How to Get a Free Amazon Gift card

With the recent global economic crisis, we are always out to reduce our daily expenses. To achieve this, you can begin to look at saving on your grocery or how to get free amazon gift cards. 

I wonder why you will want to pay in full for an item you can get using free amazon gift cards.
As such, you must understand how these gift cards can help you pay for things like your Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or any household equipment.

Before I continue, you should understand that Amazon gift cards will not make you rich but can save you some money in your day-to-day expenses.

If you are looking at earning consistent income online, I will recommend a different way of making money that had nothing to do with gift cards.

There are several platforms where you can learn, but I use this top-rated program.
I have been with them for more than five years. They deliver excellent pieces of training and tools. You can check here as they explain the process of making money online.

To earn a substantial amount with Amazon gift cards, I recommend signing up with as many websites as you can.

This is because you can only get a few from each website, so the more you sign up, the more Amazon gift cards you may be able to earn.

People can now buy almost anything on Amazon, so having an Amazon gift card is as good as having cash on your hands, the fun is increased if you got the Amazon gift card free.

Forget trying to get the cards with gift card code generators. I feel this is making a straightforward task too complicated when trying to get free cash. I will list sites that will give you these gift cards for performing simple tasks.

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift card

Where to get free Amazon gift cards 

I have selected some trusted websites for you. Some of these websites will request that you shop from their website. Others ask you to fill out a survey, write reviews, or signup for services.

Although they have other means of payment, they also use Amazon gift cards so after completing a task, you`ll be rewarded with a card instead of cash. They are all trustworthy websites. 


You can earn Amazon gift cards from the Swagbucks platform. Sign up on the platform and take their surveys, watch videos and shop online.

With that, you will earn Swagbucks (SBs) that can be redeemed with free Amazon gift cards or get paid via PayPal. For every three hundred Swagbucks, you will get a $3 amazon gift card.

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In case you are not familiar with Ibotta, it is a cashback platform. On signing up, you will have access to lots of cashback offers from store owners, both online and offline retail shops. 

Let us take a close look at how it works. If you have an item you want to buy, visit the Ibotta app to check if there is a cashback offer before visiting any of the retail shops.

If there is an offer, add the item to your account. Visit the shop with a cashback offer and pick the item.
On getting home, take a snapshot of the receipt, forward it and get cashback, it`s as simple as that.

You can get rewarded with cash, amazon gift cards, SBs, and other forms of payment. 

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3-Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you can sign up with multiple survey companies and earn points by taking surveys. These points can be redeemed as Free Amazon gift cards or as cash.

But before signing up for surveys, you may like reading an earlier post that explains how survey sites work.

As easy as it sounds to make money taking surveys, in reality, it might be different, remember if it`s too easy to be true, it probably is. Surveys are quick money to make cents.

Online survey mystery explained.

How lucrative are make-money online surveys?


If you travel a long distance and use up a lot of gas, GetUpSide can help you earn some cashback from the gas your car consumes.

It is simple, look through their app to locate a participating gas station, on arrival at the station, use the app to check-in.

After purchase, obtain a receipt showing your itemized bill, your credit cards last 4-digit, and you will be rewarded with cashback on submitting them.

Apart from gas stations, they also engage restaurants, grocery, and some convenience stores.
You can make a withdrawal at any time without restrictions, and you can be paid with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 

5-Amazon Trade-in Program

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift card

Amazon runs a trade-in program where you can exchange your used item for Amazon gift cards. Why will you want to keep your used phones, laptops, video games, books, and cameras when you can turn them to cash. 

Payment is made within ten business days. They do free shipping of these goods for you, while you keep the gift cards.

It`s again not a get-rich-quick and you`ll probably never get rich doing this but it`s a good way of earning extra money(cash or otherwise).

6-Drop App 

Drop App is another easy way to earn Amazon gift cards via cashback from Drop App. Download the app and link your debit or credit card to get started.

Via the app, you can view cashback options at multiple shops. Shops like eBay, best buy, Walmart offers cashback on goods purchased.
You can make a purchase, earn cash back ad get rewarded with Amazon gift cards. 

They also take surveys and other microtasks to earn gift cards. 

Now I mentioned there`s no way you can make thousands with gift cards, but what if I told you there is a possibility?

It`s called teamwork. Most of these sites let you invite as many friends as you like, any friend who joins with your affiliate link and starts to make money.

Any amount they make, you get paid a percentage, without affecting their share of the money.

Now how do you invite thousands of friends to join, If you`re an introvert like me, you may not even have 20 friends.

Getting friends to join is easy really, Create a blog and when anyone joins any of these sites with your affiliate link, they are your referrals, you get paid when they earn.Free Amazon giftcard


Do you know that you can earn some cents for scanning receipts? Yes, you can.
With CoinOut you can earn cash by scanning receipts of anything. You scan receipts from gas stations, grocery stores, gadgets, and even video game. 

You can also shop through their app and earn cashback. They have a list of retailers in diverse niches.

Although the payments are in cents, you can keep gathering them and then cash out either via amazon gift cards or PayPal.

Apart from cashback and receipts, you can earn some dollars signing up for services or products.

You can get as much as $50 signing up on Chime, $15 for opening an account with Groundfloor, and lots more. 


ReceiptPal is an app that rewards you for taking the picture of your receipt after shopping.
Here you get rewarded in points, after gathering enough points then you can cash it out either via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

You earn 100 points for every four receipts you submit, and 2200 points translate to $5 Amazon gift cards. It means you need 88 receipts to earn $5 gift cards.

You can link your Gmail to an Amazon account. This way you can view your receipts from Amazon in your Gmail and have them count on the platform. 

Apart from Receipts, you can take part in surveys and earn more decent cash for yourself. 

Worth Mentioning

If you live outside the USA and Canada, Surveys may be very hard to come by, I live in Switzerland and I struggle to get any survey I qualify for. But any survey I qualify for, the money adds up and I use it to buy cosmetics from this site.

Survey companies usually look for participants from specific countries mostly the two mentioned.

I’m hoping  you found this post useful if you`ve been wondering how to get a free amazon gift card

Conclusion on Getting Free Amazon Giftcards

In conclusion, if you are thinking of how to get a free amazon gift card, the channels listed above can help you earn it consistently.

But if you are looking at earning a steady and sustainable income online, my number one recommendation is affiliate marketing. You can learn from wealthy affiliates, they have industry-standard training and tools. 

Although affiliate marketing is not an immediate way to make money, once you get rolling, you can earn years to come and online surveys.
This is a hands-free way of making some serious cash. Enough to quit your day job.

Not sure where to learn affiliate marketing? check this post to understand what you need to look out for when joining a platform to learn affiliate marketing.

Because let`s face it, gift cards are great, but you need thousands of dollars, not $3 or $5 that you`ll earn with surveys.

With affiliate marketing, there`s no limit as to what you earn, you put in the work and your earnings are limitless, there are people earning six figures a month with affiliate marketing and you can be one of them.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you need very little to get started and you can learn everything as you go.

You don`t need any inventory, no contacting clients, no dealing with returns.
Your only work as an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to a vendor’s product, if that traffic purchases anything, you get paid.

Want to start affiliate marketing? check this top-rated program with all the tools and training to make you into a very successful affiliate marketer.

I`d like to hear from you, any tips you have on How to Get a Free Amazon Gift card? Share it with me so I can give it a try.

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