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Copy Paste Income Review

Looking to buy copy paste income but need review before you buy?I’m glad you are, buying without reading honest reviews can cost quite a lot. Going to share with you an in-depth review on how the program work or don’t.

Name: Copy Paste Income

Website: http://www.copypasteincome.com

Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 30/100


Copy Paste income review

Copy paste income is an online product presented by Ewen Chia. In his presentation, he claims that he has a simple method which has helped many people earn thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

However, after going through the entire product, I realized that there are two main things that do not add up. The name of the product, copy paste income and the amount of income you can earn.

What does Copy Paste Income Entail?

Copy paste income entails training people to do promotion of affiliate products online. It gives you a strategy whereby you copy and paste previously written materials and promote them to a batch of email addresses.

This particular practice is bad as it sounds more of spamming than promoting and spamming is a no-no if you want to succeed online. This practice is not one you can use on a long-term scale because you will have to be stopped at one point; you may not even receive your hard earnings if any should such an incidence occur.

Legit and serious affiliate marketers know that if you want to succeed online, you need essential things which include owning a website, driving traffic to your website, writing high-quality content and building a relationship with your customers.

Unless you have these in place, you are just wasting your time as you can not have a long-term success, online success begins with a strong foundation your website.

There are very many ways you can use to monetize a website so if you do not have one; you are probably missing out on a lot. Also, without loyal customers, your affiliate marketing career won’t progress well.

You can go here to build 2 free websites of your own and start promoting better products that will make you money long term.

Who is Copy Paste income For?

This product is supposedly meant for beginners who want to make money online through affiliate marketing. However, given that the alleged developer does not give straightforward methods of earning the money he claims, many come to find out that making thousands of dollars is not as easy as he claims.

The copy paste income method is not recommended for anyone who wants to make money online. Though Ewen Chia claims that people have earned thousands of dollars from it, he does not give us any evidence to prove that. This could only mean that he only says that to get unsuspecting people to sign up for this scam.But he`s quick to show fake sales snapshots like the ones below.

Copy Paste income reviewCopy Paste income review

Pros and cons of copy paste income

Unlike other legit products where the pros are more than cons, the case is different for this product. Read on to find out.


  • Training is done on auto responders
  • Training is given on how to pick the right affiliate programs


  • It does not include website training
  • Has false advertising
  • Not free to try
  • It does not foster relationship with clients
  • Email spamming
  • No long term income

Money Back Problems

Copy paste income is sold at ClickBank, Although there is a 100% money back guarantee, Clickbank sells almost anything even if the product does not have a very good reputation.As long as they can make money without too many complaints and refunds.I`d advise you to choose carefully when buying Clickbank products.

What does training entail?                           

There are training videos on the copy paste income website but the downside factor is what they teach. They want to make you believe that you do not need a website to start making money online as an affiliate marketer.

The truth is that you need to have a website with good quality content to attract customers. This also means that you have to dedicate a lot of time to building contrary to what they want to make you believe.

The training may teach you to be an expert on poaching emails addresses and spamming them with numerous affiliate links not knowing whether or not someone will buy your products.

At the end of the day, you will not have formed long-term relationships with clients and thus you won’t have repeat customers. Basically, the person who created the copy paste income method just doesn’t want to advance financially in life.

Copy Paste Income Videos


When you purchase  Copy paste income, you get 6 videos to guide you step by step, nothing useful, you learn how to create an nothing useful, you learn how to create an Ebook, PDF, finding a niche or finding an affiliate program.I’m sure if you`ve been on the internet for some time, you already know how affiliate marketing works or how to find affiliate products to promote.

Some Positives?

Ewen chia claims to have you making money in 24 hours, this is unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean the product is a scam. The video training is reasonable to good, and you don’t need experience,  website, web hosting, or be technically savvy.Bur as already said, if you want long-term success, you need your own website.

Create Your Own website free here, it takes just minutes

How much does it cost?

