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Should You Be A Guest Blogger?

Guest blogging, in simple words, is writing content for blogs or websites that belong to others. Usually, the owner of the blog or the website referred to as the host, invites or requests a post from such writers or “guests”.
A blogger may also choose to write for a host without such requests and invites. In such cases, the blogger’s work would be perused for the quality of language as well as content.There are many blogs looking for guest bloggers if you are looking for guest blog posting services.
The subject matter of content obviously depends upon the subject matter on which the blog or website is focused on. But there are websites that allow guest bloggers to write content on any topics they choose.
Host sites usually give credits and even allow a guest blogger to include the backlinks, personal websites, and blogs so that the guest blogger gains from the effort moz.com explains in detail what backlinks are and why you need them here. So if you are debating should you be a guest blogger, take the plunge.

How Guest Blogging Is Done Girl, Woman, Typing, Writing, Blogger,Guest Blogger

To get started with guest blogging, find a high ranking blog in your niche then let the owner know you`d like to guest blog on their site.
For content specific or content-driven website, the topic is no mystery. Experience and knowledge can be used to generate new content.
Backlinks can be used effectively to draw users to your websites or blogs. Interacting with visitors who leave comments also helps to create interest in the own website.
You also need to be a fairly regular contributor as a guest blogger because there are many people writing on the net, and visitors may forget you if you are an only sporadic contributor.
Your work is not done once you`ve published your guest post, a good guest blogger should be around to answer questions readers might have in the future.
You should discuss with your host if they will answer these questions or if you`d hang around to answer the questions, this is mostly if you guest blog in an area they are not familiar with.
I will give you a little example, you`re a guest blogger on a travel site and blog about ….German cities, your host may not know much about German cities so it`s only fair you answer readers questions about it should there be any.

Why Should You Be A Guest Blogger?

  • Traffic
We have already discussed that it becomes a way to draw visitors from other’s websites and blogs to personal websites or blogs. You can do that by providing backlinks, website link, or blog link.
You can also interact with others and get them interested in what you have to say. Such interactions need not be confined to your posts only.
You can open content written by other bloggers on the site, whether or not directly related to your subject, and interact with some people there, or even the writer of the post, to get them to know you and your area of expertise. If relevant, leave some backlinks, blog name, etc., to draw them to your site.Read more on getting free website traffic from my earlier post here.
A small percentage of such traffic can then become permanent visitors to your sites, and even bring in others to your content. Some percentage of such visitors can also become buyers of any product that is being advertised on your web page or being promoted through your content.
  • Earning by writing
There are many niches that require you to be knowledgeable about the subject, and articulate in the way you present the content so that there is no ambiguity in the reader’s mind about the subject. Health or auto insurances are examples of such content.
If you know your subject, chances are that you would be able to churn out articles on such topics, and people would pay you reasonable sum as a guest blogger.Read more from Elna from twinsmommy.com where she talks about sites that pay you to guest post.

  • Gives exposure blog traffic,website traffic,blogging traffic,Guest Blogger
There is a lot going on around you, which you may not know much about unless you are interacting with others. Your subject matter may not be connected to it, as yet, but there may be potential such exposure offers.
Wouldn’t you like to know about it ahead of others?
Likewise, you may know something and others may not. Guest blogging and being a guest blogger is a great way to throw crumbs of that knowledge and get them to visit your blog.
You would also become familiar with new blogging terminologies, new developments, and things that you did not think about.Different sites also use different techniques to draw traffic such as SEO optimization. You would learn about such techniques and also know which of these is effective for which purposes.
  • Developing network
Guest blogging will help you develop a network so that if you are coming up with a new website or blog, you already have established set of fan following. If you are seeking any information or help, you can look to getting it from some of the fellow bloggers, or visitors.
You could likewise, install reciprocal backlinks and form network of products or services which becomes a win-win situation for everybody in the network, blogging can be lonely and you need people with the same goal around you for support.
  • What visitors are looking for
You need to know this, at least to draw the traffic to your site,(but then again this should not be your sole reason of writing a guest post) and then gently steer them to what you want to offer. Guest blogging helps you to find that out, and even capture any prospective buyer.
Contrary to popular belief that guest blogging can steal your customer away, it actually helps you to gain because sellers have an internal algorithm working to assess which was the initial site that the visitor came across them and clicked on their website or product. Therefore, stealing is not possible through such blogging.

Conclusion on Being A Guest Blogger

There are different opinions on the guest blogging. Some consider it as an advantageous venture while others deem it not worth the effort. Benefits from guest blogging also depend upon the content quality.
If you are still in a dilemma about should you be a guest blogger, you could try it out, and take a call. After all, you are under no obligation to do it forever, and you also have the liberty to do it at your convenience.
If you have any questions on guest blogging,just leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.
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Traffic Swarm Review Need Traffic?

Product Name: Traffic Swarm

Website: http://www.trafficswarm.com                                                 Traffic Swarm,Traffic Swarm Review

Price: $0 or membership fee starting from $20 per month

Product owner: Steve Little

Verdict: Legit But Not recommended

What Is Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm refers to a traffic exchange network where website owners join and add their sites to a list for other members to visit. It is basically a website whose members get to exchange their views and clicks with others.

Members at Traffic Swarm are able to surf the site for credits, which in turn allows them to create and then post their own advertisements with links that lead traffic back to their website.

