Online Jobs That Pay Weekly[Real Ways To Earn]

Maybe you`ve also l had a time when you needed money now, this week not the end of the month as you can`t wait that long. For most of us, this is a reality, when your paycheck doesn’t stretch that far.That’s when these jobs online that pay weekly are mostly needed. When you know it`s just a few days till your NEXT PAYHEQUE. But how do you find these jobs, where do you look if you`ve never earned money online?It is actually easy to find legit online jobs that pay weekly, in the digital age today, it’s possible for anyone to work online from anywhere. There are opportunities for everyone, some online jobs do not even require any experience apart from your time and internet connection.Online jobs are offered to novice also who can make money for daily expenses. Weekly payment is an option where money endured would be spent on specific requirements. Chances of a spendthrift are minimized as the bulk amount is not there. Below are listed some of the legit and safe options of working online and getting paid weekly.If you need to make money online fast,these online jobs that pay weekly are flexible you choose your hours,work and get paid every week.

What You Need to Work from Home

Working from home is a dream come true to most people, no more traffic, no more rushing out in the middle of winter, no more kids staying at the babysitter the whole day.But everything worth doing needs some tools, so before we continue, I thought I`ll let you know the things you need to get started, but because you`re already reading this.

I hope you already have the most important tool you need to get started.

A Computer-

Since you`re reading this post, I`m assuming you have a computer as you`ll need it for your online job.

An Active PayPal Account:

Most legit online jobs that pay weekly will deposit your income directly to your PayPal account, so there`s no way around this, you need a PayPal account.

If you still don`t have an account, setting up an account is free and easy. And you can link your bank account for quick transfers of funds.

Motivation and Discipline

This is a tool that no one can give you but you`ll need it online especially when just getting started.

Your motivation will hit rock bottom when you`re getting started, no clients, and the few clients you manage to find seem to expect the impossible, don`t worry this will not last long.

Phone service

Although rare, some jobs may require you to make calls so you might need a good working phone, so if you`re someone who prefers not to talk online, pass these jobs.

Head Phones

For a legit online job that pay weekly and involves doing phone calls, you`ll need a pair of headphones and maybe a microphone.

This is not a must but it will help make your work easier. Check this

Over-Ear Headphone, Wired Bass Headsets with 50mm Driver, Foldable Lightweight Headphones with Share port and Mic. 

A reliable internet connection

Since you`ll be working online 100% of the time, it goes without saying that you need fast and reliable internet service.

Your success online doing part-time paid jobs depend on a good internet connection. ( I remember the early 2000s when looking for something online took minutes just for a page to load).

Writing Jobs To Get Paid Weekly

A flair to string words into meaningful content qualifies you to be hired by writing sites that pay weekly. Online freelancing job that offers you flexible hours of working. You can take the gig as per the convenience and capability. Your content depends on your niche expertise. The workflow is smooth as tons of content is uploaded on the internet every day. Blogmutt, Textbroker, Verblio, iWriter, Clear Voice, the HOTH, Fiver, Upwork, and online magazines are some of the platforms that hire competent, fresher, and experienced writers. Payment amounts to articles written per week. Pay per word is the global criteria to get paid, but there are times you`ll have clients that prefer bulk payment, check what works best for you.

It`s worth mentioning that is not open to everyone. Only native English speaking countries can create an account, so even if you`re from the UK but live in Spain, you can`t join as a freelancer.

 Paid Online Tutoring Jobs

If your inclination is towards teaching, and you have a good grasp of the subject, online tutoring platforms are waiting for you. Your subject expertise, clear concepts, and concise instruction are the only requirements to pass on your knowledge to students sitting from home. The pay is relatively high for deserving teachers. Cheque pays up to 20$ per hour, which can be summed and availed every Thursday. Brainly, Nice talk, Cambly, Unacademy, Coureheroes, Study pools are some of the online portals that can fetch you students ready to pay and lucidly learn concepts.

Again, your income will depend on your expertise and which platform you choose,, for example, will only pay you an hourly wage of $10 per hour.

Virtual AssistantOnline Jobs That Pay Weekly.These legitimate and free work from home jobs are brilliant to make extra money at home at your free time.

In the social media era, companies prefer to advertise their products and brands on these portals.

Queries and complaints come on these platforms, which a virtual assistant is required to resolve with punctuality and professionalism.

A virtual assistant’s work includes fetching potential clients and advertising the product.

Fancy Hands, Virtual Gal Friday, Zirtual, Craiglist, Upwork are some of the platforms to get hired as a Virtual Assistant.

This is one of the online jobs that pay you starting from $10. It can be hourly too.

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Online Proofreader Editing and correcting Grammatical errors of the contents, thesis, reviews, etc., at the comfort of your home and convenience is the best online job option. Experience in proofreading can increase the designation to the editor. Your income could be anything starting from $10. The job ensures steady income as the workflow is high. As no specialized skill is required, many job seekers are trying their hands, so competition is best and honed. Upwork, Fiverr, Lionbridge, Cactus Global, Proofreading Pal are some of the employers ready to hire proofreaders as per expertise.

I know I`ve mentioned Fiverr several times, it`s a platform where everything is possible, anything you want to offer online has a market on Fiverr, but that also brings some complaints with it, that`s why there are so many Fiverr complaints online.