Copy and paste income method is not free; you have to part with a one-time fee of $37. They also claim that if you sign from their home page, they are going to give you a discount.  The fee may seem small but if you consider the fact that there are numerous affiliate programs out there that will give you a free account to start with, you will find that you are just wasting your money on this program.Did l mention the upsells?

Bottom line

Ewen Chia claims to be an affiliate marketing expert but I don’t agree, what he`s doing is selling you his crappy product and making money.  He is known for taking up on old products, rebranding them and selling them with overhyped reviews.

The whole copy paste income review is to show you that this method product does not teach anything useful that you can apply anywhere else without getting banned by email account providers and auto responders.

Another thing l felt is that the whole copy paste was made in a hurry, the videos are not the best quality out there.

My Recommendation?

Now that we know Copy paste income does not work and will not make you money, we know that you need to build a strong foundation to get you started online, Wealthy Affiliate will guide you, from building a website, creating content to making money with affiliate products long term.The best news is Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and create 2 websites to get you started online

Copy Paste income review Verdict

Name: Copy Paste Income

Website: http://www.copypasteincome.com/

Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 30/100

Not recommended, you will not succeed with this product

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Where to buy domain name

Http, Www, Absturz, Administrator, At

A Domain Name System is an online naming system that makes it easy for people to find your website easily.  It gives servers a unique, memorable and easy to spell address which would have been hard to type if the technical IP addresses were being used.

Why you need a domain name

A domain name is your own unique identity so you can’t share it with another entity. Therefore, when looking for a domain name, you have to find one which has never been used elsewhere.

One of the main reasons why you need a domain name is that it helps you to establish your credibility as an authority in your area of specialization whether you are a business or an individual.

Additionally, you can get personalized and multiple email addresses with your own domain name which makes it easy for people to find you online.

Visitors to your website will definitely appreciate the fact that they are dealing with the owner directly.

You can also create multiple emails for various departments and organization functions. This is essential in reducing the time it takes to respond to mail and it enhances customer satisfaction.

http://morewages.blogspot.com or http:// morewages.com what looks better?

Namecheap,Where to buy domain name


Search engines are bound to give your website the better priority when you have your own domain name. You will get a higher ranking when your home page is running under your own domain name than when you were to be using free web hosting or a subdomain.

The search engine traffic you get with your unique domain name will help propel you to online success.

A domain name gives you portability whereby you can carry your website to any web host of your choice whenever you want a change. If you are using someone else’s domain, you will most probably lose your loyal followers and your hard work when transferring to another domain registrar.

This means that you will have to start building your traffic from scratch which is a waste of time you spent building your subdomain.

Why You Need To Buy A Domain Name

I believe you are reading this because you are interested in buying a domain name right?we`ll look at different options available.

The reasons why you need a domain name are innumerous. The most important thing you have to know is that without a domain name, your website will not look professional at all.

It will look like one that has been created by an amateur and people will not see the value of visiting it. But you can now have a professional website in minutes with the help of my number 1 rated program.Don`t worry if you`ve never created a website before, they will guide you all the way.

How To Buy Domain Name Explained

To get a brand name like example.com, if you have decided on a name already, you will need to register at one of the domain registers, prices start at around $9.99 for a year.
(GoDaddy to have offers from time to time where you can buy a domain for as cheap as $1.99 a year)Remember you have to renew your domain every year, or you can pay for an extended time if you chose to.

Where to buy domain name

There are many domain registrars to choose from but the most common is Name cheap which provides domains for as low as $10 annually. Others include Dotster, 1and 1, GoDaddy among others.

Name cheap is the top of my list. Namecheap is user- friendly and makes buying a domain easy even as a beginner.As well as selling domain names, you can have your site hosted.With a few clicks, you will have your domain ready.Another reason for having Namecheap as my top choice for domains is they don`t have upsells which I hate.

GoDaddy is another place where you can buy domains and as said, look out for their special offers from time to time where you can buy a domain cheaply, if you need hosting, they offer this too.A real turn off at Godaddy are their upsells.