Below is a detailed Traffic Swarm review that seeks to shed more light about this network and whether it is recommendable or not.

In a nutshell, this is a network that offers traffic exchange services to website owners. The website owners are expected to sign up on it and place ads about their websites on its database.

They then proceed to peruse another page that has so many ads placed by other websites where they have to click on them and visit them.

For every visit made, there is a credit that is earned. These credits are then redeemed for the chance of your ad appearing on the list on Traffic Swarm.Otherwise explained, view my site for a few seconds, I view your site for a few seconds in return Read the traffic swarm review below to understand it more before you join.

What Does Traffic Swarm Promise To Deliver?traffic,Traffic Swarm Review

Traffic Swarm promises to deliver traffic to your website within five minutes of signing up.

This “traffic exchange” network promises web site owners that they will begin getting a “swarm” of visitors to their website within a few minutes of registering on it. Read my earlier post on free traffic exchanges and if you should use them.

This is the truth and it delivers on this front. The signing-up process is usually fast and other users on Traffic Swarm will be able to visit your site within a short time after you complete the signing up process. The site promises a lot of traffic if only you follow their instructions to the letter.

Does Traffic Swarm Deliver Website Traffic?

Traffic Swarm delivers on its promises of bringing more traffic to your website. It is possible to start receiving visitors to your website within a few minutes after you complete the registration. However, there is an issue with the kind of traffic you receive on your website.
The traffic is useless as most of it is made up of other bloggers and website owners visiting from the network in order to earn credits.

The network delivers traffic to your website alright but these visitors are not really interested in anything that you could be offering on it.If you are looking for free targeted website traffic, traffic swarm is not the place.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Membership is offered in a number of options at Traffic Swarm. There is a monthly membership for interested website owners, which costs $30. The traffic exchange network offers small discounts on the monthly cost for members who pay yearly or bi-yearly basis.

There is also a free membership program available. Free membership means that you do not get any monthly credits and you have to surf and click ads in order to earn the free credits they want.

The paid memberships entitle you to a number of allotted credits every month that do not involve surfing the ads. The network offers as much as 5,000 credits but this depends on the membership level.

Paid membership entitles you to an unlimited number of ads. But upgrading is optional, you can stay a free member for as long as you like and keep clicking ads.

Traffic Swarm Pro Membership Cost


How Credits Are Earned At Traffic Swarm

Free Members

  • 2 credits per page surfed
  • Up to 10 Traffic Swarm Ads
  • Free website builder (check my recommended free website builder at siteRubix)
  • Your Ad is listed in Traffic Swarm Directory

Pro Membership

  • Unlimited websites submission to search engines
  •  Free website builder
  • Refer new members and earn cash
  • 4 credits earned per AD surfed
  • Free hosting
  • Free monthly credits
  • You can choose when your Ads are shown

How Easy Is It To Use Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm is relatively easy to use as you only need to sign up on the network with the name of your website. The signing up process is fast and simple making it possible for you to register within a short period of time.
A number of Traffic Swarm reviews mention that it only takes about five minutes after registering on the network to start seeing the results which is true but as said, it’s not one of the best free website traffic. The traffic increases within a short period of time as other marketers and website owners will start clicking on your website ads immediately in a bid to earn more credits.

The traffic increases within a short period of time as other marketers and website owners will start clicking on your website ads immediately in a bid to earn more credits.

Pros And Cons Of Traffic Swarm


  • Has been around since 2004 so the site is really reliable
  • A quick way to get unlimited traffic to your site
  • Free to join
  • Easy to get started
  • Open to international members


  • Poor quality traffic, people visiting your site are not interested in what you offer, they are there to get credits so others can view their sites.
  • Because most visitors from Traffic Swarm to your site will only stay about 20-30 seconds, or even less, this can bring your bounce rate very high.
  • There are complaints around regarding Traffic Swarm read ripoffreport.com

Do I Recommend Traffic Swarm?

I would not recommend the program or any free traffic exchange site to a website owner looking to get quality traffic to their websites in the hope of converting them into buyers.

The high traffic generated by Traffic Swarm is mostly made up of other website owners and bloggers who are not interested in your products or services.

As a website owner, you want targeted traffic that converts, 10 targeted visitors, in my opinion, are better than 100s spending a few seconds on your site for credits and nothing more.

Conclusion To Traffic Swarm Review
While Traffic Swarm offers a great avenue for generating lots of traffic to your site, it will end up doing more harm than good in the long run. You will not enjoy any meaningful return on investment as most visitors have no interest in your site.

In addition, your search engine ranking will suffer as search engines could interpret the high bounce rate of these visitors to your website having poor content.

If you are serious about getting started online, check my recommendation and see if it`s for you, free to join and the program has been online and created success stories again and again.

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How Free Social MediaTraffic Help Your Rankings

Many websites now use social media to boost their rankings. Everyone’s on social media nowadays (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) What better to promote your website and increase ranking than to utilize these sites?

With the habits of users, it looks like social media will continue to be a powerful SEO tool in the years to come. But being on social media is not enough. You need to utilize it. Learn the dos and don’t of the trade. Having said that, here are some tips on how social media can help your rankings.Social, Media, Manager, Online, Woman,Free Social MediaTraffic

Grow the Number of Your Followers

Having thousands of followers has a great impact and influence on your website’s rankings.

