Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Extra Income

While there are many legitimate work from home jobs, people often do not know how to tell if an online job is a scam or not. However, finding a legitimate one guarantees you a decent living without having to work for a day job.

Here are legitimate work-from-home jobs to make money from home for extra income or for some, it can be turned into a full-time income with hard work.

But before we get to work from home jobs, we`ll look at some of the reasons you might want to work from home.

Why People Look For Work From Home Jobs

It’s not all that long ago that many people could rest easy knowing that the state, along with their company pension, would give them a comfortable life after work has finished.

Today is a completely different game, not only has the playing field changed, the goalposts keep being changed with more and more people planning retirement needs early.

One of the main reasons for this is due to people living longer so it stands to reason if you are going to live longer.

You will still need an income coming in. Or you might find yourself faced with the prospect of working after full retirement age.

 Legitimate work-from-home jobs

7 legit work from home jobs.There are lots of work from home jobs online you can start today and earn extra income at your convenient time,some of these jobs require no experience to get started.

These and more not listed in this post are jobs you can start almost immediately. But for those just getting started, I feel these jobs are beginner-friendly as you find your way around in different platforms.


These are jobs that require you to convert audio or speech into a written document. Many legitimate companies now offer transcription jobs online, earning you good money at the comfort of your home.

Working as a transcriptor, however, requires a few basics. First, you need to be armed with computer skills. Your typing speed should be good, and if not, you can still learn to type proficiently. (but that`s not for here or now).

A good internet connection and an excellent audio output will also help. And of course, ample listening time and concentration will make you good at your job.

I use ZingYou Microphone Bundle as it was affordable and had all I needed to get started.

Freelance writing

Becoming a freelance writer is simple. All you only need is a good grasp of English, being able to research what you`re writing about in case you need to clarify something, a computer, and a good internet connection and you are all set.

Many freelance writers start with blogs in web-hosting sites such as WordPress and Wix, which helps them develop their skills and become proficient in writing.

Besides, simple blogs help showcase your work and markets your skills, exposing you to job opportunities from writing companies. Nonetheless, specializing in a niche gives you the chance to develop in-depth skills and become an expert freelance writer faster.

You can check sites like hire writers as they employ new freelance writers, please understand that some sites only accept applicants from native English-speaking countries.

Online tutoring

Technology has enabled potent learning through the internet. Many companies offer online tutoring jobs, which you can try.

Whether you are an expert in your field or a college student amateur, you can still find employment online.

However, you need to have a good subject mastery of your chosen niche before you look for work online. Besides, good internet connectivity, a working headset, and a webcam are required before venturing as a tutor.7 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

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Digital marketing

This job entails marketing brands by promoting them to connect with prospective customers through social media, email, texts, and web-based advertising.

You can work with one niche from the many different types of digital marketing, including content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Search for legitimate companies that offer digital marketing jobs, and you will be guaranteed to find one and work from the comfort of your home.


Work-from-home jobs you can work within insurance include working as an online case manager, IT experts, underwriters, and insurance agents, among others.

You can work as an online part-time or full-time employee in many insurance companies as a telecommuter as well. Online insurance jobs are lucrative and can earn you a decent salary at the comfort of your home.

For instance, working as an online insurance underwriter makes you 78,629.26 pounds annually, according to metroMBA. With the right expertise and dedication, earning well at home is possible.

Accounting and bookkeeping

As an accounting expert, you can work online in various companies since the profession is digitized. With the proper certification and experience, you can get jobs and work comfortably from home.

Most online accounting jobs will require you to help people file tax returns virtually or do other jobs assigned by the company. However, it’s not only limited to that.

Online bookkeeping and auditing jobs are also found online, and you can find a legitimate company to employ you.

Online data entry

These jobs involve keying in data into databases and documentation platforms using a computer with a company’s data processing platforms while at home.

You can find financial companies and institutions, make a good living, and shun a day’s job as an online data entry professional. Some companies require that you have the right qualifications, don`t be discouraged.

You can still find jobs that only require basic skills, like good attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work under minimal supervision.

Virtual call centers are looking at adjusting to remote employment as the world transitions into the digital realm. Therefore, finding legitimate work as a data entry clerk assistant online has become convenient.

These freelancers do not need any specific qualifications and yet they demand high dollars for their work, you can do the same.

Legitimate online jobs are available, and finding one that fits you is possible.

However, many don’t offer licit employment but look at exploiting you financially.

So, before agreeing to an online job, please check out its review through the company’s rating system. This way, you won’t fall into traps that illegitimate jobs set.

The Bad News Working After Retirement Age?

It’s very plain to see that in most countries, more and more people aged 65 and over are at least working part-time jobs to supplement their Government State Pension.

There are three times as many people now working past age 65 compared to those at the turn of the century.

Walk into most hardware shops for example and you will have noticed that a proportion of their staff is probably working past full retirement age.

It’s not lost on me that some of these people may not want to be working but are forced to be working due to financial strains.

When Social Security retirement benefits are just not enough and life after retirement is worrying.

But you need not wait until then, you can use your experience now to find legitimate work from home jobs and start making that extra income.

Now not all are fit enough to work until 65 especially those in physical jobs, there are just some jobs that are not suitable for older folks, but you can use your experience online and make an income.

We`ll get to that soon.

The picture you had painted all along of knitting cardigans, playing on sandy beaches with grandkids, and just taking it easy since you have earned it is quickly fading out the window.

The Future for Retirees

I seem to be pinning all of the blame on politicians, however, whilst they have no control on the longevity of life, there perhaps could have been a lot more done in the past when they knew this problem would occur.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because we can take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

If you feel working after full retirement age is not for you, if you want to have a little nest egg come retirement, read below.

I will show you the best business opportunities for stay-at-home moms or retirees that can be done in the comfort of your home at your own pace and needs almost no investment(apart from your time).

An Opportunity for You

If you are worried about not having enough income in retirement would you like to know about a fantastic and legitimate business opportunity available to people in your situation?

Actually, this online Business is available to anyone who has a computer/laptop and is willing to build their business.

It was a no-brainer for me because I would rather be sitting in my home on a cold winter’s day than have to get up and go to work for somebody else on what is likely to be a low wage.

Amongst other things, this Business will help you build FREE Website and give you FREE Training to build a website on your passion and make money doing it. You can read my review of this great business here.

Conclusion On Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Legitimate online jobs are available, and finding one that fits you is possible. However, many don’t offer licit employment but look at exploiting you financially.

So, before agreeing to an online job, please check out its review through the company’s rating system. This way, you won’t fall into traps that illegitimate jobs set.

No matter how much you love your job now, dragging yourself out of bed in a dark winter morning to go and work for someone, building their dreams because yours failed, is no fun any way you look at it.

Having a boss say when you can go on vacation with your family, counting pennies and making a cents stretch is not the way you thought your golden years to be like, do the right thing and secure your future.

It`s so simple and easy to get started, if I, a nobody could do it, believe me, you too can do it.

If you have any questions, I`d be glad to answer, if you feel ready to secure your future, then click here I`m waiting to greet you at the members’ area so see you inside.

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