.

Chances of being scammed in jobs that require higher skill sets are lower and correspondingly emoluments are higher.

Therefore, if anybody asks “can you earn with home based data entry jobs”, my answer will still be yes, if the person understands what the words “data entry jobs” mean today.

You can still make money with home based data entry jobs but to make money online with data entry, you need contracts so this way of making money online is not guaranteed, with affiliate marketing, you sell other people’s products from your website. It starts with a free website at Wealthy Affiliate

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Traffic Generation With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is often treated lightly as socializing, but the results indicate that it offers richer dividends than other online traffic generating methods, and Online marketing of any business enterprise should now include forum marketing in its plans.

All that a person needs to know is Marketing, Social Media, forum marketing

How To Use Forum Marketing Effectively

Many people have read about forum marketing but do not really know how to use it . Here are a few steps on how to use forum marketing effectively for selling a product or service.

Identify forums that are directly or indirectly related to the product or service you are promoting and join them

It takes time, but traffic generation with forum marketing is also easy. What you have to watch for is to search for recent conversations.

Many forums no longer receive visitors because the members might have joined new forums, or new technology has made the product or service obsolete.

You would need about 2 or more forums. Good online forums would have achieved membership of 1000 members or so, and there would be 10,000 or so posts there indicating the activity level.

To confirm whether the forum is still active, ensure that 10 new posts are being added to it every day.

This can be done by studying the record of immediately preceding one month.

Get familiar with rules before joining the forum

Many forums are up there for promoting specific products. So what should you be watching out for?

  • Is this forum going to allow me to use links in my posts?”
  • Will I be able to contact other members of the forum for any commercial purposes?”
  • How does the site treat new members ?”
  • Is the site open to business promotion by other members, or not?”
  • Will I be allowed to insert some commercial logo or verbiage with my signature on this forum?”

Most of the members strictly follow rules and any violation of the rules can get you into their wrong books. You don’t want to be in that place.

Forum, Community, forum marketing

• Introduce yourself

This is not for marketing. It is to know your expertise and your experience.

Have a human personality

People relate better to human beings rather than any business enterprise as they expect some sales pitch sooner or later from the business enterprise.

In general, people feel business enterprises would hide the negatives about the product, so you don’t want what you say to be taken with a pinch of salt.

You should also include information as asked in profile as it makes your human personality more authentic. This means including a photograph would help though not mandatory.

Similarly, adopt a signature for the forum. Try to be brief in that signature if the site allows you to include a link and other as you do not want to appear to be pushy.

• Move with the flow

Some people are desperate to sell and that can irritate the members of the forum. Be sure to offer information about the product where needed and not hard sell the product.

Focus on sharing facts, important features, and relevant information in the forum instead of offering irrelevant data.
In general, spend a few months learning how others are interacting and follow that as the culture of the forum.

Engage in solving problems

You obviously are knowledgeable in the subject. It would benefit you to answer questions and solve problems even if the interaction on the thread does not exactly offer any opening for you to sell any of your products or services.

Such interactions make you and your opinions valuable and that rubs off on your product or service.

• Your interaction is the key

For a long time, SEO experts have been harping on content. On forums, it is important how you interact and your social skills come into play.

As a marketer, you already have them in real life. Now. you have to take them up there, interact in a polite, and entertaining way rather than somebody trying to push a product down others gullet.

The more interesting your interactions on the subjects are, greater are the chances that your link under your post will be clicked and the person arriving on your website, or blog is likely to become your customer.

Note that interesting interaction or entertaining interaction does not mean dramatic or overly humorous. Arguments are to be avoided as much as curt or rude interaction.

Any explosive conversation or topics such as religion or politics should also not be stretched even if the forum rules do not ban them, experienced forum marketers never get involved in religion discussions unless you are in a religion specific forum.

Whatever your niche is, there are forums for it out there, a simple search on google is all it takes.No matter how specific your niche is, look for different forums and find the ones you like best.