There is a huge difference between a business having 100 followers and a company with a million Facebook likes and shares. But fake likes and bot followers don’t count, so refrain from purchasing those kinds of things. What we’re talking here is real likes from real people.

It might not be that easy to grow your number of followers. It’s a slow and sometimes painful process. Which is why you need a lot of patience and consistency to pull this through.

Perseverance is the key. Just continually present your brand as uniquely and naturally as possible to your users. Keep them updated. Post helpful tips, useful content and try to make them feel a part of the general discussions and inquiries.

Engage with them directly. Be open and personal. This is important in building and maintaining great relationships with your followers and customers.

Optimize Your Posts

Whether it’s a new content or a pre-existing one, you need to optimize your posts and searches. Constantly post relevant social media updates as such have been found to be favorable in Google searches.

In doing this, you need to keep your posts substantial. Linking it to an infographic, a video or even a whole article does the work.

These things are the great foundation which you can anchor your updates on. Keep the title accurate and the post descriptive. Make use of keywords and best practices in order for you to optimize your posts and achieve great search results.Read my earlier post on finding low competition keywords using the best keyword tool.Woman, Girl, Icon, Symbols, Social Media,Free Social MediaTraffic

Generate Strong Content Ideas

The days of manufactured backlinks are over. Now is the time to be more natural. Meaning, you must acquire links in the most natural way possible. This is the trend of digital marketing today.Publishing high-quality content that

Publishing high-quality content that is relevant and interesting is the best way to build natural backlinks. Write and post articles that people will naturally share on social media outlets.

Don’t settle for a mediocre post. The more interesting and relatable your article is the higher chances of it being shared by thousands of people on social media. This will make it easy for you to get the backlinks needed for your site’s ranking.

Social media sites are the best places to find strong content ideas. Read what people want, what they are talking about, what they are interested in. Socialize and listen like a normal person. This way, you will gather the necessary information for your next posts. Write posts that people will share.Read my earlier post on writing a post that people read here if you missed it.

In line with this, you need to boost your presence in social media. This ensures stronger SEO ranking for your website. When building natural backlinks to your website, make use of these habits and practices:

  • Use Facebook and Twitter often or any social media of your choice. but the first two social media networks are best for sharing links. They also have a huge number of users.
  • Connect your website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can re-share your posts from your website, or you can simply use a tool that automatically links all-new your posts to your social media accounts. Again, make the content as interesting and natural as possible.
  • Since your users are not active on social media at the same time, you can use an update scheduling tool to repeat notifications of your new blog posts. This way, you will reach out to all your users even if they have logged in Facebook or Twitter at a different time.

Activate Brand Community

The power of community is crucial to how free social media traffic can help your rankings. The size of your followers in your social media accounts let Google know that you are authentic.

For instance, if you just post clickbait content all the time, there’s no chance that you will have a large community of followers. And even if you use fake users by purchasing them online, they still wouldn’t count.Facebook, Icon, Like, Free Social MediaTraffic

There’s no way that these fake likes and followers, no matter how many are they, can increase your ranking. Fake users don’t engage with your content.Check my earlier post on how buying facebook likes is destroying your business here if you missed it .They won’t click the articles and links you share, both in your social media accounts and websites.

This is what differentiates them from real people. So don’t resort to such tricks and just focus on building an active community of followers that are real and will likely share your content.

Take advantage of social media while people are still using them. Just remember to always engage with your followers. Get them hooked. Make them read your posts. Be engaging, be natural.Pinterest traffic has been great for my blog and you can pin a month`s content in minutes.Check this brilliant tool I use to get Pinterest traffic.

If you have any questions, just leave me a message below, will get back to you.I`d like to know how you use social media.

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Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

SEO is the key to business growth. This is the reason why everybody wants to know the best ways to improve website rankings with SEO. The higher your ranking, the better it is for your business.

But search traffic is so elusive that you need to keep yourself updated with the current SEO practices. SEO keeps changing. What works now may not work next year.

If you won’t keep up with the updates, you’ll definitely be left behind. That’s the nature of the game. And you need to play it well to improve website rankings with SEO.

But there are habits and practices that never go out of style. If you incorporate these in your posts, you will not go wrong. They are the safest way to improve search rankings without harming your business.

As a general rule, never compromise the quality of your posts in the process Read more on writing quality posts that people read. That’s how to stay on top.

Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

Publish Fresh and Relevant Content 

This is still the number one factor in driving search engine rankings. Nothing’s better and safer than publishing quality content. Make your site relevant

Make your site relevant to the content you post. Don’t just post keyword-loaded articles that barely contain information. Quality is the name of the game.

Write topics that are relevant and interesting. Post contents that people will like reading and will likely share, the more your content is shared, the more google love your site and the better your ranking will improve.

Just imagine yourself when you read an article online, you don`t go sharing things you find boring and of no interest, so are your readers, they will not share what they do not like.That’s how to maintain a readership and invite followers.

The quality of your content matters, unlike what others tell you, your readers will appreciate one quality and informative post every two weeks than one mediocre content every few days.

Strategic Keyword Placing

Aside from quality, you must also not forget about keyword phrases. It’s best if you conduct research on what keywords or phrases most people search about.

Read my earlier post on finding keywords here. Once you have gathered the keywords that work, don’t forget to incorporate them into your content.