With over 11 million registered domains,1&1 is the leading domain registrations.At 1&1 you not only have a chance to buy a domain, but you can also have an extension to your domain.They make registration easy and newbie friendly.Do check out for special discounts that can be as cheap as $.99 for 12 months.

Paying For Your Domain

As said, Namecheap is at the top of my list so I will guide you on purchasing and paying at Namecheap start by going to Namecheap.com the name you want is available, it will look as the image below.Showing you the price for the domain and alternatives with .info,. club,.com etc.

namecheap-snip-26-12-2016,buy domain name

If you`re happy with your choice, click the shopping basket and your domain name will be placed in the basket  shopping-basket-name-cheap

Check again to be sure you`re happy with everything if you are, on the right side, you`ll see your subtotal, click to confirm order.The magic is done, you are a domain owner.Now all you have to do is choose payment processor and pay.

Congratulations, you are done.Registering a domain name is a quick process that needs a few minutes to complete.

It usually takes 24-48 hours for a domain to become active. You can’t start blogging immediately after getting a domain name but at least you have taken one big step towards having your own website.

Bottom Line

You will never find out what it means to establish yourself as an online brand till you have your own domain. As said earlier, once you find the perfect domain name; never let it go because you never know if that could be the ticket to your online success.

My Choice.Wealthy Affiliates is my first choice for Domain names and creating your first website Wealthy affiliate domains come with loads of advantages.

Wealthy affiliate is a complete website platform and you can expect more than just a domain name and then hosting.You can host at Wealthy affiliate and have more
  • Daily website backups
  • Hosting
  •  Expert website feedback, you have other eyes looking at your website and giving you honest opinion on where to improve
  • Website comments this is great on improving google ranks

You can get started right now and the best part for the last? it`s totally free to join Wealthy affiliate and create your website.

I hope that with my post, I have helped you make a wise decision on where to buy domain name/s and get started with your first website.

Need any more help let me know, will be glad to answer any questions, just leave me a message below.

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Clixsense Paid To Click (PTC)Review


Clixsense Paid To Click (PTC)ReviewAre you looking for ways to improve your income from home? Being paid to click on ads on the internet is the easiest way to earn money online from home without any experience.I’m going to give you an honest review on Clixsense, how it works and how you get paid.

Finding an honest PTC that pays is difficult, what with today here tomorrow gone? most PTCs don’t last long so Clixsense has really done well.



Rating: 8/10

Owner: Jim Grago

Price to join: Free (upgrade to premium $17/year )Optional

Before you continue, be informed that you will not get rich by clicking on ads, being paid to click sounds easy, but the pay is so low you will hardly make enough to pay your electricity bill.And with time, it gets so boring looking at ads you don`t care for.

Getting Paid To Browse The Internet And Click Ads

To begin with, you might be asking what is paid to click? paid to click is exactly that, you get paid to click and view ads on different websites.

Making the cents in Clixsense is easy, you join and as soon as you are approved, you can start clicking on ads, view the ads for a few seconds and get paid for it.The earnings are from 0.001 to maximum 0.02. The minimum cash out is $8.00 you do the math how long it will take you to make enough money in your account to cash out.

How To Earn More With Clixsense

As already said, earning decent in Clixsense is almost impossible, but there are Clixsense tasks that earn more you more than clicking ads.