Forum marketing traffic will not be much. It will also take a while for it to start pouring in. But the quality of traffic would be high, and the efforts will have long-lasting effects.Read an earlier post where different qualities of traffic are explained.
If you master how to use forum marketing effectively, you can ensure some knowledgeable clientele becoming lifetime clients, and those who value their opinions such as their friends and relatives too would be buying your products.
Remember, not to use forum marketing as a sales tool by overdoing sales pitches. Instead, respect the members as people who know what they are talking about and offer only the information they seek.


Liked My Post Or Found It Useful? Please Share On Social Media

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Buying Website Traffic Keeping You From Growing?

If you own a website, you have come across the words “website traffic”. It is basically the number of views that your website had.
It is this traffic that determines the popularity of your website and every website owner is looking for ways to increase website traffic.

If you are a manufacturer or a supplier, you would feel pleased about such popularity as it implies your site is finding visitors even though there are so many people out there.
But there is more to website traffic than simply getting a visitor to open your website.

Image result for website traffic,Buying Website Traffic

What are the major advantages of website traffic?

It is no secret that there are reasons you want the website traffic.

  • You want to convert that visitor into a customer;
  • You want the advertisers to know that your website or page within gets so much attention, based on which they might want to put an advertisement there which will increase your earnings.

This is what the calculation of your daily revenues from your website or blog are about;

  •  You want the visitor to be visiting your website regularly for improving the ranking in the search engines. The search engines, after all, pull up websites based on traffic, and list them.
  • The first few pages that open up on searching the internet have websites that have had more traffic. You obviously want your website there, as the visitor is less likely to go beyond first few pages in search of whatever he or she is searching.

It doesn’t matter if the said website does list everything that the visitor has asked for.

Why Buy Website Traffic?

It is not only the manufacturers who would be interested in website traffic! It also would be service providers, or just about anybody who is directly or indirectly related to the content within the website for latching in and climbing the ladder.
Inter-related content, products, and services help in climbing the search engine ladders. It also becomes easier to identify products for diversification or develop partnerships and franchises, etc.
Such traffic also helps in recruiting the desired personnel and orient research and development towards what customers are seeking and removing any doubts they’ve had in their minds.

Any website owner who feel they are not getting enough traffic to the website can decide to buy website traffic to speed up things. Read more why website traffic is important

Isn’t Buying Website Traffic Easy Now?

It is, but there are ample negatives to such purchase. You might wonder how buying website traffic is bad. We will tell you how.

Targeted website traffic

The Website Visitors

    •  The same person visiting the website each day and not transforming into a customer. The visit is recorded as a hit, but overall, it is bringing down the effectiveness of your website because you get such hits but correspondingly you are not getting customers.
      The ratio of customer to the number of hits comes down, i.e., 1 customer/100 hits is better than 1 customer/1000 hits.
      • A visitor could be from a different country or region where your product or service is not sold. How would that help you, if your products are not geo-targeted?
      • The visitor may just open the website and close it, which is referred to as bouncing. Bouncing is actually bad and not welcome in the advertising community as it indicates that visitor does not find the website or blog interesting enough to stay on the page long enough.
      If the visitor is not going to hang around, it is unlikely he or she will see the advertisement that will be placed there. How much time a visitor spends on the site is, therefore, important.
      • Visitors may not be for the targeted market. If it is not the target market, then chances of finding a customer come down drastically.
    • You want your website noticed by those who matter, not those who don’t. What is the point in trying to sell an expensive product to somebody who does not have the budget for it?
      You need to find the targeted market clicking it.
    • They most certainly would not be found as easily as ordinary paid clickers. So alternative methods like social marketing would fish them out.

Are You Buying Quality Website Traffic?

Tools like google analytics  are available that help to identify and analyze and give you an accurate website traffic report on :

• Daily visitors to the website;
• “Daily page views” within the website to determine which page is effective and which is not;
• Assess daily revenues from each page;
• The effectiveness of the website in transforming visitors into customers, i.e., how many customers are obtained from 100 visitors.

Such tools are even free and also offering details associated with them, such as Alexa rankings, and links that were shared on facebook’s social network.
By obtaining such information, it is possible to tweak the data, and optimally utilize the pages to earn more from these sites or decide if buying website traffic is right for you.