However, you must not overdo it as Google might flag it down. You can use certain tools to compute how often you should repeat the keyword phrase throughout the article.

This would depend on the length of your article, the phrase and the number of words your article has a five hundred word article is ok if you place the keyword once but then, it`s up to you how you like things done.

Be strategic about it. Normally, it’s highly advisable that you mention the keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph and somewhere in the middle.

Mentioning it in the H2 also helps. The rule is to never overdo it. Never sacrifice the quality of your content in the process.View my top rated keyword tool to find the best keywords.

Update Content Regularly  Structure, Plan, Coding, Strategy

This is another way to improve website rankings with SEO. Always remember the number rule: make your website content relevant. Aside from writing quality content, you must also update your content regularly.

Your site visitors and Google will notice if your site looks like something someone abandoned, you don`t want this to happen.

Again see yourself as a reader and you visit a website that has not been updated for months and looks forgotten, I’m sure you leave without wasting time and not going back there anytime soon.

That’s the best way to stay relevant. Search engines will notice this. The regular content update usually equates to your site’s relevancy. Just remember to incorporate the other SEO practices whenever you post updates.


Metadata is as important as keywords. You insert the metadata in between the <head> tags in your website page. This includes the Title, Description, and Keyword.

The Title metadata is the most important of the three. It is responsible for displaying page titles at the top of the window. CMS websites will automatically create a meta title for each page, so you won’t have to worry about it if you’re using such site.

Description metadata, on the other hand, works as a site’s window display. It includes a concise description of what the whole content is all about.

So better make it interesting and catchy so that people will likely read what’s contained within.

Lastly, Keyword metadata is where you put around three or four keywords or phrases that people usually search about. Make sure that these keywords are related to your post.

Create Links  Link, Hyperlinks, Web Page, Presence,Improve Website Rankings

Creating relevant links help you in increasing your website’s traffic.

However, you must not just post the link anywhere in the article or put it in a sign that says “click here.”

Be more strategic about it. Attach the link to a relevant phrase in the article. This will not just improve your own ranking, but also that of the page you’re linking to.

Read more from Brian Dean of Backlinko.com on building quality links and improving traffic.

Just remember that quality links count, do not go about building poor quality spammy links, this will not help your site in any way and can only get your site penalized by Google.

Creating back links may appear tricky at first but with a little work, you should master it in no time.

Use ALT Tags

When you put up alternative text descriptions or describe visual or video media, always use ALT tags. This is crucial particularly to websites that use text-only browsers. ALT tags allow the search engines to detect your page.

Relevant Images

Another part that you should not ignore is the images on your posts, not just images but images that are relevant to your post. No one wants to read a page full of a sea of words, images help break up the text.

Remember when you learned to read? the books had more images than words, your readers want to see images when they read your post.


These are just the basic ways you need to learn and use to improve website rankings with SEO. If you want to find out more, you can always read up on more advanced practices to be on top of the game.

Website traffic and improved rankings will not open overnight, but with practice, things will just improve.You will not go wrong with sticking to the basics though. Just keep abreast with the current trends and changes of SEO practices.

If you have any questions, do leave me a message below, would like to hear from you.Join Wealthy Affiliate

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The Best Hosting Sites of 2017

The Best Hosting Sites of 2017

In order to find the best hosting sites, you need to identify the specific needs of your business. There are three main tiers that web hosting companies offer. And each one of these works differently. These are shared hosting, VPS or Cloud Servers, and co-located hosting.

Shared hosting is a plan that’s appropriate for small businesses that don’t use that much bandwidth. The site can be a bit slower because you share a server with other web hosting accounts and websites, VPS or Cloud Servers allows you to scale resources. Unlike shared hosting, it is not restricted or limited as it draws from a wide source of storage, memory, and power.

In co-located hosting, you buy your own server. This means that you’ll be the one in control over it without any other sites co-sharing it with. This is faster than the two.Once you have decided which of the three plans you think is best for your business and budget, it’s time to choose the web hosting company.In line with this, I have prepared a list of some of the best hosting sites of the 2017. They are as follows:


Many consider this as the best web hosting company of the year. They offer an affordable shared hosting starting at $5.95 a month, which includes the basic hosting solutions you need.

They also provide Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Virtual Private server, dedicated hosting and others. In terms of features, support, reliability, security and value, you will not go wrong with this hosting site. Here, you get to enjoy unlimited website space, bandwidth, sub- domains, email store and parked domains, among others.


Famous for their fantastic cPanel, eHost hosts over a million websites on the planet. They provide rich and valuable features which include 1GB Cloud storage, free domain for life, free site builder, unlimited MySQL databases and a lot more.

You can also expect a 99.9% Uptime and 30-day money back guaranteed. Also, your money will not be put to waste with this site because they offer superb services in terms of reliability, security, and value.For this reason, I rank it as one of the best website hosting sites of 2017.


This is one of the best hosting sites around today. They have been providing awesome deals for the past decade or so. Their standard offer unlimited bandwidth, email and disc space, and an excellent 24/7 support through chat, phone and email. In terms of value, they are one of the cheapest in the market.

Other features include unlimited domains, free domain registration, free SiteLock security, marketing tools, free script library and a lot more.