Clixsense Surveys


  • Get Paid to Play Games: Yes in Clixsense you can be paid to play Clixsense games.
  • Get Paid to Watch Videos: The videos, lasting about 30 seconds, pays a bit more than clicking on ads.
  • Get Paid to take Surveys: How cool is that?being paid for your opinions?There are surveys that also pay more than clicking on ads but then, they also take longer to complete.(as you can see from the image above, a 27 minute survey will pay you $0.61,I`m sure you have better things to do than earning $0.61 or $1.00 for a 13 minute survey)
  • Get Paid to Complete Offers: You can complete offers such as installing programs on your computer.
  • Get Paid To Click the Clixsense Grid: You get a chance to click anywhere on the Clixsense grid and win anywhere between .10 to 10.00 per day.
  • Get Your Friends or Family to join Clixsense: Here is the true way to earn money with Clixsense, the more referrals you have, the more you can earn and this goes 8 levels deep, only if you have referrals who click on ads and also have referrals of their own can you make money, it`s a numbers game. But if you are going it alone, it will take you months to reach the $8.00 cash out.

What are the Pros and Cons of Clixsense


  • Quick and easy to join, you don’t need any qualification, what you need is an internet connection and you`re ready to go.
  • Affiliate program(you get paid a part of what your referrals earn)
  • Members forum
  • No limit as to how many people you can refer.This is not always the case in other PTCs.
  • Cheap yearly upgrade(optional)
  • Different ways to earn


  • High minimum cash out( the tasks earn very little).
  • Few ads and tasks depending on your geographical location.
  • Cashout fees
  • Inactivity policy, if you don’t log in for 90 days, your account will be deactivated.
  • $100 to cash out by check if you are located outside Canada and USA.(this is hard but not impossible to achieve in PTC)
  • Cash out is not immediate, Clixsense pays on Mondays and Fridays so if you request payment late Monday, you have to wait till Friday to be paid.

Other Little Known Ways To Earn More Using Clixsense

People at Clixsense are clicking ads to earn money which means they are looking for extra income.Here is where you can earn more assuming you are a member of other make money online programs as soon as you have enough in your Clixsense account from clicking ads, use the amount to advertise your other free make money online programs that pay you for referrals.

People at Clixsense may join your program through your ad and you will get paid, over time, your referral from Clixsense will click ads and earn you money.

Advertising At Clixsense   Clixsense Paid To Click

Since Clixsense is a free PTC, it`s easier to believe most members are more likely to join free offers, your ads at Clixsense will produce better results if what you are advertising is free to join.Here is where most people make mistake and advertise programs that cost something to join.

Apart from advertising online earning opportunities, you can advertise your website at Clixsense if you are looking for traffic to your website, this, however, is not the best way to get traffic as this will be very low-quality traffic.

From experience people at Clixsense are looking for ways to earn quick income, they will click a link, wait for 30 seconds then move on without thinking of what you`re offering if it`s not a free to join make money program.

Getting Paid At Clixsense

You can choose how you want to be paid, depending on where you are geographically they pay through PayPal, (Clixsense no longer support PayPal)find out more here payza(not available in all countries)paytoo.Canada and USA members can also choose to be paid by check but here the minimum cash out is $10.

Bottom line, is Clixsense a scam? the answer is no, they pay but there are always members trying to cash for non-existing clicks so if they get banned they scream scam and you will always read Clixsense complaints, but Clix sense is not a scam.Reaching the cash out minimum can take time so some people will give up then say the program did not pay them.

Conclusion: Clixsense PTC pays, and the positive? it`s a no brainer, a five-year-old can do it, the pay is not much for you to leave your day job.

Just click and keep clicking till your reach payout and sure they will pay you and unlike other PTC who insist you upgrade or you advertise on their site to cash out, Clixsense doesn’t have this nonsense, policy.

If Clixsense is not for you and you are still looking for ways to make money online,let me show you my Number one choice to making money online, free to join and you can make real money, enough to quit your present job and be your own boss working from home or any place you choose to. Read my Review here if you missed it.



Rating: 8/10

Owner: Jim Grago

Price to join: Free (upgrade to premium $17/year )Optional

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Work From Home Online

The Internet has transformed the traditional working concepts. There are many jobs that can now be done from homes. A little bit of tweaking and planning can help employers retain their valuable employees who may, for some reason, be unable to work in regular jobs.