While traffic to your website is certainly desirable, buying cheap website traffic may actually ruin its reputation in the eyes of those who matter. By adopting different strategies,aiming for

By adopting different strategies,aiming for targeted traffic and  using social media  and then orienting traffic from content on social media network to the website can be adopted, search engine ranking needs can be bypassed, and more effective results can be obtained.

By adopting different strategies, such as using social media networks and then orienting traffic from content on social media network to the website can be adopted, and more effective results can be obtained.

People on your website from paid website traffic sites will not improve your site in any way and buying website traffic is not cheap especially if you are just getting started.

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Online Home Jobs Review


Website: www.online-home-jobs.com

Verdict: Scam

Online Home Jobs is one of the sites that lured and trapped many unemployed people in its web.

You would be well advised to read reviews of sites like this before joining them.

During our investigations, we discovered quite a few reliable reviews, but as a recap, we will offer valuable information that can help you smell other scamming sites.

We will guide you on how to recognize a site that is likely to scam you, with reasoning, and also offer remedies if you have already been a victim.

What Indicates Online Home Jobs Is A Scam Site?

• For starters, the name of its owner, Mike Atherton should ring alarm bells. Yes, he is the same guy who owned 365jobs4u.com.

That site failed, and many were scammed. Some people can be fooled once, others all time. Atherton proved that clearly because he did that again with workforhome.com, and is now doing it with online-home-jobs.com.

Moral of the story is, always check the background of the site owner before signing yourself up.


The site has been around since 2006. You would think that is a good reason enough to think it is a reliable website. Though longevity is often used as a criterion to decide on the reliability of the site, there are exceptions to the rule as this one.
Ask yourself why the site has moved from New York to the UK and operates from Bangalore, India now.

Maybe the management has changed, or maybe not. Whatever be the reason, it smells fishy when you look at the contacts page. Look at the contact email! It is a Gmail address!
For a website that has been around for as long as this, one would think it would have the address with its own name.

False Promises

The money that is being promised, seems unusually high for the jobs that only require minimum computer skills.

Most people fail to read “up to” anyway. Ask yourself, does any regular job offer $11,250 per month for form filling or $12,500 per month for ad posting, and that will make you realize that something is not right here.

The jobs posted at online home jobs are no longer in demand. “online” or “offline” data entry, form filling, “ad posting”, “copying and pasting”, “captcha works”, etc., are jobs that are truly not necessary these days. In the past, yes, for a while these jobs were needed. They are no longer enough for earning enough.

Even “Google Adsense” and “Twitter jobs” can’t fetch much; certainly not as much as mentioned.And remember you need a website to qualify and earn money with Adsense

 Registration fees!

There has to be an obvious catch somewhere, and this is it.

The amount of $93 or even $159 for different and higher privileges may seem reasonable, considering that there are legitimate websites like iWriter that do charge for giving access to content requirements posted by people who want higher standards be maintained.

But those websites are considerably more transparent in their operations when compared to this website, and also have quality control procedure.

There is no proper system or forum for expressing grievances and getting attention to them.

Fake Statistics? online home jobs statistics,Online home jobs Review

The statistics provided on the breakup of members, i.e., JobSeekers and MaxiMoney earnings do not indicate the earnings divided by the total number of members, and the number of years. In any event, those are not audited numbers there, though they may be real time amounts.

Other Flaws Related To Online Home Jobs Include:

The site itself is not designed in a manner that is user-friendly and there are many sections of it like the “Most Popular Questions”, that offer little to no information. Likewise, there are sections related to MaxiMoney which have not been updated since 2013.

Any complaints on the net so far have been met by deaf ears. Most of these complaints are about the site not having made the payments.

It would be nice if the site included information about such complaints as well, along with the statistics of earnings of members. It would put things in somewhat clear perspective.

It has affiliate system which again asks for initial investment and has a fairly large payout threshold.

It does not look like anybody would be earning something from “paid to click” that fast anytime soon, if at all.

The site is also a hotchpotch of many money making options. MaxiMoney, for example, is an investment option, and the investments offer returns like HYIPs. Anybody who has invested in HYIPs knows how risky they can get.

