Get The Best Free Website Builder And Create Your First Blog

Do you see your friends blogging and wish you could have your own blog but worried about the cost?

You are in luck as now you can pick and chose the best free website builder and build your own website from scratch without any coding knowledge.

Websites are an integral part of the Internet world today and just keep on growing.

Not so long ago, developing a website was a very high paying job which also required knowledge on how to program, and how to design such websites, including coding.

But soon new tools arrived and transformed the website development world into a very simple procedure.

Today, there are several free website builders or software programs such as siteRubix, iPage, idea host, site blog, etc., which build websites for you, free of cost.

So how to find out which of these website building tools qualifies as the best free website builder?

Best Free Website Builder

Qualities Essential For Being The Best Free Website BuilderBest free website builder

Here is a list of what you need to look for in a website builder and compare it with other website builders.

My top choice for the best free website builder is site Rubix from Wealthy Affiliate because it offers more than other sites.

Free Domain Name And Ease Importing Across Servers

A domain name makes a huge impact on the success of the website and consequently the business.

Many website builders help in selecting a domain name, and also offer one or more domain names free of cost

Domain name often becomes the determinant factor for the number of clicks the site receives and the number of visitors who revisit the website.

A good and successful domain name should be catchy, easy to remember, and in accordance with the purpose of the website.

A domain name in retrospect acts as a brand.

The domain names ending with (dot)com are easily accessible, the most preferred, and hence recommended.

Website Editing

Some web editors offer a dedicated editor to be used with mobile devices, or the themes that are responsive, i.e., compatible with mobile devices.

The mobile editor makes it easier for visitors surfing the site on their mobile devices, by hiding some of the content.

Smart help is also needed. To avoid coding, which can vary across different platforms.

Many website builders nowadays offer a feature that enables users to drag content and drop it at the desired location on the web page or anywhere within the website.

Ideally, the best free website builder should allow using more than one editor and it should be possible to use all these editors with mobile devices.

Template Design And ThemesGet The Best Free Website Builder And Create Your First Blog and create your first successful blog.

Templates help to reduce the work and time involved in building a website.

These themes are pre-designed templates developed in accordance with the content and subject at hand. i.e., for what purpose the website is for.

For example, Nextop in WordPress is developed for architects, artists, designers, etc. It includes animation and is responsive.

Similarly, the H-Code theme is for businesses and e-commerce industries.

Some of these templates and themes may be free, and others may have to be bought.

More themes and templates make the website builder more flexible but the quality of these templates and themes matters as well.


Web templates are fundamental units for building the website, and plugins augment the templates by facilitating additions of various features.

Not forgetting functions of the “content management system” thereby helping to customize the website as close to the desired level of perfection as possible.

In other words, plugins can be used for customizing the SEO processes and controlling the information display.

Plugins also enable the creation of navigation bars as well as widgets.

Website Hosting

The hosting part includes optimization of your website’s performance, resolution of compatibility issues with other platforms, devices, and tools, and solving any problems in functionality such as bugs.

Easy to use

Even the best free website builder should be easy to use offering access to most features.

Guidance and training

Every website builder is designed differently though features and functions would be alike.

Good quality website builder like siteRubix offer “step-by-step” guidance on how to use features and functions it is capable of.


A website builder should make it possible to access CSS codes / HTML codes.

This is important for customization. Similarly, flexibility for placing the content is important.

Flexibility levels in website builder enable modifications in its design.


Best Free Website Builder
This aspect needs no explanation.

A website builder should preferably come with 24/7 phone support and /or live chat help, 365 days, apart from email support and this makes siteRubix the best website builder in my opinion.

Email Services

Website builders facilitate the inclusion of customized email addresses on the website by providing apps that link them through regular emailing systems such as Gmail. Such features cost for the service.
Website builders should facilitate the importing of contacts either through the email address, or through the purchaser list, and sending any newsletters to them.
SiteRubix Website builders should facilitate the differentiation of information that is shown to members and outsiders through members log in.

Therefore, plugins should be available for this feature. When you sign up for siteRubix, you get a free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate with 10 lessons.

 E-Commerce and SEO

E-Commerce function needs to be integrated into many sites. Some of the website builders are specialists in such sites.

Others offer apps that access powerful and popular e-commerce platforms for facilitating such activities.
The control levels vary with website builders. Most allow control up to page level.

Some allow web page URL customization and may give control over six titles, i.e., up to H6.

Some website editors allow control over meta descriptions. Such SEO features help to make the website “search engine friendly”, and improve “search engine exposure”.

 Export Website And Restore Website

This is a crucial feature as a website developer may have to know codes for modifying a website.

Website builders like SiteRubix are better because they let the developer edit the website content easily because they export the content into WordPress.
Restoring a website only means anything accidentally deleted or altered can be restored. It may be content, page, or the entire website.
How many times you can do that, and how much time it takes to do that matters.

Likewise, how long ago such a mistake was made, and the website builder allows you to go how far back in time for such restoration also matters.

 Mobile Apps And Responsive ThemesBest Free Website Builder

Nowadays, most people access websites on mobile devices.
This means the website owner should be able to manage much of the activity such as interacting with the visitor, edit any products, add any products, keep track of orders, comment, blog, track those who are social followers, etc. on mobile phones.
Some website builders even allow users to build the complete website from a mobile app.

Themes should also be responsive, i.e., users should be able to interact using their mobile devices.
 More Than One Editor
Website builders should allow the website developer to access more web editors.
 Background And How Many Websites It Is Powering

The longer the website builder has been around, the more confidence it inspires. Similarly, the number of websites it has power is used as a way to measure the tool’s effectiveness and popularity.
For example, siteRubix has been around since 2007.

Technology has changed considerably but many of the features are linked in this tool to WordPress, so it has kept pace with time since WordPress has been keeping pace with technology.


Some templates, themes, apps, and plugins are built-in within most website builders. Flexibility comes down with drag and drop website building options.

siteRubix also lets users link to WordPress.
WordPress offers greater flexibility in customization and yet the user need not be familiar with either coding.

Ranking of website builders based on all such features can be a difficult proposition. In general, website builders such as siteRubix are sufficient and comprehensive for most requirements.

Build a siteRubix here all you need is a  domain name, it takes just minutes


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