Usually, it is the housewives or caregivers who seek such employment. Likewise, people who are unemployed, physically challenged, or are looking at supplementing their incomes, also look for opportunities that allow them to work from home online. There is, however, a growing need to have a different legal framework for those who work from home online.

What does work from home online entail?

Work from home online

  1. Implications for the employers:

For offering Work from home online employers have to identify the nature of the work that can be done online this is because not every work can be done online. Employers can save on rent for additional space that would otherwise be needed for accommodating the employees. There would be savings on utility bills as well.

Plan the work better;

Unlike in conventional offices, online works require detailed planning so that other works that are connected with the online work and all the activities work smoothly. Effectively, all related activities get streamlined because of the required precision in such planning.

Ensure that there is a required infrastructure;

Required infrastructure includes high-speed Internet connection, software tools, and safeguarding information sent across the net.  In addition, the employer may have to equip the employee with the required infrastructure.

Establish a procedure for evaluating the work;

The work needs to be of a specific quality so qualified personnel need to be on rolls, and the quality of work from online employees or freelancers as the case may need to be checked in time. Depending on the work, a supervisory system needs to be developed.

Have methods for identifying people who can adhere to schedule;

The industry grapevine is now very wide. It helps to identify good employees, and condemn the lazy ones. Such channels need to be established to identify employees who will work regularly and not find excuses to delay work.

Comply with legal requirements, if any.

Advantages that could accrue to employers from any work from home online

  1.  Savings on utility bills.
  2. Have greater flexibility in paying by the hour and therefore, bring down costs still further;
  3. Can retain professionals who are rightly qualified for the job and work as freelancers;
  4. Draw on experiences of the person working in more than one similar business’, and improve the office procedures.
  5. Employ a person from any part of the world.
  6. Less scope for office politics and greater cohesiveness.

 Implications for the employee

Many employees would love to work from home online because

    1. You can do the work in timings convenient to them, instead of struggling to adhere to traditional office timings. This reduces stress to an extent.
    2. You do not have to travel much. Because the job is online, they can work for any employer from any part of the world. Effectively, they do not require expensive accommodation closer to their workplace. They can afford to move out of the congested cities and pay lower rent for their home.
    3. There are fewer clashes between employees, if at all.
    4. You can work for more than one organization, thereby increasing earnings.
    5. Since traveling is avoided, there is less physical strain and some savings in traveling charges as well.

What type of jobs can be offered under work from home online category?

The type of works that can be done from home can be broadly classified as those for1-

Skilled personnel

These are far and few but there are reliable freelancing sites that periodically come up with assignments for skilled personnel with specific skill set. The payment in these is obviously more because a specific skill set is necessary.

Payment obviously depends upon the field of specialization. Most of the works available online are related to technology but there are other academic assignments as well. Websites such as dissertationhomework.com, customswritings.com, and writersdepartment.com are some of the sites that offer help with professional writing.

However, such listings are also available on other sites such as Upwork.com, and freelancer.com. Toptal boasts of clientele like JPMorgan and Airbnb, which means more professional payment scales, and correspondingly the need to give better quality work.

Websites such as academia-research.com allow people to contribute papers without working for other clients. Payments begin from as little as $6 and may touch $54 per page, depending upon the content.

2-Semi-skilled personnel

Most people turning towards the Internet for earning money come under this category. They use their English, typing, or accounting skills to earn extra income.

Technology has also increased rapidly over the years, making some of the works that formerly required professional help accessible to others as well. Once again, freelancer.com, SEOclerks.com and upwork.com would be the sites to look for work.

For those who are not confident of bidding for work, iwriter.com is a good alternative.  The payments range from 1 dollar to 20 dollars or so, depending on the specialization needed.

3-Unskilled personnel

Work from home online

Typing, form filling, and data entry jobs such as captcha jobs are still around, but earning decent sum from these is a difficult proposition.I have another post covering these here.Many of the websites that offer such tasks tend to default on payments.