Become a Reviewer

Website, music, apps, products, calls are reviewed for business expansion and brand promotion. is the site that makes you earn online up to $10 for 20-minute feedback audio uploaded.

Here the workflow is not steady but finding more online jobs that pay weekly depends mostly on experience and can fetch extra income. Payment is easily retrieved in seven days.

Humanatic pays for reviewing the call by listening to the call and answering the simple questions. 

Be A Blogger

Blogging is one of the best home-based jobs where relevant content can make you king. Revenue is generated by affiliate marketing and posting ads.

Good content fetches the readers and increases the traffic on your website. Income increases with each passing day, weekly payments can be incurred from the associated account.

There is no upper limit to the pay as many successful bloggers make six figures. An account can be made for free on,, WordPress, HostGator, etc.

The prospects are bright for bloggers as surfers love to mine on meaningful content.

Now it`s worth mentioning that with blogging, you`ll first need to invest time before you can start earning.But it`s an investment worth making as the income potential is endless.

Want to create your first website? this platform will guide you step by step on creating a successful website, even if you`re new to blogging. It`s a platform for experienced and newbies alike.

Click here to create your first website.
With your own website, you`re the boss, you decide what to do with it, with some work, you can turn this into a full-time income.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s (usually companies) products on different platforms of your choice. The commission assigned is the income generated by you.

To put it in simple words, it`s like going to the hairdresser, a friend sees your new hairstyle, likes it and you send them to that hairdresser. The hairdresser then gives you a commission for sending them a client.

No investment or security deposit is required to start with. Trusted brands must be reviewed for selling their products. Many employers clear your weekly payment.

To explain it in a simple and easy to understand way, the image below shows how affiliate marketing works from beginning to end.

I find that when I got started, most sites used complicated terms that made it difficult to understand something that could be explained in simple words.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Start your affiliate marketing journey here, it`s totally free, no strings attached.

Transcription Jobs

The job profile of transcription is the conversion of audio files into text form. The transcriptionist has transcribed voice emails, videos, audio to-do lists, and memos.

Crowdsurf, Transcribe Me, Allegis, Babbletype, Quicktate, Go transcript, Transcribe me and Rev are some of the platforms that provide transcription jobs and pay weekly.

Transcribe me offers up to 22$ per hour and payment via Paypal. However, the boom for a legal and medical transcriptionist is more than others.

General transcriptionists can also grasp the opportunity due to increasing video content and podcast demand.

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way to earn extra income online weekly.

Earning with Swagbucks is easy, it can be made by watching videos, browsing websites, buying from Amazon, playing games.

Sparing some moments to online surveys are how earning from Swagbucks can be made. It`s a way of earning doing things you`re already doing anyway.

Swagbucks is a legit mode having 4.3 ratings from TrustPilot. The points are stored in the wallet as Swagbucks as cash back or gift cards.

Survey Junkie, Inbox dollar are also the sites that help you to generate income. Although daily income is there amount does not correspond to the primary income source.

A Heads Up

All platforms above pay weekly, but you have to understand that each platform has a minimum cash-out requirement, so understand you may not always qualify for cash out.

But by joining different platforms, you`ll always have income from different platforms.

The best way to make money online is by creating your own website and doing affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, your income is unlimited. Now getting started with affiliate marketing without help is hard, you have to know and join different pieces to make a whole.

This in-depth post explains how affiliate marketing works and some recommended courses where you can learn affiliate marketing even if you`ve never made a cent online before.

Conclusion on Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

All the jobs listed here are a confirmation that it’s easy and possible to make money online with different skills. There is space for everyone to make money online weekly.Your income will depend on your skill, having said that, if you`re just getting started, you might have to be patient, most platforms rate workers, and clients prefer to hire already rated workers.Leave any comments below and share your experiences if you have tried these online jobs. You can suggest more to the list!New Selling ad

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  1. I think this is a good option for newbies who need to earn immediately while still setting up their online business.

    They do exist, and they actually join expecting instant earning although this has been explained in the very beginning that it has to be cultivated with time and commitment.

    These online jobs that you listed are good options for those who are in a hurry for earnings. They can work online on a part time basis while allotting specific time for their own business.

    In this case, they are setting  reachable targets for both short term and long term goals.

    Nice sharing this post.

    • Thanks Rose, these are not very high-income potential income jobs but still a good part time income jobs.

      As you mention, it`s a chance for those just getting started online to earn some extra income while working on other things,I do consider these a stepping stone to serious online income. Not only do you earn an income, but you also learn new skills and improve along the way.

  2. Hi Sargansen, thank you for this awesome article. Wow, I’ve never heard about these companies, Cambly, Nice Talk to make money online by teaching/tutorial, thank you for sharing. I really like how you incorporate and link every single detail for everyone understanding. Overall, the article is well structured, well described and easy to understand. Most of all the article is engaging and encouraging the audience to take action and be their own boss. Awesome. Thank you for this and many blessings to you 

    • Thanks Angell, 

      Making money online does not always involve selling products, selling talents in digital format is very lucrative as you only have to create a product once and sell it over and over again.

      there are many online jobs that pay but people need to think outside the box and not be scared to sell their talents.

      Glad you found the post useful.


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