Best Hosting Sites


SiteBuilder allows you to build a professional-looking website at an affordable price and with convenience. It’s so easy to create one. This is best for starters or small businesses. Aside from the free domain, you also get to enjoy their other offers such as the following: eCommerce, free Ad credits, SEO tools, DNS management, site statistics and email setup. What more can you ask for?


If you want great value for your money, you can count on HostClear. They may be new to the market, but they are surely one of the best out there. They provide a wide range of useful features for better user experience. With their Drag and Drop Site builder software, it’s now very easy to create one.

Their standard offers include free domain, free site builder, 1GB Cloud Storage, unlimited MySQL databases, Uptime guarantee, countless templates, online marketing guides and much more.


With HostGator, web hosting is now pretty affordable and easy. They provide superb services for both starters and seasoned professionals. Their offer is one of the cheapest in this trade.

Aside from their cPanel platform, they also provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, shared SSL certificate, 24/7 support, free website builder, unlimited subdomains and a lot more.Best Hosting Sites


This is one of the popular best hosting sites out there. They are famous for their wide range of hosting plans at a highly competitive price starting from just $3.95 per month. They are most known for their Drag and Drop website builder, which makes it super easy for anybody to edit and design a website.

Here are some of the features you can enjoy from this hosting company: 1GB Cloud Storage, free site builder, free domain, online marketing guides, unlimited MySQL, countless templates and unlimited bandwidth, among others.Http, Www, Digital, Computer Science


This company is fairly new to the market. But they give a vibrant and fresh name to the industry. They provide tons of features at low prices.

They make everything easy, from site-building, eCommerce to blogging. Some of the features they offer include unlimited disc space, free site builder, and free domain.

Fasthosts Ignite

Fasthosts Ignite allows gives you 10GB of hosting space and 24/7 support. You also get two databases with up to 1GB in size. This works best for less complex websites. But if you need 20GB of space for advanced scripting and SSL certificate, you have to get their more expensive deal called Momentum.

Linux Essentials 123-reg.co.uk

This web hosting site works fine for both personal and community websites. It includes a hosting and domain for a single site. Aside from this, you get 10GB of storage for your posts, pages, images and whatnot. Included is a MySQL database with up to 500MB space.


These websites are ranked as some of the best hosting sites by users and professionals alike. But my top choice for hosting is SiteRubix hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.I will look at some of the benefits you get as a member then let you decide what the best hosting is for you.

  • Backup every 24 hours
  • instant DNS setup
  • Daily website backups
  • Site health check
  • Website feedback
  • unlimited email accounts
  • 30GB website space
  • Up to 50 websites
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Site builder
  • 24/7 Access to Server Admins
  • Excellent SiteSpeed Rating with average page load time of 1.3 seconds

Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need to build a very successful website check my earlier Wealthy affiliate review to see all they have to offer. And you can get started for free, you read right, creating a website is totally free. If you feel my post gives you a good reason to join Wealthy Affiliate, then Click here to join.

But in the end, the best site still depends upon you as the user. Just make sure that you know what you want. Once you have chosen the best host for your website, I hope that things will then run smoothly from there.Want to build a website? just enter a name below for a free website and you could get started in minutes.


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Why Buying Facebook Likes on Fiverr is Destroying Your Business

Business owners now to go to social media like Facebook, Pinterest or G+to promote their products and to increase traffic to their websites. But gaining followers is not that easy; and may seem like you are promoting to no- one, no one reading your well-written post more so, gaining likes.

You can’t expect to have thousands of likes on a whim. It’s a slow process, especially if you’re still new to this trade. Apparently not. There are now sites that let you have 10,000 likes or so in just a matter of seconds. Works like magic. This is an offer that sounds too tempting to refuse. It’s like manna falling from heaven. Do nothing more than paying a few dollars and get as many likes as you need, but is it any good?

The answer is a big no. Recent investigations show that buying Facebook likes on Fiverr is destroying your business. Buying cheap likes is a gig you should stay away from, read my earlier post on Fiverr complaints. And you will understand why Fiverr as cheap as it is, is bad news for your business.

You cannot just get likes from 10,000 different accounts in a matter of seconds, or even minutes, coming from different parts of the globe without getting detected. Suspicious traffic like this doesn’t go unnoticed by the Facebook radars. When that happens, you would lose your likes and possibly, your reputation too as a business. And you wouldn’t like that to happen, do you?

Does FacebookAaprove Buying Facebook Likes?Social Media, Social Network, Facebook,Buying Facebook Likes

Unfortunately, too many businesses are involved in this gig. This is maybe because the offer is just too tempting to stay away from.

But trust me, it’s a bait. Just recently, Facebook announced a major crackdown on fake likes in its sites.

The investigation includes sites that used like button bots and like farmers such as the ones you get from Fiverr.

With Facebook upping its antenna, it’s not so difficult for them to track down the accounts that use fake likes. And this would reflect badly on your business, which means that you could lose your real followers in the process.

If you buy thousands of likes from Fiverr and the like, you are probably sharing the same followers as the other current customers of the site. Because believe it or not, thousands of businesses are guilty of this cheap trick.But the reality is that you are cheating yourself, these likes from Fiverr are from people who do not even look at your site, they do not care about your content.

The new followers who like your post are just carbon copied from countless of fan pages on Facebook. This makes it easy for Facebook to follow the trail and detect your account.

