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The Internet has transformed the traditional working concepts. There are many jobs that can now be done from homes. A little bit of tweaking and planning can help employers retain their valuable employees who may, for some reason, be unable to work in regular jobs.

Usually, it is the housewives or caregivers who seek such employment. Likewise, people who are unemployed, physically challenged, or are looking at supplementing their incomes, also look for opportunities that allow them to work from home online. There is, however, a growing need to have a different legal framework for those who work from home online.

What does work from home online entail?

Work from home online

  1. Implications for the employers:

For offering Work from home online employers have to identify the nature of the work that can be done online this is because not every work can be done online. Employers can save on rent for additional space that would otherwise be needed for accommodating the employees. There would be savings on utility bills as well.

Plan the work better;

Unlike in conventional offices, online works require detailed planning so that other works that are connected with the online work and all the activities work smoothly. Effectively, all related activities get streamlined because of the required precision in such planning.

Ensure that there is a required infrastructure;

Required infrastructure includes high-speed Internet connection, software tools, and safeguarding information sent across the net.  In addition, the employer may have to equip the employee with the required infrastructure.

Establish a procedure for evaluating the work;

The work needs to be of a specific quality so qualified personnel need to be on rolls, and the quality of work from online employees or freelancers as the case may need to be checked in time. Depending on the work, a supervisory system needs to be developed.

Have methods for identifying people who can adhere to schedule;

The industry grapevine is now very wide. It helps to identify good employees, and condemn the lazy ones. Such channels need to be established to identify employees who will work regularly and not find excuses to delay work.

Comply with legal requirements, if any.

Advantages that could accrue to employers from any work from home online

  1.  Savings on utility bills.
  2. Have greater flexibility in paying by the hour and therefore, bring down costs still further;
  3. Can retain professionals who are rightly qualified for the job and work as freelancers;
  4. Draw on experiences of the person working in more than one similar business’, and improve the office procedures.
  5. Employ a person from any part of the world.
  6. Less scope for office politics and greater cohesiveness.

 Implications for the employee

Many employees would love to work from home online because

    1. You can do the work in timings convenient to them, instead of struggling to adhere to traditional office timings. This reduces stress to an extent.
    2. You do not have to travel much. Because the job is online, they can work for any employer from any part of the world. Effectively, they do not require expensive accommodation closer to their workplace. They can afford to move out of the congested cities and pay lower rent for their home.
    3. There are fewer clashes between employees, if at all.
    4. You can work for more than one organization, thereby increasing earnings.
    5. Since traveling is avoided, there is less physical strain and some savings in traveling charges as well.

What type of jobs can be offered under work from home online category?

The type of works that can be done from home can be broadly classified as those for1-

Skilled personnel

These are far and few but there are reliable freelancing sites that periodically come up with assignments for skilled personnel with specific skill set. The payment in these is obviously more because a specific skill set is necessary.

Payment obviously depends upon the field of specialization. Most of the works available online are related to technology but there are other academic assignments as well. Websites such as,, and are some of the sites that offer help with professional writing.

However, such listings are also available on other sites such as, and Toptal boasts of clientele like JPMorgan and Airbnb, which means more professional payment scales, and correspondingly the need to give better quality work.

Websites such as allow people to contribute papers without working for other clients. Payments begin from as little as $6 and may touch $54 per page, depending upon the content.

2-Semi-skilled personnel

Most people turning towards the Internet for earning money come under this category. They use their English, typing, or accounting skills to earn extra income.

Technology has also increased rapidly over the years, making some of the works that formerly required professional help accessible to others as well. Once again,, and would be the sites to look for work.

For those who are not confident of bidding for work, is a good alternative.  The payments range from 1 dollar to 20 dollars or so, depending on the specialization needed.

3-Unskilled personnel

Work from home online

Typing, form filling, and data entry jobs such as captcha jobs are still around, but earning decent sum from these is a difficult proposition.I have another post covering these here.Many of the websites that offer such tasks tend to default on payments.

Jobs such as these are not many too. This puts requester of work in driving seat. They may ask for deposits and simultaneously specify much higher quality standard which makes the effort seem not worth it unless the person is confident about being meticulous about the work.

One of such programs is Clixsense and unlike the others,-Clixsense has been paying members for over 9 years you can click the link above to join.


Organizations all around are waking up to the potential of online work. Working from home online could become a norm in case of call centers for smaller organizations, and the trend of having branch offices being manned by somebody who operates from home is catching up.

Serviced apartments may soon disappear giving way to such activities. Similarly, newspapers may no longer employ journalists but reward people based on their contributions be it news story or article.

The impact would be felt much more in about a decade or two, but for now, those who work from home online can only use the avenue to supplement their income.

Can You Work From Home Online

If your job does not allow working from home online, you can still have a personal blog, anyone can have a blog, unlike in the past where starting a blog was for the computer savvy, today you can have a website up and running in minutes without any technical know how.

You can get started here for free and create 2 lovely websites

Create a website and learn how to work online.Wealthy Affiliates will guide you every step of the way.Cost nil to join so you have nothing to lose if it`s not for you.

Need to learn more how to work from home? leave me a message below and l will get back to you.Know someone who needs to make money working online from home? share with them this post in social media.


2 Comments on "Work From Home Online"

  1. I think working from home will be part of the next IT revolution where people become freed from being stuck in an office cubicle. I never understood why employers struggled with the idea of insisting people work a set number of hours if their employees could get the job done in a shorter time. If you finish your tasks early, your reward would be the enjoyment of extra free time. Wouldn’t this be a great incentive to work more efficiently.

    I know a friend who works from home. He has a camera set up so that he can see his coworkers. When they take a break, so does he. He manages to fit his family’s needs around the day and enjoys quality time with them without compromising on productivity.

    Hope more companies embrace this concept!

    • Hello Dushan
      In todays working world, finish your job early one week in a row and your employer starts thinking he needs less employees for the job.Sucks really.
      For people tired of cubicles and office politics,working online from home is the way to go.Thanks for stopping by.

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