How To Save On Grocery Using The Ibotta App

make and save money using the ibotta app

With the recent happening in the world, there has been an increase in the cost of living. As such, I started thinking of how I can reduce costs without affecting the quality of life I live with my family.

I broke down my daily expenses and found that grocery shopping had one of the highest costs.

As such, it became important I research how to save on grocery shopping. In the process, I came across Ibotta and downloaded the app.

As I used it for a while, I realized I did not need to cut my cost of living, and I did not need to spend all my time searching for groceries with coupons.

In this article, I will share with you my findings of ibotta. I will discuss the Ibotta App, how it works, and how to save on grocery with the Ibotta app.

I must stress that it is just a means of saving some cash from grocery and not a source of income.

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What is the ibotta app?

Ibotta started in on an international flight as an idea in the mind of Bryan Leach. He conceived the idea of getting instant cashback simply by uploading a receipt.

That idea has metamorphosed into a free app and browser extension that helps you earn cash on your grocery and other purchases.

Within a short period, they have partnered with more than 1,500 retailers and have paid back more than $1 billion to users. As such, they have been able to keep the vision of making every purchase rewarding.

How does Ibotta Work 

make and save money using the ibotta app

The function of the ibotta app or extension is to make cashback available for users.

The first thing is to create a user account on the platform. When that is done, you can begin to locate retail shops near you.

Check on their available offers, make a purchase, and claim cashback on this purchase.

On finding an offer that you want, you need to add it to your list. check for the product online and make a purchase of the item, then you can make cash back via ibotta.

The platform sets a minimum withdrawal threshold of $20, and you can withdraw either via Paypal or direct transfer to your bank account.

How to Save on Grocery using Ibotta

Signing up on the platform, making purchases, or earning cashback is not enough. You need to understand how to save on grocery by making the best use of this platform. Below are some tips that can help you maximize your savings.

  • Create a list of items before approaching the App.

I strongly advise you to create a list of the items you want to purchase before your next grocery shopping. Making buying decisions will not be difficult.

On top of it, you will not duplicate items. With a guided list, you will see some things that look good. You already have a guide, and taking your eyes off will be easier despite the cashback offer.

  • Check your Ibotta App before approaching your Store.

Now you have a guide, don’t forget to go through the Ibotta app before approaching a grocery store.

Use your grocery list, it will save you the time of going through every section. Check the list, and match it with the offers on ibotta.

Note the items on your list that are eligible for a cashback offer. That way, you will be guided and not pick items you have before, or items you don’t need.

  • Research Special bonuses

Like eCommerce shops, Ibotta also runs extra deals. These are always avenues to earn more cashback. These bonuses range from holiday bonuses, monthly bonuses, weekly bonuses, and other multiple bonus offers.

Many times they are tied to redeeming a specific amount of cashback to earn between $5 and $20 as the case may be.

Also, there are brand-specific bonuses. If you are a user of a specific brand, taking advantage of such moments will be of high advantage.

  • Scan your Items

Use the brocade scanner provided by Ibotta to scan each of your items before putting them in your cart. That way you will be sure there is no mistake. You will ascertain that you bought the right product and you are getting your cashback.

Here you will see the advantages of making a grocery list. You will be able to scan each item and match them to your List. Taking a minute or two to ensure you have the right thing will be good enough.

  • Keep your receipt

With Ibotta, you can redeem your receipt within seven days, with or without cashback. As such, you should keep your receipt for at least one week.

It means that if you notice a pop-up of offers on items you bought within the week, you can always redeem the cashback. On a receipt, you may be earning.

  • Tell a Friend

One of those ways you can earn more cash from Ibotta is via the referral package. For each person you refer to Ibotta, that joins and begins to earn cash backs, you will be entitled to a reward.

Top of it is your referral also gets a welcome bonus. A win-win for everyone. You can take advantage of social media or a blog to build a team for yourself.

How Do Cashback Sites Like Ibotta Make Money?

 Ibotta App, how it works, and how to save on grocery with the Ibotta app.

Many people ask or just want to understand how cashback sites make money that they later pay to members. This is simple and I`ll explain it in a straightforwardway.

Online stores always need new customers, so they came up with a  clever way to boost their sales.

Back in the day, online stores used discounts, and promo codes to attract customers, the trend now is offering cashback.

Essentially, it’s still a discount, but you get it after the purchase instead of before, and you also get it in cash.

This cashback isn’t paid to customers directly but is transferred to a cashback platform that charges a commission for its services and gives a part of the cash back to its users. I hope it makes sense to you as I could not find a better and more straightforward way to explain.

Conclusion On the ibotta app 

If you are thinking of how to save on grocery and reduce your cost of leaving or earning petty cash from your daily living style, you can take advantage of the Ibotta app.

Download it, follow my advice above, and earning cashback will not be difficult. Remember this is not a get-rich way of earning money, but if you`re already going to shop and someone offers to give a part of it back at no cost, why would you not take advantage of it?

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