Likewise, there is a franchise option, which requires a person to pay some deposit. Though deposits are refundable, but very few have received them.

See My # 1 Recommendation Program

Bottom line on Online Home Jobs Review: 

Does “online home jobs” pay?

To be fair, online Home Jobs does pay as of yet. However, not for every job, and certainly not at the rates that are mentioned on the site.

Such payment nowhere justifies the registration fees and earnings take a long time to accrue.

Major Negatives  of “online home jobs” could be:

• Risky investment option;
• Dishonest about how much can be earned from it;
• There are several complaints that go unattended and admitted, duly explaining what led to those non-payments;
• It charges for registration, and even for direct jobs! The charges are by no means small.
• The track record of Mike Atherton, the site owner, is not good.
• The amounts suggested as refundable are not really received by many people.
• There are no training steps. Such steps would be needed in links related to Google Adsense or tweet and earn option.
• There is nothing to indicate track record of earnings and disbursement and increase or decrease of members over the year. The about page is way too silent.
• There is no forum or support even though they have given the email address, and chat as well as phone support numbers and timings. It is not easy to contact them.


On the whole, there is a lack of transparency in this site and a lot of confusion.
They have mentioned how they will accept the payments, but have not mentioned how they will disburse payments. There are people giving good reports about the site, as yet, but it may only be some contracts that are fetching from places like Fiverr.
For rest of the members, it seems to be a shot in the dark type of game.
In many cases, such as direct jobs, a member has to pay annual fees. Considering all such factors and the disparity in promises and deliverance of promises, this site is much closer to scam category than a legitimate site.

I hope that with all the cons of “online home jobs” program that I have mentioned above, are more than enough for you to stay away from that program. Instead, I honestly recommend you to go through 10 lessons of the certification course at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Membership Level: Premium
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magistudios rated this course 10/10

This is a great foundation course on how to get started with an online business.

Everything is layed out in a simple & easy to understand format.
There are no upsells, or any other form of forced payment.


Membership Level: Premium
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IveTriedThat rated this course 10/10
Get ready to take your first steps towards building your own online business. Level 1 is going to help you understand how this whole process works. It will be the base on which you build your business to start earning an income. Work your way through these lessons and ask questions when you get stuck. Strap in, because it’s about to get interesting.
Ty Johnson
Membership Level: Premium
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Ty Johnson rated this course 10/10

This is an excellent course that will take a person from 0 knowledge to an understanding of the basics but I see many people making one simple mistake when doing this course.

I see people getting a few courses into this and then trying to do the rest on their own or by asking questions in live chat. The fact is it’s all here in this training for those that are willing to dig in here and complete the course.

Work through this one step at a time don’t rush through it or skip steps, if it takes you a week to complete one part of it then take a week but don’t skip.

Membership Level: Premium
Member Since: Nov 13, 2011
Hani rated this course 10/10
An amazing course. Nothing like WA for learning everything there is to know about Internet Marketing. As Ty recommends first of all go through all the training and if you get stuck then ask questions in chat along the way. But make sure you do each and every lesson. It is very interesting and very rewarding.
Read all (312) members review.
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Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes

Work from home stuffing envelopes and getting paid is often portrayed as a job suitable for people desirous or needing to work from home.

The person is asked to pay some amount upfront and thereafter, the contract is given for a brief period. Beyond that, there is no way to get the contract or money.

Effectively, such offers are scams, and they need to be understood as such instead of turning from one such contract to another thinking that such jobs are indeed legitimate and available, waiting to be discovered.

But can you work from home stuffing envelopes and make money?keep reading.

Why Working From Stuffing Envelopes Jobs Are No Longer Around

To be honest, such jobs did exist previously. The companies used them for sending fliers to their former customers, or potential customers.

At times, the companies used them for sending reports or notices of any corporate or general meetings or other seasonal greetings to shareholders.

But it would indeed be naïve to think that the companies had so many customers or potential customers that they would be spending a lot of money on regular basis for such activity.

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Moreover, sending notices to shareholders in this manner implies parting with information that may not be in the best interests of the company.