Jobs such as these are not many too. This puts requester of work in driving seat. They may ask for deposits and simultaneously specify much higher quality standard which makes the effort seem not worth it unless the person is confident about being meticulous about the work.

One of such programs is Clixsense and unlike the others,-Clixsense has been paying members for over 9 years you can click the link above to join.


Organizations all around are waking up to the potential of online work. Working from home online could become a norm in case of call centers for smaller organizations, and the trend of having branch offices being manned by somebody who operates from home is catching up.

Serviced apartments may soon disappear giving way to such activities. Similarly, newspapers may no longer employ journalists but reward people based on their contributions be it news story or article.

The impact would be felt much more in about a decade or two, but for now, those who work from home online can only use the avenue to supplement their income.

Can You Work From Home Online

If your job does not allow working from home online, you can still have a personal blog, anyone can have a blog, unlike in the past where starting a blog was for the computer savvy, today you can have a website up and running in minutes without any technical know how.

You can get started here for free and create 2 lovely websites

Create a website and learn how to work online.Wealthy Affiliates will guide you every step of the way.Cost nil to join so you have nothing to lose if it`s not for you.

Need to learn more how to work from home? leave me a message below and l will get back to you.Know someone who needs to make money working online from home? share with them this post in social media.


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Things To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing Websites

We often read about what we should be doing when it comes to affiliate marketing websites but reading about what we shouldn’t be doing is just as important.This post will point some things to avoid in affiliate marketing websites to make your efforts online a success.

There are many mistakes that affiliate marketers make that spell doom from the word go. You have to know that what works for other websites will not necessarily work for you so you have to be unique.

The affiliate marketing industry is very lucrative and as a result, many people have joined to get the most out of it. This has led to stiff competition and duplication of content.More on affiliate marketing here.

If you want to stand out, there are common mistakes you have to avoid when creating your affiliate marketing website. Read on to find out what they are and how you can avoid them.

  1. Annoying pop-ups

Plakat, Japan, Werbung, Anmelden, Icon

An affiliate marketing website can have great content but if readers don’t have an easy time viewing it due to constant pop-ups; they will probably leave and never come back.

Pop up marketing can be effective when it is done in the right places and at the right time on your website.

If you have an email list that you would like people to join, why not include it when readers are exiting your website? This way, anyone who wants to subscribe, will do so at his or her own will.

Once readers have already seen value in your website, they won’t mind checking out the pop messages they see later( much better than it popping up even before readers have read your content).

  1. Promoting Affiliate Products That Aren’t Related To Your Niche

In a bid to make more money, affiliate marketers tend to promote any kind of products they get their hands on. You will find affiliate marketing websites filled with banners and advertisements of all kinds which at the end of the day lowers their credibility.

If you chose a particular niche, try as much as possible to promote products closely related to it.(now imagine me promoting cosmetics here, it`s just out of place)

Same case goes to the banners and advertisements on the website. They should not draw away the focus of the reader from the content.

They have to be closely related to the content on your website such that if someone clicks on them, they will want to buy whatever you are promoting. As a rule of thumb, the less distracting the banners and advertisements on affiliate marketing websites, the better.

  1. Failing To Track

Successful affiliate marketing websites are all about numbers. Newbies may not know that tracking helps to recognize profitability patterns and winning formulas which are essential in maximizing success.

Some of the key metrics you have to track include the conversion rate, commissions received, lifetime value of a customer, Click through Rate (CTR), Campaign Return Investment (CRI), Average Order Value (AOV) and Earnings per Click (EPC).

Learn More Here

  1. Hard to impossible commenting

Avid readers of affiliate marketing websites will want to leave their comments and or feedback at the end of the blog post. It can be very frustrating when one wants to leave a comment but they can’t because they have to go through many hoops to do that one simple thing.

Make your site easy to leave comments in a way that best suits you but also work for your site visitors is a must.

Readers may be required to fill in a captcha or an email to comment. As much as this helps to prevent spam, it can lead to a drastic decline of comments on your website due to the effort involved.