Keyboard, Facebook, Media, Social Media,Buying Facebook Likes on Fiverr

Buying Facebook likes on Fiverr is destroying your business and everything that goes with it. It is really not so clever after all. It would just cost you your hard earned money while putting the reputation of your business on the line. Not to mention that your Facebook account could get suspended too.

If you really want to get hundreds or thousands of likes and followers, earn it. It might take long before you achieve that status. But at least you’re doing it the right way.

At least, you’re earning real likes from real people, useful likes from people who honestly care about your content, not bots.Be active in Facebook, make time to socialize and in time, your following and likes to your posts will start going up.

A paid Facebook like means one less real like. Why spend money on fake likes you cannot use? It isn’t a social media strategy. It’s just plain cheating. Because when you buy these fake likes from Fivver, you’re not just cheating the customers, but yourself as well.

If you`re struggling to get people to like and share your content, there are helpful materials that show you step by step how to get facebook followers. As said earlier, this may require some work, but what you get in return is well worth it.

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What Is A Call To Action On A Website?

A call to action on a website is mainly a marketing term which is extensively used for advertising and selling of different products and services. This is designed in such a way that it helps to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

Next time you hear the word call to action, don`t be confused, it`s basically telling a reader to take action, to do something.

So, what is a call to action on a website? It is basically referred to the use of certain words or phrases which can be fused into any advertising messages or sales script to encourage the consumers to take an immediate or prompt action.

There are some words and phrases that urge the readers or viewers to take some quick action. A retail advertisement or commercial promotional message is considered to be incomplete without the use of these call to action (CTA).

Importance of Call to Action

There are a lot of importance and benefits of using a different call to action phrases and words. It encourages the people to press the buttons and take some actions like login, sign up, view plans or even to buy products or services.

This is a direct way to tell the readers or viewers to take the actions which will help you to accomplish your goals.

Now, have you been to a site, read some good article then not sure what to do next? should you share it, where can you find the product the writer is talking about?or where can you read more about the product? This is when a call to action on a website is called for.

The call to action is not only for the big web companies. Anyone who is promoting or selling any products or services online or offline can use this to drive their sale in a certain direction.John Johnson, Logo, Click Here, Button,Call to Action on a Website

The main benefit of using a call to action in your website is that it will compel the consumers to purchase the good promptly rather that to defer the decision of purchasing. Certain CTA also compels the readers or viewers to sign up or provide some personal details or contact information so that the website can contact them further to promote or advertise their products and services.

Certain CTA also compels the readers or viewers to sign up or provide some personal details or contact information so that the website can contact them further to promote or advertise their products and services.

Some Examples Of Call to Action On A Website

If you want to get most of the benefits then you need to use a certain call to action phrases let the reader know what you want them to do. Here are those call to action phrases and examples:

      •  Download free e-book now: This phrase is often used for downloading a sample e-book before buying a full version. Even this is used for any products or services which is described in form of an e-book. So you can use this as “To know more about this you can downloading the free e-book now!”
      •  Start a free trial: This is especially used for a software promotion. It can be anything such as an anti-virus, cleaning tool, photo/video editing tools or online learning program. If your software is new in the market then many will not buy unless and until they can try it free. If you provide a call to action by stating “Start a free trial for 30 days” then many will download it and try your software or tools. Click here to build a website free.

    • .Make an appointment: If you are providing any services regarding health, interior decoration, home improvement or anything then you can ask your readers to make an appointment. For example: “To know more details about the service click here to make an appointment with us”.This makes your reader understand they can make an appointment with you, or to send you an email with questions but if you only write and “leave them hanging” without a call to action, how do they know they can contact you?
    • Get a free consultation: Before opting or hiring any services, people generally like to consult for free. So, you can use the call to action get a free consultation to make sure that people choose this option to consult with your service. For example: “In order to get an idea about the estimation/design/details, get a free consultation.”
    • Register for free: This can be an ideal way to make the users register or signup for your newsletters. So, you can send a different discount or promotional offers. Example: “To get a free coupon code/promotional offer register here for free” they give you their address in return for something.

  • Click here: This is the most used phrase to divert viewers or readers to a specific destination for more details or to buy any product or service: Example: “For more information/details about the product/service, click here” or “To avail the offer/discount click here”
  • Share on social media/Leave a comment: This is a call to action which is more used nowadays to spread a certain message or report about any product or service. Example: “If you have any queries or feedback please leave a comment below” or “If you find this helpful and informative, then share on social media”See my call to action on an earlier post on taking surveys at home.


So, thinking about what is a call to action on a website that you can use? Then consider these examples. You can definitely get your ideal CTA phrase from the list above.

These call to action phrases and examples differ in different situations and products or services. You have to identify which one you need and use. The right CTA can help you to accomplish your goals steadily.

Just remember to create a call to action that you can deliver,offer a free ebook only if you have an ebook to give I know a number of times I have signed up to a program then the promised item was not delivered, the first thing I do is unsubscribe and this destroys trust so DO NOT promise something that you can’t deliver.


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Can You Profit From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

While it is always your best bet to have a personal website to sell affiliate marketing products through, it is not needed in order to succeed. There are several very common methods of marketing that will still put your message in front of a world of customers.

Yes, you can profit in affiliate marketing without a website. But if you are serious, your own website is advisable. Below we`ll look at ways you can promote affiliate products without a website.

