Wondering Where To Find Writing Jobs Online?

You`ve probably heard it, people getting paid to write online, are you interested but have no idea where to find writing jobs online? the please read on.With unemployment rates as high as they are, it is easy to lose hope and that only adds to woes because financial needs are not going to go away.If you`ve heard that it`s possible to write content online and get paid, this post is for you.It will guide you on where to find writing jobs online. Ironically, there are ways to bide the time till you find a job that makes the best use of your skills.One way to earn some money is to write content. Your major attribute for this is your ability to express yourself well in English. If you do not know much on the subject you are writing about, you could surf the net, and find relevant information, which could then be presented in your words without resorting to plagiarism, and you would get paid for that.Freelance writing jobs are quickly becoming one of the best ways to earn money from home as there are just so many freelance writing positions out there.Content writing is truly as simple as that. In addition, there are writing jobs which may relate to writing

ebooks on a specific subject.

Who needs Outsourced content?

Websites need content or a regular basis. There are several websites out there, and these change the content on regular basis to keep visitors interested in the site, as well as improve the visibility across the web. Where To Find Writing Jobs Online

Where To Find Writing Jobs Online?

Here comes the easiest and yet the most ignored aspect of writing jobs. Many unemployed people do not turn to content writing simply because they do not know where to find freelance writing sites that offer writing jobs online. Here is a list of few sites that may be considered for writing content.

This is a site where you could earn based on how articulate you are, and how well you understand the subject. The site is open for free members, who can earn from  $1.02 for writing merely 150 words.

Premium members earn more. Therefore, they would get $3.65 for writing 300 words. Obviously, to become a premium member you need to get the required rating over a period from the requesters.

Other categories are Elite, and Elite Plus. There are ample well-paying assignments out here, but the quality is important. A writer needs to complete the task that is picked within the assigned time.

The site also offers content writing assignments in other languages such as Spanish, French, and German, but such tasks are not available every day. Topics vary and some technical content writing tasks would also be available every now and then.

There are, however, fewer tasks and more competition for “Standard” members, and the articles do get rejected if they do not meet the required standard. To maintain some standard, the site has also introduced a simple test. Only if the user passes that test does he or she get some rating.

The amounts mentioned above against a task is after deducting the amounts payable to the site, so if you are a  member, you do not have to pay anything.

If the requester is not satisfied with the work done, then chances are that he would give a low star rating, but you do not have to worry about this if you write high-quality content. Click here to join iwriter.com and start earning money for writing.

  • Fiverr               image

Unlike iwriter, Fiverr has several other types of jobs that people can do from home. Writing assignments here are further classified so that you can select the niche you are comfortable in, but this is not a must, you are free to bid on any gigs.

For example, some people are good in drafting legal documents, others may be good in drafting press releases, and yet others may be good in writing articles or blogs.

At Fiverr, you have to upload your experience, and capabilities as “pro gigs”, which is vetted.  Once the application is approved, you can to quote for the jobs you are interested. The requester decides based on the qualifications etc. and assigns tasks.

The site does charge 1 dollar for every order that a seller of services receives. But it is still worth it, because the site has the required mechanism in place to ensure that money is received in time.

  • Upwork

Formerly, this site was known as Elance- oDesk. Unlike on other similar platforms, on this site, a user has to bid for the tasks, and client and the service provider can chat in real time so there is no wait time for assigning the tasks.

The site collects “sliding service fees” which basically means that site charges the freelancer at the rate of 20 percent, for the first $500 earned, thereafter, it decreases into 10 percent till the freelancer earns 10000 dollars.

Thereafter, the charges are merely five percent for freelancers. It is a recognized platform, with clients from both Elance and oDesk converging into this site.

Effectively, there is ample work available out here. There is an escrow accounting system here as well, ensuring that the client is satisfied, and content writer is not scammed.

  • Freelancer

This is a simpler version of Fiverr and upWork. The content writer has to apply for jobs that he or she can do. Getting an assignment initially depends upon the client willing to take chances. As clients do check on reviews from former clients, so getting started can be a bit hard, getting that first job.Forbes.com has a list of other sites to find freelancing jobs here, do check it out.

Where To Find Writing Jobs Online

Conclusion On Finding Writing Jobs Online

Times are changing and changing rapidly. Jobs are metamorphosing. What seemed a secure form of employment merely a few years ago, is no longer secure(check an earlier post for jobs for women over 50  here if you missed it.)

Some of these changes are due to changes in technologies and others are because demand and supply is changing. Because of availability of resources at any time across the world.

In this scenario, people should expect some break in their employment. Equipping oneself with multiple skills is a good way to prepare for such lean periods. But finding a job takes time.

This is why I joined the best program and learned everything about affiliate marketing, you too can join and learn ways write content that people like or learn how to make money online selling other people`s products and being paid every time someone makes a purchase.

The program is free to join and get started, I will be there to help you with any help you may need to grow your online presence. Click here to join.

If people knew where to find writing jobs online, they could tide over the bad times. Others can supplement their income with such jobs, and students could earn their pocket money from such sources. Online writing jobs are also a good way of earning for caregivers.

Hope my post will inspire you to look for online writing jobs and make some extra income from home, if you feel you could improve your writing, check these helpful tools

Or read my earlier post on different ways to money making online here.

I’m, sure there are other sites out there that pay you to write content, just check reviews to be sure they pay.If you are just getting started and looking for places to make money, don’t look far, all the sites mentioned above pay so there is no need to look for where to find writing jobs online.

All the sites are free to join and get started so go ahead, register and soon you may forget about looking for that office job altogether, as I know people who make a full-time writing content online.


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  1. I’ve never heard of iwriter before so that was cool to stumble upon this post and learn more. I’m a freelance writer as a my side hustle, so I’m always looking for other places to get work. Thanks for the awesome post!

  2. This is very helpful! I have been considering leaving my full time job to freelance write but I had no idea where to look.

  3. Very nicely listed out. I started out writing as a freelancer and found it to be a great source of income. Though it was not to get the gigs earlier, but once started, it became a great earning option.

  4. These are some great websites for getting Freelancer jobs! I wish to earn few extra cash by writing whenever I have time in the future!

  5. I hadn’t heard of these websites before but they each sound really good. I don’t have much experience in writing besides my own blogs posts but its something that has always interested me. Very imformative and helpful!

    • Thanks for stopping by.If you`re new to freelance writing, the best place to start (in my opinion) is Fiverr as there you will be exposed to different writing jobs,later you can move on to bettter paying freelance sites.

  6. When I am in need of writers or designers I always go on Freelancer and post a project there. It is true that there are many freelancers who don’t do a good job but apply to every project, but if you are good and have a great portfolio, you have higher chances of being chosen. I am saying this from an employer’s point of view.

    • Hi Joanna
      I gree with you that freelancers sometimes apply to jobs they cant deliver but there are also peole who outsource and want to pay the lowet price they can findIn my opinion, you get what you pay for, there is no way you`ll get a 1000 quality content for $5,but you can always get over 800 poor quality content for $3-5.
      I`ve always tried to avoid these extremely cheap gigs,the quality of the work they deliver is very poor.

    • This is where you are wrong, at most freelancing websites, you choose jobs and decide your price, a client is not happy to pay the amount, they are free to move and look for someone cheaper and maybe get low quality work.

  7. Amazing blog post. Useful for people who looking for online work.
    A new online freelancer jobs portal comes into light called ” Taimingu” which is a great place to get started. Sign up to find a relevant job.


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