You can remove these hurdles and make it easy for people to leave their comments.

Spam is easy to get rid off by simply deleting or better still, you can use a reliable web-hosting program that can help protect your affiliate marketing website from hackers.

  1. Failing To Test Campaigns

You have to test through trial and error to find out which email, banner or message leads to the highest conversion. There are also some traffic sources that produce more sales than others. You have to test campaigns regularly and improve those that work for.

You would not want your readers to lose their trust in you just because you led them to a promotion that will bombard their inboxes with unsolicited emails.

Try to put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and imagine what would happen if they followed the wrong advice you have given.


Things to avoid in affiliate marketing website are numerous. You can’t avoid all of them at a go rather you can accomplish this by constantly trying to improve your affiliate marketing skills and your website.

Whatever you do, you always need to have your readers interests at heart because without them, your website is doomed.

Want to learn to be better at affiliate marketing?want to avoid repeating the same mistakes that cost you sales and traffic? You can click here to join the number 1 rated program, it`s free to join and you get to learn from some very successful marketers.

Not only will you learn how to avoid affiliate marketing mistakes, you will learn how to build your traffic producing website the right way and start making money with your website.

Still have any questions? I`d love to hear from you so leave me a message below and I will get back to you.If you found value reading this and know someone who can benefit, please share with them in social media, sharing is caring.

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make money working from home

Thinking of working from home and not sure what to do or where to get started?What can you do to make money from home on your computer and do you need to be an expert? Here I have some ideas for you to consider.

Ways To Make Money Working From Home


online re-seller,ebay,make money working from home

You can earn a good amount of money from selling items online and you can do this from the comfort of your home. With the rise of online auction sites, like eBay makes it even easier for an Online Reseller to sell their products at a competitive price.

You can buy brand new items on auction for a very low price or someone’s used/pre-loved items (like-new designer clothing, shoes & handbags), electronic, high-end kitchen appliances, musical instruments, sporting good, antiques & collectibles and sell the items at a higher price so you make a decent profit.

Simply said, you can re-sell almost any item, there is always someone out there looking for a certain item.


Most Virtual Assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home. They focus on administrative tasks similar to those of an Executive Assistant or Secretary. A Virtual Assistant task charges such as;

  • bookkeeping – keeping tabs on bills and other bookkeeping matters.
  • transcribing – offers a writing environment that is tightly integrated with an audio player which you convert into text.
  • travel research – finding hotels, booking airfares, mapping & planning itineraries either for business or pleasure.
  • database entries – updating information for existing contacts and new ones into the database.
  • data presentation – turning raw data into a clear PowerPoint presentation.
  • managing emails – filter the most important emails and respond on behalf of the Client (this is upon client’s approval before sending out)more on home-based jobs here.


If you have an excellent writing skill, you could use that talent to write a blog post for someone’s or companies website who are in need of content for all manner of purposes.

To promote Client’s website objectives with each blog article in a  conversational style; with this skill and talent you possess, you could be making a nice living from home for yourself just banging on the keys plus your creativity.Check my post on starting a blog.

4. GRAPHIC DESIGNER  Grafik-Design work from home

Do you have an artistic talent, creative, and love to design? If you do, to be a Graphic Designer, this is one of the many jobs that you can do from home.

We know there is a lot of competition for such positions out there but with given good service and high-quality end product for a Client will have him or her banging on your door for another memorable logo, banner, flyers, business card or other art works for your great service.

Good Service + High-Quality Product + More Client = More Income!You can sign up with SEOclerks, they are free to join and bring you together with clients.


Who do you call when your computer in the office or at home is down? IT SPECIALIST! One of the first true works from home professions was that of the IT specialist.

They may be software engineers, programmers or system administrators; there is always a need for workers in this field. They answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone, or electronically.

IT support specialists may provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word-processing, electronic mail, and operating systems. It’s easier for them to work from home and making a decent income which pays quite handsomely.