Therefore, that job did not come into the pool for work at home folks at all, even when there was potential for such activity.

Given the limited quantity of work, and availability of people willing to folding of fliers in a specific way and pushing them inside envelopes, the work certainly did not fetch much even back then, and was not a regular source of income either.

The internet completely changed the scenario. Fliers have steadily decreased in number, and emails have become a popular route for sending information about a new product, venture, or whatever it is that is being promoted.

Therefore, there are no “work at home” jobs that require people to stuff those envelopes anymore. Anybody promising such a job is essentially a scammer.

The Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes Scammer Techniques

Businesswoman, Start, At The Beginning

The targeted audience is the unemployed section of the society, retired people looking at supplementing their income, disabled people, caregivers, and moms who are for the moment staying home, but need to earn something.

• In the beginning, the scammer claims he or she is earning $1800 odd dollars each week. Because it begins with “I am” earning, people are often willing to believe such statements are true, even if they are normally skeptical.
The sum totally blinds their reasoning. Often people are so desperately in need of a job that they believe this is their good luck calling because they’ve had enough of bad luck already.
• The scammer adds a video or picture. You wouldn’t spend time identifying the person, would you?
• The scammer lets you contact him or her and replies or answers your queries. That sounds genuine enough.
• The scammer mentions substantial amount for such simple task. For example, $5 could be offered for stuffing one envelope. But is that not rather high for such a simple job? Of course, it is! If it were so high, employees would stay over and do the job, or bring their family members to do the job.
• Guarantees are offered to lure people. The advertisement says that in six months if the earning is not sufficient then the substantial amount would be returned. Needless to say, nothing is returned.
• The scammer’s claim acquires a stamp of authenticity when you have to pay for a starter’s kit. People believe that there are no free lunches! There are on the Internet.
• The amount for a starter’s kit is again hugely discounted. The question arises in mind, why anybody would want to do that?
• Some sites go so far as saying we have identified reliable sites, and we can share the address for a specific amount of registration fees. In addition, they may include some surveys on those sites. Surveys have become income generating source for many people. Therefore, they are considered to be reliable.
But not all surveys fetch something, especially on sites like this, which have added survey there to look like an authentic and paying site.
• To avoid legal hassles, such scammers make it a point to add that payments would be made only when the stuffed envelope translates into the sale. This means the probability of earning anything from the job is zero!

Even when they do pay initially, it is only to ensure that you convince others that their site is authentic. Legally, that brings in the pyramid structure, read more from www.consumer.gov


Contract, Small Print, Businesswoman

What Should You Do If You Have Been Scammed By Somebody Like This?

Here are few things which you need to do.
• Ask for refund;
• Tell them (threaten them) with dire consequences which mean telling them I am going to report this scam to ftccomplaintassistant.gov, which is a part of the federal trade commission and is meant to look at such scamming activities;
• You can approach consumer protection departments locally as well as in area where the site is registered;
• Better businesses bureau also needs to be informed;
• Use social media sites to announce the problem and bring in negative publicity for the scammer.

Here`s The Good Part

I know how hard it is to find a legitimate work from home program, I`ve been there, I`ve been scammed so many times it`s embarrassing.

If you are looking for an honest work from home opportunity that you can fit around your family, you may like to visit Wealthy Affiliate.

There you will meet like-minded people in a safe,scam-free, spam free environment making big money from home doing affiliate marketing.

Not only that, there are very successful gurus all happy to show you how to get started.And the best news? It`s totally free to get started and build YOUR own business.

If you have time and looking for ways to earn extra income check my top recommendation here I will be there to help you get started and build a successful online business.


If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Always have realistic expectations and remember that nobody would pay a lot for an unskilled job such as this, which has little responsibility attached to it.

Any site that offers authentic job would also not ask you to pay for a starter kit.
Save yourself the trouble as well as money by recognizing the scammer and preventing others from falling into their trap.

If you have any questions, do leave me a message, would love to hear from you.



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Inbox Dollars Review

InboxDollars Logo,Inbox Dollars

The prospect of “earning money from home” has a certain appeal that intrigues many people. Admittingly, there are several ways to earn online. Some of these opportunities require specific talent, skill, or knowledge. Others do not.