Email Marketing

The most common form of affiliate marketing is through commercial email. There are many ways to develop double-opt-in email lists as you will not want to “spam” potential customers with unsolicited advertising emails.

You can, for example, enter an ebook or software product to an online Giveaway event to build a mailing list without needing your own website.

Coupled with an account with a professional autoresponder company, you will have a powerful advertising tool. Remember to keep your email messages brief and friendly with the hyperlink to your affiliate product’s webpage included.

You should take every legitimate opportunity to build onto your mailing list. Some standard venues for finding new people to invite to join your list are social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace.

Forums dedicated to your specific niche allow you to make direct contact with like-minded people. Proving your knowledge of your topic on these websites helps build your credibility as a source for your affiliate products.

It also allows you to ask questions of your own if you need extra knowledge. Again, all this is done without having a personal website.

Articles Directories Selling other people`s products online without a website

Writing articles for the article directories is another popular method of advertising your affiliate marketing products links.

The secret to using articles is to put together good information, writing good quality articles for potential readers. Check here to read more on writing high-quality articles that people read. You will add the hyperlink to your affiliate product page in the resource box at the end of the article. Many directories allow other websites to republish these articles which adds to the links leading to your product.

This is why you should write interesting and helpful product descriptions and reviews Read my earlier article on writing a good product review You can`t submit the same article to many article directories.

Even if you are not a good writer, you can find ghostwriters in forums and freelance sites who can do the article for you for a very affordable rate. Freelance sites like Upwork or iWriter offer any and all kinds of writing and are not limited to only English, you can find Spanish, German and French writers.Click here to visit iWriter.

Writing Free e-books

You can also add to your reputation and expertise in your niche by putting together an informational ebook. The Portable Document File (PDF) format is the most effective for ebooks.

The free program Open Office creates excellent PDF ebooks. Again, you will do a search for ebook directories. Any interested potential customer can then download your ebook. Your affiliate products page links will be built into the copy in your free ebook.

Offline Promotion

Most companies that run affiliate marketing for their products also provide pre-made promotional material. These are usually the HTML code for banners, text links, or landing pages.

All that is required is to post the HTML code for the advertisement to your product’s web page included. These can be used on classified advertising sites and traffic exchanges.

Once more you have a wide range of locations for your product’s advertising to be shown to prospective buyers and you still have not had to bother with learning to build and maintain a personal website.

If Affiliate Marketing without A Website Is Easy Why Do You Need One?

Building your own website does have advantages in how you can customize and display your affiliate products but it is by no means necessary.

By studying and focusing on these methods of affiliate marketing without a website you can build every bit as successful an online business as anyone.

You can spend a greater amount of time increasing your business through links without having to learn how to build and operate a website of your own.

But having said that, building a website is so easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes using a siteRubix website.

Your website gives you a chance to do what you like without limitations. Just enter the name of your website below and you are ready to go

OK, so we now see that having a website is not really essential when entering into affiliate marketing unless of course, the program owner requires you to have one.

However, while this is the case, it is still recommended that you have a website, if not now, then perhaps at a later time. Further, we will have to see how you can set up a good website easily.

Having your own website creates many advantages in affiliate marketing. For one, it provides you with a place where you can be creative with your promotions, not only with one of your affiliate products but with all of your affiliate products.

Owning a website enables you to advertise your affiliate products to a wider market. What worries me most in promoting products without a website is that should the vendor close, you`ll be left hanging, but with your own website/blog, all you have to do is find other products.

Selling affiliate products without a website is limiting too, on your website, you can promote many products in one go while without a website, you`ll have to promote items individually.But, if you`re nt ready to start your own blog, the minimum you can do is start by joining programs that accept affiliates without a blog.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions or if there is any way I can help. Just leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

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What Is The Best Home Based Business For Women?

Women are the kind of people who are always juggling between career, family and a host of other things that leave them feeling drained at the end of the day. If you are in such kind of shoes and feel that you need to live a more balanced life, why not start full-time affiliate marketing home based business.

Affiliate marketing is not a new term. You have probably seen several people talking about it online and some of them are even earning a six figure income.You can read my earlier post on affiliate marketing here.

If you have tried and failed in other businesses, affiliate marketing is going to change all that. The following are the top ten reasons why affiliate marketing is the best home based business for women.

1. Easy to setup

There are website builders such as siteRubix which offer free services. You can set up your online affiliate marketing business with them and start earning money. These websites are great but you will not get to explore your full earning potential with them. Read my earlier post why you will need a domain and where to buy.

It is therefore highly recommended that you invest at least $10 to get your own personalized website and you also get basic tools which will help boost your earnings. $10 is a small amount of money compared to the kind of profits you are going to reap in a short period of time. You can get started now, it`s as easy all you need is to chose your website name.

2. You can earn within a short period of time

Unlike other businesses which take a long time to give your real returns, affiliate marketing is almost immediate if you have the right tools.There are numerous success stories of women online who started earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing after only six months. However, if you have not yet begun affiliate marketing; do not get into it with the

However, if you have not yet begun affiliate marketing; do not get into it with the mind set of becoming rich overnight. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to put in your best effort. Unlike what others will tell you, there are some things you`ll have to learn, things like SEO to get your site ranked in google are a must.

3. No need for an officeOffice, Freelancer, Computer, Business,best home based business for women

There are some home based businesses that require you to have an office to avoid disturbance or to store your documents and other related stuff.

However, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need any of that. You do not need to hire anyone to manage work for you as an affiliate marketer because you can do everything on your own.

What is even more amazing is that you the products you sell are not yours so you do not have to worry yourself with storing, packing, shipping or processing payments.Read my earlier post on how affiliate marketing works and how to make money online as a beginner.

4. Personal freedom

Affiliate marketing can enable you to live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. If you hate being stuck in traffic, office gossip or you just love working surrounded by your loved ones at home, affiliate marketing will be your savior.

You can work from wherever you want when you want, how long you want and how hard you want. You are just your own boss. As an online affiliate marketer, you will enjoy so much to the extent that you feel that it is not really working.

5. Ability to diversify

Diversification is another reason why affiliate marketing is the best home based business for women. If you have a successful model that has worked on one site where you are selling particular products, you can use it to build a number of other profitable websites.

There are many industries online so you will never miss a variety of products to sell. Always ensure that you choose that you can relate with so that you are able to come up with ideas on how you can sell them to people easily. With many income streams, you can always be assured of having some change in your pockets. Diversification is essential for long-term success online.

6. You can keep your day job

Before you start making a full-time income from affiliate marketing, you can still keep working on your day job. As long as you have set up your affiliate marketing website, you do not need to spend all day long sitting on your computer.

You can outsource what you need to be done to freelancers at a low cost. You also have to set apart at least five hours to work on your website daily to ensure that it is progressing well.


Affiliate marketing is definitely the best home based business for women. Whether you are single or married you are sure to find the fruits of your efforts in affiliate marketing very sweet.

If you haven’t begun your online affiliate marketing journey yet, do it right away and soon you will see the good in it, you can join my number 1 recommended program to get started without paying a cent read my review here.Will be glad to welcome you and help you succeed working online.

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Make Money With Opinions?ipoll Survey Review

Name: iPoll
Website: https://www.ipoll.com/              Image result for ipoll surveys,ipoll Survey Review
Price: $0 (free to join)
Owners: Instantly Inc.
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

iPoll Overview

iPoll was formerly known as SurveyHead. It is a website where you can complete surveys for which you are paid for your opinions. iPoll was established in 2008 as Survey Head, and from 2012 operates as iPoll.

It is for individuals who satisfy the requirements for membership like minimum age requirements and geographic location requirements. The website is structured in Panels. The requirements for Panel membership can be different for each Panel.

Panel members can participate in surveys providing their feedback and opinions on products and services. Once you register on iPolls site, you need to provide some information about yourself so they can send you surveys that are tailored to fit your interests, geographical location, example if you live in Africa or Asia, the surveys you get will be few and far between compared to someone living in USA or Canada. 

Based on that, they send you the most relevant surveys. In average, it takes 15-20 minutes to fill out a survey. However, they will sometimes offer shorter or longer surveys. You will be informed about expected time for completing surveys before you get started.

The amount of money that you earn will also vary. An example of earning is $1 for a survey that takes 15 minutes to complete, but you might also be paid less than $1.Check my earlier post on qualifying for surveys here.The Earn Money Online Surveys Mystery,ipoll Survey Review

iPoll Surveys Pros and Cons


  • It can be fun if you like surveys.
  • You will get $5 just for signing up.
  • Easy to use panels and you can take surveys from your mobile phone.
  • Surveys are easy to qualify for.
  • No limit as to how many surveys you can take.
  • Open to anyone who is interested in making money sharing opinion.


    • You will not qualify for all surveys that you complete. That means if you need 20 minutes for completing one survey, it can happen that you waste 20 minutes for nothing. This can be quite frustrating.
    • You will know that you qualified for a survey after a survey is closed which can be from few days to few weeks.
    • Usually takes up to 4 weeks for a request to be processed and sent to your PayPal account, after you qualified for a survey.
    • A lot of complaints on the internet from iPoll members. Here is an example of some:
    • Payment is very low and so you can not earn a living taking surveys.

Who is iPoll For?

iPoll survey is for anybody who is over 18 years old and wants to earn some extra money by completing surveys online. Most of the surveys are intended for United States residents but there are also some international panels.Which as said, are few and far between. But before you join, do read reviews as most surveys do not have the best reviews.

 iPoll Support

You can contact support by e-mail or through their Facebook site. An average response time is 5-6 hours which can be frustrating if you need help now and here.

Would I Recommend iPoll Survey?

earn moremoney

 To be fair, if I`d not spend my time answering surveys, I feel it will be unfair to recommend the program, what you earn from taking surveys is so low you are better off flipping burgers or doing any minimum paying job, a somehow better alternative will be joining GPT sites if you are looking for some pocket money.

My Final Opinion of iPoll Survey?

Although I give 50 out of 100 in my ipoll Survey Review, there are too many things that I don’t like. You will not know whether the survey that you complete was valid or not.

If you get paid for a survey it will be a really small amount ( about $1 for your 20 minutes time) and you will wait for 4-6 weeks to see it on your account. I think it is not worth of your time because there are better ways to earn online.

What Then?

If you are serious about making real money online and not settle for cents, read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn how you can make money online.You will learn how to build a strong foundation for a successful online business using your passion.

Any survey sites you`re a member of? do you make enough with these surveys? I`d really like to hear from you,leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.

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