Ok, you have all the expertise and now you ask yourself, how are you to get clients? Promote yourself and make your service known to people out there who need it.

You can’t be sitting at home waiting for the client to knock on your door. That is not going to happen. Don’t worry, all you need to get started is a website.

To build a website is easy nowadays, you don’t have to be an IT savvy. Go ahead to my number 1 recommended program where l got started online and build your free website in minutes.

It`s free to get started so there is nothing to lose if you decide the program is not for you.
Yes you can make money working from home and it`s easier than many think all you need is some guidance and you are ready to go.
What are your ways of making money from home? or are you interested in making money from home? would you like to give it a try but worried of failure? let me know if l can be of help.
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Free Traffic Cash Surge Review

To build a successful online business you have to do a lot of things right from the beginning. Many things could increase your success, but some of these things can also decrease your success. Or do it wrong and nothing will work at all.However, all of this is irrelevant if there is one important thing missing: Traffic!Free Traffic Cash Surge Review

So you should know how to get visitors (traffic) to your website and wouldn´t it be great if there is a legit guide on how to get traffic to your website?

One such product which claims to teach you ways to get traffic to your website is Free Traffic Surge.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge really helpful or just another one of the many useless guides out there that does not deliver? Here is my Free Traffic Cash Surge review.

Product Name: Free Traffic Cash Surge
Owner: Philip Schaffer, Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko
Price: $6.83
Rating: 1/10

What is Free Traffic Cash Surge?

As I already mentioned, Free Traffic Cash Surge is a guide which is supposed to teach you how to get more traffic to your website.

This guide has about 100 pages and it uses a really weird technique to get traffic. It teaches you how to get traffic through the Kindle Store.

Now this was confusing to read but since I did not want to just throw in the towel, I thought I will at least give them a chance and continue reading to find out more.

The guide says you should buy PLR books (private label rights ), rewrite them and sell them as your own book on Amazon.they advice you to put affiliate links that will lead a visitor to your website where hopefully they will purchase the affiliate products you are selling.

If you read my post, you know that PLR articles are not exactly great and these guys are telling you to drive traffic to your site using PLR.

That`s not All

Even if you find PLR articles, put in links and drive traffic to your site, this will not be enough to get you sales, you still need to set up your website the right way to succeed online.I can confidently say their training does not scratch the surface of all that is needed to succeed online.

Learn How To Make Money The Real Way Here

Now I’m not trying to be all negative here, let`s check some of the positives and the negatives before we continue.


  • I must admit it never occurred to me driving traffic using Amazon so this made me smile really, why did l not figure this out before? I just have to find a better way.
  • The $6.83 is quite affordable (for a bad product)



  • Like most make money online products, Free Traffic Cash Surge has upsells before you can get to the product which l hate.
  • They like push the upsell to you, go as far as offering you a 50% discount if you say no to the upsells.My advice will be to ignore any upsells and concentrate on a product you want.
  • Their advice will not help you build a profitable long term internet business.

Using PLR

Re-writing an ebook and passing it on as your work is not right and you are not offering your buyers something honest.You will not be able to answer your reader questions should they need any help.This can not work long term.

Another thing to remember is that just as you are purchasing a PLR article, hundreds or thousands out there might have purchased the same article and re-written it.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge a scam?

Free Traffic Cash Surge is not a scam, they give you information for money but the methods they teach are not going to work, the training is low quality and you need to spend more to build and set up your website the correct way if you want to succeed online.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge Worth Spending Money On?

You might argue that $6.18 is not much, but this is a lot of money considering this program will not help you drive traffic to your website as they claim.

If you decide to try it, avoid the upsells.But as said earlier, they will not help you succeed, you still need a website. Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn to make real online income.The best thing is you can join and get started for free so put your credit card away.

It all starts with a beautiful website.

I hope that my Free Traffic Surge review could save you disappointment or spending your money buying a product that will not deliver.

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