But such “general earning opportunities” come with the risk of scamming as well as low earnings. Inbox Dollars is one of the safer options around where you get paid for taking surveys online.

What to look for in any online money making options that do not require special skills?

If you want a reliable online earning opportunity which does not require you to have professional skills, look for the following key factors:

• How long the website or online opportunity has been around?;

• Is there any joining fees to be paid?;
• What you need to do for earning there, can you do it, and how much time would it take for you to earn the minimum amount needed for the payout?;
• Is the website likely to continue in foreseeable future?;
• What is its minimum payout limit and how long will it take a person to reach that?;
• Is it possible to increase the pace of earning and withdrawing? If so, how much investment is needed?;
• How does the site pay?;
• Does the site have required support?

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Now Inbox Dollars review against the selected criteria and evaluate it in relation to similar websites.

•Inbox dollars has been around since 2000. There are very few online companies that are around since then, if at all. It has been paying as per its terms and conditions since then. This means it is a reliable opportunity for making money online. On a scale of 1 to 10, the site would score 10 for reliability.

• The site is a “free to join” site, no initial investment is needed for signing up or earning from this site. Correspondingly, it scores 10/10 for this convenience.

• There are different ways to earn on this site starting from web browsing, reading paid emails, watching some video commercials, playing games, shopping, completing surveys, redeeming electronic coupons such as grocery coupons, and referring other persons. Not a difficult thing to do.

At least some of the activities are possible each day. Surveys may take about half an hour to an hour, depending on the survey and the number of surveys available.

Here too the site compares well with similar sites and scores 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, primarily because of the time it would take to complete those surveys or play games;

• The website partners with the likes of Walmart, Target, Netflix, pch.com, and H&R Block, which are well-established businesses to do shopping in, and watch movies from. Such businesses also pay promptly. It is, therefore, easy to say that the site scores 10/10 for this.

• The minimum payout limit is 30 dollars, which is disappointing. The site does offer a joining bonus of $5 so that members achieve this target faster. But even earnings on various surveys, web browsing, shopping, etc., are not much. Therefore, reaching that payout may take a couple of months. Effectively, the site only scores 5/10 here in comparison to its peers.

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• After cashing out the first time, the member is made as Golden Member, which increases the benefits and also helps to earn faster. Because most of the sites charge for such membership, this site scores 9/10 here as well.

• Earnings may be in the form of cash, bonuses, gifts cards, sweepstakes, loyalty rewards, etc. Cash would be paid through “Prepaid Visa” cash card, or Inboxdollars’ checks or e-cards. Here too, the site scores 9/10 because payments are not instantaneous.

• The site offers live support, 24/7 through LiveChat. Therefore, it scores 10/10.

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Now to Inbox Dollars Cons

• Some tasks may be in foreign language;(again it`s an advantage if you speak a foreign language)
• Though there are many tasks, there is a restriction on the number of tasks the member is allowed to do each, which restricts earnings;
• Some personal information is needed at the beginning;

• The email account furnished can get filled with spam, if the member chooses to sign up for some of the businesses or websites that offer higher amounts in tasks.
• It does not pay through PayPal, which is often the most preferred online payment processor.
• Payment processing fee collected by this site is $3 irrespective of the size of withdrawal. On $30 that is 10 percent!
• The processing of payment can take as long as 3 weeks or so for the first withdrawal.
• Your account needs to remain active, i.e., you have 10 days to complete some of the offers or tasks. If you fail to do them in that time, your account becomes inactive. There is a time limit of six months during which the member may request for reinstating. Beyond that, the account is closed for good.


Inbox Dollars will definitely not give you sufficient income to work from home. But it is a legitimate site. It can, when combined with other sites, give you a decent supplementary income. If you refer more people, you can fare better.

Although Inbox Dollars pays its members, it`s not what I`d recommend,as it is not the best way to earn online.You can do much better than to earn credits for taking surveys and earning small change every few months.

Affiliate marketing will earn you much more and you are not limited as to how much you can earn in a day or month,your hard work pays and it starts with building your free website around your passion .

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